Investing in a decent mattress is not as easy as buying peanuts from a convenience store and this implies that you need to give it some thought before you swipe your card. This is a commodity you will wish to have for many years to come and you will rely on its integrity and comfort to give and you’re loved once peaceful nights. As such, you need to take your time and carefully evaluate your options before you finally walk into the store to make the purchase or order it online. While doing so, here are some of the potent mattress buying pitfalls you must avoid at all cost.

Basing your purchase decision on another person’s experience

Most people tend to be lazy when it comes to buying mattresses, but with the amount of money involved with such a purchase, there should be no room for laziness. It is common to hear people ask their friends and relatively the best brands of the mattress to consider, and just like that, they head to the stores to make their purchase.

It is a not a bad thing to seek for recommendations in such a manner, but you ought to realize that people are different and mattresses are extremely personal commodities. Besides, there are different types of mattresses for different kinds of applications or comfort levels, and relying on someone else’s experience making your purchase may be grossly misleading. Ask you ask around for other people’s opinions, remember that your opinion will be the most important one and you should take the time to arm yourself with the right information. 

Buying a mattress that is too firm

Most people are always a victim of this and it is one mistake you must watch out for if you want to end up buying a decent mattress. This is not to say that firm mattresses are bad and should never be bought, but there are quality features you should watch out other than the firmness. Most people think that the firmer the mattress the better the quality, and this is completely false. Getting a mattress that is too firm can lead to a lot of pain in the joints, especially in the hip area as well as on the shoulders.

These, with time, will come in the way of your comfort when you are sleeping, even if you added other mattress accessories such as Tuft and Needle mattress protector. If you are so concerned about the firmness of the mattress, then you should educate yourself on the types of mattresses and their respective fills and you should also know the exact type of experience you are looking for that you can make an appropriate choice and not just depend on the firmness for your purchase decision.

Trying too many mattresses before making up your mind

It is normal, and you should always try a mattress before you buy it. This is so that you can feel the comfort level and see if it has the kinds of features you were looking for. But here is the catch, don’t try too many mattresses in one session. You will get confused with “analysis paralysis” and it will reach a point that you will not feel any difference as you move from one mattress to another.

The best approach would be to quickly test the comfort levels of soft, medium and firm categories, then narrow down your choices as soon as possible. It is recommended that you should settle for a maximum of three types then take about ten minutes on each to get a better feel for them. However, if you try to test three or four different mattresses all in the firm category, you will not be able to tell any difference in the levels of comfort and it will take you relatively longer to make up your mind.

Basing your purchase decision solely on the price

If you base your mattress decision solely on the prices, then there are good chances that you will be selling yourself short when it comes to the quality. You should drop the notion that the more expensive an item is, then the better the quality. Businessmen and manufacturers all over the world are aware of this assumption and they will in most cases use prices to get the greatest return on investment.

In as much as you don’t expect quality mattresses to be cheap, you should consider other factors as well and not just base your entire decision to buy a particular brand or model solely on the price. Read reviews on the internet and compare prices. You may find some stores selling the same mattress at a lower rate than where you want to buy it from.

Not buying a mattress protector at the same time

As noted earlier, you will have to take good care of your mattress if you want it to serve for long and if you want to get the most comfort from it. However, most people will buy mattresses and forget to buy an appropriate Tuft and Needles mattress protector at the same time. The protector will not just help you take good care of your mattress and make it more comfortable, but should you find the need to return the mattress for a replacement for a refund, the warranty will be voided if you didn’t use a protect for the trial period you had the mattresses. This is why you should always buy a protector the same time you buy a new mattress.

Not checking the type of material used in making the mattress

Even if you were to buy the best Tuft and Needles mattress protector, but you use it on a poor quality mattress, it will be just a few months before you get back shopping for another mattress. There are different kinds of materials used in making mattresses, and they have a direct impact on the quality, comfort and the longevity of the mattress. You should know about the various types of materials, their advantages and when using them is recommended before you make your purchase.

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