This one’s a long pending article. I’m a caffeine addict who doesn’t own a set of pearly whites and right before my wedding I received a Teeth Whitening Kit which was delivered at the addressed I moved in to after the wedding. So first I had to wait until my wedding to get my hands on the kit, and then I finally moved in to my new apartment only to realize my new apartment has issues, like big issues. I think I’ve expressed my dislike towards this apartment in my blog before, that it has the darkest walls I’ve ever lived in and it’s gloomy as well. Even if tornado hits the city I won’t realize it if I’m in my apartment, let alone sunlight letting in. No matter how many lights we install, the dark green walls devour it, which makes it extra hard when it comes to product photography. Like any other product, I clicked the picture of the teeth whitening kit before using it, and later when I transferred the pictures to my laptop, I realized that the pictures has come out terrible because of bad lighting. By that time the toothpaste was almost empty and the carton was nowhere to be found but I still gave another try to click some decent pictures.

So anyway, the Kit that I received from Carbon Coco is called The Ultimate Carbon Kit and contains a tube of Activated Charcoal Toothpaste, A tub of activated charcoal polish and a toothbrush with bamboo bristle.

My Experience:

Like I already said, I never had the whitest teeth and nothing ever worked on them, probably because of my caffeine addiction. But when I was approached by the Carbon Coco PR, for some reason I had high hopes. I was dying to use the kit but like I said, I had to wait for a while and when I first clicked the pictures of the kit I didn’t wait any longer to use it. This may sound weird, but I always had a thing for powdery stuffs, I feel a weird sense of pleasure dealing with anything powdery: face pack powders, clay masks, loose powder… it just get weirder. So you can imagine my satisfaction upon opening the tub of Charcoal Powder.

I dipped the toothbrush into the powder and brushed my teeth for 2-3 minutes. I must warn that it can get messy if you aren’t careful with it, and you may look like a character straight out of a horror movie while brushing with the powder. The first time my husband bumped into me using the charcoal powder he asked me why I’m trying to look like a Geisha. I know you guys would have loved to picture the scene, but no I can’t do it 😀 .  After brushing for 2 minutes, I spit it out and rinsed my mouth. It was a bit of pain to remove the last trace of charcoal stain from my tongue and my gums but then again, activated charcoal isn’t harmful if you accidentally intake some.

Next I brushed with the Activated Charcoal Toothpaste and unlike the powder which was tasteless; it had a nice minty taste and smell. I spit it out after 2-3 minutes and rinsed my mouth. By this time, my gum still had the stain from the powder, which is why I skip using the powder in the morning and used it only before going to bed.

After just a couple of weeks of using the toothpaste twice a day and the powder once a day, I started noticing the whitest set of teeth I ever had. I know I should have posted the before and after pictures, but since I don’t want to embarrass myself posting a before picture, there was no point posting an after picture. You just have to take my words for it, my teeth has never been this white, I flaunt a set of pearly whites on the recent days, and since the toothpaste is almost empty I’m looking forward to place an order. I’ve also fallen in love with the toothbrush that came along with the kit. I earlier used to keep different toothbrushes for different purposes, one at my apartment, one at my hometown, one in my bag since I travel frequently but for some weird reason I keep carrying this toothbrush wherever I go, maybe it has something to do with the goth side of me.

Overall, this kit has worked like a miracle to me. The stain from the charcoal powder surely does bother me sometime, especially after a long, tiring day, but apart from that, I’m totally in love with the kit.

Where to buy:

Carbon Coco



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