Butterly Yours Bhasad Planner Review

If you guys don’t already know, I am a sucker for stationeries. I actually go on stationary shopping expeditions like a school kid, even when I don’t need any. The ones that I usually keep obsessing over are the spiral notepads and post-its, but recently I decided to upgrade my stationary collection with the more useful ones, useful for women (I still want to say girl) my age or for a blogger. I really have been looking for planners and blogging planners and everything that’s required for a blogger and I have come across a planner that’s really cool.

Bhasad Planner:

An exclusive personalised& handy organiser to flaunt for real and feel crazy about. A must have accessory for your desk that makes you J and have your friends going gaga about it Features that make it irresistible are • Helps you prioritize your to-do list and stay organized • Uses ‘The Desi Dilli Slang Lingo’. Who said Organized has to be #NotSoCool • Premium Quality Faux Leather Casing • Comes personalized with your name on it. • Comes in 4 colors- Hot Pink, Shiny Black, Parrot Green and Ferrari Yellow • Best ‘Out of the box’, cool and funky gift So when you buy one don’t be surprised if your friends ask only one question ‘Where did you get it from??’

My review:

The planner came in a cardboard box with the tagline #If I was organized, I’d be dangerous, pretty much sums up my life. I chose the colour pink which happens to be my favourite colour and my name was imprinted in silver colour. Inside there were 150 pages that had 4 sections on each-

BHASAD – Urgent & Important

O TERI KI – important not Urgent

BHAINS KI AANKH- Urgent not important

DEKH LENGE YAAR – Not important not urgent

I’m the bong girl that isn’t much acquainted with Delhi slang, but I loved how they made organizing look like a cool task. People my age and generation, we are youngsters at heart but have started our journey in our respective professional careers; we need these kind of fun and quirky things in our work surroundings to keep our young spirit alive. Okay I admit, my work is already fun, I get to go out and have fun photo shoots, I get to stay indoor and work from my bedroom, I am my own boss, and these kind of cool, quirky stuffs make my work even a bit more fun, in short, this is the most suitable thing in my work space.

But there are people who does not enjoy their work as much as I do (me 2 years ago) and this planner is one of those things that bring a smile to the face they are loaded with work pressure.

Overall, I really recommend it to people that has a similar attitude towards life, like me, or the man on the cardboard box.

There’s just one thing I would have loved even more, if the categories had bulletins because you can have more than 1 important/urgent/not that urgent task for a single day.

Where to buy:






Rs 349



Salebhai Website Review

Hey guys, today I will be reviewing a site that sells a variety of range of products: from sweets to beauty products to home decor, and the list goes one. It’s a one of a kind website that sells the speciality of every region from India. If you are a Bengali but residing in South India or North, or West for that matter and you are craving rosogolla, you can actually order none other than K.C Das rosogolla from their site. Same goes for every other region, no matter your roots are in Gujarat, or Nagaland or U.P no matter which part of India you are from, you can stay away from your home and can still enjoy the specialty of your hometown, yes even if you are staying abroad.

About SaleBhai

Salebhai is a one-stopdestination for food specialities. They have products from 100+ cities, 300+ reputed regional sellers and they do a fresh and timely delivery. All the products that saleBhai offers are 100%. authentic. Sale Bhai an e-commerce platform offers you a diverse range of authentic products from across the country to strike a chord at a price you will love.

My Experience With Salebhai:

Browsing and ordering through the website is really easy. There’s a tab where you can chose regional specialties from, there’s a tab for Sweets & Snacks where you can get almost every sweet & snacks from across the country. Then there’s Chocolate & Bakery, followed by Dry Fruits and the Arts & Handicrafts. You can choose from a variety of mesmerizing art crafts from across the country and it happens to be my favourite section. Next there’s Health & Herbal section where you can get a collection of some of the renowned organic brands from India, most of which I’ve already used and loved. Some of my favourite brands from this section are- Ancient Living, Omved, BioBloom, Vedantika Herbals, Woods and Petals, Sattvik organics, Natural bath & body. Then there’s one category where you can get all the uncategorized products from.

Lastly, there are few more tabs for International Delivery, New Arrivals, Gifting, Puja and Mangoes.

I got myself a pair of Wooden Goblets from Nagaland from the Art & Handicraft section and I am in love.

