Sugar Cosmetics Black With A Bang Lash Mob Limitless Mascara Review

To be very honest, no Sugar Cosmetics product has ever failed to impress me. Their lipsticks, lip crayons, Heavy Duty Kohl and their mascara, every single one of them has found their own beloved places at my dresser. If you have been reading my blog for a while then you’d probably know that as much as I love makeup, am just that type of person who would depend more on skincare than on makeup to look good. When it comes to makeup I just stick with the basics and it’s an unwritten law that mascara is an essential. They lift up the whole look in a minute with a bang. So today I’m going to review the Sugar Cosmetics Limitless Lash Mob Mascara that launched by the end of September which I have been using for a few months now.

Price and Quantity: INR 699 for 9ml
Product Description:
Looking for a magic wand that will transform you from Plain Jane to Queen Bee in seconds? The all-new Lash Mob Limitless Mascara from SUGAR gives you just the drama your eyes need! Whether you’re a fan of super volume or clump-free formula, we bet that your lashes will thank you once you’ve had your first date with this beauty. Creamy-textured and incredibly easy to apply, this paraben-free Mascara does a stellar job of separating, defining and combing through each lash so you’ll experience lashes like never before!
How to Apply:
Look straight ahead #likeaboss and start with the bottom lashes while putting on the mascara so that the top lashes don’t smudge when you look down. Place your wand at the base of your lashes and using a zig-zag motion, move the wand up your lashes.
Water (Aqua), Synthetic Beeswax, Paraffin, Iron Oxides CI 77499, Stearic Acid, Acacia Senegal Gum (Acacia Senegal), Triethanolamine, Butylene Glycol, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax (Cera Carnauba), Polybutene, Triacontanyl PVP, Glyceryl Stearate, Phenoxyethanol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Tocopherol, Sodium Stearate, Polyquaternium-65

My Experience:

When it comes to mascaras I prefer the lengthening ones over the volumnising ones. It was a slight disappointment to me that the Sugar Cosmetics Limitless Lash Mob Mascara belongs to the second category. However, that did not stop it from giving my eyes a dramatic look with just a couple of coats. What I really like about this mascara is that it’s really buildable and the creamy texture prevents it from clumping up.

It sure is not my favourite mascara so far. The list goes like – 1) L’Oreal Paris 4D Mascara 2)Chambor Infinite Lengths Lengthening Mascara Review and then comes the 3) Sugar Cosmetics Limitless Lash Mob. If you consider the price, then of course it’s a little bit cheaper than the other two mascaras, and it’s perfect for daily wear. Sometimes when I’m getting dressed up for weddings and stuffs, I apply two coats of this mascara and finish it off with a third coat of the Chambor Geneva Lengthening Mascara, you get the length and you get the volume.


I’ve been using it for over a couple of month now and I cannot say that it smudges at all. And unlike any other mascara, it’s really easy to apply this mascara on the lower lashes, even easier than my two favourite ones. Also it comes off really easy with my Tonymoly Cleansing Oil without leaving any clumped up traces on the lashes.

If only they launched one for lengthening as well…. Sigh!


  • Paraben Free
  • Doesn’t Smudge
  • Really easy to apply, even on the lower lids
  • Easy to remove
  • Doesn’t clump up.


  • For that price, anyone would love a little more drama on their eyes.

Where to buy:

Official Website





Will I purchase it again?

Let’s just say that I just wanted to try out this mascara and even though I’m not disappointed, there’s just a lot in the market that I am yet to experiment with.

Will I recommend it?

If you are looking for something to wear on daily basis.




Makeup & Beauty Lessons from Golden Globe Awards 2017

The Golden Globe Awards took place on Jan 8th and marked a glamorous opening to the year 2017. La La Land, a musical motion picture was in the highlights which bagged all the awards it was nominated for. Other than the awards ceremony, “who wore what” and “who looked best” are the primary notions of any event.

Be it Ruth Negga’s custom Louis Vuitton paillette gown or Amy Adam’s fierce black sequined Tom Ford, we were in awe of each celeb appearance at the awards. The red-carpet walk unveiled a lot of makeup and hair style lessons for us to stick for the coming days. Here we are listing the best of hair and makeup lessons from the Golden Globe            Awards 2017.

Sleek Hair

The sleek hair fashion will never die, the crisp and combed hair gives a prim look. The Golden Globes red carpet witnessed a lot of sleek hair styles. Ruth Negga’s sleek hair in front with her curls falling back complimented her outfit.

Mid Parted Hair

The Golden Globes red carpet was ruled out by mid part hair styles. We loved Drew Barrymore’s tousled mid-parted hair, we wish we can carry that carefree look with such grace!

Deep Bold Lips

While they have made their existence phenomenal, the intense dark lipsticks are here to stay for long, and we cannot complain. They add an edge to your appeal, an instant highlight, for days when you just want to wear and lipstick and be all fine.


The Golden Globes witnessed some majestic plum and bright red shades, which you can easily hoard from Shoppers Stop.

Nude Lips

Deep bold lips have made their way in the beauty segment, but the love for nude lips stands with the same enthusiasm. The Golden Globes red carpet experienced a lot of beauties flaunting their luscious nude lips and how we loved it!

Low Key Lids

Smokey eyes have ruled for quite a long time, it’s now time to get a little low key. A lot of celebrities sported low key eyelids. We are hoping to see more of light lids this season!

We loved each and every look these celebrities flaunted, what about you?


Guesst Post by Sakshi Taneja

[Image Source: Google]

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Sugar Cosmetics Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick Rose Dawson Review, Swatch

I have repeatedly expressed my love for Sugar Cosmetics Lip Crayons on my Instagram handle as well as on my blog. I am almost there to have their whole collection- the crayons, It’s A Pout Time, the Kohl and the Mascara and I personally love their Matte as Hell range over their It’s a Pout Time range. So far, the Scarlet O’hara has been my all time favourite lipstick, I don’t really that ANY place or ANY season is inappropriate for that bold red shade and I used to wear it literally everywhere. Ironically enough, I received the Rose Dawson right before Christmas, right during the season of bold red lipsticks and I have been wearing it everywhere am going.

Claims : Set hearts aflutter with beauty, grace and a dollop of passion with Rose Dawson – the perfect rose pink shade whose timeless appeal is sure to win the world around you!
Price : Rs 799

Where To Buy:

Official website



My Experience:

Just like the other Lip Crayons from the range, Rose Dawson comes in the form of a sharpenable crayon. Every crayon comes with a sharpner so just guess how many do I have right now? Even though a little of the product ends up getting wasted while sharpening, I still prefer crayons over the retractable ones. I feel like the crayons are much easier to apply and outline.

Unlike the Scarlett O’Hara, the texture is a little creamy matte.

