Winter Skincare Series-2) PM Skincare Routine

As promised, I am back with my current pm winter skincare routine today. The pm skincare is a bit more intense than the am. However, not every step is required to be followed every single day. So because it’s going to be a long one, let’s not waste anymore of our precious time babbling.p_20161113_161131

  1. Cleansing Oil: The first thing I do upon reaching home is to remove my makeup using a cleansing oil. I take a few drops and massage it all over my face. The makeup, dirt and sebum breaks down and I wash it off using water. The current cleansing oil that am using (Tonymoly Brightening Oil), takes a white liquidy form upon contact with water. I use the oil even when I stay at home whole day as the cleansing oil follows the ‘oil breaks oil’ formula and help get rid of the excess oil and sebum.
    While travelling I use
  2. Cleansing Foam: The first step from my am routine. I talked about it tomorrow.
  3. Exfoliation: I exfoliate once a week using a Chemical Peeling Exfoliator. To get a beautiful healthy skin, it’s very important to remove the dead cells; otherwise no amount of slathered moisturizer is going to work. That being said, stay away from ‘scurbs’ with huge granules. And if you have some left in the cabinet, especially the apricot ones, use it on your body or feet but keep it away from you face. Also, don’t over exfoliate. It will only increase the melanin secretion making you look dark.
    Currently I am using Goodal Phytowash.
  4. Lip Scrub: Our lips crave some extra attention during winter. The best way to get rid of chapped lips is to first get rid of the dry lip cells and then slather some lip balm. Once a week or twice a month is enough. Currently using the Lemon Meringue Pie from Skincafe6 (1)
  5. Face Pack: Again a once a week commitment. My favourite one is a mix of Besan and Tomato Juice, works like magic. Currently I am testing the rubber mask fuss from Korea, but I am not a big fan yet.
  6. Toning: The intense cleansing process has taken out all the dirt and sebum from deep within your pores. Now it’s time to close them up. I try to slather my toner within 30 seconds after washing my face. I’ve also talked about this step in my previous post from the series.
  7. Serum: I talked about this as well. If you have multiple issues, don’t be afraid to make a serum cocktail with serums targeting different issues.
  8. Sheet Mask: If you’ve been reading my post for a while now, you’ll know that am crazy for sheet masks. I sheet mask twice a week. But as winter approaches, I try sheet masking every other day. I am currently using the Tonymoly range.
  9. Night Cream: You have done enough, now finish it off with a night cream (there’s still a tiny step left). I am currently using the Tayiu Silk Cream prescribed to my sister (who has an oily and acne prone skin) by her dermatologist. Once I crashed at her place but I forgot to carry my night cream so I borrowed hers and was amazed to see what it did to my super-sensitive combination skin. The following day I purchased one for myself and I’ve been hooked ever since.
  10. Eye Cream: Again I talked about this yesterday. I use it as the very last step as my night cream doesn’t get to mess with it if I do.
  11. Lip Balm: No this super obvious step shouldn’t be a point in itself. But recently I learnt something horrible that I wanna share with you guys. You see, I happen to be a proud owner of at least 7-8 lip balms scattered everywhere. Two at the dresser, one at my bed side, one at my computer table, one at my corner rack, and a lot in different handbags. You would see me re-applying within 15-20 minutes as my lips tend to get dry, and also because I am obsessed with my lip balms. However, recently I read an article that using lip balms frequently is an addiction itself. I realized that every line from the article was true, and I came to know that by using lip balms very often our lips tend to get even drier. Ever since then I decreased my lip balm application. I use them religiously after my am and pm skincare and apart from that I use them only if I feel that my lips are going to crack if I don’t. And guess what? It’s really helping.

So that’s all. That’s my whole night time routine. I will be back with my winter body care hopefully tomorrow. Till then Bye.


