Purederm Grape Yogurt Pack Review

I’m not a huge fan of creamy packs, neither am I fond of yogurts. So when I received the Purederm Grape Yogurt Pack with my Skin18 package, I saved it for the last.


The texture and consistency of the pack is exactly like yogurt with some tiny purple granules to remind you of the existence of the grapes.


I have a combination skin, and even though it started getting a little dry at the beginning of the fall (exactly when I applied the pack), I was clearly not impressed with what the pack did to my skin. I mean I followed the instruction, massaged it on my skin and kept it on for 10-15 minutes and there was not a slight difference in my skin except for the pimples that appeared on my face. Clearly the pack is not meant for combination or oily skin. I suppose it will work great on dry skin, but it did me wrong the both times that I tried it. There’s still some left in the packet, enough for a third usage, but no thanks!

As for the claim to provide you with soft and smooth skin, I really couldn’t tell much difference as my skin was already soft and smooth as I follow the 10 step Korean Skincare routine every morning and evening. :p

NOTE: As I mentioned that the pack is clearly not meant for oily or combination skin, I guess my review doesn’t even count as I have a combination skin and I have never used a creamy wash off pack as I know my skin does not need one. So, dry skin beauties, you guys can go ahead and try it, I am sure it will provide you with the intense moisturization that your skin needs.


  • $.95 for a pack that lasts 3 usages is pretty cheap
  • Might provide intense moisturization to dry skin beauties
  • Contains Collagen


  • Claims to be suitable for all skin types, yet broke me out
  • None of the claims were noticeable
  • Contains pareben


Just a couple of days ago I posted my Kbeauty haul and now I’ve officially started reviewing them one by one. Because of all the experiments and tortures that my skin goes through, it’s safe to say that my skin is not at its best right now. I’ve got a few tiny bumps on my face which is bothering me a lot as I rarely get pimples. So I decided to start by purifying my skin with my favourite variety of sheet mask, that’s the rice one.


Product Claims

Nourish your skin with the I’m Real Rice Mask Sheet! This 3-layer pulp sheet is filled with a latex-based essence that is infused with natural oils to provide maximum elasticity and brightening effects for your skin. No parabens, talc, benzophenone, or triethanolamine included.


I’ve earlier used a rice mask from Etude House while I was suffering from a bad breakout and it worked wonderfully. This time it’s a Tonymoly one, and while my skin is not as horrible as the time it was while I tried the Etude House one, it still was pretty bad and again I am amazed to see how rice works on irritated skin. Japanese Geishas’ have been using rice water to clean their skin from the ancient days, and if you have ever wondered what their secret to get such porcelain skins is, there I just answered part of your curiosity.

So back to the Sheet Mask review. The sheet was soaked in a very decent amount of milky white serum, with some leftover in the packet.  I doubled cleansed my face, prepped with a toner and applied the sheet mask leaving it for 25 minutes. The mask fit my face wonderfully. Maybe, it’s the best fitting sheet mask I’ve ever used. My bad I didn’t take a ghost selfie, but there are still 10 masks with the same fitting sitting on my shelf, so you might see one in the next post.

The initial effect after taking it off was just what you’ll expect from a very good sheet mask, intensely moisturized and hydrated skin. The following morning I woke up with a CLEAR and BRIGHT skin, exactly what I expect a sheet mask to do. I am very happy with the result and am eager to find out how the rests work out; my money is on the red wine one.


  • Reasonable price
  • Amazing fitting
  • Does everything it claims
  • No parabens






My Envy Box October 2016 Edition Review

Anniversary editions of any beauty box is never to be missed. When it comes to My Envy Box, they never fail to make it special. I really had high hopes for this months’s box, and they didn’t disappoint. Let’s take a look at everything that I got.



