My Envy Box December 2015 Review

Just like the Fab Bag, my December Envy Box reached me late because I waited to subscribe until I came down to my parent’s place. So I received the box post Christmas. However starting the year with a box full of goodies was exciting.

The box looks so Christmassy that my Christmas would have started  the day I would have received it, IF I ordered it on time.



Here’s everything that was inside the box


Catrice Lashes to Kill Volume Mascara: Price: Rs 660 for 10 ml


My favourite product from the box so far. I haven’t used the Mascara yet, but who doesn’t love voluminous lashes!

Bioderma Photoderm AKN Mat SPF 30: Price: Rs 1400 for 40 ml.


My least favourite product from the blog. I’ve always wanted to try Bioderma products. So I was a little excited to receive two 5 ml samples of their sunscreen. But then I checked the ingredient list and they weren’t physical sunscreen for sure. I have a super-sensitive skin and it reacts very badly upon contact with chemical sunscreen. So I am never in a million year putting them on my skin.

Catrice Nail Lacquer in the shade Blue Highway: Price: Rs 445 for 10ml


Two cosmetics in one box, it certainly does not get any better than that. I love the shade and I’m going to put it on my nails tomorrow.

Ananda Light Moisturizer for normal to dry skin: Price: Rs 1450 for 50gm


I’ve never used any product from this brand but the smell tells me that I’m gonna love it. It’s going in my travel pouch.

O3+ Whitening Mask: Price:Rs 775 for 50gm


I don’t know why, but I have really high hopes for this product. I have a strong feeling that this is gonna be the product that will fade away all my break-out marks.


Overall, I was a little disappointed with the December box. I know that we received two full-sized cosmetics but still it lacked the festive kick, except for the box itself of course. I expected some festive products this month and I am sure I am not the only person disappointed with this month’s box.



The Beauty Resolutions-January 2016 Fab Bag Review

Hey guys, I haven’t posted in a week as I was travelling to Delhi and Agra. I came back at my hometown yesterday at midnight and our housekeeper handed me this box. I was exhausted and tired but that didn’t stop me from taking a look inside the box before hopping into the shower.

I might have said it before, but this bag really has to be the best bag EVER. The cosmetic printed bag is really chic and classy and can be used as s make-up pouch. I was even more thrilled when I looked inside the bag.

Fab Bag

Here’s everything that was inside the bag:

Bellapierre Mineral Lipstick – Ruby (Full Size: Rs.1500)- 


Bella Pierre

One product to make the whole bag more than worth it. The last time they gave away Bellapierre lisptick with the bag, I introduced FabBag to a friend giving her the whole bag. So, when I received it again, this time for myself to keep, I was more than thrilled. I have been attending weddings for like decades. I just came back from Agra yesterday after attending a big fat Punjabi wedding, have got 3 wedding to attend today itself, and then attending a dear friend’s wedding as her Bridesmaid day after tomorrow. Guess which lipstick I’m going to rock this season? 😉

Natural Bath & Body – Clay Mask (Rs.450 for 100 ml)- 20gm & Whipped Cream (Rs.275 for  50 ml)-15gmclay



All natural and organic, I have real high hopes on this products.

Divo Eyelas Curler ( Full Size: Rs.125)


Being blessed with naturally curly lashes I never used an Eyelash Curler. However, I have been meaning to purchase one, but I always tend to forget about it when I shop, so I am glad I received it with my Fab Bag.

Votre Face Serum (Full Size: 1670 for 12ml)


Meant to be the star product of the bag, this serum somehow managed to leak in my bag. The whole bag would have messed up if it wasn’t wrapped carefully in a bubble wrap. It’s a pity that the product got leaked as I would have loved to try it.

Overall, I loved this month’s bag. There’s not a single item which I didn’t like. I would strongly recommend ordering this month’s bag if you haven’t already. You can order the bag here:

My Envy Box September 2015 Review

Hi guys, I received this months My Envy Box today, just the day before my birthday, How exciting that can be?


The goodies came in a glamorous metallic silver coloured box.


What’s inside of the box is as exciting as it looks…



Here is all that I got:


Davidoff Cool Water Shower: Rs 1800 for 150ml



This is my favourite product from this month’s Envy Box. A deluxe size shower breeze which was tempting enough that I couldn’t resist but took a shower as soon as I received the box. The cool aqua scent is really refreshing and perfect for summer… (I know it’s already September but don’t judge me if I can’t keep it for next year).


Catrice Ultimate Colour Lip Colour: Rs 610


A full sized product… Yay…I can’t explain how happy I am to receive this pretty lady just today. I got it in the shade Berry Bradshaw and it’s going on my lips for my birthday dinner tomorrow. 😀


Za Total Hydration Fresh Foamy Cleanser




This tiny version of Vogue beauty Award winner. 😀 I’ve used Za True White Facial Cleansing foam and exfoliating clay and loved them both and I’m pretty sure that this tiny buddy will not fail to impress me as well…


Last but not the least…

Trussardi Donna Eau De Parfum: Rs 5250 for 100 ml



I received a 1.5 ml vile and yes, it smells divine…

Apart from the products I received 2 cards containing the product description, some envy tips and some coupon codes which I’m surelly gonna be using. 😀

So that’s all I got for September My Envy Box. You can order yours from in case you haven’t already. You can share what you received in your My Envy Box this month.

Till then bye pretty ladies… Happy Envying 😀