Winter Skincare Series-1) AM Skincare Routine

In winter, our skin requires special attention, just like the new baby of the family. The effort you put to get a healthy skin and hair multiplies. But even after all those cares, sometimes we still get hit by that chilly weather in the form of flaky skin, dry cuticles, cracked heals and the list goes one. Last year I put down a huge list of products in a single post that I throw on my body from head to toe which looked so intensive that some people feared to try it out. But trust me; it doesn’t take as much effort as it looks. When you describe it, it seems tremendous, but when you actually make it a habit, you’ll realize that it takes hardly 5-10 minutes.

So, I’ll do a series of posts from winter skincare to winter hair care and to simplify it even more, I will feature only one product that I am using exactly now (the past couple of days) even if it’s a tiny sample I received with my beauty bags. However, if the product that I am using is not easily available in India, I will try to post an alternative.

Here we go. The first post from the series is going to be am skincare which is super simple. I guess the simplest of all.


  1. Cleansing: I don’t double cleanse in the morning because I go through an extensive routine every single night without fail. And you won’t EVER catch me taking out traces of dirt/sebum using a toner, as I feel that if your toner is taking out dirt then you are not doing it right. So I am a late waker and I stay up all night righting my posts (it’s 1.34 am and I just started). I wake up, check my e-mails and messages, have my breakfast, spend some more time on e-mails and Instagram and while showering I was my face with a mild face wash
    sheaCurrently I am using Oshea Papayaclean Anti-Blemish face wash which I received for review purpose and which took a permanent place in my regimen, because it is just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I stashed away my Skinfood Egg White Porefoam for an infinite period of time because it has a high pH level. A big NO for winters.
  2. Toning: Toners containing alcohol are the worst. They will dry out your skin even during summer, so stay as far from them as possible.
    My favourite form of toner is of course Rose Water. My favourite one happens to be the one from Kama Ayurveda, but I ran out of it, so I am doing justice to my already owned Dabur Gulabari (that contains loads of paraben) for the time being as I am broke.
  3. Serum: This is a very important step. You can never imagine what those liquidy miracles can do. They give the skin an immense boost of radiation while hydrating it at the same time. If your skin tends to dry out even after moisturizing, try using a serum before and you’ll thank me.
    The Canola Honey Serum from Innisfree is excellent for winters. Delhiets, I envy you! Also, I am much loving the Kaya Brightening serum I received with my Fab Bag. My skin has never been so radiant. I would have purchased the full-sized product if I wasn’t a clumsy person, or if it came in something other than a glass bottle.p_20161113_160615
  4. Moisturizer: Here comes the regret part. I have been using the Votre Pigmentation Cream until today. It isn’t an ideal choice for winter (not even for summer, it gets greasy) but I was using it anyway as I ran out of my Aroma Magic Day Cream and I was waiting for my Just Herbs order to show up, which it did, just as I was done clicking the pictures and had just put everything back where they belongs. But yepiie! I am gonna use it starting tomorrow and I have such high expectations.p_20161113_170143
  5. Eye Cream: Every woman should be using an eye cream once they are 25, because it’s better to take precaution before the damage is already done. But sadly in my case I started suffering from puffy eyes (and dark circles) since my 12th I guess it’s hereditary as no amount of eye cream seems to work.
    So while I am still awaiting my Eye Cream to be delivered all the way from Korea, I am using the Babor Firming Cream as an eye cream and I must say that even if the puffiness is still there, the dark circles have gone and my under eye area looks healthy.
  6. Sunscreen: The last and a very important step. You must have heard that even though the sun is not shining bright, the UV ray is still as harmful as it’s in the summer and that you’ll still tan even during the winter if you don’t wear a sunscreen. I for one, get crazy tanned, sometimes even wearing layers of Day Cream containing SPF-Sunblock- Compact Powder containing SPF. My skin doesn’t co-operate with chemical sunscreens so I always make sure that it’s a sun block/physical sunscreen.p_20161113_160708
    My current love is the Innisfree Waterglow Cushion. I even skip wearing foundation during the day time no matter how much makeup the event requires. Also I rarely tan using this cushion. If you cannot get your hands on one here’s two much trusted Sun blocks tried and tested on my own (super-sensitive) skin: Chambor White UV Protector and Aroma Magic Sun Block Lotion.

