The Nature’s Co. Vanilla Crème Body Wash Review

Hey guys, as you all know that I’ve got some amazing products with The Nature’s Co Beauty Wish Box last month and each off the products are so good that all of them deserves a post about them, separately.

The first product I will be reviewing is the Vanilla Creme Body Wash.

As I already mentioned in a previous post about my winter skincare that I am being really picky when it comes to include any product in my winter skincare list, so when the Wish Box arrived, I immediately  had to try out every single one of them. Guess what? All of them made it to the list 😀

A body wash has a very crucial task during winter. You know what I am talking about right? It cannot leave your skin dry, or slippery, it has to maintain a certain balance.

So here’s what I thought about The Nature’s Co. Vanilla Creme Body Wash…


Claims: Soothing & relaxant; Excellent antioxidant; Makes skin soft and supple.
Indulge in our soothing Vanilla Creamy Body Wash. It has excellent antioxidants and relaxant properties which lightens your skin making it more smooth, supple and calm. While it’s nourishing properties forms a protective layer on your skin keeping it hydrated all the time. This luscious creamy body wash lathers up in the bath or shower.

Ingredients: Vanilla, Vegetable Glycerin, Sunflower seed oil, W/S Base, Aroma, Natural preservatives.

My Experience: 

The first thing that I should mention about this product is it’s fragrance… It is like yum….Being born without a sweet tooth, I still  crave vanilla ice cream while using this body wash. It is mind blowing, though the fragrance doesn’t linger post shower. I absolutely love bathing with it. I received a deluxe sized sample which I am half way through and I’m definitely gonna buy a full-sized version of this one.

Coming to the hydration part. The body wash doesn’t dry out the skin, and provides the skin with mild moisturization, so much so  that in case you forget to follow it up with a moisturizer or a body butter, your skin will Still stay smooth and hydrated, yes, even during winter. Another thing worth notable about this body wash is that it doesn’t make your skin feel slippery.

The ingredients as you can see, are all natural(like any other Nature’s Co Product)  so one other reason for me to completely  fall in love with it. I have been using it for over a week now (along with the Nature’s Co. Lavender Body Butter) , and my skin has never felt so healthy.

So glad I came to know about the subscription box facility. 😉



  • All natural products
  • Amazing fragrance
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Doesn’t make the skin feel slippery
  • Claims to work on sensitive skin, and it does…
  • Does what it claims


Nothing that I can think off

Will I purchase it again?

Of course I will





Beauty Wish Box by The Nature’s Co November 2015

Hi guys, I am back with my beauty box reviews and this month I ordered a new beauty box for myself, Beauty Wish Box by the Nature’s Co. I have heard about The Natures’s Co products and have always wanted to try them. So I thought that introducing myself with this all organic brand via the beauty box will be perfect.

Price: 595 rs for one month,


So this is how the bag looks…

Ain’t that pretty? This is going to be my newest travel friendly pouch… 😀

Here’s everything that was inside this pretty bag.

Kiwi Hand And Nail Cream



Did anybody secretly tell them that my hands turn a shade or two darker during the winter? Joking… The bag is themed “Wintry Bliss” and the products are everything one can need during winter? How thoughtful! I received a 125 ml tube which will last me one more winter or two I guess…

Vanilla Crème Body Wash



I just love it when I receive a shower gel or body wash with any beauty box and I hop into the shower as soon as I receive the package. Needless to say I did it again. Even though I was born without a sweet tooth and not being a huge fan of ice creams, this body wash kindda made me feel hungry. All I can say after a single use of the product is that it smells heavenly, it doesn’t dry out my skin and is perfect for the winter.







My favourite product from the bag. I have been meaning to purchase a body butter for a while. And here, I have received a 35 ml sample of a luscious body butter. At first I thought it’s going into my travel pouch but then the fragrance made me change my mind in a second. I have no idea how long this sample will last me, but I am going to order a full sized product real soon, and yes, stay tuned for the review.


Vanilla Vitamin E Face Cream


Another yummy scented product. I received a 15 ml sample and it’s going on my face tomorrow night. I have high hopes on it.


Green Apple Lip Balm:





Is there anything better than a lip balm during winter? Probably not. So excited to try out this tiny baby.



Walnut-Mint Foot Scrub



I always ignore my feet during winter so may be this little one is my inspiration this year. I used the scrub as soon as I received it and now am writing this review with two baby smooth feet… 😀


So here’s everything I received with my Beauty Wish Box November along with a product description and a 35% voucher. If you too are prepping your skin for winter like me, I would suggest ordering this bag, there’s still 5 days… 🙂

Thanks for reading…