When I first selected the shade I was sceptical how it would look on my wheatish skin, but it ended up looking pretty amazing on me. My sister, who a very fair skintone has applied it, loved it and ordered one for her already. In fact I’ve been debating if I should wait until her Rose Dawson is delivered so that I could use the picture of an unused Rose Dawson for the post or if should I post it already? And then I couldn’t wait to share with you guys how much am in love with this shade.

The staying power of the crayon is not as good as the Scarlet O’hara, it stays on my lips for about 5 hours and almost survives meals.

Will I recommend it?

Absolutely! It’s an amazing shade for everyday use. I absolutely adore the shade!


  • Paraben Free
  • Perfect shade for regular use.
  • Can be worn literally everywhere
  • Applies smoothly
  • Amazing pigmentation
  • Comes with its own sharpner
  • Transfers very little





Roasted Vegetables Recipe

Sunday is the perfect excuse to post recipes. I have repeatedly talked about my love for veggies and my preference for eating clean. So today am going to post one of my favourite evening snack, which is not only healthy, but consists of super foods for hair and skin.

Roasted Veggies:


  • Broccoli: half head
  • Red Bell Pepper: 1
  • Tomato: 1
  • Carrot: 1 large or 2 medium
  • Potato: 1 (You can skip the potato if you are a calorie counter, but I just LOVE potatoes)
  • Cabbage: 1/4th head
  • Baby Corn: 3-4
  • Green Peas: 1 cup
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Olive Oil
  • Green Beans: 4-5



Cut all the vegetables into bite sized chunks. Put them into a baking tray and season with salt and pepper. Drizzle 2spoon of Olive Oil and bake them at 360 degree in a pre-heated oven for 35 minutes (if you skip the potato, bake for 30 minutes). Bring the tray out every 10 minutes and stir the vegetables. Grill for another 5 minutes and serve hot.

Malavara Lime Vetiver Body Lotion Review

Winter is the perfect excuse to experiment with body lotions. But what if you find your perfect summer friendly body lotion on one of those chilliest days of the year? Disappointing I guess.  Truth is that I have used this body lotion during summer and loved how it absorbed into my skin amazingly. However, when I used it during winter, my skin wasn’t very satisfied.

I wasn’t very much aware of the brand Malavara before I got a set of the body lotion and body wash sample with my Fab Bag. I received them during summer and really loved the refreshing citrus fragrance that was common in both of them.


Product Claims:

Malavara body lotions do not contain Parabens or other harsh preservatives. The preservative system used in our products is very gentle on skin, is
included in the Handbook of Green Chemicals and is Whole Foods Premium Bodycare approved


The sample sized bottle comes in a sturdy packaging with a screw cap and I have no idea how the full-sized product looks like. It’s a bit pain to get the product out of the bottle once the level gets down.


Neither too runny, nor too thick.

Price: Rs 1, 500.00  for 300ml

My Experience:

It didn’t take me too long to realise that the lotion is water based. It sinks into the skin with very light massaging and feels far from being greasy on the skin. It feels too light on the skin making the skin silky smooth. When I said that it’s summer perfect, I didn’t just say it because of the fragrance, but also because of the lightweight formula. It’s perfect for people like me who likes to moisturize their skin (both face and body) throughout the year and prefers a lightweight formula during the summer that’s not going to feel greasy on the skin. But it’s definitely not for the winter; it doesn’t have what it takes to please a winter skin, unless you know, beauties with oily skin that like to apply a mild lotion without feeling greasy.

Will I recommend it?

If you are willing to pay a whooping amount for a summer body lotion, yes. If you have an oily skin and looking for a mild body lotion and willing to pay a whooping amount, no.

Will I purchase it?

No, I have my favourites that will cost me less than half the amount.


  • Paraben Free
  • Refreshing fragrance
  • Perfect for the summer
  • Absorbs super quick


  • Ridiculously priced
  • Doesn’t last long
  • It’s a pain to get the product out once the level gets down.



How to Battle PMS Breakout

PMS can be irritating enough by itself. The mood swings, the crankiness, the cramps, the bloating and the cravings sometimes get too extreme to tolerate. But you can only wish it just stops there. In a lot of cases it doesn’t. I have always had a combination, sensitive skin which didn’t break out much. I don’t know where it went wrong when all of a sudden I started breaking out during PMSing about 2 years ago. Or maybe I do know. Right after I started blogging, I suffered a massive breakout that lasted 3-4 months. What went wrong was that I was using 3 products containing retinol all together. Retinols make the skin sensitive and there are certain instructions to be followed while applying them (i.e: avoid using them during day time, layer it with a thick moisturize, and be very specific about the amount of retinol you are applying). I purchased the products while I was still learning about the ingredients, and got rid of the cartons before I started blogging. The breakout was terrible and after the bottles ran out, I ordered them once again and that’s when I read the box and figured where it went wrong. It took me antibiotics and detoxifications to recover completely. However, the breakout continued giving me major visits a week before my periods. One cystic acne each month, plus tiny bumps and oily skin.

I thought that a lot of women face it, it’s nothing unusual and it can’t be helped. A few months back when I sent a makeup free selfie to a friend I was pointed out that I have an oily skin. When I checked it myself, boy! I did have oily skin around my nose area, my lip area and my cheeks. The cystic acne appeared the next day and that’s when I figured why my skin was oily. I did some research to find out the reason behind women breaking out before getting their periods. It’s a no brainer that the hormones are the culprit, but how? There’s the hormone that gives you the amazing skin during your most fertile days, and there are hormones that starts clogging your pores, and gives you oil breakout, and dehydrates your skin once you ovulate.

So how to combat? The key is to know your cycle properly, and figuring out how do your PMS affect your skin. For example, there are women who get dry dehydrated skin during those days, and there’s women who gets oily, acne prone skin. So the best way is to download any app that tracks your cycle, and spend a month to figure out how your skin is behaving at what time of your cycle. Usually you get the most flawless skin during your most fertile days, your app will tell you when’s the time. The day after your last fertile day is your ovulation day. Most women go through major mood swings that day and that’s when your skin starts behaving terribly. It can differ from one woman to another and it’s up to you to figure out what you and your skin are going through.

So in this article I’ll share how I battled PMS skin successfully. Your symptoms can differ from mine, but I’m sure you’ll get the idea.

For the starter, let me remind you once again that I am a big time Korean Skincare addict. As you guys might know that people who indulges in Korean Skincare doesn’t really use all the products every day. It usually depends on what their skin are asking that particular day. The brightest day in the city might call for a sunscreen with a bigger amount of SPF, the humid day might want a lightweight moisturizer and skipping a couple of serums might be a good option, chilly weathers might want an extra layer of serum and a thick cream. And if you get a look at their skincare stash, you’ll know that it’s more than just likely that they modify their routine every single day.

