BIBA Kurtas Collection Review

The season of vibrant colours and floral prints is here and Biba has brought to us a wide range of Kurta collection perfect for Contemporary Indian Women. Biba has been leading the Indo Ethnic market for some time now and their super comfy clothes has never failed to impress their customers. Speaking of comfort, is there really any comfier yet elegant cloth than a kurta? While Kurtis are shorter in length and tighter in fittings, Kurtas are usually below knee length and more than often comes with longer sleeves. Which makes them not only perfect spring wears but also amazing summer wears. The light, airy and vibrant apparel that adds to the benefit of protection against sunburn? Yes please.

I have been introduced to Biba by my sister who is more into Indo-Western outfits a few years back and I don’t remember heading to any other ethnic destination ever again. I hope it works like that. Even though I am more into western outfits, I got instantly hooked with the super sophisticated Biba Kurtas and Kurtis after I first tried them out according to my sister’s recommendation. There are varieties of designs to choose from. Whether you are an indo-western cloth lover or a traditional outfit lover, there’s something for everybody. The materials used are usually cotton and sometimes crepe, silk or wool. My sister and I are cotton obsessed people and I guess that’s what made Biba the one stop destination for all our ethnic needs.

When you go through the collection, you will notice varieties of neckline designs and prints that are inspired by the cultures from different parts of the country. The sleeves of the Kurtas are usually full or three-quarter and sometimes short. What makes the Kurtas even better is that they are perfect for everyday office wear as well as for festive wears. You can create more than one look with just one piece of kurta by pairing them with different bottoms and accessories.

How to Style A Kurta:

For Regular/Office wear, I would pair a (usually a simple and low maintenance, may be a pastel or light shade one) Kurta with a cotton leggings, sandals and tiny studded earrings.

For Festive Wear, I would pair them (the bright flurry ones) with palazzo pants or longs skirts and sandals,  ballet flats or strappy heels.

The price range of Biba Kurtas varies from as low as Rs 350 to Rs 2,879 (on discount) making them affordable to fashionistas  in budget as well as to high maintenance fashionistas.

You can purchase Women Kurtas Online  or you can head to the stores. Even Pantaloons and Shoppers Stop offers a wide range of Biba collection to choose from.

Breaking The Stereotype: Personal Style

Growing up a tomboy I’ve seen way too many expressions of shock whenever I flaunted any Indian attire or a dress for special occasions or whenever I wanted too. My sudden change of taste in clothes occurred sometimes when I was 15. Still being comfortable in baggy clothes and boots but having no less the urge to look pretty in a ‘girly’ dress. I used wonder what my personal style is. Of course I feel in my skin wearing baggy tops and a pair of jeans, so maybe that’s what my personal style is? Then why do I get the strong urge to try out the cute black dress when am out shopping? Am I betraying the comfy clothes pilled in my cart?

It didn’t take me long to realize that these are just stereotypes created by us human beings. Like tags- “You are a tomboy; go wear a sweat shirt, a pair of trousers and a converse” “You’re a girly girl; do justice to that frilly dress and the stilettos”.  NO! I will wear whatever I want. I can wear a stripped sweater and a pair of boots today and I can shock you by wearing a little black dress and high heels tomorrow. How about that?

I mean really, I’m not a fashion Nazi, I just try to do justice to the cloth that I am wearing according to my mood. So here I am compiling some of my favourite outfits that I love to flaunt ignoring the expressions of shock from people I know.

Starting with my go-to comfy outfit…

Casuals- Baggy Clothes, Cowboy Boots, Denims:

This outfit literally feels like my skin. When I see myself in the mirror wearing this outfit, I see me. I cannot express how much I love these boots and the denim shirt. Also, my favourite kind of bag happens to be sling bags, they are just too convenient.

I know they say you look fat and short in striped clothes and baggy clothes and cowboy boots and shoes without heels, but once in a while I choose to be comfortable instead of worrying how I look.

Denim Shirt- Forever 21

Striped Top- Forever 21

Jeans- AND

Boots- Picked up from a local shop while visiting Agra

Sling Bag- Marie Claire

Tank Top, Ballerina, Denim (again):

Another one of my go to outfits again flaunting the same denim shirt. While the previous outfit happens to be my perfect outfit for fall and spring, this is an alternative for the hotter days. If we are talking shoes then my second favourite happens to be ballerina. I feel like dancing and prancing while wearing them.

