March 2017 Beautifully You Giveaway

Hello everybody, I haven’t done a Beautifully You giveaway lately. I did do many other giveaways but the beauty box giveaway has been ignored for a while. This one is going to be a small one as I’m gearing up for another huge giveaway on Instagram which will be up shortly.

So here’s a peak of the things I am giving away this month…

  • Astaberry Fruit Face Wash (Full Size)
  • Bioderma Sunscreen (Sample)
  • Tonymoly Panda’s Dream Cream (Sample)

As you can see, there’s a K-Beauty sample included like always… 😉

What you have to do to participate:

  1. Share the giveaway on your Facebook Timeline tagging Beautifully Me (Your post should be public for me to see)
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  5. Comment ‘Done’ under this post.

*unfollowers will be banned from future giveaways

And you are all set…

Winner will be announced a month later.  I’ll mail the winner and update this post with the winner name at the bottom.

Good luck <3

** Open to Indian Residents Only

UPDATE: And the winner is

Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask- Tea Tree Review + GIVEAWAY Announcement

Hello everybody, today I’m going to review the Innisfree It’s Real Tea Tree Mask Sheet. So I have talked about how I tend to break out while PMSing and I am overjoyed to tell you guys that I have finally figured a way out. The way out is actually making some changes in my skincare routine during that time of the month which I’m going to share with you guys soon.

So a little heads up, including a healing sheet mask AKA Tea Tree Sheet Mask is one of those changes. Tea Tree oil has been widely known to treat acnes and I have earlier been too impressed with Tonymoly Im Real Tea Tree Face Mask. So just when I noticed that I’m breaking out a little around my lip area and one in the forehead I checked if it’s that time already. These little predictions of mine are too accurate that even though they get a little annoying sometimes, I have learnt how to use these predictions to treat my PMS breakout. So I noticed these tiny pimples during my night time regimen and I knew that it will only grow in the following days like always. Without making any delay I exfoliated my skin, since it will make the serum in the mask easier to absorb. I threw the mask on my face after toning and lay on my bed for about 30 minutes.

The essence was almost transparent and even though there was enough essence on the cotton mask, it wasn’t drippy. The fitting of the mask was not as good as the other masks from the range. It wrinkled up around my nose area making my sheet mask selfie too horrible to upload. Usually my sheet masks dry within 30- 35 minutes but it didn’t. However, I removed it in 30 minutes and noticed a visibly clear skin. The tiny pimples were shrunked and by the next morning they disappeared. Now since I applied it just when my skin started suffering from the oil breakout I can’t really tell how it will work on mature cystic acnes. But the result I noticed was impressive enough. I finished it off with a sleeping pack and unlike any other sheet mask it didn’t make my skin too hydrated the following days. I have heard that tea tree oil makes skin a bit dry and I can’t really tell if that’s true. But my skin was neither dried, nor too moisturized. Also my skin tone didn’t get brightened the way it usually does following sheet masking. I guess I should just be happy with the clear skin.

So will I be purchasing it again? I might as well be using one each month.

Will I recommend it?

To anyone who suffers from acne or wants something to heal their skin once in a while.


Water, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Ethanol, Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Fruit Extract, Betaine, Tee Tree Leaf Juice(200mg), Xanthan Gum, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Ethylhexylglycerin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Sodium Hyaluronate, Tangerine Peel Extract, Orchid Extract, The green Tea Extract, Camellia Leaf Extract, Prickly Pear Extract, Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance

Where to buy:


Now the most important part, THE GIVEAWAY:

So am going to give away a handful of Innisfree products to one lucky reader of my blog. The products will be selected based on the winner’s skin concern.

This is what you have to do to enter.

  1. Share this post on your Facebook timeline tagging Beautifully me. ( Post must be public to consider)
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  6. When everything is done, comment “done” under this post.

That’s it, good luck. Winner will be announced on 6th February so that you can flaunt a flawless skin on Valentines Day 😀

**Giveaway is no way sponsored.

*** Open to Indian residents only.

EDIT: Winner Jayanthi Partasarathy has received her prize…

Going Eco Friendly With Grass Spider + GIVEAWAY

So I got introduced with this brand called Grass Spider who’s been dealing with eco-friendly fashion, eco-friendly home decor and most recently organic skincare. It’s like your go to website to find all things natural, organic and eco-friendly.