  1. Forest Essentials – Facial Cleansing PasteRs.925/- for 15 gm p_20161020_230743
  2. AYCA- Jasmine Body Wash – Rs.438 /-for 100ml p_20161020_230219
  3. Vert- Loose Powder (Full Size) – Rs.1,250 for 10gm p_20161020_230930 p_20161020_230959
  4. Vichy- Ideal White Brightening Deep Cleansing Foam- Rs. 230/- for 15ml p_20161020_230652
  5. Nertia Nail Art 80 for 1 pack p_20161020_231107

I’m not much into manicure as I simply cannot afford to keeps my nails long as I play guitar, so I’ve never worn a Nail Art and I have no idea if they are supposed to stick to the other side. (I guess they are not)

  1. Babor Extra Firmimg Cream p_20161020_230347
  2. Skinyoga Post Workout Neem Purifierp_20161020_230847

I used it today after working out and am already hooked

  1. Bioderma Suscreen


My least favourite. I’ve earlier got two samples of them and they are not suitable for my skin as they are chemical sunscreens


So that’s all. If you haven’t ordered yours yet, I would highly suggest not missing it.

You can get yours here: http://www.myenvybox.com/

Where To Buy Korean Skincare Products in India + Some Tips & Tricks

As promised, I’m here today with some tips and tricks and brand suggestions to keep in mind while shopping for Korean Skin Care products.


First things first-

Where to get them? (Based on personal experience)

Soko Glam:

I became obsessed with Korean Skincare almost two years ago.  Soko Glam happens to be the website where I got my first Kbeauty products from- Tonymoly Oil Cleanser (still Obsessed), Skinfood Green Tea Bubble Cleanser (Best thing that ever happened to my skin) and Goodal Phytowash (Exfoliation dream). Soko Glam is a very trustworthy website. Charlotte Cho visits Seoul and picks up the products herself and tries it on her own skin before adding it to the website. The back draws however is that they don’t have any minimum free shipping rate to India. For those residing in the U.S or Canada, this site’s the best for you guys. (Thank Me Later)


My second purchase was a pack of 10 sheetmasks from Innisfree that I ordered from Amazon and I have no idea if the merchant was authentic. The masks did work brilliantly on my skin though. I gave away two masks to my colleagues and they loved them so much that they asked me to order a few for them while ordering my next lot.


This time it was a pack of 10 Etude House Masks. They worked great as well. But then I read a lot of consumer complaints that the StrawberryNet products are not authentic and have reacted badly on a lot of peoples’ skin. So I didn’t repeat order from this site even though I got lucky with my order.

Innisfree Delhi Store:

I legit left my job on December 2015 and flew to New Delhi to visit the Innisfree Store on January. I felt so blessed and I did a huge haul. Delhi beauties, I envy you (because of the recent Face Shop launch as well)


It’s a legit site as well. But they offer free shipping above 66$ or something which will mess up with the custom.  They have free shipping on some particular products and I still keep checking if there’s any new product in the Free Shipping list that I wanna try. No personal experience yet.


I am pretty sure I don’t need to talk much about this website. They created a huge fuss with their blogger friendly programmes. They have sent me two packages for review purpose and I loved them all. However, Free Shipping is above 60$.

Cosmetic Love:

Here comes the most awaited part. The magic website with free shipping, Tada! No shipping charge, no custom duty. Just try to keep your orders below 35$to avoid custom. You’ll get a tracking ID by paying an extra dollar I guess. Their website says that it will take about 2 weeks for the order to show up, but my first two orders came 1 month late. But then again, my first order came along with a package from Greece shipped a couple of months ago, so I guess both went for a little custom tour. My third order didn’t show up, so when I mailed them about it, they were kind enough to reorder my products again with a free tracking ID.  And after I received it, I placed my fourth order. I am sticking with this website.

A little tips and tricks-

  • Already gave one, while ordering from Cosmetic Love, try ordering below 35$.
  • They offer an abundant amount of samples and trial sized pack. So you’d like to order some samples first, they comes very chip, plus they extremely travel friendly. If you are ordering a lot of different types of samples, try one product at a time so you can figure out the culprit if something goes wrong (I haven’t had any bad experience with any Korean Products so far and my skin is super-sensitive, so chances are very low).
  • You’ll get free samples if there are any full sized products in the order and yes sheet masks count. The higher the full sized product prize amount, the more samples you’ll receive.

Referral Link:

http://r.sloyalty.com/r/uWuXxR0DE7uf – 15% Off with my Referral link.