So if you guys are looking forward to purchase some gift items or you want to treat yourself or your loved ones with some regional delicacies, you know where to look. Thank me later 🙂

P.S:They deliver real fast.

NOTE: Sponsored post but my opinion is completely honest.


Couponsji Review – Online Couponing Site

Back when I was working as a Data Analyst there grew a trend in our office, searching for the best deals for online shopping. It all started when a guy joined our office and told us how he gets the best deal on everything; I mean literally everything, from mobile recharges to gifts for his girl friend. He used to provide us with coupons for everything we used to order and we became habituated paying less for everything. After he resigned, it kindda became a hobby for us to search for deals for things we didn’t even need to buy. Some eventually grew bored, some continued. I being probably the laziest in the office, never even bothered to look for a deal. Instead I kept a close look on who’s getting the best deals on what. I knew who to ask for getaway deals, who to ask for buffet deals, who to ask for recharge deals and who to ask for fashion deals. And guess what? They always had the coupons handy, whether they need it, or they don’t, they just happened to have the coupons with them all the time.

After I resigned I don’t remember hunting for deal even once, but my online shopping craze continued and even got worse ever since I came home to stay with my parents for a year. Who can you blame? I don’t easily get impressed with the shopping malls my hometown has to offer! I have been 100% dependent on online shopping ever since I came home. So sometimes back I remembered the coupon craze from my office days and I surfed a little and came across this site called CouponsJI. The site has got all the coupons you can think of, collaborated in one place. You can either look for coupons by directly clicking on the brand name, or you can search by category. Searching for the best deals has never been easier.

What is Couponsji- Online Couponing Site?

E-commerce site Couponsji offers discounts, coupons, and deals on the already discounted products that can help you save even more. Couponsji is a coupons & deals website that has products under different categories and brands at very reasonable price. Furthermore, this online shopping store gets you all the brands tempting offers, coupons, deals and discounts at one single place. This feature of Couponsji- Online Couponing Site is surely hard-to-ignore and best for frequent shoppers.

Some of my favourite deals:

Ajio Coupons :It’s a site focused on men, women and kids’ fashion. You can get some amazing deals using couponsji website.

Myntra Fashion Coupons: Myntra happens to be my boy friend’s favourite shopping site and since I have no power to control his shopping frenzy, I try controlling the bill by looking for the best deals using couponsji website.

Limeroad Coupons: My favourite site to get hand bags, backpacks, sling bags, shoes and most importantly home decor products. I just love their collection.

So when you are shopping online next time, you too can save some bucks by using couponsji website, am sure it will be worth it.




Vanesa Pour Home French Fusion Room Freshener Review

Hey guys, today’s review will be a bit different from my usual posts; I will be reviewing a room freshener for a change. You guys might be aware how much I love lighting scented candles to uplift my mood, using a room freshener with an amazing fragrance is one more thing that works for me. There’s something about fragrances that takes your mind to a better place.

I received the Vanesa Pour Home French Fushion Room Freshener in my P.A box and I have been loving it so far.  The floral fragrance is perfect for this spring/summer time and uplifts my mood in an instant. The fragrance lingers for around half an hour or a little more but the freshness lingers for a few more hours.

About Vanesa Care:

Vanesa Care is a leading aerosol manufacturing company. It has recently launched POUR HOME room fragrance range known as ‘French Flora’.  It also has another variant ‘French Fusion’.  These room fresheners are crafted with International aroma for your home freshness.

Price: Rs125 for 130gm

Where to Buy:


 Will I recommend it?




  • Budget friendly
  • Easily available
  • Pleasant floral fragrance



The Benefits of Drinking Matcha

What is Matcha?

Matcha is basically powdered green tea used in Japan’s Formal Tea Ceremony. Since it’s powdered tea that completely dissolves into the water, a single cup of Matcha is equivalent to 10 cups of green tea.

Now everybody is aware of the benefits of green tea, and the equation kindda says it all. Matcha is loaded with anti-oxidants and chlorophyll and is the king of super foods and the best and safest way to detox. Ever wonder why the Japanese people have such amazing skin (apart from the added points to the genes and skincare of course)?

Matcha is also rich in amino acid that relaxes the body and helps in concentration.

Why Matcha?

