Brickwood, Wood Street

You cannot call yourself a true pizza lover if the only pizzas you have every tried are from the popular pizza chains in India. I am a lover of authentic pizza and if I ever post a selfie from Italy, you’ll know that the main reason I flew there is to taste the original pizza (from Naples) and of course spaghetti. Coming back to the food scene in India, any pizza lover will tell you that the regular pizzas available in our popular pizzerias are in no way authentic. If you want to taste authentic pizzas you have to explore more, get out of the popular chains, look for what the newbies have to offer. Often times, the newbies are the ones who brings you the most authentic flavours from around the world.

When I read about this new pizzeria in Kolkata that offers authentic pizza, I was back at my hometown celebrating Christmas with my family. I had no plans of coming back to Kolkata in like weeks, and then I found out about this restaurant, and I came back to Kolkata right after New Year.




The restaurant has a cool outdoor sitting arrangement as well as indoor. We went to the first floor sitting are. The undone wall gave the place a very authentic feeling with LED lights hanging from the white ceiling. One cannot ignore the Italian music being played in the background which was giving the place a more authentic feeling.


There was a wide range of 10.5 thin crust pizzas, sides and drink to choose from. We went for a Cheesy Pulled Garlic Bread (Rs 160) and a Pollo Fungi Cilantro (Rs 350).




The Pollo Fungi Cilantro Pizza contained roasted chicken, mushrooms, cilantro and parmesan cheese. With that awesome smell, one can definitely tell that it’s a wood-fired pizza. The Cheese Pulled Garlic Bread was a criss-cross cut bun stuffed with garlic butter, permesan cheese and olive oil.

Price: Rs 600 for two

Rating :5/5

Laziz Pizza Review

So we received a complimentary dine in from Zomato and were more than just glad to review this new Pizzeria at Kestopur that has been opened for not more than 6 months. We usually take help from Google Map while Restaurant hunting and this time it was a little pain as the map didn’t work out as it should and we had to regret taking the map too seriously. It took us more than 1 and half hours to reach the place and then we were standing in front of this small outlet.


We were a bit sceptical at first looking at the size and ambiance. It was more of an outlet rather than a restaurant. Looking at the menu, we were overwhelmed. Finally a place where you can get pizza at a very reasonable price. I’ve heard people complaining about how ridiculously costly Pizzas are; I’ve myself complained that very few pizzerias in Kolkata serve you authentic pizza with enough cheese. Honestly speaking, I kind of hate the popular pizzerias in Kolkata which I have already mentioned in my blog before. And I love pizzas, they are the reason I would end up visiting Naples one day, and I have been disappointed by pizza joints in Kolkata plenty of times. So here I am, sitting at a small outlet, looking at the menu that contains a plethora of reasonable pizzas. We went with a large Chicken Mexican Pizza, 1 plate Crispy Fried Chicken and Two Coffees.

Starting with the Crispy Fried Chicken, I thought it was far better than KFC. I hope that’s enough of a statement. It was crispy, it was juicy, it was finger licking good and a bucket of it wouldn’t leave you broke.


The pizza was as good as the fried chicken and guess what? It contained more cheese than you would get at a regular Pizzeria even if you are paying for extra cheese. The base was soft and fresh, however even not undercooked, I would have left it in the oven for a couple of minutes more if I was the chef. The taste however, really made up to it.



Overall I really liked this place. Even though the ambience could have been better, but who cares if the food is good! This is the kind of place where I would order my food from sitting at my home, only if it wasn’t across the city. FIY, I live in South Calcutta.

Note: The dine in was complimentary but the review is completely my honest opinion (and my boyfriend’s/photographer)

Rating: 4.5/5

A Visit to Australia's Favourite, Eagle Boys Pizza, Tagore Park, Kolkata

Technically speaking , the title should be “Many Visits to Eagle Boys Pizza”.

I have always complained that the popular Pizzerias in Kolkata  doesn’t put enough cheese in their pizza, no matter you are paying for extra cheese or not. I mean seriously! I never visited Naples, but I’ve always wondered if the tradition Italian Pizzas tasted like the ones we usually get in our Pizzerias.

When the Eagle Boys Pizza opened right next to my flat, I had to visit it as soon as I could. When I first visited the place I was told about the many offers they were running, which included Buy 1 Get 1 free on every Wednesday, 30% off on every Mondays and so on… I was already informed about the first offer from my flatmate . However, I first visited the place on a Monday, and upon arrival they told me that they had 30% off on that day, how cool is that! We ordered a Aussie’s Favourite Chicken and trust me, it was heaven. It was the best Pizza I have ever had in my life. The quantity of the cheese was much more than the quantity of any Pizza with extra cheese from our popular pizzerias. I usually tend to throw away the outer crust of the pizza, but this one was soft and crispy at the same time. I am not exaggerating or anything, but it really was that good. Since the place deserved many more visits, we ended up visiting numerous times tasting every single non-veg pizzas and some of the veg pizzas(some even more than thrice). However, not once we have been disappointed while trying out a new pizza. I even dragged my sister down who happens to stay far away from this place because she needed to taste these pizzas and sure enough she loved every single one that she tasted.


The spicy Chicken Mexicana.


Aussie’s Favourite Chicken.


Bondi Chicken



Chicken Nuggets

Price: Reasonable


You can see for yourself…