Fighting Depression With Home Decor

We all have days when we feel low, when we lack inspiration to keep us going throughout the day. Since our surroundings affect a lot on our mood and our mental health it’s very crucial to create a warm and cozy atmosphere at our home, especially for people like me who works from home.

Yes, there are days when I want to do nothing but lay idle, totally ignoring the fact that I have plenty of work to do, there are days when I get depressed over absolutely nothing and there are days when I find no inspiration to keep me going. Sometimes, just sometimes that’s excusable, often times not. To fight my desire to stay in the bed all day and do nothing I try creating an ambiance in my home that can lift up my mood. Writing takes so much patience, and your mind needs to be not just in a better place, but in the best place. My surroundings reflect in my mood and my mood reflects in my writing, so in order to get inspiration from my surroundings, I always try creating the perfect ambience where I can feel better even during days when I feel low.

  • Wall Paint/Wall Art:

The colour you are surrounded by plays a very crucial role in lifting up your mood. I try surrounding myself with colours that makes me happy- different shades of pink. However, since I indulge in indoor product photography way too often, I have my bedroom walls painted in light shades. My work space is currently under construction and I am planning to paint them all white.

You can also decorate the walls with amazing wall arts that reflects your personality.

In contrast to my light shaded walls I opt for bright curtains that lift up my mood. Have you heard of colour therapy? You can actually fight depression and heal with the use of colours- red, yellow, orange, blue- or in my case pinks or mauve.

  • Candles/Fairy lights:

Usually I start writing in the evening after having a cup of afternoon tea or coffee. The first thing I like to do is light a scented candle (or sometimes just a pillar candle) and put it beside my laptop on my work table. Nothing lifts up my mood better than a lit candle especially during the winter.

There’s something about fairy lights that brings joy and happiness, isn’t that why we light them during festivals?

You can get scented candles from online shopping sites.

  • Pictures/ Paintings:

This is probably the best way to be inspired from your surroundings. Don’t we all love keeping our screensavers that reflects our goal in life, or pictures that makes us happy? From pictures of our loved ones to the car we dream of purchasing someday, they have all been our screensaver at one point or another. Yes, we can use our wall as an empty canvas and fill it with pictures and arts that inspire us.

  • A well kept bedroom and work place:

There’s nothing worse than walking into an unorganized bedroom after a hard day at work. It’s almost as bad to walk in to a messy desk; literally kills my mood. So I organize my work desk before opening my laptop to work and since am a lover of stationeries, I love having notepads and planners on my desk.

So these are the things that not only lift up my mood but help me fight depression as well. Hope you guys found these useful, do let me know if you try any of them J

Getting Over A Heartbreak

Heartbreaks, we have all had them, we have all survived them (or not). What makes them even worse is the fact that you don’t just have heart breaks when you part ways with your partner, you can have them when you break up with your best friend, or that special friend with whom you had a non-existent relationship. It’s the lump in your throat that you feel when you suddenly stop talking to someone you used to talk every single day. It’s the pain you feel when you realize that the name that used to be on top of your chat list has been going down and just down. You cannot do anything about it, except for jumping at every message beep hoping it’s them. We have all been there, some of us recovered faster; some of us took too much time. The time it takes for you to recover not always depends on how strong you are, or how deeply you loved that person, because even the strongest person breaks down and we judge their strength based on if they are showing their tears to us or not.

They say when you face a heartbreak, get busy, as busy as possible, as busy as to not think of that pain, as busy that you don’t even have the time to expect a call or text from them. But truth to be told, you cannot pretend forever that the lump in your throat does not exist. You might take your mind off the pain for a while, but as soon as your head hits the pillow it’s all going to come back. Even if you manage to doze off, you’re going to wake up in the middle of the night and try to figure out if you just dreamt it all, if it was just a nightmare that the person you love so dearly has walked out of your life. And the truth will hit you so hard that you’ll feel like you cannot breathe. If you are lucky, you might be able to doze off again, only to wake up in the morning, may be earlier than you usually wake up and stare at your phone hoping there’s a text when deep down you know, there’s not, there’s never going to be. Sleepless nights and sleepy days, and the more you stress yourself with work, the more you are bound to break down because a part of your brain cannot forget the pain and you are constantly pushing it towards the edge so that you can get busy forgetting the pain. But for how long? How long can you pretend that you are the strongest person who’s not allowed to break down? How long can you push away your thoughts? How long are you going to hold those tears in? How long? Sooner or later you’ll find yourself laying flat in your tears because you have pretended for too long, pretended that it doesn’t hurt.

And then there are worse things we do. Sometimes, in order to forget the person who broke our heart, we try to replace them immediately; clinging to the first person we meet after the heartbreak, to the person who tries to bring smile to our face during our difficult times. As healthy as it is to talk to friends and have shoulders to cry on, rebounding in a new relationship is the worst thing we can do sometimes.  We don’t realize that we are using the new person in our life as a distraction from the pain, as a small band aid to a much severe injury. In most cases it does not work out either, because you haven’t allowed yourself the time and space to figure out what’s going on, figure out what you actually want, figure out who you truly are.