My Favourite Brands: (Only The Bests)


  • Tonymoly
  • Mishha
  • Etude House
  • Innisfree
  • Goodal
  • Foodaholic

Favourite Products Used So Far : (Only the bests)

Products I Would Suggest Not To Try-

So that’s all. Hope you enjoyed this post and please do not hesitate if you have any more queries, I would love to post a sequel if needed.

And once again, I am not being benefited from this post. The whole post is best on personal experience and my love for Korean cosmetics.

Korean Skincare Haul

Korean Skincare products are no doubt the best in the world. They are cheap, they use amazing, potential and most importantly, natural ingredients, and they will very rarely break you out. However, one of the most underrated aspects of K-beauty is that they are very generous with samples. I’ve read in a lot of articles that if you walk down the streets of Seoul, there will be people standing in front of the stores handing samples, and also your shopping bag will be filled with samples if you purchase something from any store. Oh! How I wish to move to Seoul! And what better way can there be by trying out samples before purchasing the full product? That’s right I figured out an amazing way to get my hands on K-beauty samples by sitting at home, by paying for them of course. So there’s going to be a chain of posts in this particular topic. For a starter, I would like to mention that I’m not being paid to write these articles. They are completely out of my love for K-beauty products, and for you guys who have admired my K-beauty craze and have got in touch with me telling me that my posts influenced you to try out K-beauty, and most importantly take better care of your skin.

So the first post here is going to be a sheet mask and sample haul I recently did. It’s my third purchase from a website that I personally adore and the next post will be regarding where to buy Kbeauty products from(and that mystery site), brands that are my personal favourites, coupon codes and a lot of tips and tricks to follow while shopping K beauty products. The rests are going to be reviews of the haul that I did.

So here’s everything I purchased.


A set of TonyMoly I’m Real Masksheets


  • Avocado
  • Tea Tree
  • Red Wine (So excited to try this one out)
  • Broccoli
  • Pomegranate
  • Aloe
  • Makgeolli
  • Tomato
  • Seaweeds
  • Lemon
  • Rice (My favourite when it comes to sheet masks, any brand)

Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Cream and Eyecream Sample Set of 5 (already used up two and loving them)


TonyMoly Panda’s Dream Magic Cream Sample


TonyMoly Tomato Magic Massage Pack (They always include gift samples)


Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum (A leftover gift sample from a previous purchase that I’ve saved in case of emergency lol)


That’s all. I’ve already ordered my fourth lot and eagerly waiting for them to arrive. So while I pamper my skin with these babies do let me know in the comment section if you want to read more about my K-beauty shopping guide. I love reading them!

Denver Extreme Deo Review Endurance and Balance for Men

I am terrible at describing smells and scents. And then these opinions are coming from my boy friend (nothing new in my blog). So I will be reviewing two deodorants from his perspective and will just hope that you guys bear with me throughout the post.

So I received two deodorants from Denver: Xtreme Endurance and Xtreme balance. As for my part, I did my job by initially smelling them as soon I received them and I must say, I loved them both, mostly the blue one (Endurance) which is much more masculine.


Now here come the opinions from my boy friend. For a starter, he’s basically hooked on the deos. He says that unlike a typical deo that sprays mostly gas and finishes up pretty fast, these rather sprays like perfumes, thus only a very little spraying is required. Both  deos smells amazing, with the Endurance being his personal favourite and more masculine, where the Orange one is a bit softer, and has a certain seductive notes in it. Both last until the next shower. That one time he had a colleague ask him if he had just worn a deo when it was around the end of the day and he wasn’t carrying any deo with him. Long story short, he used to carry his deos with him to work, but after he started using these two babies he have stopped carrying them as they last until the end of the day.

Will we purchase them again?

Why not? They last really long, have amazing fragrance and come in a really reasonable price.


  • Sturdy Masculine Packaging
  • Travel Friendly
  • Reasonable price
  • Lasts long
  • Little goes a long way
  • Makes amazing gift
  • Smells amazing


Nothing really

Price – 199/- for 150ml

Where to Buy:

Official Website








Product received for review purpose but the opinions are completely honest.


