February 2017 Income Report

Hello everybody, hope you guys are all doing good. The month has just come to an end and here I am with my February Income Report just like I promised. As some of you might know that the first couple of weeks have been a bit tough for me and I’ve been down for a while but the next 2 weeks have been pretty intense. I wrote an e-book with shopping partner GrassSpider and have worked with some brands that got me caught up. Right after I started working by the third week  and I’ve been so stressed because lined articles have been piling up. The month of February has been a chain of depression-anxiety-stress, depression because you already might know, anxiety when I realized that I’ve been ignoring my blog for awhile because of my mental situation and then I was stressed because when I resumed writing, I had so much to write!

So a quick overview of the basics in case you haven’t read my previous income report– I just count the transactions of the very month. Sometime I work with a brand at a certain month but I get paid the next month, so I’ll be adding it to the month of the payment instead of the month I actually did the work. Secondly, I don’t count products repeat purchased; I just count products that have been purchased solely for the purpose of reviewing.

So here we go…


Sponsored Giveaway- 1000 Rs

Sponsored Posts- 6000 Rs

E-Booklet- 2000 Rs

Affiliate Marketing- 488 Rs

Total= 9488 Rs


Subscription Bag- 1599 Rs

Products- 2050 Rs

Giveaways-1500 Rs

Total: 5149 Rs

As you can see, I’m not left with much, but hey! I did some smart investing! Can I be judged? I don’t think so. Hope I’ll be better this month. Whatever happens I will definitely share. 😉

Till then bye… XOXO

January 2017 Income Report

So today is the first day of the second month of 2017 and it’s about time I start with some of my New Year Resolutions. Is it weird that all of my 2017 New Year resolutions are actually related to this beloved blog of mine? Part of the resolutions were to write more offbeat posts on my blog, posts that are heart to heart, posts with some insights and most importantly to update my blogger income report. Now Blogger Income Report is something that’s usually updated by really successful bloggers that have been writing for such long time. The reason  I decided to start doing it so soon is because I wanted to keep an account of a budding blogger whose community is still growing, to document the gradual increase of the traffic and the income. Because every successful blogger had days when they just invested and invested before they actually started earning from their blog. And as much as it’s encouraging that they update their huge amount of income after they become way too successful, I thought I should start doing it long before I reach that stage (I really hope I do) to account the progress I am making.  I know blogging is about passion and you should do it for the love of it, but we all need to pay bills and trust me, lucky are those who don’t have to rely on a full-time job for it.

Truth is, up until the last month of 2016 I used to invest way more on my blog than I actually earn from it. December was just the horrible, I purchased my second DSLR and I spent too much on hauls and new launches. But because my goal was to encourage and not discourage other bloggers, I limited my investments and one of my major resolutions was to invest less than what I earn from the blog.

Before I start with my report let’s clarify some of the things. Like hosting, I pay it yearly and I will include it the month I do the payment. Similarly, there are tie ups and affiliates that I get paid late, sometimes months late. So I’ll be including the payment the month I receive it. Like I will actually account the transactions. Secondly, I will include the price of the products that I have purchased solely for the purpose of reviewing, any product that I repeat purchased for my personal use won’t be included.


  • Tie Ups- 1000rs
  • Sponsored Posts- 2000rs
  • Affiliate Links-500rs

Total Income- 3500rs


  • Products-400rs
  • Beauty Bag Subrsciption-599rs
  • Facebook Advert- 100rs

Total Investments- 1099rs

I know the account kind of ended before it even started, but just like I said I wanted to document my progress. If I try to be honest, I might admit that I usually spend a LOT on products and it took me a way lot of convincing myself to keep my investments low because I didn’t want to start my reports bankrupt lol.

P.S: I will improve my presentation with passing months, I promise.