With the start of a New Year, we hope to start afresh. We hope to leave your stress and burdens behind and have a fresh start. In my case, I went to the extent of quitting my job right before Christmas, so that I can enjoy Christmas and New Year with my family, and when the clock strikes 12 on 1st Jan I can have a fresh start, with everything. So that I can spend more time with my family and loved once, and I can dedicate more time to my blog and music, and can explore new options, and of course get in shape. 😀

With time we have became smart, we stopped making resolutions which we can’t keep up with. So we no more count ‘get in shape’ in our resolution ( if I am not wrong). But in my case, I have plenty of time right now, to surf celebrity Instagrams and get seriously envious, which in turn helped me stick with my fitness programs 3 days straight. Lol, joke, I have started with my fitness ‘attepmt’ as soon as I left my job and have been going on since. Whenever I feel lazy I just go through some of our beloved Victorious Secret Angles’ instagram and that does the trick. I jump out of the bed and take out my yoga mat ( I am not a gym person).

If a super lazy person like me can do it, anyone can do it. Right?

So  here’s some picture I thought that would get you going…

Gigi Hadid:



Source Healthy Celeb

When it comes to fitness, Gigi Hadid is my muse.

All though she has soft corners for burgers and fries she manages to eat healthy and yes, box. “Boxing has been great for me because it’s like my new sport, and it’s something that I can get better at,”. She played volleyball for 12 years which taught her physical discipline. According to her mother she and her sister Bella Hadid has always lived a very healthy and disciplined life, which includes getting up at 4 or 5 in the morning. Imagine that!

Kendal Jennar:


Source: http://www.shemazing.net/guess-who-owns-the-abs-to-match-these-calvins/

While she has not revealed her workout routine, it is known that running is her favourite exercise. Whenever she has time to exercise, she runs a lot. Along with avoiding junk foods and eating raw vegetables and of course lots of fruits, she also drinks a LOT of detox green tea, and by a LOT, I mean a LOT, think 12 cups a day. While you may not go to that extent, you should surely consider drinking two cups of green tea a day, trust me, it does wonder.

Cara Delevingne:


Having a naturally thin body, Cara Delevingne doesn’t indulge in an intense work out. She runs, skips, kick-boxes rotationally.

Miranda Ker:


Source: http://workoutinfoguru.com/miranda-kerr-workout/

Miranda Kerr’s workout consists mainly of Pilates and Ballet. That’s right dance really helps you get in shape, so if you are not a workout person, you can just listen to Taylor Swift and shake the fat off.

Miranda also take blood type diet. The concept is that eating according to your blood type can help you digest better.

Megan Fox:


Source: http://celebritiesexercise.com/megan-fox-workout-video/

Megan Fox is a lazy person and is not a big fan of the gym (just like you and me). She’s  so lazy that she hired a personal trainer who comes to her house 3 times a week, so that she doesn’t even have to leave the house.  Her workout consists of mainly pilates, cardio and spinning lessons. When it comes to diet, she sticks with a 5 factor diet. In this diet she can eat 5 small meals a day and yes, she also takes a cheat day once a week. See http://healthyceleb.com/megan-fox-workout-routine-diet-plan/2910 for more info.

Gisele Bundchen:


Source: http://www.popsugar.com/latina/Gisele-Bundchen-Practices-Yoga-Her-Kids-37994829

The highest paying model indulges mainly on cardio and yoga. She reserves 5 days for cardio-workout and 2 days for yoga. She devotes at least one hour in a day to workout. She doesn’t follow a strict diet regime, and she loves to eat raw meat. She also includes a lot of fresh fruit  and raw vegetables in her diet and stays away from preserved food.

For more, see: http://healthyceleb.com/

I think this amazing pictures were enough to get you guys out of your beds. The workout doesn’t have to be intense at first, remember, if you start off with 5 minutes of workout a day, that will still counts. Even if you are not much of a workout person, you can still choose to stay away from junk foods and drink lots and lots of water. As for me, my weekness is cheese and honestly, I can’t completely stay away from cheese, but I can always have less cheese right? Gosh! I love my cheat days.

P.S: I am not a workout and diet person myself, I have been working out for a week or two. I am just sharing my inspiration with you guys so that I can give you all a peek at my fitness journey as well as  tag you guys along.