Fashion Tips for Petite Women : The Style Guide

Hello there, petite goddesses! You know all those times we had faced hell lot of trouble with those clothes, shoes and well, pretty much everything because it looks like somehow, the designers seem to think there are only two sizes. A  five-year-old baby size, or a giant-metal-women size and they tend to forget we are the in-between size! And all those times we desperately tried not to look like we draped a bed sheet when we wore palazzos, and not to look like a kid wearing her mom’s dress in maxi dresses and failed epically. But that gave us some sense of what to wear by now! Let us expand our ‘what to wear’ wisdom and look at the tips that will help us more in day-to-day clothing hassle.



  1. No Capris

Nope nope nope. No capris at all. They will just make your legs appear shorter than they already are. As if we need that! And the reason is, calves are the widest areas when it comes to the lower legs. And capris end right there, at the mid calf region and just do the opposite of what we want! Making our legs look fat and short.


  1. Go with the monochrome look

It is a highly known fact that monochromes will make you look slimmer and taller. The advantage you have here is, monochromes create an illusion of height and what could be a better way to hide the short (sorry!) legs and torso? Horizontal prints are cool too. Specially with the pants and the trousers, they will make your legs look long and endless. If you think the look is too boring, you can add up belts to it, but make sure you use slim belts and ditch the bigger ones.


  1. Say yes to high waist

Be it jeans or skirts, opt for high waist. And tuck your blouse in. This will emphasize your waist and not only it makes your legs look longer, but also it will make you look slimmer, narrowing the hips. The advantage petite women have here is that they can happily show off their curves without looking like a kid who hit puberty way long before it’s supposed to happen. There are brands like Levis and Forever 21 that will just fit you just in the right way and you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket for that! There are Myntra discounts and offers for these brands and you can go shopping happily!


  1. Pay attention to patterns

Say no to bold patterns. They will just overwhelm you. Go with pretty floral prints or anything small and cute. Huge graphic prints will really look odd and totally ugly. The same goes with accessories. Specially bags. Make sure you choose totes that don’t swallow you up. Go easy on the accessories too. Pick all the simple ones so you don’t look overdressed, even though you’re not. Take a look at these floral beauties right here!


  1. Mind the length of jackets and shrugs

Jackets and shrugs are oh-so-chic looking but they will ruin your whole outfit  if you don’t pay attention to their length. If you wanna wear a long jacket, make sure you’re not buttoning it up. And the short jackets, cropped ones are the best! Don’t go for the jackets that reach till your hips or longer. Those will make your torso look even more shorter. Play around with brighter colors and checks!3

Apart from all this, never lose confidence. There are petite beauties like Mila Kunis, Vanessa Hudgens, Shakira(surprise!), Lucy hale, Lady Gaga that rocked the world, and if they did, you can too!  



Guest Post by Lavanya 

About the Author:

Lavanya is a blogger, who loves reading both contemporary fiction and classics. A coffee lover, avid reader, fashionista and a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe. Proficient at chick-lit posts. Up for a good laugh and a modern day woman who lives her life to the fullest.

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How To Style Your Lehenga This Festive Season : The fashion guide

Being an Indian girl and not owning a loud colored lehenga, not twirling in it and not taking a video of it in slow motion and not uploading it on social media? Impossible! Lehengas are like the elixir for women in india. And of course, with times the trends changed, and the fashion changed, and the patterns and the designs themselves have changed. But not the elegance of the lehengas. They remain the same royal things they once were and will continue to be the same as long as the solar system exists!


And, oh look, the festive season started already, and we ladies have a ton load of things to do. But what’s the most important question we need to ask ourselves, yeah, you got it right, ‘But what am I going to weaaaaaaaar?’, with the extra a’s. Although anarkalis, skirts and churidars are cool, none of them can beat the regal lehengas! And we’re here to help you with whatever muddle you’re in about your fashion choices.


  1. Know your body type!

Yep. The first and foremost of all. Know your body type. Is it the hour glass? Apple or pear? An hourglass shaped body, where your upper and lower body are in proportion, an apple shaped body, when you are heavy on top, and a pear-shaped body is where you have bigger hips. So the lehengas, or any clothing you wear, choose them accordingly! A perfectly fitted mermaid-cut lehenga would embrace the curves of the hourglass shaped body. For an apple shaped body, an A-line skirt would look majestic, coupled with a blouse that falls till waist. And for a pear-shaped body, a fully flared skirt, with a short blouse that will emphasise the bust will simply look amazing. Take a look at this Lehenga collection and when you get an idea on it, you can always customize and modify!


