Hello everybody, hope you guys are all doing good. The month has just come to an end and here I am with my February Income Report just like I promised. As some of you might know that the first couple of weeks have been a bit tough for me and I’ve been down for a while but the next 2 weeks have been pretty intense. I wrote an e-book with shopping partner GrassSpider and have worked with some brands that got me caught up. Right after I started working by the third week  and I’ve been so stressed because lined articles have been piling up. The month of February has been a chain of depression-anxiety-stress, depression because you already might know, anxiety when I realized that I’ve been ignoring my blog for awhile because of my mental situation and then I was stressed because when I resumed writing, I had so much to write!

So a quick overview of the basics in case you haven’t read my previous income report– I just count the transactions of the very month. Sometime I work with a brand at a certain month but I get paid the next month, so I’ll be adding it to the month of the payment instead of the month I actually did the work. Secondly, I don’t count products repeat purchased; I just count products that have been purchased solely for the purpose of reviewing.

So here we go…


Sponsored Giveaway- 1000 Rs

Sponsored Posts- 6000 Rs

E-Booklet- 2000 Rs

Affiliate Marketing- 488 Rs

Total= 9488 Rs


Subscription Bag- 1599 Rs

Products- 2050 Rs

Giveaways-1500 Rs

Total: 5149 Rs

As you can see, I’m not left with much, but hey! I did some smart investing! Can I be judged? I don’t think so. Hope I’ll be better this month. Whatever happens I will definitely share. 😉

Till then bye… XOXO

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  1. wow…I never thought an Indian blogger would dare to share income openly….this is an unusual post and I am glad that I got a chance to read it….proud of you girl….All the best for your blog and may your income grow exponentially!!!

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