If you happen to be a K-beauty enthusiast residing in India, I have a good news for you: there’s a new K-beauty site in India, called Skinnmore. They have a unique collection of brands completely different from what the only other K-Beauty site in India- Daisy Skin Fix has to offer. Skinnmore’s most popular brand Goodal happens to be one of my favourite brands which was previously unavailable in India.

What’s unique about this new site is that, if you are a K-Beauty newbie and have little idea which product will suit your skin type, they have kits for almost every skin issue you can think of. Apart from Goodal, they also have Etude House (another favourite), Tonymoly (you’ve probably read countless Tonymoly reviews on my site) and Banogbagi. The owner is working on introducing a few more brands and I’m so excited to check out the new collection.

Here’s what I got from Skinnmore:

  • Goodal Waterfull Mask- Whitening
  • Goodal Waterfull Mask Firming- Collagen
  • Goodal Waterfull Mask Moisture-Hyaluronic Acid
  • Goodal Waterfull Sheet Mask- Propolis

The mask came in a cute box with my name on it, and I found it brilliant that they have got the correct instructions printed on the box as I’ve seen a lot of Bloggers (no offense) penning absolutely wrong methods of using a sheet mask. The only instruction I’m better off without following is the relaxing in an Air-Condition room part as I’m a environment freak and prefer relaxing in my 50 trees facing airy bedroom.

I’ve already used the whitening mask last night and will be posting detailed review on each of the products that I got. Till then, happy shopping…


*Website URL: http://skinnmore.com


12 thoughts on “New K-Beauty Site In India + Haul : Skinnmore”

  1. Hey i wanted to know does Grace and Chloe sell authentic products?? Finding authentic products is the issue 😒 skinmore is amazing and is 100% authentic since I have already ordered earlier from them but they have limited products.

  2. Have you checked out any other Indian kbeauty ecommerce sites. The ones right at the top of my head are :
    1. Grace and chloe
    2. Coral-beauty

    Please review the products available on these sites and their service. Thank you.

    1. Hey, I’ll surely review Grace and Chloe but am unable to find the second website. I’ll sure get some products from them when I find their website. Thank you 🙂

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