Restaurant Review- The Himalayan, Korean Restaurant, Bangalore

Hey guys, as promised I am here with The Himalayan Korean Restaurant review that I visited while on my Bangalore trip. Now you guys must be aware of my all things Korean and Japanese obsession, well basically I have always been fascinated by Japan and my Korean Obsession grew after I got into Korean Skincare. You might have read this before that along with their extensive skincare routine and amazing skincare products, Korean food and good genes have their fare bit of share in giving the Korean men and women that porcelain like skin. And in case you already haven’t figured out, that’s one reason I became obsessed with Korean food along with Korean skincare and since I have already visited the only place in Kolkata (in my knowledge) that offers Korean food, I planned to visit all the Korean Restaurants in Bangalore during my trip. However, things didn’t turn out as planned and the friend I hung out with most of the times wasn’t as foodie adventurous as I am and kept dragging me to the food places that’s already tried and tested by herself. Somehow I managed to get 1 day to myself and while she went to work I turned on my GPS and headed to the closest Korean Restaurant I could found.

It didn’t take me too much effort to find the place, and once I reached there I really like the cosy ambience. There weren’t many customers (it was a week day around 3 p.m) and I wondered why. While going through the menu I really wished my boy friend was there because whenever we go food tasting I end up ordering a lot of stuffs, take just a few bites of everything and pass the plates or bowls towards him. No, he doesn’t eat too much, but certainly eats more than me. Well, I am the kind of person who loves to taste everything but in a very, very little quantity. Anyway since I hate wasting food I ordered just one dish- Dub Bap that comes with a lot of side dishes.

The food was served as quickly as Biriyani is served in Biriyani places and the staffs were just the nicest I’ve ever come across. Now I am not a Korean Cuisine expert, just have tried a few Korean Food places and this one has to be the best I’ve been to so far. The main dish was rice with chicken curry

and the side dishes were- Kimchi (fermented cabbage that’s excellent for your skin) 

, Radish Kimchi (fermented radish that’s excellent for your skin too)

, Fried Bananas, Baby Potatoes and Fried Zucchini I guess.

The baby potatoes were just the best, I can eat them every day without getting bored. The Kimchi and radish Kimchi were as hot (just like kimchi usually tastes) and overwhelmingly good. Not a huge fan of zucchini but zucchini lovers might like it, and the fried bananas tasted just like fried bananas tastes. The main dish was mind-blowingly good; I could have had it by itself without even the side dishes. I love how most of the Korean dishes are topped with roasted sesame seeds, it just takes the flavours to a whole new level.

The side dishes were served first, and then the main dish was served a few minutes later along with a spinach soup. They said that they serve different soups everyday and that day it was spinach which I was not very fond of. I really wished it was Kimchi Jiagae day as I love Kimchi soup even better than Kimchi itself. Anyway the whole portion was a little overwhelming for me, it would have been perfect for people with regular appetite or even better appetite but it was a bit tough for me to finish the whole thing along with the side dishes. But still I shamefully kept wishing my boy friend was there so I could have ordered Bibimbap and may be even Gimbap. Anyway I somehow ‘almost’ finished the whole thing, paid my bill and left thinking that if it was in Kolkata I would be mentally taking notes what to order the next time I visit.

Cost: Rs.420 with Tax

Zomato link to the restaurant:

The Benefits of Drinking Matcha

What is Matcha?

Matcha is basically powdered green tea used in Japan’s Formal Tea Ceremony. Since it’s powdered tea that completely dissolves into the water, a single cup of Matcha is equivalent to 10 cups of green tea.

Now everybody is aware of the benefits of green tea, and the equation kindda says it all. Matcha is loaded with anti-oxidants and chlorophyll and is the king of super foods and the best and safest way to detox. Ever wonder why the Japanese people have such amazing skin (apart from the added points to the genes and skincare of course)?

Matcha is also rich in amino acid that relaxes the body and helps in concentration.

Why Matcha?

Apart from the amazing benefits, there are a more to the reasons of why you should choose to switch to Matcha for good. For the starter, I know a lot of people who doesn’t like the taste of green tea (I do) and drinks it like it’s a medicine. Well the good news is, Matcha tastes better (surprisingly). And even if you don’t like drinking it in the traditional way, then there’s a lot of other ways to consume it.

Are you a coffee addict and trying to cut it down? Congrats, you can now switch to Matcha Latte.

Do you love cakes but trying to cut down on sugar? Well you can add a spoonful of Matcha into your cupcakes and opt for a little less sugar and be healthy and fit eating cupcakes. (Usually Matcha cupcakes are just baked like normal cupcakes only with the added use of the Matcha, but I just love the flavour and think that a little less sugar would do just fine).