Apart from the amazing benefits, there are a more to the reasons of why you should choose to switch to Matcha for good. For the starter, I know a lot of people who doesn’t like the taste of green tea (I do) and drinks it like it’s a medicine. Well the good news is, Matcha tastes better (surprisingly). And even if you don’t like drinking it in the traditional way, then there’s a lot of other ways to consume it.

Are you a coffee addict and trying to cut it down? Congrats, you can now switch to Matcha Latte.

Do you love cakes but trying to cut down on sugar? Well you can add a spoonful of Matcha into your cupcakes and opt for a little less sugar and be healthy and fit eating cupcakes. (Usually Matcha cupcakes are just baked like normal cupcakes only with the added use of the Matcha, but I just love the flavour and think that a little less sugar would do just fine).

You can basically add Matcha into anything and make a healthier version of it. How does Matcha Ice Cream Sound? And there are a lot more Matcha recipes out there, including the Japanese ones like ‘Green Tea Tiramasu’.

Where to buy?


Technically, I have been looking for Matcha for over 2 years now. It isn’t that easily available in India and I was planning on asking someone visiting Japan to bring it for me. Thankfully I found this website called Chado who not only sells tea, but are tea experts. Any kind of tea, from any part of the world, you name it and they have it. No one knows teas better than they do. They have actually sent me 5 kinds of Tea Samples and I was so overjoyed to see Matcha as one of them that I am somewhat obsessed and haven’t been able to go through the other samples yet. Hopefully there will be another post with the reviews of all the tea samples I have received. Also, would you like some Matcha Recipes on the blog? Let me know if you do, I can really come up with some.


Note: Press Sample, but trust me when I say that I really have been looking for Matcha in India for over 2 years. Also, I ran out of the sample and ordering one pretty soon. So hopefully there might be series of recipes.

2016 Memories- The Year That Has Been Good To Me

The year 2016 has been really good to me. I left my job as a Data Analyst on December 2015, just 4 months after I started blogging, not knowing where it would take me. I came under criticism from some of my former colleagues, I came across raised eyebrows, but I really had some good vives which told me that it would take me somewhere, even if not too far, but at least somewhere. My boy friend and I follow the same passion towards living an unconventional life. Both of our first love happens to be music, and when I met my second love blogging, he met his second love- photography. I started blogging on August 2015, and he bought his DSLR on November 2015 hoping to click some decent pictures for my blog. Before we knew it, his photography skills had people enquire us if he’s a professional photographer and how much does he charge. It’s with great pride when I tell everyone “No, he just clicks my pictures”. As romantic as it may sound, the reason behind it is simply the fact that he is an introvert and is still not comfortable working with anybody else.

So back to my stories from 2016. It really started with a great note. Right after celebrating New Year I flew to New Delhi to visit the Innisfree Store and the newly launched ‘Jamie’s Italian’.


From there we went to Agra to get together with our extended family residing over there, celebrated my parent’s anniversary with them, attended a big fat Punjabi wedding and came back in a hurry to attend a much contemplated wedding of a former roommate.

p_20160119_211131 Ahem! I was a bridesmaid and the wedding was worth the shortened trip.


Soon as I came back I received an invitation for a bloggers meet, the first that I was able to attend. Previously I got some invitations at Kolkata while I was travelling and at other cities while I was still working. So it was the first invitation that I received after leaving my job and after coming back from my Delhi trip and I made some great friends at the meet.


Soon I started doing OOTD posts and my boy friend just got better and better at photography. We attended exhibitions, events, meets, and book fares.






dsc_0123At April, I left my flat to come live with my parents back at my hometown. I have lived by myself for the last 9 years and it seemed legit that I should live with them for the last of my spinster years. Even though it isn’t in the countryside, it’s just a small town, but I love staying at peaceful atmosphere like this, in a big house and an open land with fresh air. I worked with so much brands sitting at the comfort of my home and occasionally came to Kolkata for meets and events. It got a little tough to attend all the events I was invited to, but I thought that I really needed the break.

The following months were a little rough. My grandma who used to stay with us suffered from a major stroke on June, a few days after my sister’s engagement. She expired a couple of weeks later leaving my mother heartbroken. I didn’t go back to the city for over a couple of months and put a little pause to my blogging. Things haven’t been so much normalised since then, no birthdays and no Christmas. But I started coming back to the city occasionally around the end of August and did a few little shoots and attended some events.