Denim Shirt- Forever 21

Tank Tee- Picked up during a shopping marathon and I forgot the brand

Jeggings- Haute Curry

Ballerina- Bata India

That one time I tried paring ear rings with this outfit… (I’m not a jewelry person, just trying to experiment a little)

Earrings- Secret Stories (Greece)

A winter’s day:

A casual outfit I would wear on a wintry day. A striped or a studded sweater paired with a jeans and boots.

Sweater- STOP

Jeans- Levi’s

Boots- The one I picked up from Agra

Another winter’s day:

Something I would choose to wear on a wintry day when I’m in the mood for a little dress up. I’m in absolutely love with studded outfits, I feel like they bring out the sassy side in me. I’m not a fan of platform wedges but this one was picked up by my mom and I thought oh well! I got tired of wearing boots and converse throughout the winter, let’s get some change (and I was perfectly aware that the wedges weren’t complementing my outfit at all).

Pearl Studded Top- GAS Jeans

Studded Top- Haute Curry

Jeggings- Haute Curry

Wedges- Inc.5

A lazy summer’s day:

A random outfit I would pick up for a stroll in the park.

Top- Elliza Donatein

Jeggings- Haute Curry

Bag- Louis Vuitton

The Girly-Girl:

This is not a look you’ll see me in everyday, but only when I really want to doll up.

Dress- From a local store

Envelope Sling- A gift from my once flatmate

Shoes: Khadims

The Causal Girl:

The type of dress I would wear when I am going for a girly yet ‘not-so-fancy’ look.

Dress-Zink London

Ballerina- Bata India

Clothes I would wear while travelling:

Unless am travelling to a hill station I usually pack some shorts, a lot of tops, a couple of T-shirt dresses, a casual dress, a couple of ballerinas, apart from the clothes that I leave my house wearing (usually a pair of boots and a full-length jeans, a top/tank tee and a shirt ). I don’t worry about the bags because while on a trip I carry my bulky camera bag with me literally everywhere.

T-Shirt Dress-  Candie’s

Top- Honey, Levi’s

Shorts- Jealous 21

And lastly…

The Bong Diva:

Like the saying goes, ‘we bengalies do not inherit our parent’s money; we inherit our mother’s Sarees’. Ever since I started wearing sarees I’ve usually worn the traditional ones chosen by my mom paired with gold ornaments. That one time I created the contemporary bong look wearing a contemporary Bengali saree paired by wooden and clay ornaments that has been trending in Bengal for a couple of years now. Again I had the shocked looked at people’s faces and I was just too impressed by myself for successfully creating a look that is completely influenced by me.

Saree- Triveni Ethnics

Jewelry– Local Shops

So which one of the looks did you guys like the most? As for me, I really don’t have any favourites since all of the looks are parts of me.


Outfit of the Day :January

Hey guys, hope you all are doing well. So today I decided to do a little outfit post on my blog. To be honest,I really dislike platform wedges, I’m much more of a boots and converse type of person, but these wedges were picked up by my mom while I was shopping with her along with the Studded Jacket and the Top so I decided oh well! 😀









Jacket: Gas

Top: Haute Curry

Jeggings: Haute Curry

Shoes: Inc.5

Envy-The Luxe Life: Event Cover

A little birdy told me that Envy- The Luxe Life was in town yesterday, aaaaand, I had to visit. My blogger buddy Dona from was kind enough to accompany me and clicked some cool pictures of me.

About Envy-Reconstructing the trigger of possession that is not yours. ENVY is a budding talent that aims in showcasing the evolved fashion and lifestyle and introduce you to a new face of yours. A face that is hidden under a pile of borrowed coats.
Envy is an exhibition,an event that is building from scratch and passion for the love of fashion. Introducing the emerging and fashion forward designers with their innovative designs. Envy is discovering a new path of entertainment and shopping.

Sounds cool! doesn’t it?


There were lots of colours, and glitters, and fairy lights and lots of temptations. Here are some of the coolest pictures that I clicked (The store pictures are clicked by me, and my pictures are obviously clicked by Dona).


Dazzling clutches from Adorne


This vintage mirror from GypsyJ was the best thing that I spotted in the event.


And these junk jewelries and the bird cage…


And the eye catching make up bags from enSoie that comes in pretty much every size possible.



And they also sell breathtaking Tiaras and Jewelries…


And there were shoes, pretty amazing ones.