So are we not supposed to move on? Yes we do, but we are also allowed to break down, to let out those tears that we have been holding in, to cry it all out until you feel numb. Cry until there are no more tears screaming to come out of your eyes, cry until your pillow cover is wet, cry yourself to sleep. Yes, you are allowed to skip the work, and that meal, you are allowed to mess your life up until you feel there’s nothing left to mess up. Feel human, feel that pain until you are tired of it, until you reach that point where you look back and only see the pain instead of the golden memories that you were crying over. Only then will you realize that those memories are not worth that pain. Only then you’ll look into the mirror and see the strongest person you’ve ever known. You’ll see you, with your raw, naked emotion and you’ll realize that the pain has become a lot more tolerable, it doesn’t hurt as bad as it was hurting just a few days back. The sadness will still be there but you’ll eventually stop waking up in the middle of the night with anxiety. The breakdowns will stop, you’ll still be thinking about them but you’ll have less urge to text them begging them to come back. You’ll feel sad, yet refreshed. You’ll start taking care of yourself, you’ll catch up on everything you have missed out on for the last couple of weeks, you’ll be eating your favourite food and having meals right on time. Yes the sadness will still linger, but not for too long. Soon you’ll realize that you deserve so much better, better than the melancholy feeling and the lump in your throat. You’ll have a better understanding of life and what you want. And that’s when you’ll know that you have completely moved on.

February 2017 Income Report

Hello everybody, hope you guys are all doing good. The month has just come to an end and here I am with my February Income Report just like I promised. As some of you might know that the first couple of weeks have been a bit tough for me and I’ve been down for a while but the next 2 weeks have been pretty intense. I wrote an e-book with shopping partner GrassSpider and have worked with some brands that got me caught up. Right after I started working by the third week  and I’ve been so stressed because lined articles have been piling up. The month of February has been a chain of depression-anxiety-stress, depression because you already might know, anxiety when I realized that I’ve been ignoring my blog for awhile because of my mental situation and then I was stressed because when I resumed writing, I had so much to write!

So a quick overview of the basics in case you haven’t read my previous income report– I just count the transactions of the very month. Sometime I work with a brand at a certain month but I get paid the next month, so I’ll be adding it to the month of the payment instead of the month I actually did the work. Secondly, I don’t count products repeat purchased; I just count products that have been purchased solely for the purpose of reviewing.

So here we go…


Sponsored Giveaway- 1000 Rs

Sponsored Posts- 6000 Rs

E-Booklet- 2000 Rs

Affiliate Marketing- 488 Rs

Total= 9488 Rs


Subscription Bag- 1599 Rs

Products- 2050 Rs

Giveaways-1500 Rs

Total: 5149 Rs

As you can see, I’m not left with much, but hey! I did some smart investing! Can I be judged? I don’t think so. Hope I’ll be better this month. Whatever happens I will definitely share. 😉

Till then bye… XOXO

January 2017 Income Report

So today is the first day of the second month of 2017 and it’s about time I start with some of my New Year Resolutions. Is it weird that all of my 2017 New Year resolutions are actually related to this beloved blog of mine? Part of the resolutions were to write more offbeat posts on my blog, posts that are heart to heart, posts with some insights and most importantly to update my blogger income report. Now Blogger Income Report is something that’s usually updated by really successful bloggers that have been writing for such long time. The reason  I decided to start doing it so soon is because I wanted to keep an account of a budding blogger whose community is still growing, to document the gradual increase of the traffic and the income. Because every successful blogger had days when they just invested and invested before they actually started earning from their blog. And as much as it’s encouraging that they update their huge amount of income after they become way too successful, I thought I should start doing it long before I reach that stage (I really hope I do) to account the progress I am making.  I know blogging is about passion and you should do it for the love of it, but we all need to pay bills and trust me, lucky are those who don’t have to rely on a full-time job for it.

Truth is, up until the last month of 2016 I used to invest way more on my blog than I actually earn from it. December was just the horrible, I purchased my second DSLR and I spent too much on hauls and new launches. But because my goal was to encourage and not discourage other bloggers, I limited my investments and one of my major resolutions was to invest less than what I earn from the blog.

Before I start with my report let’s clarify some of the things. Like hosting, I pay it yearly and I will include it the month I do the payment. Similarly, there are tie ups and affiliates that I get paid late, sometimes months late. So I’ll be including the payment the month I receive it. Like I will actually account the transactions. Secondly, I will include the price of the products that I have purchased solely for the purpose of reviewing, any product that I repeat purchased for my personal use won’t be included.


  • Tie Ups- 1000rs
  • Sponsored Posts- 2000rs
  • Affiliate Links-500rs

Total Income- 3500rs


  • Products-400rs
  • Beauty Bag Subrsciption-599rs
  • Facebook Advert- 100rs

Total Investments- 1099rs

I know the account kind of ended before it even started, but just like I said I wanted to document my progress. If I try to be honest, I might admit that I usually spend a LOT on products and it took me a way lot of convincing myself to keep my investments low because I didn’t want to start my reports bankrupt lol.

P.S: I will improve my presentation with passing months, I promise.