[Durga Puja with fellow blogger Dona]


[A still from my Diwali moments]

After we won a case against my sister’s perverted lab guide, we decided that after all we have gone through we need a family time before my sister leaves for her Post Doctorate degree. So we went to Andaman and had an amazing time. It was really a much needed break.



We came back on December, and had no plans for Christmas celebration as it was our first Christmas without my grandmother. My sister finally got her degree on Christmas Eve bringing us at least some Christmas spark. Later that night we attended Midnight Mass at the Church like every year. On 26th I had my two little nieces from my cousin brother come over at our house for the whole day making it our Christmas highlight.


[The tiny Christmas Tree I decorated this year because I never get any help decorating our huge real tree, now everybody suddenly turned their attention towards the big one planning how they will help me the next year :D]

So that’s how my 2016 went. Though it didn’t end with a very good note like it started (I am meaning my laid back Christmas week) but at least I was with my family, that’s one thing I wish would never change. We had ups more than we had downs. And what is most important to me is that I have been very much positive about the career I have chosen for myself. Even if 2015 is supposed to be the most crucial year of my career as it was the year I started blogging and it was the year I left my job, but 2016 is even more important to me, because I stuck with my words. I didn’t go looking for a job when I faced tough times; instead I’ve had the positive feelings with me throughout the year. And when my blog was featured as one of the top beauty blogs and I was mentioned on TOI for my Korean Skincare Obsession, I knew that I was going into the right direction. All that happened in 2016, the year I didn’t lose hope.


Blogmas: Christmas Gift Guide

Hello everybody today am going to do a Christmas gift guide which I should have done already, but I was kindda waiting for some delivery to arrive before I actually wrote it. I thought Christmas this year is going to be grand since it’s probably my last Christmas as a spinster, but for some weird reasons, this is probably going to be the lamest Christmas of my life. That is one reason I didn’t do a vlogmas as I thought I would. Anyway I sorted some things for the gift guide; some of the stuffs are what I’m actually going to give to my family, and some I thought would make cool presents.

So here’s everything that I’ve got.


Sheet Masks from Innisfree:

They are going to make excellent presents for your cousins and friends, mostly if they are beauty junkie. Take this Christmas as an opportunity to make them try out Korean Skincare and take better care of their skin. Also these have launched in Nykaa very recently, so unless you or your friends live in Delhi or Mumbai and have already tried out these sheet masks, these would look pretty cool. Besides they will only cost you 100rs each.


Where to buy: Nykaa

Anti-Aging Sheet Masks for your mother:

Even though I’ll probably gift my mom shoes or bag or cloth (because I give her skincare stuffs randomly) I still think that skincare products that provide firmness and elasticity will make cool presents for moms and aunts and anyone you wish would age gracefully.


Make up Revolution Ulto Velour Lip Cream:

This is what am actually gifting my sister. She has a very fair skin tone and even though she isn’t a makeup addict, she used to wear red lipsticks whenever she used makeup even though they doesn’t compliment her skin tone very well. I used to try to convince her that she would look better in plum shades, and then she discovered one of my plum lipsticks which suited her amazingly, and it was hers. That Christmas (last Christmas) I gifted her another Plum lipstick which complimented her even better. So this Christmas I got this pretty plum lip cream from Makeup Revolution for her.


Where to buy: Nykaa

Super Christmassy Soaps from the Soap Factory:

If your are someone who likes to make the house look Christmas themed around Christmas, you are definitely going to love these Christmas themed soaps from the Soap Factory. They make amazing gifts, and they turn the bathroom cabinet a lot more Christmassy.



P.S: I might gift some to my aunt.

dsc_0183Where to buy: Soap Factory

Turmeric Tea from The Herb Boutique for your Sophisticated Tea Lover friend or family member:

I don’t know how caffeine lovers are going to react to this, but your health conscious friends are definitely going to love this.


Where to buy:The Herb Boutique

Hair and Body Mists from Natural Bath & Body for the friend who loves to smell good:

Or you can get them nice smelling perfumes 😀


Where to buy: Natural Bath & Body

 Christmassy Lip Butter from Skincafe:

This is what am actually gifting to my two nieces. The third one is on my lips currently.


