No, I am not a Korean, neither I have been to Korea or stayed there. I am a regular Indian women who just like you damaged my skin by lack of skin care. Correct me if I am wrong but it isn’t unusual to see Indian women depriving their skin of the care and then at the age of 30, when the wrinkles and the damages are all visible, they spend fortune trying to recover the years of damage. Guilty as charged, I started 5 years early, when I have already damaged my skin. When I was around 16-17 I followed the mantra of Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing and used to drink tons of water. As soon as I entered college it all changed to a harsh cleansing foam which could take out all the dirt without any effort. No I didn’t use any moisturizer, neither a night cream. As for sunscreen, I have a super sensitive skin and back then I didn’t know the difference between a physical sunscreen and a chemical one. So after trying out around 20 different sunscreens, I gave up. My entire skin care regimen consisted of a harsh face wash, and later (after finishing college, that’s when I actually got the time)that got followed up by occasional scrubbing and face packs, which never got summed up by any toner or a cream. To cover up my skins sin I used to get a De-tan facial done once a month, whose effect never lasted more than 4-5 days due to lack of follow up. So you can actually imagine what my skin condition was.
A few months ago my skin condition got noticed by a colleague, and I tried to recover it by applying night creams, serums, weekly scrubs, packs and other such things. It turned out that the damage was too severe to recover. That’s when I got introduced to the 12 step Korean Skin Care Regimen. The very day I read the article ( ) I followed only 7 steps and I noticed the miracle the very next day. Since then I have been following the regimen and improvising it since all the products are not available in our country, and I must say that I am obsessed. I kept bragging about the regimen to my friends and colleagues and converted a lot of them as well.


So here’s everything about the Korean regimen and how I improvised it according to the products available in India.
The cleansing process itself contains two step

1: Oil Cleansing: Massage your face gently with an oil based cleanser so that the oil, make up and dirt melts easily. Then using a cotton pad wipe it off gently.

I am currently using the Tonymoly Brightening Cleansing Oil.

2: Foam Cleanser: Because you need to make sure your skin is squeaky clean, because trust me, if your cotton pad soaked in toner bring up traces of makeup and sebum, you are not doing it right. There’s a lot of Indian brands that has Cleansers is free from parabens, sulfate and artificial fragrance.

But if you want to try out a Korean Bubble Cleanser that’s easily available, my recommendation is Innisfree Green Barley Bubble Cleanser


3: Exfoliator: The difference between a scrubber and an exfoliater is that scrubbers are harsh and can damage your skin. Exfoliators gets rid of the dead skin while scrubbers only renew them. Choose an exfoliator that has tiny granules. My personal favourite Goodal PhytoRX. Also you can make your own DIY scrub, mixing besan (gram flour), a little all purpose flour, rice powder, a few drops of lemon and tomato juice. Nothing works better than grandma’s skincare tips.


Also, be very very gentle while scrubbing, and do not scrub more than once a week. Scrubbing harshly will only lead to more melanin secretion, which results in darker skin.

4: Toner/Refresher: A toner balances the pH level of the skin and prepares your skin to accept the bounty you are about to heap on it.  Avoid the ones that contains alcohol as they will only make your skin dry. I usually stick with the Kama Ayurveda Distilled Rose Water.



5: Essence: This is a mystery step to a lot of people. It would have been a mystery to me as well if the lovely Charlotte Cho from hadn’t sent me a sample of Missha Time Revolution Essence. It brightened up my dull skin overnight. I haven’t used another product that does such amazing wonder. The essence is a lighter version of the serum, but of course it has it’s own part in skincare. Unfortunately, there’s not many essence out in the market except for the Korean ones.

6: Serum: Here comes my favorite part of the regimen. It simply amazes me to imagine what these wonders can do. And it gets interesting. Since Korean Skincare is all about layering, and they come up with products targeting every types of issues, you can layer serums targeting different uses and viola! you have a flawless skin.

Out of many serums that I’ve used, my personal favorite still has to be the the Innisfree Canola Honey serum which isn’t available in Nykaa yet, but you can try some other Korean serums from here: . Or you can try out our very own Just Herbs Elixir Serum.



