I have never been a hair colour addict, mainly because I don’t put half the effort on my hair as I put on my skin. And then because I really love my original hair colour that has a natural hue of the shade brown and I guess I might have to thank my Hispanic genes for it.

However, I am always up for experimentation. So when BBlunt reached out to me to review their newly launched super affordable hair colour, I was like why not! I have previously used their Shampoo and Conditioner and really loved them. And I have been reading the positive responses from people that have already used the colours. So I chose the shade closest to my real hair colour, just a bit lighter- Honey Light Golden Brown.

I guess I received it back at October but since I have been suffering from massive hair loss since the month of June (may be because of the fact that I don’t put any effort on my hair at all, when it comes to my hair my mantra is: no torture, no care, but I guess it’s high time that should change) I waited until November to actually get my hair coloured.

When I used the colour, I was still suffering from hair loss but I went ahead anyway.  To my major surprise, my hair fall didn’t get any worse; in fact my hair stopped falling for about a week after using the colour. Can that even happen?

Anyway, let’s get back to the story of my application. The box contains 3 tubes: the developer, the colorant and the shine tonic and there were two plastic gloves. I mixed the contains of the 3 tubes in a plastic bowl using a colouring brush that wasn’t included in the box. I thoroughly combed my hair and applied the colour to my hair strands making a bun with the already coloured hairs. The instructions said to wait for 30 minutes and then wash it off, I preferred waiting 40 minutes. Since the instruction didn’t mention if I should use a shampoo while washing it off or not, I went ahead and used a shampoo followed by a conditioner.

I avoid using a blow dry unless I really need to, as I mentioned- no torture, no care. As my hair started air drying, the colour became noticeable, and the best part? My hair has never felt smoother. I really have been enjoying the new colour and I might even start experimenting with the other shades from BBlunt as well. I have used the colour on 24th November, and the colour is nowhere near losing its charm anytime soon.

[Pictures of my hair taken last week]


[Pictures taken last month]


MPR 199/- Rs

Where to Buy:





  • Pocket friendly
  • No ammonia
  • Makes hair super smooth
  • Didn’t worsen my hair loss problem
  • All the colours from the range are suitable for Indian skin.


Nothing as such. However, since all the colours from the range are created keeping in mind Indian skin tone, people who want to opt for a lighter hair colour might be disappointed. The Honey Light Golden Brown is lightest of all the shades. In fact, I myself would have chosen even a much lighter shade if there were any, but then again, let’s go back to the point that the shades have been created for Indian Skin tone.

Shades available:

  • Black – NATURAL BLACK 1
  • Chocolate – DARK BROWN 3
  • Blueberry – BLUE BLACK 2.10
  • Honey – LIGHT GOLDEN BROWN 5.32
  • Wine – DEEP BURGUNDY 4.20
  • Mahogany – REDDISH BROWN 4.56
  • Coffee – NATURAL BROWN 4.31

Final Verdict:

If you want to colour your hair and you can find your desired hair colour in the above mention list of shades, look nowhere else. I know I am not a hair colour expert and this is only my third time colouring, but I can definitely assure you that you cannot find a better colour, at least not in that jaw dropping price.



NOTE: Product sent for review purpose but the opinions are completely honest.

Yes, this review ends here, but I just want to tell you guys that prior to receiving this colour, I had purchased the Wash Off hair colour from BBlunt in the shade pink, anybody wants a review on that?

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