You can basically add Matcha into anything and make a healthier version of it. How does Matcha Ice Cream Sound? And there are a lot more Matcha recipes out there, including the Japanese ones like ‘Green Tea Tiramasu’.

Where to buy?


Technically, I have been looking for Matcha for over 2 years now. It isn’t that easily available in India and I was planning on asking someone visiting Japan to bring it for me. Thankfully I found this website called Chado who not only sells tea, but are tea experts. Any kind of tea, from any part of the world, you name it and they have it. No one knows teas better than they do. They have actually sent me 5 kinds of Tea Samples and I was so overjoyed to see Matcha as one of them that I am somewhat obsessed and haven’t been able to go through the other samples yet. Hopefully there will be another post with the reviews of all the tea samples I have received. Also, would you like some Matcha Recipes on the blog? Let me know if you do, I can really come up with some.


Note: Press Sample, but trust me when I say that I really have been looking for Matcha in India for over 2 years. Also, I ran out of the sample and ordering one pretty soon. So hopefully there might be series of recipes.

Roasted Vegetables Recipe

Sunday is the perfect excuse to post recipes. I have repeatedly talked about my love for veggies and my preference for eating clean. So today am going to post one of my favourite evening snack, which is not only healthy, but consists of super foods for hair and skin.

Roasted Veggies:


  • Broccoli: half head
  • Red Bell Pepper: 1
  • Tomato: 1
  • Carrot: 1 large or 2 medium
  • Potato: 1 (You can skip the potato if you are a calorie counter, but I just LOVE potatoes)
  • Cabbage: 1/4th head
  • Baby Corn: 3-4
  • Green Peas: 1 cup
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Olive Oil
  • Green Beans: 4-5



Cut all the vegetables into bite sized chunks. Put them into a baking tray and season with salt and pepper. Drizzle 2spoon of Olive Oil and bake them at 360 degree in a pre-heated oven for 35 minutes (if you skip the potato, bake for 30 minutes). Bring the tray out every 10 minutes and stir the vegetables. Grill for another 5 minutes and serve hot.

Healthy Vegetable Rice Recipe

Hello everybody, today I’m going to share with you guys my go to recipe back from the days when I used to live by myself. The recipe is not only super healthy but is really easy to make. Back when I used to have a full time job and I used to come back home exhausted, this recipe used to save my life and it’s what I used to cook every other day. I haven’t learnt it from anyone and it has been inspired by my love for vegetables and my attempt on eating healthy and my preference for avoiding non-veg food. Now I am not a person that maintains a proper diet and I don’t count calories so I can’t really tell the nutritional benefits of the dish, but since I have avoided carbs and chosen ingredients that are good for the health and obviously for the skin and it can also be a great choice for fitness freak peoples. So let’s get started.

4 Servings


  • Rice 400gm
  • Broccoli- 1 small head or half medium head cut into small florets
  • 1 Red Bell Pepper- Finely Chopped
  • Cabbage- Half head- Chopped
  • Carrots- 1 large or 2 small finely sliced
  • Soybean- Half of the smallest packet available
  • Green Peas- 1 Cup
  • Baby Green Beans 6-8- Finely chopped
  • Salt and Black Pepper to taste
  • Olive Oil ½ cup + 1 spoon

*You can include your choices of vegetables and can exclude vegetables that you don’t like or isn’t available. Remember, I created it using vegetables that I love, so you can always modify it according to your preference.


Steam your rice as usual just keeping in mind that they don’t get sticky. On another oven, boil the soybean with a little bit of salt.

In the mean time prepare your vegetables.

On a Skillet heat the olive oil. Once the olive oil heats up it will expand a little. Put in the carrots and once they are a bit tender, throw in the broccoli florets. There are some vegetables that take a little longer to cook, so I throw them in the skillet accordingly. After a few minutes throw in the chopped beans, cabbages and green peas. The bell pepper is the last vegetable I add since I love them half cooked. Add salt and pepper to the vegetables according to your taste. Keep stirring until the vegetables are tender.

Squeeze the excess water from the soybean and add it into the vegetables drizzling another spoon of olive oil. Once the soybean starts getting golden brown add the cooked rice a little at a time mixing it with the vegetables. Mix the rice with the vegetable and cook it for 5-6 minutes all the while stirring very gently and mixing.

Serve hot.

**Can be eaten by itself, and can be eaten with any curry or gravy. Goes well with both Indian side dishes and Chinese. But I prefer having it itself.


If you are a fitness freak, you can switch the white rice with brown rice.