7: Sheet Mask: Did I just say that serum was my favourite step? Ah! I might have been mistaken. Any reader of my blog knows that I am a big time Sheet Mask addict. They provides extra hydration and plumps up your skin. It is like a single serving serum that locks all the goodness in your skin and doesn’t let the serum evaporate. They are the treats I give my skin once or twice a week. I love how my skin plumps up and brightens up overnight, and that dewy look stays for 2-3 days. When it comes to healthy looking skin, hydration is the key, and to provide that hydration nothing works better than sheet masks (and of course drink lots of water). You can get a lot of Sheet Masks from Nykaa, just grab a few and you’ll figure out which one works for you (of course keeping in mind your skin situation)



8: Eye Cream: I’ll take it that you are already familiar with this step so I won’t talk much about this step, except for that if you are 25 or above and you still aren’t using one, it’s about time you start to.

9: Moisturizers/ Sleep Masks/ Night Creams: The morning regimen gets summed up by a moisturizer and the night time regimen gets summed up by a night cream or a sleep pack. . My favourite one is Kama Ayurveda Rejuvenating and Brightening Night Cream.

10: Sun Care: One of the most important steps which you are already aware of. While choosing a Sunscreen I would suggest sticking with a physical one, mostly if you have sensitive skin.

Blossom Kochhar – Aroma Magic Sunblock Lotion spf 30 PA ++ Review in this article, I have briefly discussed the difference between a physical sunscreen and a chemical one and which one you should choose.



11: Mist: To maintain the dewiness achieved through this 10 step regimen Korean Women uses mist periodically. It doesn’t messes up the make up but provides the hydration through out the day and gives you a fresh, dewy look.


The one that’s been providing me hydration on the go: Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist

So these are the steps, but trust me it takes less time than you fear it does. When you are layering your skincare products you should consider waiting for like 30 secs to layer another product, so that the previous product gets time to absorb into your skin. If you are considering trying out this regimen then I’ll suggest you to go for it, if you cannot commit  to any step then avoid it, there’s no rule that you should go through the 10 steps or the 12 steps, you can always experiment and improvise according to what your skin needs, that’s where Korean Skincare gets all the more interesting. Once you get used to the regimen you will find yourself really enjoying the routine and even experimenting with it.

So I’ll be eager to know if you guys are going to give this routine a try. Till then,


Updated Routine:

All About Korean Skincare

Winter Skincare Series-1) AM Skincare Routine

Winter Skincare Series-2) PM Skincare Routine

113 thoughts on “The Indian Version of the 12 step Korean Skin Care Regimen, and Why Indian women should get introduced to KBeauty”

  1. Oh nice! Have been hearing about Korean steps to skincare for a while now but since all those products are really expensive, was not taking the that I can see the Indian products that can be substituted for the same, can definitely try all the steps out 🙂 Great article 🙂

  2. I want to do this Korean skin care routine for a long time. I am 19 years old girl with acne and scars. I think I have combination skin. I want to buy as a set. How much totally it will cost in India like overall 12 products? Just a silly question, is there any product for eyebrow hair to grow? And I tried to find a set in Nykaa website but there individual and many types. Its so confusing to choose.

    1. I don’t think there is any set for individual skin type but I did create a routine on my blog for oily acne prone skin. You need to introduce 1 new product every 2 weeks, so getting them altogether isn’t a very good idea. The total cost may vary considering the products you choose. For eyebrow hair, try castor oil.

    2. you can give a try to klairs trial kit it costs you rs.250 for the complete korean skincare routine and it is good for acne prone skin and it really worked on me so I’m suggesting you . good luck and i guess it is the best price to try a Korean skincare routine with the best brand.

