Innisfree Skin Clinic Mask – Vita C Review

Just when I thought that I need to fly down to Delhi once again to stock up on Innisfree products (I didn’t receive my last two orders from Cosmetic Love so currently I have no other source to stock up on Korean Skincare products), the huge announcement that Innisfree is finally available in Nykaa dug a big hole in my pocket. I did a huge haul once again, in three installments, and I’ll be posting the haul once I receive my third order (unless I already use up the sheet masks by that time). So the only sheet mask I have used so far is the Innisfree Skin Clinic Mask Vita C which I loved.


As I’ve already told you that I’ve come back from Andaman terribly tanned and I’ve been de-tanning with my tomato and Besan DIY face pack but it’s been taking a little longer than it usually takes. The de-tanning was happening gradually and after the third DIY mask, I applied this sheet mask as it contains lemon peel oil and claims brightening.

The sheet was a little different from the “It’s Real” Squeeze Mask range. It was made out of cotton hairs and I had to pull it out from an attached film. The Mask was thin, and was soaked in a transparent serum. The fitting was almost perfect except for a few wrinkles and the mask dried in about half an hour.


The initial effect was an immense nourishment and hydration and by the next morning my skin was visibly brightened and clear as if I wasn’t tanned like a charcoal just a couple of days back.

Now I would also like to mention that I used the mask that time of the month when I suffer a little break out. When I used this sheet mask, I had one acne, but next morning I had another. It might be just me PMSing, or it might be the grapefruit extract which I am a little sensitive to. But since I’m not sure, and since it helped me de-tan faster, I am clearly impressed. And then again, you guys might be aware of my love for brightening products, so I will definitely buy it again.

Price: Rs 150/-

What it is:

  1. This whitening mask sheet contains vitamin C derivatives and niacinamide to brighten up dull, rough skin.2. This 100% natural cotton sheet is made from soft cotton hairs around the cotton wool.

    3. It is transparent and thin and has good adherence on the skin, which allows for its good substances to be more effective delivered into the skin.

How to use it:

  1. After cleansing, use toner to refine skin texture.
    2. Take out mask from package and remove film. Evenly adhere it to entire face, avoiding eye and lip area.
    3. Remove the sheet after 10~20 minutes and gently pat to allow the remaining formula to absorb into skin.


Where to Buy:



  • Does what it claims
  • Affordable
  • Fits well
  • Easily available (Thank God)





Tonymoly I’m Real Makgeolli Mask Sheet- Skin Purifying Review

After a long time I am back with my Korean Skincare reviews and this time I am going to write about one of my favourite sheet masks from the Tonymoly I’m real sheet mask range.

I’ve already talked so much about my love for rice masks. They are so purifying and helps my skin a lot when I breakout. Now Makgeolli is a very popular alcoholic beverage in Korea made out of rice and when it comes to skincare benefits, it is as good as sake. Sure as hell, I was bound to love it, as it claims to purify the skin too.


As it turns out, it did even a better job than the rice mask and I hope Makgeolli was available in India (not the sheet mask but the real thing) so that I could have applied it on my face every single day.

Product Claims:

Nourish your skin with the I’m real Makgeolli Mask Sheet! This 3-layer pulp sheet is filled with a latex-based essence that is infused with natural oils to provide maximum elasticity and purification for your skin. No parabens, talc, benozphenone, or triethanolamine included.



The fitting was similar to the other sheet masks from the I’m Real range, not that perfect, but almost there.

See:Tonymoly I’m Real Lemon Mask Sheet for Brightening Review

My Experience:

I applied this mask during that time of the months when I breakout the most. This started a few months back, during PMSing I started getting one huge pimple each month with no head, and it stays there during those days, and then after a few days, it slowly vanishes leaving a bad scar. I guess it’s hormonal and there’s nothing that can be done. So I applied this mask while the bump of the month just appeared right on top of my nose and my skin was a little uneven.  I applied it after double cleansing and toning my face, left it on for half an hour, removed it, patted the leftover serum on my face and finished it off with a night cream. The hydration and the brightening effect were noticeable as soon as I took the sheet off. The next morning I woke up to a clear bright skin, with the little bumps gone and the huge pimple with no head lessened in size. Usually the bump grows for the next couple of days, but this time it kept reducing and then it slowly vanished without living a scar. How wonderful!

I guess I cannot be happier. And the brightening effect remained there for the next few days. What more can someone expect from a sheet mask?


  • Does what it claims
  • Brightens
  • Hydrates
  • Afoordable



Where To Buy:

Where To Buy Korean Skincare Products in India + Some Tips & Tricks




Tony Moly I’m Real Tea Tree Mask Sheet Review

So back with my Korean Skincare Review and I will talk about Tony Moly I’m Real Tea Tree Mask- Skin Soothing today.


Product Claims:

Tea tree oil is a natural anti-bacterial agent that helps troubled, acne-prone skin. This sheet masks delivers the tea tree oil-based essence deep into the dermis to alleviate troubled skin while hydrating and nourishing skin.