2016 Memories- The Year That Has Been Good To Me

The year 2016 has been really good to me. I left my job as a Data Analyst on December 2015, just 4 months after I started blogging, not knowing where it would take me. I came under criticism from some of my former colleagues, I came across raised eyebrows, but I really had some good vives which told me that it would take me somewhere, even if not too far, but at least somewhere. My boy friend and I follow the same passion towards living an unconventional life. Both of our first love happens to be music, and when I met my second love blogging, he met his second love- photography. I started blogging on August 2015, and he bought his DSLR on November 2015 hoping to click some decent pictures for my blog. Before we knew it, his photography skills had people enquire us if he’s a professional photographer and how much does he charge. It’s with great pride when I tell everyone “No, he just clicks my pictures”. As romantic as it may sound, the reason behind it is simply the fact that he is an introvert and is still not comfortable working with anybody else.

So back to my stories from 2016. It really started with a great note. Right after celebrating New Year I flew to New Delhi to visit the Innisfree Store and the newly launched ‘Jamie’s Italian’.


From there we went to Agra to get together with our extended family residing over there, celebrated my parent’s anniversary with them, attended a big fat Punjabi wedding and came back in a hurry to attend a much contemplated wedding of a former roommate.

p_20160119_211131 Ahem! I was a bridesmaid and the wedding was worth the shortened trip.


Soon as I came back I received an invitation for a bloggers meet, the first that I was able to attend. Previously I got some invitations at Kolkata while I was travelling and at other cities while I was still working. So it was the first invitation that I received after leaving my job and after coming back from my Delhi trip and I made some great friends at the meet.


Soon I started doing OOTD posts and my boy friend just got better and better at photography. We attended exhibitions, events, meets, and book fares.






dsc_0123At April, I left my flat to come live with my parents back at my hometown. I have lived by myself for the last 9 years and it seemed legit that I should live with them for the last of my spinster years. Even though it isn’t in the countryside, it’s just a small town, but I love staying at peaceful atmosphere like this, in a big house and an open land with fresh air. I worked with so much brands sitting at the comfort of my home and occasionally came to Kolkata for meets and events. It got a little tough to attend all the events I was invited to, but I thought that I really needed the break.

The following months were a little rough. My grandma who used to stay with us suffered from a major stroke on June, a few days after my sister’s engagement. She expired a couple of weeks later leaving my mother heartbroken. I didn’t go back to the city for over a couple of months and put a little pause to my blogging. Things haven’t been so much normalised since then, no birthdays and no Christmas. But I started coming back to the city occasionally around the end of August and did a few little shoots and attended some events.









[Durga Puja with fellow blogger Dona]


[A still from my Diwali moments]

After we won a case against my sister’s perverted lab guide, we decided that after all we have gone through we need a family time before my sister leaves for her Post Doctorate degree. So we went to Andaman and had an amazing time. It was really a much needed break.



We came back on December, and had no plans for Christmas celebration as it was our first Christmas without my grandmother. My sister finally got her degree on Christmas Eve bringing us at least some Christmas spark. Later that night we attended Midnight Mass at the Church like every year. On 26th I had my two little nieces from my cousin brother come over at our house for the whole day making it our Christmas highlight.


[The tiny Christmas Tree I decorated this year because I never get any help decorating our huge real tree, now everybody suddenly turned their attention towards the big one planning how they will help me the next year :D]

So that’s how my 2016 went. Though it didn’t end with a very good note like it started (I am meaning my laid back Christmas week) but at least I was with my family, that’s one thing I wish would never change. We had ups more than we had downs. And what is most important to me is that I have been very much positive about the career I have chosen for myself. Even if 2015 is supposed to be the most crucial year of my career as it was the year I started blogging and it was the year I left my job, but 2016 is even more important to me, because I stuck with my words. I didn’t go looking for a job when I faced tough times; instead I’ve had the positive feelings with me throughout the year. And when my blog was featured as one of the top beauty blogs and I was mentioned on TOI for my Korean Skincare Obsession, I knew that I was going into the right direction. All that happened in 2016, the year I didn’t lose hope.


My Bucket List


Of late I have writing about just beauty and lifestyle. But the truth is blogging is much more than just sharing what I liked and what I disliked. Owning a blog gives me the power to be heard, to inspire. Sure my life isn’t a perfect fairytale, but it’s highly possible that I am underrating something that someone somewhere is craving for, or vice versa. Being a blogger gives me the power of being personal with my readers. You see our readers matter a lot to us, sometimes more than our real life friends. There are readers who know us as better than some of our real life friends, because sometimes we share stuffs with you guys which we won’t personally share with our real life acquaintances.

So somehow it felt right to share my bucket list with you guys. I never had my bucket list written in any diary or notepad, they were like in my head. But then I realised that putting them all in a single place will help me work harder to actually achieve them. And who knows? May be you guys might even get inspired by some of them?

Before starting, I would like to mention that because I have never jotted them down before, it’s pretty likely that I missed a lot of them since they have been building up since my childhood. So here’s everything that I can remember including the ones that’s already checked.

  • Music:

I’ve been passionate about music from before I can even remember.  I have learnt Classical Indian for 7 years and ever since I was a kid, I wanted to build a career out of it. Sure enough my parents were always dead against it. I knew they would never let me. But I had this dream, that one day I will own a room full of musical instruments, and I vowed that won’t get married until that day, unless of course I marry a musician who’s going to share the same passion.