So here’s my whole AM skin (face) care routine which will be followed by a PM one which is a bit intensive. The two more posts from the series will be Winter Body Care and Winter Hair Care. If you have something on your mind, do let me know in the comment section.

Till then bye…


P.S: My childhood best friend is getting married in about a week and I am making sure that my skin looks at its best (*touchwood) those few days. Not trying to steal the show or something, just hoping to look good that’s all. So along with being a winter care post, these articles are somehow a ‘How to Get a Festive Ready Skin’ post in a manner. Hope you guys enjoyed it. <3

Beauty Wish Box by The Nature’s Co November 2015

Hi guys, I am back with my beauty box reviews and this month I ordered a new beauty box for myself, Beauty Wish Box by the Nature’s Co. I have heard about The Natures’s Co products and have always wanted to try them. So I thought that introducing myself with this all organic brand via the beauty box will be perfect.

Price: 595 rs for one month,


So this is how the bag looks…

Ain’t that pretty? This is going to be my newest travel friendly pouch… 😀

Here’s everything that was inside this pretty bag.

Kiwi Hand And Nail Cream



Did anybody secretly tell them that my hands turn a shade or two darker during the winter? Joking… The bag is themed “Wintry Bliss” and the products are everything one can need during winter? How thoughtful! I received a 125 ml tube which will last me one more winter or two I guess…

Vanilla Crème Body Wash



I just love it when I receive a shower gel or body wash with any beauty box and I hop into the shower as soon as I receive the package. Needless to say I did it again. Even though I was born without a sweet tooth and not being a huge fan of ice creams, this body wash kindda made me feel hungry. All I can say after a single use of the product is that it smells heavenly, it doesn’t dry out my skin and is perfect for the winter.







My favourite product from the bag. I have been meaning to purchase a body butter for a while. And here, I have received a 35 ml sample of a luscious body butter. At first I thought it’s going into my travel pouch but then the fragrance made me change my mind in a second. I have no idea how long this sample will last me, but I am going to order a full sized product real soon, and yes, stay tuned for the review.


Vanilla Vitamin E Face Cream


Another yummy scented product. I received a 15 ml sample and it’s going on my face tomorrow night. I have high hopes on it.


Green Apple Lip Balm:





Is there anything better than a lip balm during winter? Probably not. So excited to try out this tiny baby.



Walnut-Mint Foot Scrub



I always ignore my feet during winter so may be this little one is my inspiration this year. I used the scrub as soon as I received it and now am writing this review with two baby smooth feet… 😀


So here’s everything I received with my Beauty Wish Box November along with a product description and a 35% voucher. If you too are prepping your skin for winter like me, I would suggest ordering this bag, there’s still 5 days… 🙂

Thanks for reading…



Spicing up the winter skincare game…

So I have got a few requests asking how to take special care of our skin during winter. Even though winter hasn’t hit hard in my city yet, I decided to elaborately discuss with you guys how to prep your skin for winter (in case you still are enjoying the fall like me) and also how to take special care of your skin during winter ( in case you are already enjoying the chilly weather like I do when I visit my parents 😀 ) However, a follow up article will be posted during the month of December or January, when winter will hit us at it’s hardest.


If you live in India you will know that the weather here is not that chilly yet,but you might be already experiencing dry, flaky skin. So this is the time you should be eliminating all the products that doesn’t help moisturize or hydrate your skin and replace with the ones that does.

Starting with having a squeaky clean skin…

Cleansing Oil/ Cleansing Lotion:


I am a huge fan of cleansing oils. They helps the oil, sebum, make-up and dirt break down and works as a make-up remover as well as a cleanser. Right now I am using TonyMoly Brightening Cleansing  Oil (for review see Trying Out Korean Skincare Products ) . I massage it gently on my skin and wash it off with warm water. The oil takes a white liquidy form when it comes in contact with water and washes off very easily.

If you can’t get your hands on any cleansing oil yet you can opt for our very own Lakme Deep Pore cleanser. It takes off the dirt and make-up like a pro. If it wasn’t loaded with parabens it would have been one of my favourite products.