  1. Choose the prints and designs wisely

These pretty designs and the patterns play a huge, huge role in your whole look. Choose according to the fabric and occasion. If it’s a wedding or something similar, you can go with velvet, net and bigger prints or designs. But if it’s for any other simple occasions, ditch the heavy things. Go with pretty, simple, pleasant and lighter colors. And are you aware of the fact that the bulky prints on your lehengas can make you look, um, fatter sometimes? So, be careful while choosing them.


  1. Design one on your own

So, it’s diwali and somehow, as usual, you’re broke but you have a party to attend, and you don’t have a lehenga? Well, let us see. Turn that heavy Anarkali into a lehenga, your tailor can help you there. See? Simple. Or you can turn those old heavy dupattas you use no more into the beautiful jackets/waist coats and wear them on the lehenga to give it a new look. Also, try different styles in draping your dupatta, cinch it up at the waist using a chic belt. Go on with mix and match, use different colors and design your outfit!

  1. Indo-western fusion

What’s in trend? Well, this! The indo-western fusion. Choose some benarasi lehenga, and couple it with a stylish modern crop top and let your outfit do the talking. Or you can opt for the breezy button up shirts too (surprise surprise!). Wear floral printed lehenga and make your own style statement with fusion jewelry, or if you feel you can carry it off, go for total punk. 


  1. Makeup, hair and accessories

These things seem so minute, but they can spoil the whole look of your outfit for you! When your lehenga is heavy, go easy with the accessories and the jewelry or it’s going to look too much blingy and bulky. The hair, you can go with soft, loose curls or waves, or those simple braided updos that will complete the look effortlessly. And makeup, again, less is more. Invest in a good quality moisturizer and Kajal, we’d recommend Lorea’l true match foundation and kajal from Maybelline. You can get them for low prices using the Nykaa discounts and offers. Oh wait, we forgot something. Shoes! Yes. Opt for medium heels, as it would be problematic to walk in both high heels and flats. Get gold or any neutral colored heels that will suit the traditional look perfectly!


These style tips will, hopefully, ease your indecision and confusion! So now all you gotta do is select one that suits you and rock the world in it! Remember, the key is to carry it with confidence!

Guest Post by Lavanya 

About the Author:

Lavanya is a blogger, who loves reading both contemporary fiction and classics. A coffee lover, avid reader, fashionista and a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe. Proficient at chick-lit posts. Up for a good laugh and a modern day woman who lives her life to the fullest.

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Luke Hyaluron Essence Mask Review

Winter is almost here and my skin has already started tugging a little. I guess my love for sheet masks is no secret, as well as the fact that I use them at least twice a week and sometimes more. Winter skincare requires a little more effort and that’s why I sometimes Sheet Mask as often as every day or alternative days during winter. So the temperature suddenly dropped and my skin dried out all of a sudden, coincidentally at the time I ran out of all my serums. I felt my regular moisturizers that I had been using isn’t enough and I knew that to get my skin winter ready in just an hour it required not just any sheet mask but a sheet mask that claims intensive moisturizing. That’s when this sheet mask came out.


Luke is not a new brand to me as I have used so many of their strips and sheet masks and loved them all. This particular sheet mask however, had a different instruction than any other sheet masks. Usually you are supposed to double cleanse, tone and then apply the sheet mask following up with your regular serum, moisturizer and eye treatment. This sheet mask however, instructed to apply the regular products first and use it as a last step. I followed as instructed, removing the mask after about 40 minutes when it was totally dried up.


What amazed me the most about this mask is that it fit perfectly, and there are just a few brands out there that fit my face perfectly. I didn’t need to tear the eye holes, it didn’t wrinkle up near the nose area, and most importantly the mask didn’t go above my hairline (I hate when they do). So the fitting was perfect. And then I removed it after 40 minutes and the essence had already been absorbed into my skin, I didn’t even have to pat it. Sometimes my skin feels a little sticky after sheet masking until I apply a night cream, but in this case it didn’t, and I would have hated it if it did as I had already applied my night cream prior to it.

