When I was small kid, I used to have a special bond with nature, which I never realized until I moved to the city. I grew up in a small town, with my parents and my sister. We have got a huge house with a huge front yard and a backyard with so many trees that you wouldn’t be able to count. ‘Forest’ as my friends used to call our backyard, some even referred to it as ‘sundarban’, I deeply loved every single tree in there. I remember crying my eyes out when some of them would get cut down. I can still remember all of the trees that got cut down over the years, the guava tree was my favourite. Most of our neighbours happen to be our relatives as well. Everything was so different back then, the elder people had such a deep bond with each other. I remember dancing in joy when it rained during the summer, collecting mangoes while it rained. My grandmother used fill lot of bags with seasonal fruits from our trees and I took the honour of distributing them among my neighbours while it rained. My mother still does that, only she waits for the rain to stop first.
The first year after moving to the city I used to feel so suffocated, I was always desperate to get some fresh air and would run to the terrace whenever I got the time. Hostel changed to apartments, apps got downloaded. I tried listening to the thunderstorm sounds like a sane person, it left me more depressed. It never sounded like that from my apartment when it rained.
After 9yrs of my stay in the city I decided to spend the summer back at my hometown. At first I thought I would get bored, I thought my stay at a small town would effect my blog. I won’t lie, it did effect my blog a little, but still I would say it has to be the best decision of my life. It’s been a month that I am here, every second of this month has been a blessing. When the first rain of the summer hit my small city, I felt nothing has changed over these years. We collected about 40kgs of mangoes while it rained, and distributed them, only this time I waited for the rain to stop before I stepped outside my house. If you are from West Bengal, you’ll know what rain means to us during the summer. That day after the rain stopped, I felt like a complete different person, as if the rain has flushed away all my negativity, as if everything made sense. It’s been two days and I still haven’t lost my new found positive attitude towards life 
and while I am writing this, I am enjoying the second rain of the summer. Ah! If only you could have seen the view outside my window! I know what you guys must be possibly thinking, if I’m really enjoying the rain, I would rather stare at my window instead of my laptop screen, but I really wanted you guys to see what I am seeing, through my writing, through my words.  I’m currently sitting 6 inches away from my window facing the hundreds of trees in my backyard, wishing that I would be able to take this piece of mother nature with me when I head back to the city. 




2 thoughts on “The First Rain of The Summer”

  1. Hey Clara,i can totally relate to each and every word in this post.I am too from a small town and I too have a house with a big front are and a big orchard at the back of my house.I love the smell of the mud after a rainfall,I too collect and distribute fruits from the trees amongst my relatives and I love getting wet in the rain.I am married now but I still live doing all that.My husband wants to shift to a metro city like Delhi or Gurgaon but I fret moving to a metro city.I cant even think of leaving my town,i wont be able to breathe in that metro city.I go to Delhi but it is ok for a day or two,after two days I feel like I am being suffocated,I feel like ai cant breathe in there.I love my place and wont ever leave this place for a metro city instead.Loved your post Clara.

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