Most girls and women are keen on preserving the elusive beauty and fight aging signs. They try to maintain heallthy diets, lead a healthy lifestyle and engage in an active physical activity. But good health and a healthy appearance cannot be obtained if the body doesn’t get proper rest during the night.

Any human body requires a full restoring rest break at nighttime. Any lack of sleep affects the appearance of gray and dull facial skin, swelling around the eyes, hair loss and weakening of the whole body.

With a decrease in the time of night sleep, irreversible changes in vital processes occur, which negatively effects the functions of all cells and the body as a whole. As a result, the body works half-heartedly, the healthy skin color disappears, inevitable wrinkles appear, constant fatigue and a negative mood are felt. Often a person begins to suffer from the unexpected appearance of excess weight, which is a natural reaction of the body to the negative consequences of lack of sleep.

Your bed should be comfortable

A restful beauty sleep requires a properly organized place for night rest. Even an unlimited amount of sleep on an uncomfortable (with palpable defects, unsuitable for body structure) bed or couch cannot be compared with a short sleep in a comfortable bed that takes into account all the orthopedic nuances of the body.

Often the reason for this condition is the incorrectly selected or completely unsuitable mattress. To avoid this, you need to make a careful choice in favor of such an option, which will be optimal to repeat the curves of the body and create an ideal position for the vertebral system. To choose the right mattress, check out the website.

Many mattresses (specially designed for these requirements) contain a whole system of spring components whose movements are independent to each other. These developments make it possible to avoid the formation of a large dent, as it was on the previous mattresses, in which all the springs were interconnected, and the failure of one of them ensured the failure of all neighboring ones.

Now manufacturers offer blocks of independent springs, each of which has its own strong fabric packaging and is independent of the work of the remaining parts. This allows for special care for each bend or bulge of the body and fully meets the orthopedic needs of the body during sleep.

The same structural features are also present in orthopedic pillows, but here springs are smaller, and they are installed in large quantities. Conventional cushions, with synthetic or natural filling, cannot guarantee a completely comfortable position of the head and cervical region, since they are subject to greater crushing under the weight of a person.

Orthopedic pillows don’t allow these negative consequences to occur, as well as prevent the formation of pain and fatigue in the neck area. Such orthopedic devices for night sleep can be purchased in special shops, where the goods of the manufacturing companies, exploring the features of proper sleep and individual characteristics of the human body, are exhibited. As a rule, large furniture sales centers will necessarily offer a wide range of such departments.

Another point of an arrangement of the right place for the night rest should be devoted to a reasonable selection of bed linen.

Here it is necessary to give preference to natural fabrics, as they provide optimal characteristics of the bed:

  • Maximum comfort;
  • safety in use;
  • create pleasant tactile sensations;
  • don’t interfere with the movement of air through the tissue, allowing the body to breathe;
  • preserve the desired temperature regime;
  • doesn’t cause allergic reactions or skin irritation.

Secrets of optimal recovery

Unfortunately, the most comfortable bed and individually selected pillow cannot independently cheer up a person or improve his health, if the sleep is given an insufficient amount of time.

In modern conditions of constant race and high-speed mode of life, many young people tend to reduce their sleep due to forced “doing nothing” during the night rest. It is important to understand that if a person hasn’t had enough rest, then all organ systems are subject to 24-hour wear and tear without a break for recovery, there are an unexpected aging and exhaustion of vital forces ahead of time.

As a result, medical science (as well as experts in the field of beauty and health) believe that each adult individual requires six to eight hours of night rest. And this recommendation is suitable for all who seek to preserve health, trying to make up for the normal state of health after sleep and dreams of extending their youth and beauty.

As for the correct position of the body during dreams, there is a medical point of view about the best posture for sleeping — on the stomach.

This is explained by removing the load on the spine, straightening the back and all joints, as well as freeing the renal system from daytime pressure, which will help to effectively purify the entire body and remove harmful toxins.

But there is one contraindication for choosing this position of the body. The fact that the posture “on the stomach” after a plentiful food intake contributes to the penetration of the contents of the gallbladder into the digestive system and this destroys the mucous walls of the stomach. It is optimal to have dinner 2-3 hours before the night rest. If this didn’t work, then it is better to prefer the position of the body on the right side.

Good mood before bedtime

It is important to remember that if the preparation for bed passes in a pleasant and relaxed psychological state, it will help the whole body to fully recover and to establish an effective function of all systems and organs. Preparation for a night rest should take place half an hour before sleeping.

This time can be spent taking a warm aromatic bath, relaxing shower or airing the bedroom. It is not recommended to watch movies saturated with cruelty or special effects before going to bed or indulge in any work that involves mental activity.

This can create an additional brain load and prevent a quiet sleep. The human mind if mentally active, cannot quickly and efficiently adjust to the night mode, which negatively effects the sleep.

The best advice of activity before going to bed is reading books or listening to classical or simply relaxing music. A quick immersion in sleep is facilitated by tissue bags with fragrant plants placed next to the bed, aromatic lamps with the addition of lavender, mint, chamomile oil.

It is also important, before diving into night dreams, to mentally sum up the results of the day, to analyze your successes and achievements, to think over the mistakes and to outline the ways to correct them. This will help cleanse the soul of the burden of negative feelings, create the right mindset for the upcoming day, and, therefore, provide the conditions for a healthy state of the whole organism.

Remember, if you organize your night rest correctly, the morning will always be good.

Author: Dmitrieva Iren.

Iren is an editor of Basically, she writes reviews of various mattresses. Also, Iren is interested in everything related to the beauty of the body and soul.

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