    3. Thank you for your suggestions. I’ve already tried all Klairs products before they are launched. TA

  3. Hello, thanks for sharing your experience. I heard lot about kbeauty products but not able to decide which products to use. The product u mentioned are they manufactured by Korean companies ? How to tell what all products have Korean beauty research ingredients?
    I am 29 and have very dry skin. Can you please suggest some good product and process to identify and choose the koren products . Thanks

    1. Yes, the Korean Products are manufactured in Korea. I would suggest you trying out Cosrx Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser, Klairs Supple Preperation Toner, Cosrx Galactomyces Essence, Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream, Klairs Mid Day Blue Sun Lotion, Innisfree Capsule Recipe Rice, Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask Manuka Honey

  4. Hey,
    Could you suggest some good face moisturisers? I have fairly normal to dry skin. Also, if I use an eye serum would I still need to use the eye cream? Or should I use just one of the two? Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. You can try klairs rich moist soothing cream. As for eye cream, it completely depends on how severe your dark circle and eye bags are.

  5. Hello, thanks for sharing your experience. I heard lot about kbeauty products but not able to decide which products to use. The product u mentioned are they manufactured by Korean companies ? How to tel what all products have Korean beauty research ingredients?
    I am 29 and have very dry skin. Get breakouts rarely but then breakouts leave marks . My T zone might be little oily . Can you please suggest some good product and process to idetntity the products . Thanks

    1. Hello, you can use Klairs products and the Cosrx AHA power Liquid to get rid of the scars.

  6. Hey there
    I’m 15 years old .Ive an acne prone skin and I had messed up with my whiteheads and acne earlier …so Ive got scars .
    What skincare routine should I follow ?Please list the name of all the products which can help me out .

    1. You can use Cosrx Good Morning Low pH cleanser. Cosrx AHA Power Liquid (twice a week) . You can use both of these no matter what your skin type is. For the rest of product recommendation I’ll have to know your skin type.

  7. Yes Kbeauty routine should indeed he introduced to us. I started taking care of my skin last year (I m only 15 right now 😉 ) cuz my mom said you should take care of yourself from the start amd all thise People in Kdramas made me curious cus they had FLAWLESS glass skin

    1. It’s the right time to start taking care of your skin. The earlier it is, the slower the aging process when you grow old. Kudos… <3

  8. I’m a teen and my skin type is oily. I have excess sebum production and white heads coming on my face often. I have acne scars and pigmentatn problems too 😑. Please suggest me budget k-beauty skincare.

    1. I’ll suggest introducing two new products each month. Innisfree has launched a new range of color clay masks for 700 each and Cica is for excessive oil production. They are also running for offers if I’m not wrong. Use Sunblock everyday and I’ll also highly recommend using cosrx AHA power liquid

  9. Hey thanks for sharing your experience with us. Right now iam in a very confused state of which product should I use for my 12 skin care routine. I have a very dry skin and has a little pimple problem on my forehead. Can you please suggest me some products for my 12 skin care routine. Actually Iam really scared right now as I don’t want to take any risk for my skin. It would be very helpful. Thank you!!

    1. First of all, introduce one new product every 2 weeks. That way you’ll be able to figure out which product works for you.
      1st month : 1)cosrx good morning low pH cleanser
      2)Klairs rich moist soothing mask
      2nd monMizon Good Night White Sleeping Month)
      3) mizon mid day blue sun lotion
      4)Cosrx aha power liquid
      5)Sulsuwado gentle cleansing oil
      6) Innisfree super volcanic pore
      7) Klairs supple preparation toner
      8) cosrx galactomyces essence
      9) Innisfree canola honey serum
      10) mizon collagen firming eye cream
      Green tea mist.
      12)Also you can start sheetmasking twice a week right away along with other products. I’ll recommend Innisfree manuka honey, Innisfree it’s skin clinic hyaluronic acid, and any shea butter, honey and green tea sheetmasks

  10. Hi, i am 45 yrs old. Will this regimen work for me? I used to have a good skin, turned horribly pimply (teenage till i was 25 or so), then stress. My skin is oily n little sensitive too.