Link to purchase cleansing oil:

Link to purchase deep pore cleanser:


Cleanser/ Cleansing foam:


Choose a cleanser that doesn’t dry out your skin. Right now I am using Skinfood Green Tea Bubble CLeansing Foam. This particular cleansing foam is for all skin type. We all know that Green Tea products are meant for oily skin type, and this product too, works wonder on oily skin. I have read reviews on the products from Korean Astheticians and they claim that it works on dry skin too, and to my surprise it really did. I have a dry, sensitive skin but still this cleansing foam didn’t dry up my skin and instead helped reduce my break out. This bottle will last me a few days more and I am thinking to buy a cleansing foam from Skinfood which is specifically meant for my skin type.


Link to purchase :




Here comes the most important part. No matter how many products you lather on your skin, it will make no sense if you have dead skins layered on your skin. Exfoliate your skin once a week (not more than that) with an exfoliater that has tiny particles. Stay away from apricot scrubs, they do more harm on your skin than good.

I am using Goodal Phytowash Bubble peeling ( See Trying Out Korean Skincare Products )  which contains tiny granules which sloughs of the dead skin, while the chemical ingredients go deep into the pore and clean out any debris inside the follicle.

You can also go all organic on these step. There’s a lot of option when it comes to DIY homemade scrubs. You can mix besan(gram flour) with suji or with cocoa powder, or any recipe from your grandmother, you can mix a little bit of all purpose flour since it does the amazing job of going deep into your pore and literally suck out all the debris. However, nothing’s better than a honey and sugar scrub during winter. Remember, ditching all the chemicals once in a while and treating your skin with organic products from the kitchen is the best thing you can do to your skin.

Link to purchase:




We Indians swears by face masks, mostly the homemade ones. During summer I used besan and tomato juice mask very frequently. However, since besan dries out the skin. I have reduced the frequency to once in a while application.  Even when it comes to my favourite chocolate mask from Hedonista, I have to say the same. A month ago when I was suffering from the horrible break out, I used this mask every other day. This product is loaded with natural anti-oxidants which helps detoxify the skin. It helped me a lot during my break out, reducing the bumps, but as winter approaches am gonna have to limit it’s application to once a week.

Link to purchase:




Say no to toners that contain alcohol as they will dry out your skin. Which is all the more reason you should stay away from them during winter. I alternately use Kama Ayurveda Rose Water and Lotus Herbal Clarifying & Soothing Toner. I use the later during my night time regimen, mostly when I am looking for a refreshing feeling or trying to reduce a bump or a pimple, as it contains neem as an active ingredient. I use Kama Ayurveda Rosewater at the morning as a toner and as a mist throughout the day, and sometimes during my pamper evenings. I would suggest trying this one out this winter as it is the only toner I have used which also helps moisturize the skin. And honestly, this is the best toner I have ever used. (Reviewed here Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water Review )

Link to purchase rose Water:

Link to purchase Lotus Herbals Toner :



Sheet Mask:

Sheet Mask

Here comes my favourite step of all time. Just put on a mask, lay down or watch Netflix for 20-30 mins, take it off, pat the excess serum on your skin and your skin will receive a hydration boost that is better than a 1000 rs facial. Recently I am using Innisfree Kiwi mask (review Trying out Korean skincare products III: Innisfree It’s real squeeze mask, Kiwi Review) and have ordered a pack of 10 of Etude House Rice mask. I have been using a mask once a week, but during winter I will be using it mask twice a week. Also I might be purchasing masks which are meant for hydration only, like the Etude House Honey Mask.

Link to purchase sheet mask :




Two of my favourite serums.  While the Neutrogena Fine Fairness Brightening Serum gives my skin a radiant glow,  Just Herbs Exilir Facial Serum hydrates my skin and helps restore the moisture balance. I have been using both the serums alternatively but as winter approaches I will be sticking to the Just Herbs Serum as it gives my skin better hydration.