I personally love vegetarian dishes, but when am sharing it with anybody else, I usually add a couple of (shredded) eggs after I separate my portion from the skillet.

Hasselback Potatoes Recipe

If you are a huge fan of potatoes just like me, you are going to be really happy with today’s post. Potatoes are the love of my life, I can have them in any form,  roasted potatoes, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, alu ka parantha (even though I HATE any other oily food, not because I am a fitness freak but because of my food habits), you cannot just ask me to choose one of them because I want them all. So today I’m going to share with you guys, one of my favourite evening snack recipes, Hasselback Potatoes.

Now before I start, I am going to talk about some personal preferences. First of all, the original recipe calls for medium sized potatoes, and once cooked, they look extremely yummy and perfect for photographing. However, I like smaller potatoes because they cook faster, and gets crispier but the at the end, they shrinks into a tiny thing that doesn’t look as good as they tastes and they are horrible for photographing. Today I’m using 1 medium  potato and 3 small ones so that you can look at the difference. Secondly, even though I’ll share the recipe for 4 medium potatoes, I might as well mention that you might wanna cook some more because the amount of time it takes, you really would love more outcome. Besides, you will end up eating at least two by yourself.

So let’s get to the Recipe-


  • 4 medium potatoes
  • 2 tablespoon melted butter
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt for Taste
  • Black Pepper for taste
  • Grated Cheddar cheese, or spreaded mozzarella


Thinly slice out the bottom of the potatoes to make it stable on the cutting board. Once stable, make thin slices leaving ½ inches at the bottom. Avoid cutting throughout the potatoes at any cost. Brush them with half the amount of butter and put them in a baking tray. Season with salt and pepper according to your taste. Drizzle with some olive oil and bake it at 360 degrees for 30 minutes in a preheated oven.

Take out the tray and brush the remaining butter on the potatoes. It gives them the extra crisp but sometimes when I feel the need of cutting the extra curb I skip this step.  You can sprinkle a little more salt at this point as the slices will open up making it easier for the potatoes to absorb the salt thoroughly. Bake for another 10 minutes.

Now you can eat this up, OR you can spread some grated cheddar cheese or some spreaded mozarella and bake for another 3-5 minutes or until the cheese melts. I would recommend the cheddar, but since I try to cut down the extra curb, I use a very little amount of spreaded cheese, makes it easier to control the amount of cheese I am consuming. And your hasselback potatoes are ready. Enjoy it hot and crispy.

[As you guys can see that I used a very little amount of cheese as it was just the 3rd day of the year and I have no idea how long I would be able to keep making sacrifices like this]


Time can vary according to the size and type of potatoes you are using.

Blogmas: Glazed Donuts Recipe

While my mum takes full responsibilities for the cakes every year, I make the donuts all by myself. Since last year I have also taken the responsibility for the Cherry Knobs (Blogmas Day 2: Baking Cherry Knobs) and contemplating which recipe to inherit next.

So before I go on learning some of my mum’s and my aunt’s other Christmas recipes, I thought I should share the recipe of what I am really good at- glazed donuts. I learnt the recipe from a cousin a long time back and have been making them since my teenage years.


Here’s my way of making it.


For the Donut:

  • 5 cups of all purpose flour ( I end up using more at the end if my dough becomes too soft)
  • ½ cup Granulated Sugar
  • ¼ table spoon salt
  • 1 spoon yeast
  • 3 spoon warm water
  • ¾ cup warm milk (not too hot)
  • 100gm butter or margarine
  • 2 eggs
  • Oil for deep frying

For the Glaze:

  • 6 teaspoon milk
  • 2cups sugar


In a medium bowl, stir together the milk, granulated sugar and salt. When the mixture is almost cold, stir it into 3cups of flour.

In another small bowl, dissolve the yeast into the warm water. Stir it into the mixture and add the butter and eggs.  Mix the remaining flour while kneading the dough for few minutes or until its firm enough.

Put the dough in an oiled bowl, cover it and let it rise and double in bulk (30 to 45 minutes)

When the dough is doubled, roll it out to ½ inch in thickness. To avoid the dough sticking to the surface, lightly flour the surface before rolling. Cut the roll into circles using donut cutter (or round cutter). Set aside and let it rise for another half an hour.

Heat some oil in a frying and fry both sides until they are golden brown. I usually fry 4 at a time. Remove the donut from the oil and glaze while warm.

To make the glaze:

Stir the sugar into the milk until the sugar dissolves. Dip warm donuts in the glaze and set aside to cool.

Note: We usually bake the cakes and donuts and cookies way ahead of Christmas. Since glazed donuts are a little tough to store, we store the dry donuts and glaze the ones that we are going to eat freshly made. The dry ones tastes amazing too!