  11. Hi that was a great post. You saved many women for the need to shell excess money by talking bout the products in detail.
    I have a combination skin and suffering from acne and the after spots from a long time, my pores are clearly visible too. Can you suggest the Indian version of Korean skin care for me, especially treating acne. And I’ve never used an eye cream too, I’m 26. Please suggest one

    1. If you want to use Korean products at a low cost, I would suggest getting them from korean sites such as ‘beautynetkorea’ If you want to use Indian products, I can suggest Plum Green Tea Range. Also, you should be using eye cream already. You can get the mizon collagen eye cream.

  12. Hi!
    I’m 16 and I’m in the UK! Obviously as I’m still a teenager I get acne but I also have very tender, sensitive baby skin.
    These are the skincare steps I do everyday (yes I use the Korean routine except the ampoule and essence as it will be too heavy for my skin):
    1) Come home and cleanse with micellar water or an oil cleanser
    2) Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Exfoliator
    3) Soap-free cleanser
    3) Tea Tree cleansing cream wash (I mix this with no.3)
    4)Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Foaming wash
    5) Toner
    6)Sheet Mask of my choice (Usually a Korean brand)
    7) Tea Tree and Witch Hazel light moisturiser (in the day)
    8) Suncream (in the day)
    9) Heavier moisturiser in the night time
    10) Eye cream
    11) Overnight treatment gel or a sleeping pack
    12) Lip care

    I know acne is hormonal and will stop with age but is there anything else I can do?
    Bhavya x

    1. Hey, I think you are overdoing with your cleanser. I would just stick with two cleanser, 1 oil and the second one foam or gel or creamy wash. Overdoing it may tamper with the pH level of your skin, also ripping off the natural moisture balance results in more oil production to compensate the moisture loss. Lastly, exfoliator goes after cleanser. Hope this helps. xoxo

  13. Thank you for such an informative article. I had acne in my teens which has left scars and a lot of open pores. I am 33 now. Can I minimise the pores up to a certain extent ? Please let me know the products I can use. Thank you .

  14. Hi , I have combination skin..Also, my skin is too sensitive.. I have black area around mouth..I have dry skin around mouth. Could you suggest me toner, sunscreen and face cream or any other beauty product which will be making my skin smooth and dull free.
    Also, if there is a routine for it, please suggest the same.

  15. I found the cosrx pimple kit but others are not available on both nykaa.. and other one so any substitute that I can use in place of the other ones
    And also tell me which product foe black heads on my nose and whiteheads
    Thanks.. 💖💖

    1. You can get the other cosrx and mizon products from Daisy Skin Fix if anything is out of stock, they’ll probably Restock on September. You can order the Innisfree 3 step blackhead program but nose peels are actually bad for the skin. Blackheads and whiteheads are opened pores filled with dirt and sebum and a nose peel plucks out that dirt but can stretch out the pores and make the blackheads issue even worse. Best way is to use an exfoliater every Twice a week and a toner everyday. You can get the Klairs toner from Daisy Skin Fiz

    2. You can get the other cosrx and mizon products from Daisy Skin Fix if anything is out of stock, they’ll probably Restock on September. You can order the Innisfree 3 step blackhead program but nose peels are actually bad for the skin. Blackheads and whiteheads are opened pores filled with dirt and sebum and a nose peel plucks out that dirt but can stretch out the pores and make the blackheads issue even worse. Best way is to use an exfoliater every Twice a week and a toner everyday. You can get the Klairs toner from Daisy Skin Fix

  16. Hi
    I have a wheatish complexion and I used to have clear skin but due to recent breakouts my skin is rendered with acnes over few places and acne marks which makes my skin color look uneven. Please suggest some ways to regain my flawless skin as I have lost every hope. Thank in advance!

  17. Hi, my friend introduced me ur blog. I am writing my concern bout my sisters skin. She is 35yo and has combination skin. She has developed lil eye bags and sagging skin as well. Due to this reason she lives in depression evwrtime. Can u suggest any specific K-beauty regimen for her… Please. Also, she lives in Mumbai, so any specific shop from where she could buy K-beauty products? Appreciate ur blog and will start using my self too.