Status- Checked:  After completing my graduation, I started taking guitar lessons and by the end of my Masters degree I joined a fusion band and fell for the lead guitarist/ mainstream vocal. After the band broke off with a bad note, the two of us kept on with our duo setup. We are getting married by the end of next year (hopefully) and we already own 5 guitars and a Ukulele and still have a lot on our ‘instrumental bucket list’.


[You guys can check some of our uploads here:]

  • Travel The World:

Who doesn’t have that on their bucket list right?  In my case, these travels doesn’t include any fancy hotels, instead I would love to stay with the locals and eat the local and traditional food, and enjoy the sights that tourists often ignore. I would love to put out a tent and sleep under the stars, in fact it should have been a whole point by itself.

My boy friend and I share the same passion for food; we hop around the city searching for different cuisines, and what better way there is to taste different cuisines other than travelling the world?

Status- Still hanging in there: The only person I know that share the same interest like me is my boy friend, and since I live in India and our parent’s are Indian, we have to wait for it until we are married.  (My parent’s and my sister love to travel too, but they travel like tourists and not like travellers, something I am never satisfied with).

  • Live an unconventional life:

Honestly, my family never understood me. I guess it happens to every single people who are a bit different from the others. My father’s family is full is of business geniuses (including my father), my mother’s family has some educational nerds(including my mother and my sister) and by nerds, I mean people who will leave their job as a professor in the city and build a school in a village spending the rest of their lives teaching. I guess I got the creative genes from my mother’s side, and they are happy as long as it remains a hobby. When a hobby turns into a passion, our parents get panic attacks. As students, we had few options when it came to building a career: doctor, engineer, teacher, or a govt. employee, your life has no meaning if you get out of that zone.

Well I always knew I was going to do something different, with huge struggles and difficulties I might add. I had only one career option, a school teacher, of a govt school mind you. But I joined the band when I was doing my masters. It got pretty ugly when my parents found out. It was to their relief when I left the band but then again what Indian parents would be okay if their baby girl starts dating a hardcore musician?! But I did what I had to do; I kept on rehearsing and performing with my boyfriend, until we decided that we need to get jobs to invest on instruments and equipments. A conventional job wasn’t a plan, but we agreed to work for one to maximum two years.  Sure enough our rehearsal sessions became a distinct event and all my salary was spent paying my bills and my rent (my hometown is 100km far from Kolkata so I live by myself). But we did manage to purchase a few instruments and equipments and while working as a Data Analyst I also grew the passion for blogging. I used to blog rarely, prior to joining the firm (a different blogspot blog with the same name) but it was my colleagues who enlightened me about the whole blogging thing. I purchased a domain and started afresh on August 2015 and pretty soon I was so hooked that I would stay up all night writing. I knew this was going somewhere and I knew that I need to spend some more time with my blog, not exhausted nights, but with a fresh brain that actually works.

My boyfriend being the creative soul that he is, has always wanted to try his hands on photography and when I started blogging he found his calling too. By November he purchased a DSLR and I gave my manager my notice letter. Anyone will tell me that it was too soon, but trust me, every hour I spent at the office, all I could think of was what am I gonna right today. And it was pretty frustrating when after going home I neither had the energy, nor would my brain co-operate. Also it was 3 months past 2 years and as stubborn as I was, I had to leave the job. So I did, and look at me now, I spend the whole day browsing articles, reading books, writing posts, attending events, playing the guitar and sometimes even attempting my hand on photography. I could not be happier.

P.S: My parents are actually supportive about my blogging career; they have been since the beginning which was a shocker to me.

Status- Checked: Living the time of my life and hoping that it would get even better after I get married because believe it or not, my boy friend is as invested in my blog as I am in his compositions.


  • Have pink hair strand:

This has been in my bucket list ever since I was sixteen.  I searched so many Salons in Kolkata that can colour my hear freaking pink, but I found none. Only this one salon had wash of colour and I wasn’t dropping 500 bucks for a single strand for a single day. I had been searching for a perfect spray can for a long time and I just ordered one from BBlunt.

Status- Checked

  • Louis Vuitton Hand bag:

Here comes the mortal wish. I always had a fascination for Louis Vuitton Handbags. Again, who doesn’t right? But I’ve always found Louis Vuitton classier than any other Hi End Brands, they are like dreams.

Status- Checked.



  • Not looking for MRP while shopping:

When I was in college, I never had I clue what I was gonna do the next day. People were like ‘Are you going to pursue a Masters degree after graduating college?’. ‘I don’t know’ was the common answer I could afford. Except for the times when they would ask ‘What’s your aim?’. That’s one answer I know ‘Ah! To become too successful to not have to look for MRPs while shopping’. (My sister already does that).

Status- Far cry

  • Have my own home: (not my inheritance, but my own, and my boy friend’s of course)

Nothing fancy, just a place where I can look ugly and enjoy it.

Status- Again, far cry.

  • Stay Healthy:

I am a big time foodie. I don’t compromise with my food nor do I exercise. The only thing good about my appetite is that I love eating vegetables. When I decided I’m going to stay with my parents for the summer, I was really looking forward to grow some organic veggies in our garden. But that didn’t happen as with summer came the drought and then with my grandmother passing, things were a bit mess over here. I still am looking forward to grow a veggie garden along with my mother and I will make sure to blog about it if I do.