So I used this habit of mine to battle my PMS breakout. Right after I cross my fertile days, I switch to lightweight formulas and opt for products meant for oily skin. I switched my regular face wash with the Neem Facewash from Oshea for acne prone skin and even though my skin feels a bit tight until I apply my moisturizer, it really is working. (I usually use the face wash after my regular oil cleanser)

Also, I have realized that it’s the perfect time to use up my Skinfood Egg White Pore Foam which gets rid of the excess sebum from deep within the pores . However, I had abandoned it after a few usages because it contains a high pH level. So a couple of times during that week I bring it out to unclog the pores. I guess a couple of usages won’t tamper with the natural pH level of my skin on a permanent basis.

I exfoliate my skin the day I notice the first trace of oil around my nose area. It helps unclog the pores and this step makes a huge difference.  Clogged pore is a common reason for PMS breakout as they feed the acne causing bacteria. Use an exfoliator with tiny granules. And I would personally stay away from apricot scrubs any day.

After exfoliating, I use a charcoal detox face pack. Sometimes I use it right after exfoliating, sometimes I use it on the following day. I feel like it gets rid of the excess sebum from deep within the pores to prevent clogged pores.


The next step, toning, I wouldn’t miss this step for world. It really is important to maintain the pH balance of your skin. You might as well want to avoid a toner containing alcohol, especially if your skin tends to get dry.

And then I avoid using serums to avoid the extra weight on my skin. However, I wouldn’t mind if I had any serum that’s meant for healing, like tea tree oil or something. But the serums that I currently own take no part in battling my PMS skin so I overlook them for a week.

That one time I used a moisturizing sheet mask while PMSing  I got 3 cystic acnes instead of one. It took me a month and a lot of courage for my next experimentation. The next time my skin got oily and there were signs of tiny bumps, I used the Tea Tree Sleeping Mask from Innisfree and my tiny pimples vanished the next morning. Tea Tree Oils are known for healing acne, so if you can, you can incorporate more products containing Tea Tree oil if you tend to breakout in general.


Next step, moisturizer/night cream/Sleeping Pack. This is when I switch my regular creams with gels. The gels absorbs into the skin super quickly without feeling heavy. The Aloe Bija Sleeping Capsule Recipe pack from Innisfree has been really good to me with its super healing power. I use it on alternate nights during that time.

Last but not the least, depriving your skin of the moisturizer will result in your skin trying to compensate by producing more oil than required, thus making you breakout even more. If you think getting rid of moisturizers will help, think again. Also since I don’t want my skin to compensate and punish me, I like to keep a mist handy to spray it on my face whenever my skin feels dry.

And let’s not forget, since our skin becomes extra sensitive those days; be extra careful with the sunscreen.

What I THINK will help if you suffer the opposite- dry skin:

Switch to thicker creams, add an extra layer of serum, and use a moisturizing and hydrating sheet mask.

Since skincare on its own cannot do it all, what else to keep in mind those days?

Drink tons of water and indulge in a high vitamin and low sugar diet. Avoiding foods with high level of fats, oils and diary is a real good choice.

And lastly, stay extra hygienic and stay stress free. J

Hope the article was helpful. Do let me know if you have any queries.

Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask- Tea Tree Review + GIVEAWAY Announcement

Hello everybody, today I’m going to review the Innisfree It’s Real Tea Tree Mask Sheet. So I have talked about how I tend to break out while PMSing and I am overjoyed to tell you guys that I have finally figured a way out. The way out is actually making some changes in my skincare routine during that time of the month which I’m going to share with you guys soon.

So a little heads up, including a healing sheet mask AKA Tea Tree Sheet Mask is one of those changes. Tea Tree oil has been widely known to treat acnes and I have earlier been too impressed with Tonymoly Im Real Tea Tree Face Mask. So just when I noticed that I’m breaking out a little around my lip area and one in the forehead I checked if it’s that time already. These little predictions of mine are too accurate that even though they get a little annoying sometimes, I have learnt how to use these predictions to treat my PMS breakout. So I noticed these tiny pimples during my night time regimen and I knew that it will only grow in the following days like always. Without making any delay I exfoliated my skin, since it will make the serum in the mask easier to absorb. I threw the mask on my face after toning and lay on my bed for about 30 minutes.

The essence was almost transparent and even though there was enough essence on the cotton mask, it wasn’t drippy. The fitting of the mask was not as good as the other masks from the range. It wrinkled up around my nose area making my sheet mask selfie too horrible to upload. Usually my sheet masks dry within 30- 35 minutes but it didn’t. However, I removed it in 30 minutes and noticed a visibly clear skin. The tiny pimples were shrunked and by the next morning they disappeared. Now since I applied it just when my skin started suffering from the oil breakout I can’t really tell how it will work on mature cystic acnes. But the result I noticed was impressive enough. I finished it off with a sleeping pack and unlike any other sheet mask it didn’t make my skin too hydrated the following days. I have heard that tea tree oil makes skin a bit dry and I can’t really tell if that’s true. But my skin was neither dried, nor too moisturized. Also my skin tone didn’t get brightened the way it usually does following sheet masking. I guess I should just be happy with the clear skin.

So will I be purchasing it again? I might as well be using one each month.

Will I recommend it?

To anyone who suffers from acne or wants something to heal their skin once in a while.


Water, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Ethanol, Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Fruit Extract, Betaine, Tee Tree Leaf Juice(200mg), Xanthan Gum, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Ethylhexylglycerin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Sodium Hyaluronate, Tangerine Peel Extract, Orchid Extract, The green Tea Extract, Camellia Leaf Extract, Prickly Pear Extract, Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance

Where to buy:


Now the most important part, THE GIVEAWAY:

So am going to give away a handful of Innisfree products to one lucky reader of my blog. The products will be selected based on the winner’s skin concern.

This is what you have to do to enter.

  1. Share this post on your Facebook timeline tagging Beautifully me. ( Post must be public to consider)
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  6. When everything is done, comment “done” under this post.

That’s it, good luck. Winner will be announced on 6th February so that you can flaunt a flawless skin on Valentines Day 😀

**Giveaway is no way sponsored.

The Nature’s Co Kiwi Hand & Nail Cream Review

Hand creams are very essential for me during the cold weather since my hands tend to get darker during that time. Long before I was a conscious beauty addict I couldn’t figure out a remedy and used to hate how my hands and fingers looked during the winter. Since the past 3-4 years I started using hand and nail creams and have noticed that it actually helps.

So today I’m going to review one of my favourite Hand and Nail creams that I have been using since the last to last winter- The Nature’s Co Kiwi Hand & Nail Cream.

Price: INR 445 for 125ml

Ingredients:  Kiwi extract, Shea butter, Kokum butter, Olive oil, Wheat germ oil, Apricot kernel oil, Sweet almond oil, Avocado oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin – E, Coconut oil, Grape seed oil, Vegetable Glycerin.

My Experience:

As I said I have been using this cream since last to last winter, and have been really loving it. I actually use it every day post showering without fail, and I mean to use it before going to bed but I often tend to forget about it. And am amazed to think that if this cream makes my hands soft and supple and prevent dry cuticles and darker skin with only one time application, how much softer my hands would be with proper usage? Worth thinking, and worth putting it next to my pillow so that I don’t forget to apply it before going to bed.