Hope you enjoyed this recipe. Do let me know how it turned out if you try it out.

Laziz Pizza Review

So we received a complimentary dine in from Zomato and were more than just glad to review this new Pizzeria at Kestopur that has been opened for not more than 6 months. We usually take help from Google Map while Restaurant hunting and this time it was a little pain as the map didn’t work out as it should and we had to regret taking the map too seriously. It took us more than 1 and half hours to reach the place and then we were standing in front of this small outlet.


We were a bit sceptical at first looking at the size and ambiance. It was more of an outlet rather than a restaurant. Looking at the menu, we were overwhelmed. Finally a place where you can get pizza at a very reasonable price. I’ve heard people complaining about how ridiculously costly Pizzas are; I’ve myself complained that very few pizzerias in Kolkata serve you authentic pizza with enough cheese. Honestly speaking, I kind of hate the popular pizzerias in Kolkata which I have already mentioned in my blog before. And I love pizzas, they are the reason I would end up visiting Naples one day, and I have been disappointed by pizza joints in Kolkata plenty of times. So here I am, sitting at a small outlet, looking at the menu that contains a plethora of reasonable pizzas. We went with a large Chicken Mexican Pizza, 1 plate Crispy Fried Chicken and Two Coffees.

Starting with the Crispy Fried Chicken, I thought it was far better than KFC. I hope that’s enough of a statement. It was crispy, it was juicy, it was finger licking good and a bucket of it wouldn’t leave you broke.


The pizza was as good as the fried chicken and guess what? It contained more cheese than you would get at a regular Pizzeria even if you are paying for extra cheese. The base was soft and fresh, however even not undercooked, I would have left it in the oven for a couple of minutes more if I was the chef. The taste however, really made up to it.



Overall I really liked this place. Even though the ambience could have been better, but who cares if the food is good! This is the kind of place where I would order my food from sitting at my home, only if it wasn’t across the city. FIY, I live in South Calcutta.

Note: The dine in was complimentary but the review is completely my honest opinion (and my boyfriend’s/photographer)

Rating: 4.5/5

Byepass Dhaba,Science City Area Review

I’ve been watching the dhaba built since a few month now. Everyday while coming back from office I used to ask myself when is it going to inaugurate? There has always been something special about dhabas. They give me the feels. They remind me of my family trips to Punjab, Jammu and other places from North India. I’ve always been excited to dine at the roadside dhaba’s while travelling so when one day I saw that the lights on ‘Byepass Dhaba’ is on, and the place is open for business, I didn’t waste a single day and decided to peek-a-boo.




The Ambiance:


Image Source:Zomato

The ambiance is really, really nice. My introvert boy friend didn’t feel much awkward, and that is saying something.


500rs for 2 people approx.


The service was really good as well. We didn’t have to wait much longer than 10 mins.

The Food:

Getting to the point now…

I really wanted to have some Mutton Kabab but I was told that no Mutton item was available at the moment so We ordered  Chicken Hariali Kabab, Chicken Do-Peyaza, Cheese Naan and Tandoory Roti.







All of the items were excellent. Mostly the Hariali Kabab was one of the best Hariali Kababs I ever tasted. Do you know what ‘finger-licking good’ means? Yes, it was that good. The Chicken Do-Peyaza was also as good as the kabab. It’s a pity that I visited the place at around 6.30 p.m and I wasn’t even that hungry, so ordering some more items would have resulted in wastage.


I won’t be holding grudge against them for not having Mutton items available 😀 mainly because they are a start up and have been opened for only a few days now. I am sure that the management will improve by the time they start attracting more customers.

Whatever, I am visiting the place again to try out some other items provided and would  suggest it to any foodie who wants to try out a new place to dine it.


Mrs.Magpie Bistro Review, Kashba

So me and my boy friend were looking for a French cafe to spend our evening and we found out about this place on Zomato. We quickly decided to give this place a quick visit and upon reaching we had the look on our face as if we have hit a jackpot. The ambience was too good, it’s like anywhere you look you’ll just find prettiness in every single thing. If you think am exaggerating then have a look by yourself…


The Vintage counter though…



The cookie basket…



Moving on from the ambience… look at those pretty cakes and cookies…

DSC01986 (1)


and the decor…


The Food:

Let’s talk about the food now…

I was born without a sweet tooth but the pretty cupcakes made me hungry, so I ordered a cute cupcake with a bee on it, a Chicken Pot Pie and a Cheese Platter.