A few months ago they sent me this eco friendly necklace and a jute sling bag and the later one pretty much changed the concept of the average Jute bags. It’s convenient, it’s unisex and you can literally slip a laptop and a few books into it. It’s really, really convenient for college students, and considering the fact that my college days are long over, it works as my overnighter more than often.




Could be bought here :

In a lot of my previous posts I have admitted of being a green marshal and have expressed my love for the nature. I really love it when I find someone with the same interests, and meeting a brand that showcases the same thing is worth discovering.

About Grass Spider:
Grass Spider is a sustainability conscious venture. We devotedly sell green products and organic apparel, and provide excellent customer service. We ensure that our products do not have much negative impact on ecology and environment. We sell a variety of stylish, ecofriendly and skin friendly merchandise. To better serve market demand and to incorporate uniqueness in our venture we have categorized our products as Virgin Products, Upcycled products & Recycled products.

Here’s how you can win one for yourself…

#giveaway Let's start the festive season with a bang. In association with one of my favourite eco friendly e-commerce site @grassspider I am taking a little initiative towards saving our environment. Step 1: follow @beautifullyme16 and @grassspider Step 2: Comment with your answers what initiative would you take to protect our environment *optional Step 3: Tag 3 friends in the comment section. One lucky winner will win this extremely convenient eco friendly bag. To get a better look at the picture of the bag do check out my blog or the Grass spider site (link in bio) *Open to Indian residents only #contest #giveaway #ecofriendly #jutebag #fashionblogger #lifestyleblogger #beautyblogger #slingbag #baggiveaway #octobergiveaway #indiagiveaway #indianblogger

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September Beautifully You Box- Anniversary Special Giveaway

Hey guys, hope you are all doing fine. I am really sorry that I missed the monthly giveaway last month. If you have been following my posts, you will know that my grandma expired on the month of July, and the memorial was 40 days later. The past month was a bit rough, so much so that I haven’t even been able to send out the prize for my July winner, so sorry Ankita Agarwal, I finally managed to pack and sew your box and it will be sent out tomorrow. In fact, I even missed celebrating my blog’s 1st Anniversary on August, let alone organizing a special giveaway, and I also spent a silent birthday this 16th. So I guess it’s high time I resume my monthly giveaway.

Here’s everything I managed to get together.


  • Lass Natural Sunscreen- Full Sized
  • Ma Earth Botanical Balancing Cream- Sample Size
  • Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Lotion- Trial Sized
  • Tonymoly Panda’s Dream White Magic Cream – Sample Sized

That’s right, two Korean beauty products again…

Here’s what you have to do to be eligible to enter the giveaway.

  1. Be a subscriber to my blog (no need to unsubscribe and re-subscribe)
  2. Follow me on Insta*
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  5. Leave a comment under this post with your e-mail id.

*Unfollowers will be banned from all future giveaways…

And you are on board… Good luck <3

P.S: Open to Indian residents only

July Beautifully You Box-Giveaway

Hello lovely peoples, I am back with my July Beautifully You Box as promised. Like last month, this month’s box is filled with a lot of excitements as well, 3 skincare products and a makeup product. So without wasting any of our precious moments, let’s get down to business.
These are the contains of my July Beautifully You Box
Fuschia Vkare Cleansing Intense Moisturizer (Full Size) [Sponsored]
• Make Up Revolution Concealer (Full Size)
• Bioderma Photoderm AKN Mat SPF 30 (5ml Sample)
• As promised a Korean Skincare product: Tonymoly Panda’s Dream White Magic Cream

All you have to do is:
1. Subscribe to my blog. No need to unsubscribe and re-subscribe. And make sure to confirm the subscription from your mail account as last month a lot of my the participants claimed to subscribe but I received only a few subscriptions.
2. Follow Fuschia Vkare on Instagram
3. Commenting on this blog post or my Instagram account isn’t mandatory, but it will help me avoid selecting inactive subscribers and wait for them to respond for months.
So that’s all, happy entering… xoxo

Edited: And the winner for this month’s giveaway is- Ankita Agarwal

June Beautifully You Box- Monthly Giveaway

Hey guys, last night (or rather I should say today early in the morning), I announced my monthly giveaway box. As promised, I’m here with the product details from my June Beautifully You box.