Link to purchase Neutrogena Fine Fairness Brightening Serum :

Link to purchase Just Herbs serum :


Eye Cream:

Eye Cream

As you enter your 20s there’s no escape from this step. If you aren’t already using one, it’s time already you start using it before getting your wrinkles.

Link to purchase:

Nigh Cream:



Here comes the irreplaceable step.  Night creams nourish your skin and treats your skin while you are asleep. DO NOT skip this step. My all time favourite night cream is the one from Kama Ayurveda and will be repurchasing it real soon. Till then I will be using Lakme Perfect Radiance night cream which really great, except forthe fact that it contains parabens.

By the time winter hits hard I will be including a sleeping pack in my regimen. So wait for my follow-up post, 😀 it will be much more interesting.

Link to purchase:

Moisturizer/Day Cream

Day Cream


Day creams are as important as the night creams. While night creams mainly focuses on treating the skin throughout the night, day creams has the added benefit of SPF. However, while choosing a day cream for the winter, choose a day cream that moisturizes the skin well. Throughout the fall I have been using the L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect range. It works well on my irritated skin, visibly reducing the bumps, but it sucks when it comes to hydration, it feels like a typical fairness cream which I absolutely dislike. So for winter I will be purchasing the full-sized version of the Za Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel which I received with last month’s My Envy Box. It is the best moisturizer I have used  till date. It gets absorbed in my skin instantly, giving my skin the perfect hydration. It is one of those super moisturizers, which moisturizes your skin without making it oily. The fact that I haven’t already purchased the full product is because it contains parabens, and I am still hoping that I’ll be able to find an equally good moisturizer that doesn’t contain parabens. 😀


Link to purchase l’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect:

Link to Purchase Za Amino Mineral :





DO NOT SKIP THE SUNSCREEN BECAUSE IT’S WINTER. The UV rays are as harmful during the winter as it is during the summer. I would suggest opting for a physical sunscreen rather than a chemical one. Right now I am using Chambor White UV Protector. This one contains SPF 29, which I am not satisfied with. I usually opt for the ones containing SPF 50, like the Avene High Emulsion Sunblock. Since this one contains less than SPF 30, I make sure to finish it up with a pressed powder that contains SPF too.


Lip Scrub :

lip scrub

We all get chapped lips during winter. My solution is scrubbing your lips once a week. With the dead skins from your lips removed, you’ll be having less less flaky skins on your lips, hence no chapped lips. I am using Etude House Kissable Lip Smooth care and I love, love, love it. You can read the review here

Link to Purchase :

Lip Balm


I am in love with the Tender Care balm from Oriflame. I have been using it since 3-4 years and I swear by it. Whenever I order it, I order 3, I keep one in my handbag, one beside my pillow and one goes to my sister. It comes in a various flavor, chocolate, coconut, cherry and a few more, including a plain flavorless one. I have used all of them and loved every single one. This one is  blackcurrant and my most favourite among all the flavors. The scent is mild and reminds me of my favourite gelato:  blackcurrant 😀

Apart from keeping my lips kissable 24/7 , it also magically reduces rashes and irritated skin. I use it during summer, winter, fall, spring… I mean through out the year.



Shower Gel:


Choose a Shower Gel that doesn’t rip off the natural moisturizer of your skin leaving it dry. These too buddies have been doing their job right throughout the fall. I use them alternately depending on my mood. There are days when I crave a mild sweet scented bath, and there are days when I look for a refreshing shower.

Link to purchase:


Body Lotion:

Body Lotion

I suppose everybody is already well introduced with this step.

Right now I am using Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion and I just hope this travel-sized pack lasts me through this winter. If Bath & Body Works was easily available in India, I would never use another Body Lotion

Last but not the least…


Link tp purchase:

Hand Cream:

Hand Cream

Because every winter my hands (mostly my fingers) look dark. I don’t know why but these happens every single year. I received these two samples with My Envy Box and saved them for the winter to find out if they can prevent my hand from turning dark.


So this is how I have been preparing my skin for the winter and the regimen is not as lengthy as it looks, trust  me.  Even if it is, it will be  worth it. After all who doesn’t want a healthy glowing skin?



So go ahead an indulge…