And elegant decoratives that brought out my love for stationaries and I got myself some designer Disposable Table Mats and Compressed Napkin Tablets.


Dona tested a lip scrub from Nature’s Touch which practically blended on her skin.



And there was a little photo session to sum up the whole evening.




And the location by the way, was Taj Bengal. <3


Here’s a picture of Dona and I in case you don’t know her already… <3


How To Style Your Lehenga This Festive Season : The fashion guide

Being an Indian girl and not owning a loud colored lehenga, not twirling in it and not taking a video of it in slow motion and not uploading it on social media? Impossible! Lehengas are like the elixir for women in india. And of course, with times the trends changed, and the fashion changed, and the patterns and the designs themselves have changed. But not the elegance of the lehengas. They remain the same royal things they once were and will continue to be the same as long as the solar system exists!


And, oh look, the festive season started already, and we ladies have a ton load of things to do. But what’s the most important question we need to ask ourselves, yeah, you got it right, ‘But what am I going to weaaaaaaaar?’, with the extra a’s. Although anarkalis, skirts and churidars are cool, none of them can beat the regal lehengas! And we’re here to help you with whatever muddle you’re in about your fashion choices.


  1. Know your body type!

Yep. The first and foremost of all. Know your body type. Is it the hour glass? Apple or pear? An hourglass shaped body, where your upper and lower body are in proportion, an apple shaped body, when you are heavy on top, and a pear-shaped body is where you have bigger hips. So the lehengas, or any clothing you wear, choose them accordingly! A perfectly fitted mermaid-cut lehenga would embrace the curves of the hourglass shaped body. For an apple shaped body, an A-line skirt would look majestic, coupled with a blouse that falls till waist. And for a pear-shaped body, a fully flared skirt, with a short blouse that will emphasise the bust will simply look amazing. Take a look at this Lehenga collection and when you get an idea on it, you can always customize and modify!


  1. Choose the prints and designs wisely

These pretty designs and the patterns play a huge, huge role in your whole look. Choose according to the fabric and occasion. If it’s a wedding or something similar, you can go with velvet, net and bigger prints or designs. But if it’s for any other simple occasions, ditch the heavy things. Go with pretty, simple, pleasant and lighter colors. And are you aware of the fact that the bulky prints on your lehengas can make you look, um, fatter sometimes? So, be careful while choosing them.


  1. Design one on your own

So, it’s diwali and somehow, as usual, you’re broke but you have a party to attend, and you don’t have a lehenga? Well, let us see. Turn that heavy Anarkali into a lehenga, your tailor can help you there. See? Simple. Or you can turn those old heavy dupattas you use no more into the beautiful jackets/waist coats and wear them on the lehenga to give it a new look. Also, try different styles in draping your dupatta, cinch it up at the waist using a chic belt. Go on with mix and match, use different colors and design your outfit!

  1. Indo-western fusion

What’s in trend? Well, this! The indo-western fusion. Choose some benarasi lehenga, and couple it with a stylish modern crop top and let your outfit do the talking. Or you can opt for the breezy button up shirts too (surprise surprise!). Wear floral printed lehenga and make your own style statement with fusion jewelry, or if you feel you can carry it off, go for total punk. 


  1. Makeup, hair and accessories

These things seem so minute, but they can spoil the whole look of your outfit for you! When your lehenga is heavy, go easy with the accessories and the jewelry or it’s going to look too much blingy and bulky. The hair, you can go with soft, loose curls or waves, or those simple braided updos that will complete the look effortlessly. And makeup, again, less is more. Invest in a good quality moisturizer and Kajal, we’d recommend Lorea’l true match foundation and kajal from Maybelline. You can get them for low prices using the Nykaa discounts and offers. Oh wait, we forgot something. Shoes! Yes. Opt for medium heels, as it would be problematic to walk in both high heels and flats. Get gold or any neutral colored heels that will suit the traditional look perfectly!


These style tips will, hopefully, ease your indecision and confusion! So now all you gotta do is select one that suits you and rock the world in it! Remember, the key is to carry it with confidence!

Guest Post by Lavanya 

About the Author:

Lavanya is a blogger, who loves reading both contemporary fiction and classics. A coffee lover, avid reader, fashionista and a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe. Proficient at chick-lit posts. Up for a good laugh and a modern day woman who lives her life to the fullest.

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