My problem was solved. It’s been three days, I haven’t yet sheet masked again, and my skin isn’t feeling dry yet. Guess my skin is already winter ready. Apart from intense moisturizing, I haven’t noticed any other effects (namely brightening). But since it contains Hyaluron which claims to contain anti-aging benefits, I would suggest anyone post 25 to use this sheet mask once in a while as I prefer taking precautions before the damage is done.

Ingredient Analysis:


My CosDNA analysis came up really clean. With only Butylene Glycol raised a flag, 1 out of 5 as an acne trigger, but I personally don’t have any problems with Butylene Glycol.


  • Does what it claims
  • Fit perfectly
  • Didn’t irritate my super sensitive skin





Where to Buy?


Here’s What Happened When I Tried The Oshea Herbals Papayaclean Anti Blemish Face Wash

A couple of months back I got a few acne on my cheek because of an experiment gone wrong and the stubborn marks didn’t seem to go away. My skin doesn’t react decently to retinol so a spot corrector was off the list. That’s when I received two anti-blemish Face Washes from Oshea and saw a little hope. I have never tried anything from the brand but have heard ravings. I gave one to my mum who has stubborn blemishes and tested the other for exactly 28 day (that’s how long our cells take to turn over).



My CosDna analysis came up pretty clean. Out of all the ingredients, with Stearic Acid raised a flag, 2 out of 5 as an acne trigger and with Myristic Acid 3 out of 5. The rests are safe.

Here’s what happened:

Since I have a super sensitive skin, I didn’t start using the product right away as I received it a couple of days before my birthday. So technically my mum started using the face wash before I did, and by the time I started using mine, my mum’s blemishes has already lightened noticeably. I will be lying if I say that her blemishes disappeared, it didn’t as it came along with her aging signs, but it certainly did fade.

So I started using it from my birthday night and had a mixed feeling about the packaging. The bottle is sleek, and attractive and hygienic and the cap was sealed, but I like it more when the packaging looks cute. In this case it looked like an amazing product for mums and aunties; I don’t know why it comes to my mind every time I use it. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like it, I do, it just stands a bit offbeat in the middle of my 90% Korean Skincare product consumed cabinet.

The texture of the face wash is neither too thick, nor too runny, and has a pretty pearly orangish colour, much like a pearly papaya. Only a pea sized amount lathered wonderfully even though there’s no mention of SLS anywhere in the ingredient list. It didn’t require any effort to wash it off, leaving a squeaky clean skin.

I’m not a person who’ll cut down on the toner, or serum, or moisturizer. I follow the 10 step skincare regimen religiously every morning, every night. But a lazy person with an oily skin can get away without a moisturizer after using this face wash. I have a combination skin and it’s almost winter. Since the past couple of days I have noticed that my skin tugs a little after using this face wash until I splash the toner. So yes, dry skin beauties will require a moisturizer, and then again, I will always suggest using a moisturizer after washing your face.

Within a week I noticed my spots fading, it rarely happens. I rarely get pimples, but when I do, the mark rarely goes away. But with regular usages, the spots kept fading. It will require a very close attention to figure the spots out now, and requires only a mild foundation to cover them completely without needing a concealer. So guess who’s happy? Plus it’s super cheap, and I’m gonna add this to my regular skincare routine.

Overall, I very much liked the product. For those of you who have stubborn blemishes like my mother, I will suggest still trying this product, and following up with an anti-blemish moisturizer or night cream, I have high hopes that the combination will work (I’ll be updating this post after I experiment it on my mum)

Price: Rs 115 for 80gms


  • Sturdy packaging, travel friendly
  • Does what it claims
  • Cheap
  • Didn’t break out my super-sensitive skin


  • Because it’s an anti-blemish face wash, it was supposed to make the spots disappear, mostly when I was using a de-pigmentation cream with my day time regimen. But it just faded them (I have high hopes that with another month of usages the spots will disappear)



Product sent for review purpose, but the review is completely honest.

Where to Buy:

Official Site