Denver Black Code Deodorant Review

It’s been a while I haven’t reviewed any products ‘for him’, so today I’m taking a break from reviewing products from my own stash and putting some light on a product that my boy friend has been in love for a while.

Over the time I have had him tested a series of Denver products for me and so far he hasn’t found one Denver Deo that he didn’t like and this time it’s Denver Black Code Deo which comes in a bottle that cannot get any more masculine. Just as the brand claims, there’s something really mysterious about the whole packaging and for some unknown reason it reminds me ‘Black Panther’ (the Marvel character).

What brand claims?

Secrecy is seductive. Less you reveal, more people would wonder of your next move. Savor your hush-hush with an unforgotten scent of enigma and manliness introduced by Denver Black.Code deodorant.


One of the most notable things about the packaging is that the bottle doesn’t come with a cap; instead you have to twist the opening for the nozzle to spray. The fragrance has a hint of mystery and seduction and it lingers until my boy friend comes back from office and hops into the shower. However, the Black Code Deo sprays a bit more gas than the other deos from the range which caused my boyfriend to finish up one bottle in a month. Nevertheless, if you ask me, I’m so in love with the bottle that if I were him, the packaging itself would have made me repeat purchase this deo.


MRP: Rs199

Where to buy:

Official website, Amazon, FlipkartSnapdeal, Purplle



*PR sample but the opinions are completely honest.

Gift For Him: Denver Xtreme Reverence Deo Review

Gifting a deodorant to your loved one on Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily have to mean “Oh! You smell so bad you should try this deodorant” (something my cousin brother does to me every Rakhi -_-) but it can actually be an excellent gifting idea. No matter how sophisticated perfumes look as a gift, my boyfriend is not just a huge fan of them. The Denver Xtreme range has lately got him hooked and he is pretty much not getting out of this range anytime soon.

After the Denver Xtreme Endurance and Xtreme Balance, this time I’m here to share with you guys everything my boy friend shared with me after he started using the Xtreme Reverence.

Even though he is still hooked with the Xtreme Balance, he is almost as impressed with the Reverence. It sure has to be the most seductive fragrance so far (guess why am suggesting it for Valentine’s Day gift?). Like the other deodorants from the range, the Xtreme Reverence too comes with 2X sweat defense formula and are specially crafted with Tri Ethyl Citrate or TEC formula which helps in the inhibition of the bacterial growth and prevents body odor. We are honestly impressed by the staying power of all the deodorants from the range. When I say it actually lingers throughout the day until the next shower, trust me, it actually lingers that long.


  • Pocket friendly
  • Doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Smells amazing
  • Excellent staying power
  • Controls sweat
  • Travel Friendly



Where to buy:

Snapdeal, amazon,flipkart



Press sample received but the opinions are completely honest.

Denver Hamilton Eau De Parfum in Honour Review

Hello everybody, today am going to review the recently launched Denver Hamilton Eau De Parfum in Honour which is actually not too recent as I actually received it at the beginning of November but didn’t get around to review it since I had to give it to my boy friend to test it for me, and as you guys know, I’ve been travelling that time of the year.
These perfumes has actually been launched in 3 variants- Honour, Pride and Hamilton and they comes in red, blue and green colour.
So as you guys know that I often review men’s perfumes and deodorants after having them tested by my boyfriend in case you guys are looking for some gifts for the men in your lives. I make my boy friend wear those deos and perfumes for straight 2 weeks, asking him every single night how long the fragrance lingered. I know, he has some patience! So let’s get to the review.
The perfume comes for 449 Rs which I feel is quite cheap. And the best part is that it the whole packaging looks a bit luxurious as you guys can see.

The smell of the perfume is musky with a subtle hint of spicy smell.
But I’m not going to lie, my boy friend isn’t too fond of it as he’s with the Denver Extreme Deo Endurance and Balance deo. In fact he has got hooked with the deos so bad that he made me order them before even he ran out of the bottles. He is the type of person who prefers stronger smells, and the Denver Deodorants actually lingered throughout the day and was strong enough that one can actually smell the perfume on their own body. The Honour Perfume on the other hand settles down to a milder scent a few minutes after applying it. It does last until he comes back from the office, but milder.

So what I figured is that it’s going to be a real great choice for a person who’s not too fond of strong smelling perfumes and opt for the mild ones.
• Pocket Friendly
• Luxurious Packaging
• Makes amazing Gifts
• Has a pretty good staying power
• Smells nice
• The smell is a bit mild, but then again, there are men who prefer mild perfumes so it can be a great choice for them.
Where to buy:

Official Website, Amazon, Snapdeal


Denver Extreme Deo Review Endurance and Balance for Men

I am terrible at describing smells and scents. And then these opinions are coming from my boy friend (nothing new in my blog). So I will be reviewing two deodorants from his perspective and will just hope that you guys bear with me throughout the post.

So I received two deodorants from Denver: Xtreme Endurance and Xtreme balance. As for my part, I did my job by initially smelling them as soon I received them and I must say, I loved them both, mostly the blue one (Endurance) which is much more masculine.


Now here come the opinions from my boy friend. For a starter, he’s basically hooked on the deos. He says that unlike a typical deo that sprays mostly gas and finishes up pretty fast, these rather sprays like perfumes, thus only a very little spraying is required. Both  deos smells amazing, with the Endurance being his personal favourite and more masculine, where the Orange one is a bit softer, and has a certain seductive notes in it. Both last until the next shower. That one time he had a colleague ask him if he had just worn a deo when it was around the end of the day and he wasn’t carrying any deo with him. Long story short, he used to carry his deos with him to work, but after he started using these two babies he have stopped carrying them as they last until the end of the day.

Will we purchase them again?

Why not? They last really long, have amazing fragrance and come in a really reasonable price.


  • Sturdy Masculine Packaging
  • Travel Friendly
  • Reasonable price
  • Lasts long
  • Little goes a long way
  • Makes amazing gift
  • Smells amazing


Nothing really

Price – 199/- for 150ml

Where to Buy:

Official Website








Product received for review purpose but the opinions are completely honest.