Read review here: Skincafe Holiday Special Lip Butters Review – Gingerbread Latte, Spiced Pumpkin Latte, Peppermint Latte

Where to buy: Skincafe

Your Choice of Red Lipsticks:

The best one you can get our there is Scarlet O’hara from Sugar Cosmetics which I’m myself gonna wear on Christmas. I just clicked a picture of this one as it’s the only unused red lipstick that I currently own.


Sugar Cosmetics Lipsticks, Kohl and Mascara:

Because no one deserves to be unaware of this super brand.


Where to buy: Sugar Cosmetics

Innisfree Mineral Mist:

This might sound a crazy gifting idea, but if you have a Skincare junkie friend or sister or cousin who hasn’t used a mist yet, she’s going to thank you for introducing her to this beauty.


Read Review: Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist Review

Denver Perfumes or Deos for the men (father/brother/boyfriend/friend) in your life:

I haven’t included them with the others because they are already with y boy friend 100 miles away. He loves Denver deos and perfumes and this one looks too Christmassy among the others.


Where to buy: Denver For Men

So that’s all I have in mind for the gift guide. And in case you are curious, I am going to gift my dad a T-shirt which I’m yet to buy. Also I need to pick up some toys for my nephew’s second Christmas, and for his mum (my cousin sister) I have framed a picture from her wedding. So that’s all, that’s all I have in mind for now. And if you want, you can sneak a peak of Santa’s Workshop on my Insta as I will start wrapping up the gifts from tomorrow.

Till then… Bye



Qtrove Website Review, Haul and Discount Code

Ever since I was a kid, I adored and valued handmade products and thought that they make wonderful gifts, as they are made with love and passion. My love for handmade products grew with my age. I don’t know if it’s just me or handmade products do stand out from any other products. No matter what the product it, if it’s handmade you can tell by the look of its beauty and elegance.

I came across this website called Qtrove that offers a wide range of handmade products. From food items to pet care, there’s barely a section left out. So I went ahead and got myself a Ceramic Candle Diffuser, Handmade Elephant Candle Holder From the Tales of Panchatantra, an earring and Dora essential oil, struggling to avoid the temptation to purchase literally everything for the store. And you couldn’t have blamed me if I did; it takes a strong heart to overlook such pretty collection (just look at their candles!)



The customer service is pretty amazing and updated me on my order frequently. What I didn’t like is that they sent the products in batches. Now a lot of people might prefer that as it gives you a faster delivery since they sent out the products that are already in stock pretty fast. But I personally prefer a single delivery. The Candle Diffuser and the earrings were delivered in a couple of days. The Elephant Candle Holder and the Essential oil took a couple of weeks, probably delayed more because of Durga Puja.





Overall, I am pretty impressed to find a site like this where you can I can find the perfect gift for loved ones.

Now, here’s a little treat for my dear readers. Use this coupon code BLOGCG20 for first time online paid orders above Rs 300, (validity is till Nov End)


Hope you’ll enjoy the products as much as I did.

Till then,




The Diwali Story

There are more than one historical significance and ancient stories related to Diwali. The one that I heard as a child was that Diwali happens to be the darkest day of the year, so it’s kindda legit that people have been decorating their homes with candles and diyas since the ancient days. I don’t know if this version of the story is right or wrong, as we Bengalies celebrate Kali Puja during Diwali and chances are that Kali Puja is the darkest day of the year. We celebrate the fiery, whimsical and ferocious side of women. It’s the winning of light over darkness and people have been celebrating it in the best possible way- lighting up the candles and diyas and decorating their homes and work places.

With time, people curated fire crackers which got included in the celebration, something I am not a huge fan of. Firstly, because I am an animal lover, secondly because I am an environment lover. I hate how animals suffers throughout the two days (Kali Puja and Diwali) and how you see only smoke when you look into the sky. I ask myself every year, why can’t people celebrate Diwali without firing high decibel fire crackers?

And then I found out that Calcutta Instagrammers and Streets of Calcutta are organizing Fanushi– an eco-friendly way of celebrating Diwali, gathering around at a park and lighting up thousands of Sky Lanterns together.

So without wasting any of our precious times, let’s get to the celebration part.

My Kali Pujo Celebration consisted  of only a Fanush  (Sky Lantern) and a couple of Fuljharis, to keep it as eco-friendly as possible.