Fitness has always been the last thing on my mind. But when my grandma was in the hospital and after she died under certain circumstances I lost my appetite. The lack of nutrition started showing on my skin and overall my health. People give me one look at and ask me if I am suffering from some serious illness. ‘No, it’s just lack of food and sleep’. So I figured that it’s high time I start eating healthy and may be spare some time for a couple of sit ups.

You guys can follow my fitness journey over at my Instagram and if I get into a good routine, I will make sure to do a detailed post about it.

Status- Getting there

  • Have a profession that will allow me to spend enough time with my parents:

I’ve been living by myself since the past 9 years. All I ever wanted was to get to spend not just weekends but a good amount of time with my parents, especially before I get married (this feels weird, this post is technically the first time I am talking about getting married). So hooray, as a full time blogger I get to spend soooo much time at home. I do go to Kolkata for shoots and events, but then again I don’t need to wait for weekends to come home.

Status- Checked

And above all…

  • Inspire:

As a blogger, I do have responsibilities towards my readers. I just can’t write good stuffs about a bad product just because it’s sponsored. In the similar way, I just can’t show off the best parts of my life and leave the hardships behind the curtain. After all, we are all human. I believe everybody inspires people around them one way or the other, most of the time not knowing it themselves. The whole reason that I got all personal in this post is because I love when people follow their own dreams and choose their own paths. Some people doesn’t have a clue what they want from life, some people does, but are often too afraid to chase it.

I would say if you have figured out your calling, figure out ways to achieve it, you cannot leave any stone unturned.

So these are everything I could think of.  I seriously have no idea why I wrote this post the day before my birthday, is it because the clock is ticking? I don’t know. Whatever the reason is that I suddenly felt like writing this down, I hope you guys enjoyed it. And also I would love to read about your bucket lists. After all they are worth the chase…

New Year Resolution, Welcoming 2016

It’s already the end of October, who can tell? Time flies to quickly, right? Just a few months ago it was 2014, we laughed, we cried, we lit crackers, we baked cakes. Now very soon we’ll be welcoming 2016. At every year end we hope and pray that the next year things are going to be better. We make resolutions, we have our fingers crossed. As for me, every 31st December midnight I go to the Church with my family, I thank the Lord for everything good that happened the previous year and I pray that the next year, things are going to be so much better.

How about, we do things differently this time. Let’s say we pray, we light fire crackers, we do everything that we do every single year, but along with those hopes and prayers we plan some serious resolutions for ourselves. We sort everything out,  we take control of how our next year is going to be.

Resolutions like quit smoking, smiling more, staying healthy, maintaining fitness can change our lives, But they never last for more than a few days, do they? How about getting a bit serious about our resolutions this time. As for me, I think it’s already time to plan our ‘serious’ resolutions. Another two months, and Bam! a new year with a lots of hopes and promises. Wouldn’t it be great if, while welcoming the new year we already know how great this year is gonna be?

What if… 2016 is all about fulfilling our dreams and ticking off our bucket lists? We can at least try, right? How about we take the resolution to stop making money for someone else and do what we love, for ourselves. It’s not totally impossible if we try to make it happen. They say great things happen when you get out of your comfort zone. Well, have you ever tried to find out what it’s like when you get out of your comfort zone? May be it’s time you find out.  The first few months might be a struggle, but great things can always be achieved once you are ready to do what it takes to fulfill your dreams. And I hope that by the time we welcome 2016 we all are ready to get out of our comfort zone and do what it takes to fulfill our dreams…


P.S: I’ll be eager to read about your resolutions in the comment section…



Michelle Phan, From YouTube Personality to Forbes Under 30

Who said life is not a fairy tale? You should know that it can be, if you want. That is something I learnt from YouTube star Michelle Phan.

Michelle Phan’s childhood is full of hardships, abandoned by her immigrant father and brought up by her mother along with her older brother and a younger sister, Phan was reduced to sleeping on the floor at a point of her life. While working as a waitress, she started writing a blog that described her fantasy life of lots of money and plenty of time to get dolled up. In 2007, with the help of a webcam and a simple editing tool, she posted a 7 minute make-up tutorial on YouTube on two of her readers’ request. She didn’t think that anybody else would watch her videos except for the two girls, but wow! her video received 40,000 views within the first week and she knew that this was her call.

Buzzfeed featured two of Phan’s videos which helped them go viral and brought her over 2 million subscribers.

There is something magical about her videos that keeps you eagerly waiting for when’s the next video is going to be posted.

In 2010, Lancolm made Phan their official video make-up artist after she featured some of their products in her videos. In 2012, she launched Ipsy, a subscription cosmetics company. On August 15, 2013, L’Oreal launched a new cosmetic line called em by Michelle Phan, dedicating the brand to her mother.

“I didn’t have a roadmap, I just did it because it was meaningful to me and I wanted to disrupt the beauty industry,” said Phan at Forbes’ second annual 30 Under 30 summit in Philadelphia.

What makes Michelle Phan stand out from other beauty entrepreneurs is that she is always inspiring other. Her videos are all about inspirations, be it a   make up guide or be it a spiritual guide.

As the inspiration she is, Phan launched a free program in 2015, Ipsy Open Studios, which offers ready access studio space and video production equipment plus an extensive suite of mobile apps and technology resources to beauty creators. How awesome is that?

She also has a music venture that promotes artists on social media.

