So I’ve got a super-sensitive skin which gets tanned like nuts. Everyday I’m under the sun for like only 20 mins, but that’s enough for me to turn like 2 tones darker by the time I reach my office.

Also, my super-sensitive skin allows me to only apply physical sunscreen, which means I have to be super choosy about sunscreens. Now if you don’t already know the difference between a physical sunscreen and a chemical sunscreen,let me briefly discuss that with you guys first.

A physical sunscreen, also known as organic sunscreen/sunblock protects your skin by blocking the sun rays while Chemical sunscreens absorbs them. Physical sunscreens contains Titanium Oxide and Zinc Oxide, while chemical sunscreens contain stuffs like Octylcrylene , Avobenzone, Octinoxate, Octisalate, Oxybenzone, Homosalate, Helioplex, 4-MBC, Mexoryl SX and XL,Tinosorb S and M, Uvinul T 150, Uvinul A Plus. Physical sunscreen is suitable for all skin types while chemical sunscreen can irritate sensitive skin. Also, if you apply a physical sunscreen you can step out in sun immediately, but if you apply a chemical sunscreen you will have to wait for around 20 minutes. One draw back for a physical sunscreen is that it’s a little thick  in texture and hard  to blend while leaving a white cast on the skin, whereas a chemical sunscreen is runny in texture, blends easily and doubles as a primer. This is one reason some people opt for chemical sunscreens instead of sunblocks. But one must know that unlike physical sunscreen, chemical sunscreens can cause skin irritation, damage and aging. In fact,many chemical UV filters have not been FDA approved in the States, but are in sunscreens sold in Europe and Asia.


So back to the review… As you guys can already guess, Blossom Kochhar-Aroma Magic sunscreen is a physical sunscreen.  I’ve used a lot other products of this beloved brand and loved every single one of them. My quest for searching and listing all the paraben, sulfate and fragrance free products available in India is how I got introduced to this brand and fell in love almost immediately.

After using the face wash and toner I thought to try out the Sunscreen as well. The packaging is really attractive. A yellow-coloured tube with tiny art works on it.




I’ve used many sunblocks and this one is comparatively easier to apply than other sunblocks. Though sometimes people think that I’ve applied a foundation which doesn’t match my skin tone. But on a plus point it hides my blemishes like a pro and gives the a matt effect. The sunblock is really good and doesn’t cause any irritation or break out.  However, I’m not sure how much it protects my skin from the sun, as I have been using this sunscreen religiously and I was still left with a tan so bad that I had to visit the saloon to get a de-tanning done. May be it will work on people with less sensitive skin but for me this product was a failure.

I will still recommend it as I am the only person who knows my own skin condition. It takes only a few seconds for my skin to react if anything goes wrong. Ingredients like oxybenzone (see chemical sunscreen ingredients) makes my skin swell so bad that I can hardly breathe (thanks to my swelled lips). So I am pretty sure that this product will work on people with less-sensitive skin. After all, all Blossom Kochhar products are worth a try. 🙂

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