The Cupcake



Yes, it tasted as good as it looks.  Honestly saying, I didn’t have the heart to mess up the pretty decoration. I’ve never seen such a pretty cupcake and once I dug in my tastebuds were filled with a delicate raisin flavour. Yumm… it was too good…

The Chicken Pot Pie




My favourite part of the course. Crispy  outside, creamy chicken inside. It was tasty enough to fall in love with… I’m definitely going back to this place for this pot pie.

The Cheese Platter



Contains  Camembert Cheese, Emmental Cheese, Gouda Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Smoked Cheddar Cheese, Apricot, Grapes (two kinds)  and crackers…



The billing system is super cute.  they served the bill in a pretty pink basket with a bee on it. I never had such wide smile on my face while getting the bill 😀

The Price: Pocket friendly I can say.  The bill can vary from 600rs to 900 rs (for 2 people)

Since it’s a typical cafe you will be disappointed if you are looking for a place to dine out as it closes at 9p.m and takes the last order on 8.30 p.m.  It’s situated in an empty mall which I thought is a con.

But overlooking that, I would give a big thumbs to this place and can suggest to all my foodie friends… 🙂

Food Chapter: Restaurants in Kolkata you might have never heard of…

We bengalies really can’t leave without rice. Even when eating out with friends or at a date we end up ordering either Fried Rice and Chilli Chicken or Biriyani and Mutton Chaap. We cannot go beyond that. Sometimes it is because we simply cannot do without some rice on our plate, and sometimes because we are not aware of the restaurants which serves something else beyond Chinese.

So… I am going to suggest you guys some places where you can get some good Italian/Thai/Mexican or something other than Chinese and Mughlai food at a very pocket friendly rate.

First up
Smart Kolkata
Location : Prince Anwar Shah Road, Tollygunj

Price for 2: Approx 600 rs

It is basically a continental restaurant but they serve some awesome Italian food. It you are a fan of Italian food or of cheese you must visit this place. As for me, I visit this place at least twice a month.

Food you MUST try out here: Chicken Lasagna and Spaghetti Bolognese

And did I forget to mention that they serve awesome garlic breads with almost everything?

Next up…


Family Chicken


Location: CF 123, Near Swimming Pool, Sector 1, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Price  for 2: Approx 600rs




I was looking for a Korean eatery in town and this place came up. They serve both Korean and Chinese cuisine. We ordered a bowl of Kimchi Jigae which is basically Kimchi soup with steamed rice and Kimbap which is kind of a Korean sushi. I really liked the Kimchi Jigae though my boy friend liked the sushi better. Kimchi is like pickeled vegetables and I heard they are really good for the skin. 😀 We also ordered a cup of Korean coffee which was really um…. different, it was stronger than the regular coffee and am not sure if I’ll be a fan of the normal coffee anymore…


Mrs.Magpie Bistro

Location: Unit 2, Block 1, 2nd Floor, Chambers Mall, Kasba, Kolkata

Price: For 2 people: 700 approx

If you are looking for a romantic evening why don’t you head towards a romantic French Cafe. One of the most amazing French Bakery/Cafe I’ve visited in town is Mrs.magpie Bistro. Cute cupcakes? Lots off Cheese? Chicken Pot Pie? Just bring it on… Along with a cup of coffee, this place is perfect for an evening gossip or romance. When I’m saying that I have never dined at a place where the ambience is as good as this place, trust me, am not exaggerating. 🙂



Do try out their CHicken Pot Pie 😀

Punjabi Rasoi

Location: 225, Rajdanga, Nabapally,Kasba, Kolkata

Price: For 2 People: 700rs approx


Awesome, delicious Punjabi food which will have you licking your fingers.

You should really try out their Mutton Adrak De Punje before you die and of course don’t ignore their cheese garlic naan.

Mango People

Location: 817/4, Opposite State Bank of India, Kalikapur Road, Kalikapur, Kolkata

Price: 650 for 2 people approx


Apart from the ambience, the food is also good.
I’ve visited this place only once and I preferred their Thai cuisine over their Italian one

Since I visited this place only once I can’t say much about their must try dish, but I really liked the Thai Red Curry and it tasted much much better than any Thai food that I tased in town.

Santa’s Fantasea

Location : 9, Ballygunge Terrace, Near Anjali Jewellers, Golpark, Kolkata

Price: 700rs for 2 people Approx


This place is famous for it’s Baansh Pora, Bamboo stuffed with marinated mutton and cooked. Apart from the really delicious baansh pora you can also taste some awesome tribal food and sea food at a very pocket firendly rate. What attracted me the most was the complementary rice drink which came in a bamboo mug.  😀 If you want to give your flavour buds a treat, this place is a must for you to visit.

So this is it for now,, but i’ll keep updating this post whenever my taste buds get satisfied… 😉