Yes, the list goes on…

Last month, Ipsy raised $100 million to value the company at over $500 million. And the following month,she made it to the Forbes’ 30 under 30 list.

“Influence is the new power–if you have influence you can create a brand,” says Phan.



The thin line of difference between regret and realization…

Writing, because why not?

My day starts with the sound of a digital alarm. Irritating you should guess. Every single time it goes off I ask myself ‘For how long? How long will I have to wake up with these annoying sounds of a machine?

May be forever… Just kidding… just until it’s time for my superannuation.


I brush my teeth, take a bath, get ready and set out for office like the robot I am. Yes, I skip the breakfast everyday like many other people in their 20s do. Who wastes time on breakfast when a second can cost you a half day’s salary?

I get a mini stroke every time I look at the wall clock, so I decided to ignore it, in the morning because who wants a mini stroke every single morning, and in the evening (better call it night) because I don’t want to remind myself every single day that I won’t get any time for myself, to finish the book I started reading before joining the office, to take a look at the magazine I picked up while coming back home or pick up my laptop and write an article. My guitar cries standing in the corner of my bedroom.

Half my energy gets drained trying to reach office. I do lose the marathon every other day and reach the office seconds or sometimes minutes after the time I’m supposed to reach.I decide my days in a simple way. The days I win the marathon is supposed to be a good day, and the days I lose is supposed to be a very bad day.

I do have a benefit which some people do not. I stay away from my hometown, which means I stay by myself, which also means I can stay wherever in the city I want. When I first joined my office I was staying at a very friendly neighborhood from where my sister and my boy friends’ place were very close, and there was a   metro station and  a train station, how convenient! But since I joined my office, it turned out that it wasn’t that convenient after all. After I lost all my leaves loosing the marathon, I decided I needed to move closer towards my office. I did, I moved a little far away from my sister’s place, my boy friend’s place and all the other conveniences. I moved to a weird place, it helped me win the marathon more often but I thought it wasn’t enough. So I moved again,much  closer to my office only to realize I’ve moved too close that I won’t ever get an empty cab while going to office.

Amid all these struggles I didn’t even realize that I have visited neither my sister, nor my boy friend since I moved here. Also, my recent place is so far away from the train station that instead of taking the usual 6.30 p.m train from my hometown I now have to take the 4.20 p.m train whenever I visit home. My parents also finds it very inconvenient to make a visit to my place.

All these, for just one thing, wining the marathon.

And what do I do when I win the marathon? I make a hell lot of money for someone who doesn’t even pay me what I deserve. Just kidding… I do the same even when I loose…

Do I have an option?


Or may be Yes……

I never imagined how my life would be like if I put the same effort and struggle to do something that I like.

May be it’s time to think, may be it’s time to stop making money for someone else and to do something myself… May be it’s time to realize, so that the time never comes when i have nothing to do except regret…


Success stories of some of your favourite Fashion and Beauty Bloggers

I’ve stumbled across questions like ‘I want to start a blog but I don’t know were to start’ or ‘ I want to start a blog but I don’t know if it’s a right choice for me’. As for me, I am a new blogger myself, and I asked these questions to myself a few many times before starting the blog and at one point of time I just knew that this was the right decision. All of our favourite bloggers are self-made, all of them started from a scratch. Most of them started the blog while studying or working full-time, writing the posts whenever they got time. And then after months or years of hard works they were able to quit their jobs and become full-time bloggers.  So I’m putting together the start-up and success stories of some of our favourite bloggers and vloggers so that you can find your inspiration somewhere in the middle of this article … 🙂


Chiara Ferragni The Blonde Salad



Image Source: The Blonde Salad


I’ll just assume that you already know who she is, and in case if you don’t, Chiara is one of the most domination fashion blogger turned fashion designer.  She launched her blog back in 2009 when blogs were not yet the today phenomenon.

The ‘About’ section of her Facebook page reads “In October 2009 I opened this fashion blog, recommending to my followers a personal look every day with great attention to details, complete with text and captions in Italian and English (65% of followers are foreigners).

Less than two years after its opening, TBS has reached 90,000 views daily (more than 500.000 unique visitors and 7.500.000 impressions per month).

Mentioned by the New York Times as “One of the biggest breakout street-style star of the Year” I got important personal achievements from the end of 2009 until now.

In 2010 I was the presenter for “Best Look” of the Italian TRL Awards, a guest at Chiambretti Night (famous italian tv variety show) and guest of honor during the Pennyblack Vogue Fashion Night Out in Milan last september (and I will do the same for the 2011 edition).
I have also posed as a model for the lookbook of Silvian Heach and in the same year I started a collaboration with the monthly “A” magazine, where I weekly write about fashion and youth.

The year 2011 has been a great year so far, thanks to the catwalk that I did for Alberta Ferretti during the 79th edition of Pitti, along with other “real women” who have distinguished themselves in their work fields.
In the same year I was godmother to the launch of new Furla “Candy Bag” and the winner of the “Newcomer Blogger of the Year” Bloglovin Awards Prize in New York.
In May I was one of the protagonists of the red carpet in Cannes for the Premiere of the movie “Habemus Papam” by italian director Nanni Moretti.
In the same period I posed with other young emerging personalities for the new Hogan FW 2011 Campaign “Future Roots”, which was already launched in the past days.