On Diwali, we (My boyfriend, his sister and I) attended Fanushi to create magical memories. Imagine, thousands of people  lighting their Sky Lanterns all at the same time making you feel like Rapunzel from the movie Tangled.


See what I’m talking about?


There were floating lights from my dreams…



And I sent my wishes to my loved ones in heaven, especially to my grandma who passed away a few months back…


And I vowed, my Diwali from this year, until my last one, no animals will be harmed by me, ever.

And guess what? I heard less high decibel crackers this year. I guess we should be thanking the Cracker Stall owners for selling so many Sky Lanterns for a change.


My Kurti-Akriti


Earrings- Qtrove

P.S: This post has been written with heavy eye lids after coming back from the event as I was wanted to post this on Diwali itself, no matter how sleepy I was. So please forgive me for my lousy write up, I promise my next posts will be better.


Envy-The Luxe Life: Event Cover

A little birdy told me that Envy- The Luxe Life was in town yesterday, aaaaand, I had to visit. My blogger buddy Dona from http://www.donaperfectlook.com/ was kind enough to accompany me and clicked some cool pictures of me.

About Envy-Reconstructing the trigger of possession that is not yours. ENVY is a budding talent that aims in showcasing the evolved fashion and lifestyle and introduce you to a new face of yours. A face that is hidden under a pile of borrowed coats.
Envy is an exhibition,an event that is building from scratch and passion for the love of fashion. Introducing the emerging and fashion forward designers with their innovative designs. Envy is discovering a new path of entertainment and shopping.

Sounds cool! doesn’t it?


There were lots of colours, and glitters, and fairy lights and lots of temptations. Here are some of the coolest pictures that I clicked (The store pictures are clicked by me, and my pictures are obviously clicked by Dona).


Dazzling clutches from Adorne


This vintage mirror from GypsyJ was the best thing that I spotted in the event.


And these junk jewelries and the bird cage…


And the eye catching make up bags from enSoie that comes in pretty much every size possible.



And they also sell breathtaking Tiaras and Jewelries…


And there were shoes, pretty amazing ones.


And elegant decoratives that brought out my love for stationaries and I got myself some designer Disposable Table Mats and Compressed Napkin Tablets.


Dona tested a lip scrub from Nature’s Touch which practically blended on her skin.



And there was a little photo session to sum up the whole evening.




And the location by the way, was Taj Bengal. <3


Here’s a picture of Dona and I in case you don’t know her already… <3


Denver Extreme Deo Review Endurance and Balance for Men

I am terrible at describing smells and scents. And then these opinions are coming from my boy friend (nothing new in my blog). So I will be reviewing two deodorants from his perspective and will just hope that you guys bear with me throughout the post.

So I received two deodorants from Denver: Xtreme Endurance and Xtreme balance. As for my part, I did my job by initially smelling them as soon I received them and I must say, I loved them both, mostly the blue one (Endurance) which is much more masculine.


Now here come the opinions from my boy friend. For a starter, he’s basically hooked on the deos. He says that unlike a typical deo that sprays mostly gas and finishes up pretty fast, these rather sprays like perfumes, thus only a very little spraying is required. Both  deos smells amazing, with the Endurance being his personal favourite and more masculine, where the Orange one is a bit softer, and has a certain seductive notes in it. Both last until the next shower. That one time he had a colleague ask him if he had just worn a deo when it was around the end of the day and he wasn’t carrying any deo with him. Long story short, he used to carry his deos with him to work, but after he started using these two babies he have stopped carrying them as they last until the end of the day.

Will we purchase them again?

Why not? They last really long, have amazing fragrance and come in a really reasonable price.


  • Sturdy Masculine Packaging
  • Travel Friendly
  • Reasonable price
  • Lasts long
  • Little goes a long way
  • Makes amazing gift
  • Smells amazing


Nothing really

Price – 199/- for 150ml

Where to Buy:

Official Website








Product received for review purpose but the opinions are completely honest.


Canvas Printing With Canvas Champ

We are the kind of family that has family photographs hanging throughout the walls. Sometimes my mom wishes we had more walls, and then she gets more walls built. Long story short, we love framing family photographs and hanging them on the wall.