  1. Fuschia by Vkare Sandal Saffron Bath Salt : (Sponsored) This is one of my favourite brands and I have previously reviewed some of their products, so all I can say is this brand is tried and tested on my super-sensitive skin, and it works like wonder.
  2. Fuschia by Vkare Lavender & Calendula Healing Intense Moisturiser (Sponsored)
  3. Catrice Cosmetics Lashes to Kill Volume Mascara
  4. Innisfree Green Tea balancing Skin Lotion, Sample 15ml
  5. Bioderma Photoderm AKN Mat SPF 30 , Sample 5ml
  6. Ayorma Fairness & Cell Renew Night Cream, Sample 15gm
  7. Lakme All in 1 CC Cream, Sample

So that’s everything from my June Giveaway box. There are three full-sized products and four Samples. I hope this is not disappointing at all.

Now comes the most important part…

What You’ll Have to Do to Enter Monthly Giveaway

  • E-mail subscribe to my blog. There’s no need to unsubscribe and re-subscribe to get noticed, just comment your e-mail ID on this post so that I can know that you are an active subscriber.
  • Follow Fuschia by Vkare on Instagram
  • This is not mandatory, but I’ll really like it if you follow me on Instagram and Facebook :D. Also it will be a lot easier for you guys to find out when the winner is announced and when the next month’s box is announced.
  • Comment on this post letting me know that you’ve entered this giveaway, so that I don’t have to wait for months if I choose any inactive subscriber.

So that’s everything you guys need to do. The winner will be announced by the end of June, I’ll e-mail the winner and edit this post putting his/her name at the bottom. The winner will have until the next month’s winner announcement to response, and after that I’ll choose another winner and ship the box along with the next month’s box.


Edited: And the winner of this month’s box is- Barnali Mukherjee.

The next month’s box will be updated soon, good luck.. 🙂

Announcing My Monthly Giveaway Box- Beautifully You


Midnight’s certainly not the best time to make an announcement but am sure I’ve got some readers who are insomniac just like me. So there you go, I’m announcing my beauty box, which might be launched this month if everything goes as planned.

Because my blog is about what makes me (feel) beautiful, I thought why not launch something that can make my readers feel and look beautiful? And that’s how I stumbled across the name ‘Beautifully You’. I’m literally obsessed with the name, just like I have been obsessed with the name ‘Beautifully Me’. While I was launching my blog, the dot com domain with that name was gone and everybody told me to choose another name, I banged my head for months and so did my friends. Finally we all decided on another name, purchased a domain, launched an ugly site (designed by a paid designer, I know, disgusts me to even remember) and after a few months when I realised I couldn’t just let this name go, I purchased a dot in domain and started afresh. That’s how much attached I am with my blog name and it pleases me to say that I am equally attached to the name of my beauty box. Lucky me, this time I don’t need to bother if the name’s already taken.

So here’s my concept, I’ll curate a beauty box each month, and will create each posts mentioning the contents of that month’s box. One of my subscribers will be chosen lucky by the end of the month, and once I get his/her postal address, I’ll ship the box to that address. That’s it, that’s all you have to do, remain my subscriber. There’s no need to unsubscribe and re-subscribe to get noticed, and taken to the fact that I’ll come back with a box every month, there’s no need to unsubscribe if you don’t get selected. 😀

The products will be chosen and purchased by me, but if there’s any sponsored product in the box, chances are, you will have to follow their pages as well. And unfollowers, I’ll keep an eye on you.

I haven’t yet decided whether to make it an international giveaway or keep it open only for Indian residents. It will certainly be a good opportunity  for my international readers to find out some of our amazing Indian products (I’m certain there will be a lot of all organic Indian products), but then again I’ll need to educate myself on the shipping charges and evaluate if I’ve got any international reader at all… 😀

Because I am a Korean Skincare obsessed blogger and I constantly brag about my Korean cosmetics filled dresser, you guys can expect at least one K-Beauty product in each box. There’s only one drawback from my side, I am not yet done with the box or bag or whatever I’ll stuff the products in, and I’m aware that I’m a bit early to announce this without even finishing my work, but I promise, the box will be live as soon as I’m done with the box.

P.S: This is the most exciting post I’ve ever published, so I’ll be eager to hear all of your thoughts…

P.P.S: Things can get even more exciting on my blog’s birthday. Spoiler: That’s on August…