The cream comes in a plastic tube with a flip cap and the texture of the cream is a bit too thick. Only a pea sized amount is required to massage both hands and wrists. However, when I do remember using it before going to bed, I like using a bit more product which makes the hands a bit greasy but since it’s bedtime I don’t really mind.

With a year of usage I have actually forgot what dry cuticles and dark hand feels like. My hands are soft and supple and am really looking forward to the day I won’t be forgetting to apply it before my bedtime anymore.

Will I recommend it?

I will recommend it to anyone who suffers from dry cuticles or dry hands in general.


  • Makes hands soft and supple
  • Prevents dry cuticles
  • Prevents hands to turn darker during the chilly weather
  • Smells pleasant
  • Absorbs with light massaging if using in the right amount.


  • The only con that I found with this one is that the tube is too bulky. I guess it can be available in smaller size with their beauty wish box but the full sized amount is so not travel friendly. It would not make a mess inside your bag but who would want to carry this big of a tube just for two tiny palms? Not me. Also, since I don’t share it with anybody else, I doubt I would be able to finish the product before the expiry date. And not everybody would like to pay a whooping 445 Rs for a hand cream, which brings me back to the one and only con, with a smaller size available, all of this issues would have been fixed once and for all.

Where to buy:

Official Website






BBLUNT Salon Secret Honey Light Golden Brown Shade Review

I have never been a hair colour addict, mainly because I don’t put half the effort on my hair as I put on my skin. And then because I really love my original hair colour that has a natural hue of the shade brown and I guess I might have to thank my Hispanic genes for it.

However, I am always up for experimentation. So when BBlunt reached out to me to review their newly launched super affordable hair colour, I was like why not! I have previously used their Shampoo and Conditioner and really loved them. And I have been reading the positive responses from people that have already used the colours. So I chose the shade closest to my real hair colour, just a bit lighter- Honey Light Golden Brown.

I guess I received it back at October but since I have been suffering from massive hair loss since the month of June (may be because of the fact that I don’t put any effort on my hair at all, when it comes to my hair my mantra is: no torture, no care, but I guess it’s high time that should change) I waited until November to actually get my hair coloured.

When I used the colour, I was still suffering from hair loss but I went ahead anyway.  To my major surprise, my hair fall didn’t get any worse; in fact my hair stopped falling for about a week after using the colour. Can that even happen?

Anyway, let’s get back to the story of my application. The box contains 3 tubes: the developer, the colorant and the shine tonic and there were two plastic gloves. I mixed the contains of the 3 tubes in a plastic bowl using a colouring brush that wasn’t included in the box. I thoroughly combed my hair and applied the colour to my hair strands making a bun with the already coloured hairs. The instructions said to wait for 30 minutes and then wash it off, I preferred waiting 40 minutes. Since the instruction didn’t mention if I should use a shampoo while washing it off or not, I went ahead and used a shampoo followed by a conditioner.

I avoid using a blow dry unless I really need to, as I mentioned- no torture, no care. As my hair started air drying, the colour became noticeable, and the best part? My hair has never felt smoother. I really have been enjoying the new colour and I might even start experimenting with the other shades from BBlunt as well. I have used the colour on 24th November, and the colour is nowhere near losing its charm anytime soon.

[Pictures of my hair taken last week]

[Picture taken last month]


MPR 199/- Rs

Where to Buy:





  • Pocket friendly
  • No ammonia
  • Makes hair super smooth
  • Didn’t worsen my hair loss problem
  • All the colours from the range are suitable for Indian skin.


Nothing as such. However, since all the colours from the range are created keeping in mind Indian skin tone, people who want to opt for a lighter hair colour might be disappointed. The Honey Light Golden Brown is lightest of all the shades. In fact, I myself would have chosen even a much lighter shade if there were any, but then again, let’s go back to the point that the shades have been created for Indian Skin tone.

Shades available:

  • Black – NATURAL BLACK 1
  • Chocolate – DARK BROWN 3
  • Blueberry – BLUE BLACK 2.10
  • Honey – LIGHT GOLDEN BROWN 5.32
  • Wine – DEEP BURGUNDY 4.20
  • Mahogany – REDDISH BROWN 4.56
  • Coffee – NATURAL BROWN 4.31

Final Verdict:

If you want to colour your hair and you can find your desired hair colour in the above mention list of shades, look nowhere else. I know I am not a hair colour expert and this is only my third time colouring, but I can definitely assure you that you cannot find a better colour, at least not in that jaw dropping price.



NOTE: Product sent for review purpose but the opinions are completely honest.

Yes, this review ends here, but I just want to tell you guys that prior to receiving this colour, I had purchased the Wash Off hair colour from BBlunt in the shade pink, anybody wants a review on that?

Innisfree Capsule Recipe Sleeping Pack In Aloe & Bija Review

This is probably my first sleeping pack review since I couldn’t get around to review the last two sleeping packs. I purchased them while on a trip and used them up before I got to click the pictures. Apologies for that, I’m going to order them once again and surely gonna review them this time, I promise.

So… What Is A Sleeping Pack/Sleeping Mask?

Sleeping pack is one of the hypes from Korean Beauty Market. There’s a lot of sleeping masks out there in the market targeting different treatments. There’s sleeping packs claiming brightening, there’s sleeping packs claiming anti-aging, and there’s sleeping packs claiming treatment to troubled skin. And whether they are any good or not, depends totally on the specific mask.

My initial idea of sleeping packs is that they are a bit more potential than regular night creams and the two that I’ve already used are a bit heavier and a bit stickier than night creams. But that didn’t bother me at all, in fact I loved it. And then again, usually sleeping packs are meant to use twice a week, so I think of it more like a twice a week treatment. And lastly apart from delivering the claims, the previous sleeping masks used to give me super plump skin the following few days, so yes, I love the concept of sleeping masks.

Innisfree Capsule Recipe : Aloe & Bija

What it is

  1. Skin trouble and soothing care with bija and aloe ingredients (Containing 100ppm of bija oil, 1,000ppm of aloe vera leaf juice extract and 1,000 ppm of aloe vera leaf extract)2. A texture that absorbs into the skin freshly and moistly

    3. A sleeping pack that softly absorbs into the skin


How to use

Apply the desired amount and gently spread onto the face at the cream step. Leave on overnight and wash it off next morning.