Very recently, my sister got engaged and my mom and I were planning to get the engagement pictures enlarged and framed. We usually go for the golden frames but then I was contacted by a newly launched online canvas printing site called Canvas Champ and I was like, why not? We have been getting golden frames since like forever, and it was high time we tried something new. So these guys from Canvas Champ proposed to get me a 12X8 canvas print for free in return of my honest opinion. At first I debated that I should be giving them a picture related to my blog, since the whole thing (free print and opinion) was related to my blog, but just a couple of days earlier, my boyfriend (and my photographer) got me all my favourite blog pictures framed for my birthday and I couldn’t find any that hasn’t been framed already.  So after going through all the pictures in my laptop I came back to a picture from my sister’s engagement that I told my mom I will get framed.

Within a week after I gave them the picture they mailed me saying that I provided them with the wrong address and in fact I did. I mean I provided them with my boyfriend’s home address under my name. So I gave them my own address this time and in four days the frame was at my doorstep, and considering the fact that I gave them my parent’s address which is basically a small town, the delivery was super fast.


Now getting to the main point, the final product, in short, my whole family was super impressed. The whole print was looking so lifelike contrary to regular photo frames. The frame base is wooden and I don’t have any idea about canvas print qualities, but I loved everything about it. In fact, my mum’s saying that she’ll be getting canvas prints from now on. I mean we have two newly built rooms with bare walls, and are we talking about going back to golden frames? No. We still have a lot of pictures to get framed. I am even thinking of getting my best friend a canvas print for her birthday.


  • I have never got pictures framed online, getting them enlarged and framed separately is a task I hate to do. Being the lazy person that I am, I am loving the whole facility.
  • If you move a lot, you won’t have to worry about your frames cracking
  • Makes excellent gifts
  • Feels real unlike regular frames


Nothing that I have discovered yet.

Will I get more prints from this site?

Of course, Yes! As I said, we have two more rooms to fill.

Price: INR 576 for 12×8



NOTE: I was provided with a free service but everything written above are my honest opinion (like always).

P.S:  This is not my whole family; one important part of the family (my boy friend) was on the other side of the camera.

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The First Rain of The Summer

When I was small kid, I used to have a special bond with nature, which I never realized until I moved to the city. I grew up in a small town, with my parents and my sister. We have got a huge house with a huge front yard and a backyard with so many trees that you wouldn’t be able to count. ‘Forest’ as my friends used to call our backyard, some even referred to it as ‘sundarban’, I deeply loved every single tree in there. I remember crying my eyes out when some of them would get cut down. I can still remember all of the trees that got cut down over the years, the guava tree was my favourite. Most of our neighbours happen to be our relatives as well. Everything was so different back then, the elder people had such a deep bond with each other. I remember dancing in joy when it rained during the summer, collecting mangoes while it rained. My grandmother used fill lot of bags with seasonal fruits from our trees and I took the honour of distributing them among my neighbours while it rained. My mother still does that, only she waits for the rain to stop first.
The first year after moving to the city I used to feel so suffocated, I was always desperate to get some fresh air and would run to the terrace whenever I got the time. Hostel changed to apartments, apps got downloaded. I tried listening to the thunderstorm sounds like a sane person, it left me more depressed. It never sounded like that from my apartment when it rained.
After 9yrs of my stay in the city I decided to spend the summer back at my hometown. At first I thought I would get bored, I thought my stay at a small town would effect my blog. I won’t lie, it did effect my blog a little, but still I would say it has to be the best decision of my life. It’s been a month that I am here, every second of this month has been a blessing. When the first rain of the summer hit my small city, I felt nothing has changed over these years. We collected about 40kgs of mangoes while it rained, and distributed them, only this time I waited for the rain to stop before I stepped outside my house. If you are from West Bengal, you’ll know what rain means to us during the summer. That day after the rain stopped, I felt like a complete different person, as if the rain has flushed away all my negativity, as if everything made sense. It’s been two days and I still haven’t lost my new found positive attitude towards life 
and while I am writing this, I am enjoying the second rain of the summer. Ah! If only you could have seen the view outside my window! I know what you guys must be possibly thinking, if I’m really enjoying the rain, I would rather stare at my window instead of my laptop screen, but I really wanted you guys to see what I am seeing, through my writing, through my words.  I’m currently sitting 6 inches away from my window facing the hundreds of trees in my backyard, wishing that I would be able to take this piece of mother nature with me when I head back to the city.