I’m also preparing for the launch of my 3rd season shoe line “Chiara Ferragni” ( a perfect combination of my style and the amazing “made in Italy”. In September I will also start a challenging collaboration with the underwear brand Yamamay, covering different roles.

Some of the brands I collaborated with are: Guerlain, Dior, Furla, Woolrich, Grey Goose, Pennyblack, Tommy Hilfiger, Kenzo, Nikon, Mango, Polyvore, Louis Vuitton, Philipp Plein, Alberto Guardiani, Diego Dalla Palma, Easyjet, Hogan, Benetton, Seven For All Mankind, Lancome..” lists her as one of the most influential personal style blogger of all time.

Today Chiara has as huge as 4.4m followers on her Instagram account and 1,145,881 likes on her facebook page.


Julie Engel  Gal Meets Glam

gmg-headshot-parker  ”

“I started Gal Meets Glam back in 2011 while a Junior in college studying Business. I knew I wanted to create something, but I wasn’t entirely sure of what that “something” was. Without hesitation, I signed up for Blogger and wrote my first blog post. I had no idea what I was doing, but I had the passion to learn and grow, so I did just that. My then boyfriend, Thomas (now husband), and I would spend hours online, researching html code and watching Youtube videos on how to use DSLR cameras (which we quickly upgraded to once I realized my point-and-shoot was not going to cut it).

I went into the process without any expectations, but just to have fun and use Gal Meets Glam as a platform to be creative. It’s amazing what can happen when you truly love what you’re doing. After graduating college, I got a job in San Francisco, but still kept up Gal Meets Glam as if it were my second job. It never felt like a “job” to me, but an outlet I always looked forward to at the end of the day or on weekends. It made me happy and excited and kept me motivated. Soon, every hour that wasn’t spent at my (then) current job, was spent working on the blog- answering emails, running social media, working with brands, styling looks, shooting content, writing copy, finding inspiration, the list went on and on.

After several months of debating whether or not to take the leap to full-time blogger, I decided it was time in late 2013. I had reached a point where I knew if I didn’t take the risk, I might not ever be able to. So with the encouragement of Thomas, our family and friends, I decided to run Gal Meets Glam full-time. It was one of the scariest, most rewarding experiences! Having the ability to focus solely on my business was like a weight lifted off my shoulders and I knew I could finally start achieving the things I had always dreamed of doing. The thing about my story is that it is still being written and everyday brings a new adventure or opportunity, that’s what is so exciting and thrilling. So, thank you for following along and for your continued support!”

xx Julia”
Souce: About-Gal Meets Glam

Today Julia’s Instagram Account has 630k followers and her Facebook Page has 210,062 likes.

She is a source for inspiration that covers everything from fashion and beauty to home and travel and if you haven’t already checked out her blog then it’s about time you do.

Rati Tehri  Singh Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog & Faux Pas



Any Indian fashionista should know who’s Rati , or at least follows her blog Imbb. Started in 2009 as just a makeup blog, has today grown into an international makeup, beauty and fashion community. Running three powerful blogs successfully- in India, Dubai and Philippines- is already the biggest women’s blog on the internet with more than 700 writers writing on it. Rati started the blog along with her husband Sanjeev Sir, she’s now one of the biggest inspiration of millions of fashion lovers.

“After her marriage with Sanjeev in 2009, Rati realised that her interest lies in doing makeup. That’s where her thirst to learn about makeup began. So she started doing her research online for videos/ tutorials on how to do makeup. She couldn’t find much material online for Indians. She realised there was a need. She wanted to help other women like her, who were looking to learn more about beauty and make-up products, beauty tips and tricks and so on. So she started a hobby makeup blog to share her love for beauty & cosmetics to the world and the rest as they say is history.”

“Rati shares that her journey was a real struggle. Her road to success was rocky but she fought it through. She overcame all the obstacles along her way. Her failures turned to be the stepping stones to her success. Hats off to her for discovering an opportunity and making the most of it. To all those reading this story we have one message for you “You learn more from your failures than your success. If you fail, it only means you need to start smart again””

Source: FAB WOMEN: Rati Tehri Singh

Today Rati has over 25.5k followers on her Instagram account whereas her IMBB Facebook page has 3,277,281 likes and Faux Pas Facebook page has over 113,857 likes.




Popularly known as the queen of hauls, Zoella states on the about section of her Facebook page -” Once Upon A Time, In February 2009, after indulging in various other Beauty Blogs as a way to read up on the latest goings on in the Beauty world, I decided to join in on one very boring evening, and “Zoella” was born.

I chose to write about the things I liked, the things I’d purchased & other opinions on products in general. Before long, I had a small following of people that enjoyed reading what I’d written, and this was amazing in itself, as really, I’d never expected anyone to enjoy anything I’d written in my own little space on the Internet.
Months & Years passed, and the following grew to the 5 digit mark & now I’ve expanded into the scary realm of YouTube & My Blog posts are slightly more varied, covering beauty, fashion, life stories and some other controversial & health subjects thrown in for good measure, and I’ve had the privilege of attending various events, trialing samples and meeting some truly amazing people along the way.