My Experience:

[Picture taken after 3 usages]

As you can see, it’s actually a gel, a sleeping gel. Initially it feels a little sticky on the skin but with light massage it absorbs into the skin amazingly. I had the idea that sleeping packs are usually heavy on the skin, but this one was super light and I guess that makes it a perfect choice for oily skin beauties. At first I was a bit sceptical about what to expect from such a lightweight gel, but then I discovered its soothing power. I have a combination skin that doesn’t breakout except for that time of the month *touchwood.  So when I got a couple of bumps, I discovered that this sleeping pack actually helps sooth my irritated skin. I know, I just told that sleeping packs are usually used twice a week, but since it didn’t have any particular instructions like that, and because its lightweight I used it a little more frequently than twice a week and I got impressive results. Within two days of usage (at one day interval) my skin was visibly clear, calm and the oil breakout actually vanished. I guess I should be stocking it up for that time of the month.

Will I purchase it again?


Will I recommend it?

Oily Skin beauties- definitely

Combination skin beauties- You can try one out and decide for yourself if it works for you [Reminder: I myself have a combination skin]

Dry skin beauties- You are definitely not going to like it unless you breakout during that time of the month like me. If you do, then you can give it a try


  • Does what it claims
  • Travel Friendly
  • Refreshing
  • Paraben Free
  • Improved packaging comes with a lid




MRP 150/-

Where to buy:




Healthy Vegetable Rice Recipe

Hello everybody, today I’m going to share with you guys my go to recipe back from the days when I used to live by myself. The recipe is not only super healthy but is really easy to make. Back when I used to have a full time job and I used to come back home exhausted, this recipe used to save my life and it’s what I used to cook every other day. I haven’t learnt it from anyone and it has been inspired by my love for vegetables and my attempt on eating healthy and my preference for avoiding non-veg food. Now I am not a person that maintains a proper diet and I don’t count calories so I can’t really tell the nutritional benefits of the dish, but since I have avoided carbs and chosen ingredients that are good for the health and obviously for the skin and it can also be a great choice for fitness freak peoples. So let’s get started.

4 Servings


  • Rice 400gm
  • Broccoli- 1 small head or half medium head cut into small florets
  • 1 Red Bell Pepper- Finely Chopped
  • Cabbage- Half head- Chopped
  • Carrots- 1 large or 2 small finely sliced
  • Soybean- Half of the smallest packet available
  • Green Peas- 1 Cup
  • Baby Green Beans 6-8- Finely chopped
  • Salt and Black Pepper to taste
  • Olive Oil ½ cup + 1 spoon

*You can include your choices of vegetables and can exclude vegetables that you don’t like or isn’t available. Remember, I created it using vegetables that I love, so you can always modify it according to your preference.


Steam your rice as usual just keeping in mind that they don’t get sticky. On another oven, boil the soybean with a little bit of salt.

In the mean time prepare your vegetables.

On a Skillet heat the olive oil. Once the olive oil heats up it will expand a little. Put in the carrots and once they are a bit tender, throw in the broccoli florets. There are some vegetables that take a little longer to cook, so I throw them in the skillet accordingly. After a few minutes throw in the chopped beans, cabbages and green peas. The bell pepper is the last vegetable I add since I love them half cooked. Add salt and pepper to the vegetables according to your taste. Keep stirring until the vegetables are tender.

Squeeze the excess water from the soybean and add it into the vegetables drizzling another spoon of olive oil. Once the soybean starts getting golden brown add the cooked rice a little at a time mixing it with the vegetables. Mix the rice with the vegetable and cook it for 5-6 minutes all the while stirring very gently and mixing.

Serve hot.

**Can be eaten by itself, and can be eaten with any curry or gravy. Goes well with both Indian side dishes and Chinese. But I prefer having it itself.


If you are a fitness freak, you can switch the white rice with brown rice.

I personally love vegetarian dishes, but when am sharing it with anybody else, I usually add a couple of (shredded) eggs after I separate my portion from the skillet.

Denver Hamilton Eau De Parfum in Honour Review

Hello everybody, today am going to review the recently launched Denver Hamilton Eau De Parfum in Honour which is actually not too recent as I actually received it at the beginning of November but didn’t get around to review it since I had to give it to my boy friend to test it for me, and as you guys know, I’ve been travelling that time of the year.
These perfumes has actually been launched in 3 variants- Honour, Pride and Hamilton and they comes in red, blue and green colour.
So as you guys know that I often review men’s perfumes and deodorants after having them tested by my boyfriend in case you guys are looking for some gifts for the men in your lives. I make my boy friend wear those deos and perfumes for straight 2 weeks, asking him every single night how long the fragrance lingered. I know, he has some patience! So let’s get to the review.
The perfume comes for 449 Rs which I feel is quite cheap. And the best part is that it the whole packaging looks a bit luxurious as you guys can see.

The smell of the perfume is musky with a subtle hint of spicy smell.
But I’m not going to lie, my boy friend isn’t too fond of it as he’s with the Denver Extreme Deo Endurance and Balance deo. In fact he has got hooked with the deos so bad that he made me order them before even he ran out of the bottles. He is the type of person who prefers stronger smells, and the Denver Deodorants actually lingered throughout the day and was strong enough that one can actually smell the perfume on their own body. The Honour Perfume on the other hand settles down to a milder scent a few minutes after applying it. It does last until he comes back from the office, but milder.

So what I figured is that it’s going to be a real great choice for a person who’s not too fond of strong smelling perfumes and opt for the mild ones.
• Pocket Friendly
• Luxurious Packaging
• Makes amazing Gifts
• Has a pretty good staying power
• Smells nice
• The smell is a bit mild, but then again, there are men who prefer mild perfumes so it can be a great choice for them.
Where to buy:

Official Website, Amazon, Snapdeal


Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack: Seaweed Review

Hello everybody, today am going to review the Innisfree Seaweed Capsule Recipe pack. Now if you are not aware of the capsule recipe packs, they are tiny little packs from Innisfree that comes in two catagories- wash off masks and sleeping packs. Sometimes the capsule packs are the tinier versions of some full sized products (i.e- the Jeju Volcano capsule recipe Pack) and those works as great sample packs.

When I visited the Innisfree Store in Delhi exactly an year ago, I picked up three capsule recipe packs- a wash off one ( Jeju Volcano)and two Sleep Packs (Rice and Pomegranate)  . Back then, these capsule packs had no hard lids which made them really hard to save. While the brand says that they can be used 3 times, in reality they can be used 5-6 times. However, since I was travelling a lot back then, I couldn’t save any of them past 3 usages. The wash off mask turned hard as rock while the sleeping packs became too thick to apply thus I ended up with a lot of wasted products. So when I did another haul online, I ordered one wash off mask and one sleeping pack and I was really excited to see the revamped look of the capsule packs. They have done a pretty good job with them, putting another hard lid over the foil-like lid, adding layers of instructions (the ones that sadly differs from the official website) making them a lot easier to save and making them my best buddies while travelling. You guys know how I love packing sample and trial sized products for tours right?

Getting back to the review…

As I just mentioned, the instruction at the back differs from that of the official website.