    1. Hey, glad that you reached out.I’m unaware how her lifestyle is or what skincare product she uses but I’ll try to jot down a regimen for her.
      1) Cleansing oil which she can use as a first step during night time regimen. My personal favourites are Tonymoly Brightening Cleansing oil and Klairs Deep cleansing oil which she can get from
      2) Foaming cleanser- 1st morning step & 2nd night step.
      3) Exfoliating- Once or twice a week. Do not over exfoliate.
      4) Wash off- Twice a week. She can try the Innisfree Volcanic Clay which is amazing and she can try the sample size for 150 bucks by ordering the capsule recipe pack.
      5) Toner- She can use rose water or any alcohol free toner. This one is amazing
      6) Serum- Twice every day. This step is very crucial, There are plenty of serums that comes with the anti aging benefits. This one is too costly but I have heard ravings about this products and am sure it will work like magic. She can also explore the sample section from
      7) Sheet Masks- Once or twice a week. The Pomegranate and Collagen ones are amazing for skin tightening. This is the step that can help your sister get back the elasticity. She can initially start with the Innisfree ones and if she loves them which am sure she will, she can go on exploring other brands and masks that provide elasticity.
      8) Moisturizer/Night Cream/ Sleeping pack: Moisturizer during the day. night cream during the night and sleeping pack twice a week. Again she can explore the sample section from Cosmetic-Love and for sleeping pack she can use
      10)Eye Cream: If her eye bags are stubborn, she will need more than a regular eye cream. I have stubborn genetic eye cream and the only one that works for me is which isn’t Korean
      If her eye bags aren’t that stubborn, she can try out samples from cosmetic-love and find out which works for her.
      9)Sunscreen: If she stays under the sun under any circumstances she must use a sunscreen containing SPF 50. You cannot fight aging signs without fighting the sun first. I will suggest any cushion compact and since she is from Mumbai she can get one from Innisfree that blends with her skin tone from the store. If she stays indoor, she can get away using a sunscreen with SPF30.
      10) Lastly, if she stays outdoor and her skin tends to get dry during certain seasons, she can carry a bottle of mist with her. I use the Innisfree one.
      Hope it was helpful. Ask her to incorporate the products into her regimen one by one. Am not sure where there is an Innisfree store in Mumbai but you can Google it. I personally stay away from The Face Shop products. Do ask if you have any more queries 🙂

  18. Yayy!Great article! It’s great to see the count of K-beauty fans growing in India, Nykaa is cool for Innisfree and the face shop but Have you tried Yesstyle? Is it leggit?

    1. Yesstyle is legit but I haven’t ordered from them yet. I usually order from cosmeticlove, Daisy Skin Fix and Nykaa 🙂

  19. Hey Clara 🙂
    I’m following you and your blogs from couple of days after seeing the giveaway post on ThatElegantChic’s profile on Instagram. I’ve acne prone skin and my skin is very sensitive and dull. Can you please suggest me Kproducts which suits my skin? Though I’ve ordered few innisfree capsule recipe pack anf mask sheets seeing your review on your blog.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Hey, glad you are interested in trying out Kbeauty. Hey since you are new into Kbeauty I would suggest introducing new products into your regimen one by one, that way you can figure out which one is better for your skin. The volcanic clay is really great for oily skin, it’s even available in Capsule packs. You can try the Tea Tree sheet mask as well as the aloe. Exfoliating once a week is crucial since it unclogs the pore thus preventing acne break out. Once you start enjoying the new routine you can experiment with more products, I would suggest introducing oil cleanser in your routine after a while can be great. I hope you enjoy the products you ordered, do let me know how they worked on you, I can recommend you more products based on what’s working on your skin.

    1. I heard Sephora has recently launched in Chennai, so you can get Face Shop in Sephora. Then there’s Innisfree which is available in Nykaa. And if you want to explore some more brands, you can try ordering from Custom is over 35$. I might also tell you that after like 5-6 smooth deliveries, I didn’t receive my last two orders… So since they don’t have any minimum shipping, you can either order in small bulks or pay the extra dollar for tracking code. Hope this was helpful.

