Suprabhat is the Sanskrit word which means wishing someone a good morning. Sunrise brings with itself a new morning, a new day full of hope and new challenges. In this hectic day to day life, it is important to have a peaceful and nice morning. People nowadays are in so much stress that has forgotten the meaning of peace, alone time and self-love. These words now appear as foreign and are considered as least priority, but it is important to know that to have a wonderful day, it is important to first attain a peaceful morning and having some alone time. Here are some ways which would help you in having a great peaceful morning.

  1. A nice morning walk: Many people go for jogging, exercises and morning walk with headphones and loud music in order to remain fit and attain peace, but they fail terribly in the latter category. Why? Because they do it with the mindset of remaining fit and attaining peace. Remove those headphones and switch off that loud music. Change the path from the parks to a more on the way road. Go for a walk, observe the natural sceneries, the beautiful trees, the birds chirping in a beautiful tone, the world waking up with the sunshine falling on their faces. Take in the beauty with a deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. Breathe out all those thoughts in your mind and keep it blank. Fill that with the beauty and observe nature. Don’t run. Just have a slow walk. Walks like these would calm you down and would make your day a wonderful one.
  2. Treat yourself with a cup of coffee: Coffee is the best beverage which helps a person in calming down. Treat yourself with a hot cup of coffee in the morning. A cup of coffee can do wonders to you. Most people prefer tea over coffee, and even that is good. A steaming cup of sweet tea would make your morning peaceful and sweet. Make sure that you follow this every morning.
  3. Water plants: Have a garden. If not, plant a sapling in that balcony. Make sure that you water that sapling every day. Why? As the sapling slowly grows you would get to see it and experience this beautiful process. Waking up to find that sapling receiving sunshine would make you feel content and happy. Watering it every day in the morning while you are having your morning cup of coffee would bring immense pleasure to you.
  4. Have some alone time: Having some alone time is really important. It gives you time to think about yourself and to do things that you love. What can be the perfect time for this than morning? Wake up early and give yourself at least 15 minutes, even more, if possible. Think about yourself and the things that you love. If you love reading, read a few pages from a book; if you love painting, try to do that. Try to do things that you love during this time. Write, play, read and follow your hobbies. Having a morning like this would make your day a good one. Even if you return home tired after work, you won’t feel guilty or bad that you could not give yourself some time.
  5. Listen to music: It is said that music is the best way to meditate and to attain peace. Listening to good music in the morning can be helpful. Once you wake up and start doing your daily chores, make sure that you have switched on that music system which would be playing some good and calming music. Listening to slow and peaceful music in the morning would help you in remaining at peace rather than listening to some rock music.
  6. Don’t miss breakfast: Food is the most important thing, and one should not miss breakfast at any cost. The name “breakfast” itself means breaking the fast which a person was having while asleep. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should be good. It would not only sustain hunger but would even give you the energy to carry on. A good breakfast would not only satisfy your hunger but would even help your brain to work properly.

These were some of the ways which would help you in having a great morning. It has been said by saints that a person should wake up before sunrise. Though people nowadays are sleeping after sunrise due to heavy workload and hectic schedule. But, one should try to wake up before sunrise, to observe the beauty of the sunrise and to view nature at its best. Have a suprabhat!

2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Ways To Wish Yourself A Great Morning!”

  1. Sunrise ke pehle ab nahi uthti lakin pehle to 4.30am per jaagna hota tha, tab life round the clock thi, lakin ab life me sukun hai to aram se jaagti hu, mornings ab good hai jab jyada responsibility nahi hain na 😊

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