The Official Website Says:

How to use

  1. After washing your face, spread and massage the mask evenly on your face. Rinse off the mask with lukewarm water after 10-15 minutes. Massaging will relieve your facial muscles for more comfortable looks. Choose the capsule that best suits your skin.
    2. Insert the lid into the slit of the container and close it to keep it fresh for your next use.

While you can clearly see that the instruction at the back of the pack has no mentions of massaging. And I don’t think that the micro granules are going to work without the massaging, like really, the pack is meant to exfoliate.

What it is

A capsule recipe pack containing seaweed to improve your complexion
1. Heat your skin naturally with seaweed!
2. Exfoliate dead skin cells for clean skin.
3. Enriched sizzling formation provides skin solutions.
4. A massage pack containing seaweed to heat and exfoliate your skin


Just dab it on! Jeju seaweed with wrinkle- smoothing properties

The regenerative properties of ocean plants, rich in minerals and nutrients from Jeju island, promote skin vitality

and enhances its natural self-defense system for a powerful anti-aging effect.


MRP 150/- Rs

My Experience:

As you can see, the manual at the back of the product forgot to mention that the product is going to heat up while applying, so when I first applied the mask I was like ‘Oh my goodness! This pack heats up while coming in contact with my skin’! I was ecstatic. I might have freaked out as well, but having being a Korean Skincare Junkie for over 2 years, I have seen (and used a lot). I have used gel exfoliator that bubbles up on the face while coming in contact with water, I have used oil that turns into a white liquid and washes off while coming in contact with water, I have seen Korean Skincare products do miracle, so quite obviously I didn’t freak out. I felt the pack pleasantly heating up, more like warming up on my skin. But since the instruction failed to mention the massaging part, I didn’t. I used it as a regular pack, massaging only a little right before washing it off just like I do with any other wash off masks.

The initial effect was refreshing, like too refreshing. My skin felt squeaky clean and fresh. But there was no brightening effect and the product didn’t claim any.

According to the official website, it has got anti-aging properties. I am 27 with no aging signs *touchwood, so I really can’t tell how well it worked according to the claims. But even then, I like including anti-aging products in my regimen every once in a while and really planning on incorporating some for the long run since I believe in taking precaution before the damage is already done.

Final Verdict:

So far there’s not a single Innisfree Product that didn’t work on my skin. And I’m really impressed with the revamped look of the packs. You can easily save the products and carry them while travelling.

However the instructions are really misleading. Firstly because the mask has just one job – exfoliating (which it does really well since my skin got exfoliated even when I used it before reading the right instructions), and without proper massaging, the pack is quite useless. Secondly, over exfoliation is really bad for the skin, it can cause more melanin secretion resulting in a darker skin and can even damage the skin. So a person unaware that it is actually an exfoliation pack can use it a day after using another exfoliator, which actually happened to, I used it a day after using my Goodal Phytowash exfoliator and the dark skin lasted for a few days. So misleading instructions can really cause a lot of trouble, and I suppose it happened right here in India (I apologize if am wrong).

However, with proper instructions, this pack can make a hell one of an exfoliator and now that you have read the right instructions, I think you really should go for this one. The micro-fiber beads are excellent for exfoliation and I don’t think they are capable of doing any damage that over exfoliation and bigger beads can do and I really liked the heating up experience. Plus, the pack smells yummy.


  • Does what it claims
  • Pocket Friendly
  • The kind of product that I will pack while travelling
  • Can be used 5-6 times
  • Smells pleasant
  • Didn’t break me out


I don’t think that Innisfree is at the fault for the misleading instruction. But overall it really is a con.

Where to buy:




Skin Type of the Author- Combination and super sensitive

BioBloom Lavender Hand & Body Lotion Review

Hello everybody, today I’m going to review the recently launched Bio Bloom Hand & Body Lotion Lavender because it’s still winter and we all need to take extra care of our skin.

Bio Bloom is an all organic brand free from chemicals and most importantly Parabens and Artificial Fragrance. I have used their Eucalyptus Foot Cream and I’m already in love. The Hand & Body lotion didn’t disappoint as well. It comes in two sizes- 50 ml, and 100 ml and I am going to review the smaller one which is really very easy to carry and will fit in your smallest handbag.

The bottle comes with a spray nozzle and it cannot get any more hygienic than that. However, I’m not very impressed with the runny texture. Obviously it requires a lot more amount to be applied than any body milk with a thicker consistency. So I ended up finishing the bottle within 3-4 weeks (thus perfect for packing for long tours) and since it comes for 199 bucks am not sure how many people will drop that amount for a bottle that will last them hardly one month.

Coming back to the brighter side, the lotion absorbs into the skin super quickly with light massaging and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. Now even though my skin doesn’t get dry by the end of the day as I have a combination skin, I am pretty sure dry skin beauties will need to reapply it within 6-7 hours. So I guess this can be a perfect choice for oily skin beauties and also a pretty good choice for summertime. Yes, I am the type of person who loves to apply body lotions (light weight ones) even during the summer as I love my skin hydrated.

Price : INR 199/-

Quantity : 50 ml

Shelf life : 24 months from MFG

Where to buy:

Official Website


  • Comes in a hygienic bottle
  • Travel Friendly
  • Refreshing lavender fragrance
  • All natural ingredients
  • Chemical Free
  • Potential ingredient list


  • Runny


Overall Verdict:

I know I just said that am not sure how many people will drop 199 bucks for a body lotion that will last for about 1 month, but looking at the ingredient list, I might admit that it’s worth paying. However, I would not suggest dry skin beauties to purchase this one for the winter.




Press Sample received for review purpose but the opinions are completely honest.

Hasselback Potatoes Recipe

If you are a huge fan of potatoes just like me, you are going to be really happy with today’s post. Potatoes are the love of my life, I can have them in any form,  roasted potatoes, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, alu ka parantha (even though I HATE any other oily food, not because I am a fitness freak but because of my food habits), you cannot just ask me to choose one of them because I want them all. So today I’m going to share with you guys, one of my favourite evening snack recipes, Hasselback Potatoes.

Now before I start, I am going to talk about some personal preferences. First of all, the original recipe calls for medium sized potatoes, and once cooked, they look extremely yummy and perfect for photographing. However, I like smaller potatoes because they cook faster, and gets crispier but the at the end, they shrinks into a tiny thing that doesn’t look as good as they tastes and they are horrible for photographing. Today I’m using 1 medium  potato and 3 small ones so that you can look at the difference. Secondly, even though I’ll share the recipe for 4 medium potatoes, I might as well mention that you might wanna cook some more because the amount of time it takes, you really would love more outcome. Besides, you will end up eating at least two by yourself.

So let’s get to the Recipe-


  • 4 medium potatoes
  • 2 tablespoon melted butter
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt for Taste
  • Black Pepper for taste
  • Grated Cheddar cheese, or spreaded mozzarella


Thinly slice out the bottom of the potatoes to make it stable on the cutting board. Once stable, make thin slices leaving ½ inches at the bottom. Avoid cutting throughout the potatoes at any cost. Brush them with half the amount of butter and put them in a baking tray. Season with salt and pepper according to your taste. Drizzle with some olive oil and bake it at 360 degrees for 30 minutes in a preheated oven.

