You’re thinking about bleaching your skin to get rid of those pesky dark areas or to just finally look in the mirror and see a lightened, consistent complexion, but you’ve got a few questions before you begin.  Perhaps you are hesitant to start lightening your skin because you aren’t sure how effective it will be, how it will work, or if it is actually possible to do so.

You aren’t the only one who feels this way, and here we will address these frequently asked questions so you can get started right away on finding your perfect skin bleaching cream.

Can you really whiten your skin?

Yes! You can whiten your skin.  When you use a skin bleaching cream, your hyper pigmentation can be faded because the formula of the cream works to block the production of melanin, giving you lighter, brighter skin.  Too much melanin can give the appearance of dark spots, and some parts of the body just naturally produce more melanin than the rest.  Skin bleaching cream controls these areas of high melanin production by reducing and controlling it.

Keep in mind that if you want to begin using skin bleaching cream, you must do so consistently.  You can enjoy the effects of the cream so long as you make applying it a habit.  And yes, you can use natural methods to bleach your skin, but in comparison to a cream that has been designed to do so, this technique will take much longer and not produce as noticeable of effects.

For what reasons do people use skin bleaching creams?

There are many reasons why so many people have been attracted to this beautifying trend, and perhaps the biggest reason behind it is for people to feel confident in their skin.  A lot of us have been subject to years of particularly bad acne scars that riddle our complexion with dark acne spots, or for some, sun damage has clearly taken a toll on the skin.  Others feel insecure about age spots and want a solution for a clearer skin.  Regardless of what insecurities people have, skin bleaching cream allows a chance to correct these little imperfections.

People also use skin bleaching creams on their intimate areas, and they do so to feel confident when becoming closer to their partners.  Of course, there are models, artists, and actors who use creams on these areas of their body as apart of their profession, too.

Can you bleach your skin at home?

Yes, there are skin bleaching creams designed for you to use in the privacy of your own home, like Intilight.  For most of these skin bleaching creams, you do not need a dermatologist and you do not need to make an in-office appointment with one.

Are there side effects to skin bleaching or skin lightening?

As long as you test your product on a small area of skin first before use, then you should not experience any side effects.  If you use the cream more than recommended as per the product’s instructions, then you might experience temporary skin irritation.  Make sure you are purchasing a quality cream to ensure the best lightening effects with guaranteed safe usage.

How long does bleaching take?

You can see the lightened effects from your skin bleaching cream in as little as two weeks if you opt for a high quality, well made product.  To even out and lighten your complexion completely, the process can take one to two months.

Does skin bleaching hurt?

Skin bleaching cream does not hurt.  At the very least, you might experience some minor skin irritation.  There is no burning or discomfort when you use skin bleaching creams.


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  1. Main hardly once or twice in year facial n back bleach karti hu aur mujhe pasand bhi tha, thankfully koi problem kabhi nahi hui
    Haan ye precautions rakhna padta hai ki jaldi dhup me na jao n 24 hrs tak soap ya face wash use nahi karna na 😊

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