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Have you ever wondered why India is probably the only country where a girl cries her heart out when she is about to start a new life?  She leaves everything behind, her parents, her pets, the house she has always called her home. Not all Indian women who start a new life get to start a new family. Most girls become a new member of an already existing family, some by choice and some by compulsion.

While the whole world shouts ‘Feminism’, no one asks why it’s always the girl who has to leave everything behind her? You may ask, “What’s going to happen to the groom’s parents if he leaves them behind”. Well the answer is “The same thing that’s going to happen to the girl’s parents who has no brother”.

The world has changed, so has our country and the mindset of the people residing in it. In-laws aren’t the monsters anymore. However, there are still some people who love to tell the new member of their family how they do things in their household. “We don’t do it in this way in our house” they say. The new family member is expected to forget how she did things at her parent’s house, yet she’s questioned why her mother hasn’t taught her anything.

I’ll be honest; there are a lot of young women who chooses to stay with their in-laws. They are fortunate enough to have in-laws who are easy to get along with. Because there are in-laws who treat their daughter-in-laws as their own daughters. Lucky are the women who get such in-laws. But let’s keep in mind, not every girl is that fortunate.

I don’t support leaving anyone’s parents behind, I think everybody needs to take care of their parents, be it a girl or a boy. I think that a woman has every right to choose whether she wants to stay with her in-laws or not, and even if they chooses to have their own home, they need to take care of both of their parents once they come of age, when the parents become dependent on their kids and not the other way around. Often times when an Indian woman asks to move out from her in-law’s house, she is called a home wrecker and certain names. She is told that her husband’s parents didn’t raise him to leave them behind. Nobody points out that her parents have raised her too; they did not spend their lives raising their child to grow up and take care of someone else’s parents, because she has responsibilities towards her own parents too.

Wouldn’t our country be a better place for women if they get to start their own family when they start a new life? After all, we all have the right to have our own home once in a life time, because we are not created to dwell between our father’s home and our father-in-law’s home.

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  1. So true, and this is exactly my view. I dont really care what the world thinks and says. I chose to live my life on my own terms. If any in-laws has problem with that its their problem not mine. And thats how all women should be.

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