Take out the tray and brush the remaining butter on the potatoes. It gives them the extra crisp but sometimes when I feel the need of cutting the extra curb I skip this step.  You can sprinkle a little more salt at this point as the slices will open up making it easier for the potatoes to absorb the salt thoroughly. Bake for another 10 minutes.

Now you can eat this up, OR you can spread some grated cheddar cheese or some spreaded mozarella and bake for another 3-5 minutes or until the cheese melts. I would recommend the cheddar, but since I try to cut down the extra curb, I use a very little amount of spreaded cheese, makes it easier to control the amount of cheese I am consuming. And your hasselback potatoes are ready. Enjoy it hot and crispy.

[As you guys can see that I used a very little amount of cheese as it was just the 3rd day of the year and I have no idea how long I would be able to keep making sacrifices like this]


Time can vary according to the size and type of potatoes you are using.

Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask Lime Review

Hello everybody, hope you guys are doing fine. Today I’m going to review the Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask Lime because Innisfree launched in Nykaa last month and I just cannot stop myself.

I guess everybody is aware of the skincare benefits of lemons and limes. They brighten up dull skin and when it comes to removing tans, nothing can compete with them. They are called natural bleach. Unfortunately, applying them directly on the skin can be really harsh. I will say ‘don’t do it, just don’t. When it comes to DIY de-tan mask I usually use tomato juice for direct application, and when the tan seems way too stubborn I mix as little as one drop of lemon juice into my mask, but still I won’t recommend it as just because it suits my skin, doesn’t mean it will suit yours. Thankfully they are still applicable, thanks to the professionally formulated skincare products.

Ever since I came back from Andaman, my lookout for brightening products has turned into a craze even after I have successfully removed my tans. After the Vita C mask from Innisfree, this lime mask was next in the queue and I had high hopes. And why not? I mean it contains potential ingredients as Niacinamide and Grapefruit Extract, and Lime Extract and Green Tea Extract and many other ingredients that are known for brightening and skin firming and recovering dry and damaged skin. Why wouldn’t someone have high hopes on it?

However, it did disappoint me when it comes to the brightening effect. Everything else about this mask is super cool. It fits well, it’s drenched in enough serum, it takes as long as 40 minutes to dry out, it smells pleasant and most importantly my skin was visibly clear and hydrated. But since it screams brightening, it was a little disappointment comparing to the Vita C Mask Sheet. So if you are looking for a real brightening mask, you know which one to choose, and if you are purchasing it as a pack of all the sheet masks that comes from the range and applying it for the sake of sheet masking, I don’t think you will be disappointed. And for the plus effect, it did firm my skin; I guess I might have to thank the presence Niancinamide for that.


Water, glycerin, butylene glycol, niacinamide, alcohol, betaine, citrus paradisi (grapefruit) fruit extract, citrus aurantifolia (lime) juice, xanthan gum, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, ethylhexylglycerin, sodium hyaluronate, citrus unshiu peel extract, orchid extract, camellia sinensis leaf extract, camellia japonica leaf extract, opuntia coccinellifera fruit extract, disodium EDTA, phenoxyethanol, fragrance


Rs 100/-

Where to buy:



  • Hydrates
  • Firms
  • Makes skin visibly clear and skin tone even
  • Pocket Friendly


  • For a brightening mask, the effect is not that notable. Works like any other sheet mask (a good one).



Fuschia Detox Face Mask – Activated Charcoal Review

Hello everybody, hope you all had amazing New Year celebrations. My New Years have always been pretty laid back. Besides attending the midnight mass at the Church and spending quality time with my family and eating delicious home cooked meals, there’s nothing special. Oh and I didn’t work on New Year, that does count as a celebration, doesn’t it? But now let’s get back to the regular life with a bang. And since this is my first post from 2017, I decided to do what I’m best at doing, reviewing a skincare product. And that product happens to be the Detox Face Mask Activated Charcoal from Fuschia by Vkare.

Now Fuschia is a very beloved Indian brands. If I’m not wrong, they launched about 1 or 2 years ago and received too much love from Indian beauty addicts soon after their launch. The products are all chemical free, every single one of them does what they claims, and they are pocket friendly. I am personally so in love with the brand and have used about 6-7 products from their range and there isn’t one product that didn’t work for me. So let’s get to the review part.

When it comes to detoxification, nothing does the job better than activated charcoal. They act like a sponge and plucks out all the toxins from deep within the pores. I personally prefer keeping at least one product containing activated charcoal in my skincare regimen all the time. Everybody’s skin needs detoxification and there’s no excuse for depriving your skin of that much needed detoxification.

My Experience:

I have earlier used the Activated Bamboo Charcoal mask from Blossom Kochhar and I was so in love. I had to try the one from Fuschia as will since their products never disappoint. The texture of the mask is a little thick so I make sure to apply it on moist face. If I skip splashing some water over my face prior to applying the mask, it keeps sticking to my finger like a clot and then it dries up super fast. So using a little water does the trick- the mask applies smoothly, and takes about 15-20 minutes to dry up.

The first thing I noticed after washing off the mask is that my skin feels squeaky clean and looks visibly clear. I have been using it every once a week and it does a pretty good job every single time. I don’t have much acne breakout *touchwood, but there are some I get from time to time due to too much experimenting and of course during PMSing and the mask seems to help if applied while breaking out. Just like I said, there’s no excuse to deprive your skin of this kind of detoxification.

P.S:  Washing off this mask is as tough as washing off any other charcoal mask. If there’s no mirror in front of your sink, chances are that you might have to come back to the sink a couple of times.


  • Paraben free, SLS free
  • Pocket friendly
  • Travel friendly
  • Does what it claims





Where to buy:


MRP Rs 450/- for the bigger tub (100 gm)

Other PRs from Fuschia:

Fuschia Vkare Activated Charcoal – Face And Body Detoxifying Scrub Review

Fuschia Berry Blend & Apricot Clarifying Intense Moisturizer Review

Note 1: Press Samples sent for review purpose but the opinions are completely honest.

Note 2: Everybody has their own preference but if you ask me, I would have to say that I love the Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic ABC pack a little bit more. And one of the main reasons is the texture, the ABC pack applies smoothly and takes about half an hour to dry, while the Fuschia one is super thick and dries a bit quickly. Now am pretty sure there’s people who loves their mask to work a little faster and they might like the Fuschia one better. As I just said, it all comes down to your personal preference.


Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead 3 Step Sheet Review

When you feel like nothing’s working on your stubborn blackheads, you turn towards pore strips for help, and when that fails as well, you have blackhead removals for your rescue.