  20. Hi,having lived in SK for three years, I am spoiled for life. Love their beauty regimen, hand creams, foot creams, sheet mask etc etc. Missing all these in India, I was searching for a way to order them online and I stumbled acroos this post of yours. Nicely written and as you said these steps dont take so much time to follow. I, myself started loving my skin after doing it.
    Keep writing!

  21. very nice article. I usually breakouts with most of the new products I try :(.. wanted to try Just herbs serum (also considering Votre serum) any idea if it can cause breakouts? Same question I have about the Kama night cream wanted to try from long time but scared bcoz usually ayurvedic products break me out.. I have dehydrated sensitve kind of skin. Any recommendation for makeup remover to be used as part of this regime? Thanks in adavance! 🙂

    1. Hello Shilpi, I also have a super-sensitive skin but all the products you mentioned worked amazing for me. But if you are too scared to try Ayrvedic products, I must recommend you using Taiyu Silk Cream for night time routine, you can get it fro, any medical store. For makeup remover, I suggest you to try a cleansing oil. You can get them from

    2. I haven’t really used any Indian Oil Based Cleansers. I have one, but I haven’t tried it yet. If you want I can try it after Wednesday (I can’t risk it right before my friend’s wedding 😀 ). Aslo you can choose a Korean one from They have free international shipping

  22. Hi

    I loved your blog. I have been crazy about the korean skin care routine and after reading your blog I loved the way you have summarized this. I would love it if you could suggest some serums for mix and match which cheap and best and of course parabeen free.

    1. Thank you. There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to Korean products,most of them are paraben free, my personal favourites are Innisfree Canola Honey and Innisfree Tea Seed Serum. If you want to choose from Indian products then you can go for Just Herbs Elixir.

  23. Did you experience any breakouts when you started the routine? It has been a month and I can’t tell if the breakouts I have is because of an allergic reaction to the product or my skin detoxifying.

    1. No, I did not experience any breakout, but then I introduced retinol in my routine, which cause severe break out and I had to take anti-biotics

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  39. hey liked the detailed regimen.. will want to follow this.. but i have my doubts.. as in how many times a day to do it and step 9 and 10 are to be done together? how do i incorporate step 11, specially if wearing make up? will applying toner in form of spray compensate for mist?

    1. Hi Supriya, most of the steps are to be done twice a day, according to your need. Step 10 should be done after applying a Moisturizer. Toner does not substitute a mist. Mists does not mess up your make up, on the contrary refreshes your skin. You can try Avene Mist. 🙂

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    a famous blogger in case you aren’t already. Cheers!

    1. Thank You… I am a new blogger.. This blog here is just a week old.. I am very thankful to readers like you.. Thank you for the inspiration. Have a nice day. 🙂

    1. Hey.. I have a combination skin, frequently have hormonal breakouts, have clearly visible pores and my pimpkes have left marks on nah face. I really want to try k beauty products to cure my skin. So can u tell me what products I should use and where will I get em..
      I am 17 and from Dehradun

    2. Hey, glad you reached out. You can try the Dear Klairs Toner and Sheet Mask, Cosrx Low Ph Good Morning Gel Cleanser, Mizon Snail Recover Cream, If you have a bit higher budget, you can try the Klairs Midnught Blue calming cream. During the hormonal days you can try the Cosrx Pimple Kit, you can track your period and use it on your ovaluation day or the day before your periods start, or simple the day you start noticing the oil break out. Do you exfoliate very often or with a scrubber with large granusles? It can be the cause of open pores,choose an exfoliator with mild granules or better, a chemical exfoliator, I use Goddal Phytowash Bubble Peeling. Do not exfoliate more than once a week. And I hope you use sunblock? If you have sensitive skin opt for sunblock/physical sunscreen instead of chemical sunscreen. Korean sunblocks are usually physical, Cushion compacts are the best sun protection I’ve ever used. I’m currently suing Innisfree Water Glow. You can get the products at and on Nykka Innisfree collection. I will suggest introducing one new products at a time. Since you are 17, I suppose you are on a budget? In that case you can get 2 products every month, and introduce a new product once every two weeks, that way you’ll also be able to tell which product works best on your skin. DO let me know when you try them out 🙂

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