Thank You to everyone who takes the time out to comment and show such an interest in the things I have to say, I will continue to write and post videos just as long as you want to read and watch them, and I hope I’ve managed to help at least a handful of you in any area that you may have needed it. ”

Her success includes 9,038,123 subscribers on her YouTube Channel, 5.6m followers on her Instagram Account, 2,377,575 likes on her Facebook page and the following awards-

Winner of “Best British Vlogger” award at the Radio 1 Teen Awards 2013 and 2014

Winner of Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award for “UK Favourite Vlogger” 2014

Teen Choice Award for “Choice Web Star: Fashion/Beauty” 2014

Winner of Cosmopolitans “Best Beauty Vlogger” Awards 2012
Winner of Cosmopolitans “Established Beauty Blog” Awards 2011
“Beauty Leader” in the “BeautyJudge UK Beauty Blog Awards 2010” – Voted and Nominated by readers

She has also published her on book called ‘Girl Online’ which is a story of a 15-year-old anonymous blogger and what happens when her blog goes viral.


Emily Schuman Cupcakes and Cashmere


Image Source: Cupcakes and Cashmere

Quoting down from her ‘About’ page on how she got started with her blog- ” I started to narrow down the field that I wanted to work in (publishing/advertising/fashion) my sophomore year in college. In order to gain some exposure in the industry, I got an internship at Goodby, Silverstein (the agency behind the “Got Milk?” campaign) during the summer. My junior and senior years I worked as the advertising director for the school paper. During my senior year in college, I interviewed at Conde Nast several times throughout the year. I eventually landed a job at Teen Vogue and Domino magazines the day after I graduated. I started my blog as a way to document the things I loved and over time was able to turn it into my career.”

Source: About-Cupcakes and Cashmere

As said on an interview with Elle Magazine

“Things have changed drastically since I first began. In the early days of blogging, I didn’t even see it as a potential career; I was simply finding a way to stay entertained at my day job. I was working in online sales at AOL and I was just really bored so I decided to create something that was basically a compilation of all the things that I loved. I knew that if I created a blog that was too niche, if I was just writing about food or just writing about fashion, I would burn out really quickly. And at the time, there weren’t really a lot of other lifestyle sites. I even questioned whether I could combine fashion and food.”


Today Emily has over 302k followers on her Instagram Account and 412,643 likes on her Facebook Page

I’ll finish this article with my favourite vlogger and guru of all time…

Michelle Phan


NOTHING I write about this woman is enough!

Inspiring lives since 2005, Michelle has inspired us with not only her beauty and fashion tips but also with her confidence building guide, starting over guide, beauty survival guide 😀 , travel diaries, home decor, health , and most importantly mental health.  I tune in to her channel not only when I need a beauty tip but also when I feel down and depressed, yes, that’s right, her videos have worked like an antidepressant for me on many occasions. On one account, once I went for an interview which I really hoped to crack but unfortunately it didn’t go that well. I came home not sure if I would get a call from them and depressed I tuned in to her channel. Guess what her newest video was?  Pillow talk on failure and rejections. I’m not lying when I’m saying that the video was uploaded on the same day (I usually check out her videos as soon as they are uploaded). What a great co-incidence, right?

“In 2007, Phan was a waitress, and couldn’t even get a job at a beauty counter because she didn’t have sales experience. She was undeterred.

“YouTube was the biggest thing in the college community, and it just made so much sense for me to have a platform,” she said. “Instead of feeling down about it, I opened another door, and that door happened to be a laptop.”

Phan began doing makeup tutorials. And people loved those makeup tutorials. Eyeliner technique turned into far more sophisticated lessons, like how to look like Lady Gaga in “Bad Romance.”

“I showed people how they can transform their face,” she said. “[Lady Gaga] really helped put me on the map.”

Meanwhile, large makeup brands like Lancome were struggling to get hits with good viral makeup videos. In 2008, a Lancome executive Googled around and found a Phan tutorial in which she was cramped up on a plane, showing her fans how to do makeup on the plane. Lancome signed her as a spokesperson.

Source: Michelle Phan: From YouTube Star to $84 Million Startup Founder

“She started her YouTube channel during her first semester at Ringling College of Art and Design in 2006; her debut video, originally posted on her Xanga blog, was a self-edited, seven-minute “natural makeup” tutorial that pulled in 40,000 views within a week — a lot, given that Phan wasn’t famous yet and the online landscape was completely different. “Back then, it wasn’t as easy as it is [now] to instantly share or retweet anything that you found online,” she tells me. “You would have to copy and paste a link, and post it to Facebook.” Although Phan says she “never did any of this for the following,” it was that first taste of what’s now known as “going viral” that tipped her off: She had a potential hit on her hands.

“Now she has 7.7 million YouTube subscribers, a billion lifetime views, a makeup line with L’Oréal (em Michelle Phan), a book (Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success — Online and Off), and a site called ipsy, which runs a “glam bag” program, offering subscribers personalized beauty swag and makeup tutorials for a membership fee.”

Source: After a Billion Views on YouTube, Michelle Phan Shows a New Side of Herself

As already mentioned, she has almost 8m subscriber on her YouTube channel while her Instagram account has 2m follower and her Facebook Page has over 3m likes.


Still considering if it’s the right choice for you? Just get going, the internet is a crazy world and you will find your way…because as Mish says

“If you believe you can do something, you can do it.”