I have tried out a pore strip from the K-beauty brand Luke which didn’t work on me that well. I have grown some blackheads since the past couple of years and the Luke Strip didn’t pluck out any. I tried their pore strip twice, the first time the strip came out as white as it was before putting it on, the second time it did pluck out some of the blackheads but didn’t clear it out completely. So when Innisfree launched at Nykaa, I had to get this 3 step black head regimen because it seemed to be worth the try.


Step 1:

It’s a cotton pad soaked in a serum that is supposed to bring out the serum and open up the pores. The cotton pad felt like it was slipping away from my nose, but it was just the sensation from the chemical being bubbly. I left it on for 20 minutes and when I removed the cotton pad, the sebum was clearly visible on the pad, it works!


Step 2:

I washed my nose area and applied the strip while the area was still moist. At around 15 minutes, it started getting stiff, so I removed it from the edges. The amount of white heads it plucked out gave me some weird satisfaction even though I had no idea I had so much white heads. Because the strip was black I had no idea how much black heads it removed, but my nose area looked visibly clear to my utter satisfaction.


Step 3:

A cotton mask soaked in a serum that is supposed to tighten up the pores. I left it on for 15 minutes and then patted the serum on my skin.

Overall Verdict:

I am immensely satisfied the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead 3 step program. I highly recommend this regimen to everyone, literally everyone. Even if you are someone who doesn’t have any black or whiteheads, I would still recommend trying it once, chances are that you might as well be surprised.

Price: MRP 200/-

Where to buy:



  • Does what it claims
  • Travel friendly
  • Pocket friendly





2016 Memories- The Year That Has Been Good To Me

The year 2016 has been really good to me. I left my job as a Data Analyst on December 2015, just 4 months after I started blogging, not knowing where it would take me. I came under criticism from some of my former colleagues, I came across raised eyebrows, but I really had some good vives which told me that it would take me somewhere, even if not too far, but at least somewhere. My boy friend and I follow the same passion towards living an unconventional life. Both of our first love happens to be music, and when I met my second love blogging, he met his second love- photography. I started blogging on August 2015, and he bought his DSLR on November 2015 hoping to click some decent pictures for my blog. Before we knew it, his photography skills had people enquire us if he’s a professional photographer and how much does he charge. It’s with great pride when I tell everyone “No, he just clicks my pictures”. As romantic as it may sound, the reason behind it is simply the fact that he is an introvert and is still not comfortable working with anybody else.

So back to my stories from 2016. It really started with a great note. Right after celebrating New Year I flew to New Delhi to visit the Innisfree Store and the newly launched ‘Jamie’s Italian’.


From there we went to Agra to get together with our extended family residing over there, celebrated my parent’s anniversary with them, attended a big fat Punjabi wedding and came back in a hurry to attend a much contemplated wedding of a former roommate.

p_20160119_211131 Ahem! I was a bridesmaid and the wedding was worth the shortened trip.


Soon as I came back I received an invitation for a bloggers meet, the first that I was able to attend. Previously I got some invitations at Kolkata while I was travelling and at other cities while I was still working. So it was the first invitation that I received after leaving my job and after coming back from my Delhi trip and I made some great friends at the meet.


Soon I started doing OOTD posts and my boy friend just got better and better at photography. We attended exhibitions, events, meets, and book fares.






dsc_0123At April, I left my flat to come live with my parents back at my hometown. I have lived by myself for the last 9 years and it seemed legit that I should live with them for the last of my spinster years. Even though it isn’t in the countryside, it’s just a small town, but I love staying at peaceful atmosphere like this, in a big house and an open land with fresh air. I worked with so much brands sitting at the comfort of my home and occasionally came to Kolkata for meets and events. It got a little tough to attend all the events I was invited to, but I thought that I really needed the break.

The following months were a little rough. My grandma who used to stay with us suffered from a major stroke on June, a few days after my sister’s engagement. She expired a couple of weeks later leaving my mother heartbroken. I didn’t go back to the city for over a couple of months and put a little pause to my blogging. Things haven’t been so much normalised since then, no birthdays and no Christmas. But I started coming back to the city occasionally around the end of August and did a few little shoots and attended some events.









[Durga Puja with fellow blogger Dona]


[A still from my Diwali moments]

After we won a case against my sister’s perverted lab guide, we decided that after all we have gone through we need a family time before my sister leaves for her Post Doctorate degree. So we went to Andaman and had an amazing time. It was really a much needed break.



We came back on December, and had no plans for Christmas celebration as it was our first Christmas without my grandmother. My sister finally got her degree on Christmas Eve bringing us at least some Christmas spark. Later that night we attended Midnight Mass at the Church like every year. On 26th I had my two little nieces from my cousin brother come over at our house for the whole day making it our Christmas highlight.


[The tiny Christmas Tree I decorated this year because I never get any help decorating our huge real tree, now everybody suddenly turned their attention towards the big one planning how they will help me the next year :D]

So that’s how my 2016 went. Though it didn’t end with a very good note like it started (I am meaning my laid back Christmas week) but at least I was with my family, that’s one thing I wish would never change. We had ups more than we had downs. And what is most important to me is that I have been very much positive about the career I have chosen for myself. Even if 2015 is supposed to be the most crucial year of my career as it was the year I started blogging and it was the year I left my job, but 2016 is even more important to me, because I stuck with my words. I didn’t go looking for a job when I faced tough times; instead I’ve had the positive feelings with me throughout the year. And when my blog was featured as one of the top beauty blogs and I was mentioned on TOI for my Korean Skincare Obsession, I knew that I was going into the right direction. All that happened in 2016, the year I didn’t lose hope.


Innisfree Nykaa Haul

Hello everybody, just as I told you few days back that I did a small Innisfree haul from Nykaa right after the launch, I am here with the stuffs that I purchased. This haul is clearly not as big as my previous Innisfree Haul, but I got some amazing stuffs just like the last time, and it is just a matter of time that I will be doing another Innisfree haul. So here’s everything I got this time.


  • Innisfree It’s Real Pomegranate Mask Sheet : Rs 100 each


  • Innisfree It’s Real Bija Mask Sheet


  • Innisfree It’s Real Rose Mask Sheet


  • Innisfree It’s Real Lime Mask Sheet


  • Innisfree It’s Real Tea Tree Mask Sheet


  • Innisfree It’s Real Strawberry Mask Sheet
  • Innisfree Skin Clinic Mask Collagen : Rs 150 each



  • Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead 3 Step Program:  Rs 200/-


  • This removed all my blackheads and white heads like a pro. I am giving it some time to check how long it takes for the blackheads to reappear and I’ll review it soon after.
  • Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist: Rs 450/-
    [Review up already: Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist Review]


  • Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack Seaweed: Rs 150/- each


  • Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack Bija & Aloe


So that’s everything I got for now. I have already reviewed some of the products and will be reviewing all of them one by one. Hope you guys will find something that works for you. And also I would love to find out some stuffs worth repurchasing. Toll then bye…