Water, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Peg/ppg-17/6 Copolymer, Glycerin-26, Panthenol, Bu-ethoxydiglycol Succinate, Allantoin, Peg-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Chlorphenesin, Carbomer, Phenoxyethanol, Tromethamine, Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea Tree) Leaf Extract, 1,2-hexanediol, Propanediol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Musa Sapertum (banana) Fruit Extract, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Caprylyl Glycol, Illicium Verum (anise) Fruit Extract, Disodium Edta, Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea Tree) Leaf Oil.


Did you notice how Tea Tree Extract comes after a lot of other ingredients while Tea Tree Oil comes last? Hate when they do that!


The fitting was similar to the other masks from the range, doesn’t quite fit that well. And I hate the slits, they keep folding up.


My Experience:

When I used the sheet mask my skin wasn’t on either its best or its worst. It was a little troubled from all the experiments and tortures that it goes through. However, there weren’t any major break outs, my skin just wasn’t even.

The sheet was soaked in a good amount of transparent serum. I left it on for about half an hour and removed it to look into a nourished and even skin in the mirror. The soothening effect was noticeable and I woke up with a hydrated and bright skin next morning.

Will I purchase it again?

Yes, I will stock it up for emergencies.

Will I recommend it?

Yes, mostly to anyone who suffers break out a little too much.


  • Affordable
  • Does what it claims
  • Drenched in enough essence


  • Nothing

Where to buy:

 Where To Buy Korean Skincare Products in India + Some Tips & Tricks



TONYMOLY I’m Real Tomato Mask Sheet Review

If you are following me on Instagram you’ll know that I have been much enjoying the Jagadhatri Pujo.  Also, the temperature drop was as sudden as the Note Ban in India. Just a few days back I wrote about how the Broccoli Mask from the Tonymoly broke me out a little. So technically I tried out the Tonymoly I’m Real Tomato Mask Sheet while my skin was recovering from the Broccoli effect, and my skin had dried out, and after my skin was hoarded with makeup for a certain amount of time.


What The Product Claims:

Replenish your skin with the I’m Real Tomato Mask Sheet! This 3-layer pulp sheet is filled with tomato extract and an enriched water-based essence that yields maximum hydration with glowing effects for your skin. No parabens, talc, benzophenone, or triethanolamine included.


My Experience:

I had high expectations from this mask as tomato is my favourite ingredient for any kind of DIY Face Mask. It de-tans my skin and brightens it up skin like a miracle. So I had similar expectations from this mask. However, I am left with a little mixed feeling after using this mask.

  • It wasn’t bad. It did brighten up my skin, and gave it a healthy hydration.
  • The brightening effect was half as good as what I notice after using DIY tomato masks.

So in a nutshell it was exactly the repeat of the Lemon Brightening Mask. My DIY masks apparently works  far better when it comes to brightening, BUT none of them provides hydration or nourishment. So if you are looking for a brightening product that hydrates your skin as well (its winter!!!), you will be satisfied with this one. However, if brightening is your sole concern I will say that there are better solutions than this one, the best being in your kitchen.

For Fitting And Direction See:

Tonymoly I’m Real Lemon Mask Sheet for Brightening Review


  • Does what it claims
  • Affordable
  • Didn’t break out my irritated skin


  • Because it contains tomato, a better effect was expected

Where to Buy:

Where To Buy Korean Skincare Products in India + Some Tips & Tricks



Tony Moly I’m Real: Broccoli Mask Sheet Review

If you are following me on Instagram, you’ll probably know that I am taking the #novembersheetmaskchallenge which is basically posting about different masks each day. The day before yesterday the theme was favourite veggie or fruit, and here comes my first disappointment from the Tonymoly I’m Real sheet mask series.


The sheet mask claims to provide vitality and energise tired skin. Now I am a certified insomniac who rarely sleeps before 5 in the morning, and that has been showing on my skin lately.  My skin has never been so dull and while I thought that a green tea mask would soothe my skin, I had a second thought and dug out my favourite veggie mask which happens to be broccoli and it claimed vitality. Seemed legit that my tired skin required some energy so I threw it on my face without a second thought.


The fitting wasn’t very good, but not terrible either. I kept it on for 35 minutes and when I took it off, I was impressed with the extremely hydrated skin and the radiant glow. This impression however didn’t last long as I woke up the next day with two cystic acnes: one on my forehead and one on my skin, along with that so many tiny bumps and an irritated skin. It’s a rather surprise that the CosDna analysis didn’t show any major irritants/trigger as I don’t usually (ever) break out after using a sheet mask and this time I did. How can even a broccoli possibly go wrong?


  • Pocket Friendly
  • Travel Friendly
  • Super hydrating


  • Broke me out.

Will I recommend it?

There are so many more sheet masks to choose from this range.



Tonymoly I’m Real Lemon Mask Sheet for Brightening Review

As the Diwali spirit is slowly burning out, I am back with my Korean Skincare reviews. I am currently taking the #novembermaskchallenge which is technically posting about different types of masks throughout the month of November. I will be posting them on my Instagram and will occasionally post full reviews on the blog in case the ones that I am applying haven’t already been reviewed. So day 1 was tropical vives and the closest thing I could get my hands on is Lemon. And now I am going to review the Tonymoly It’s Real Lemon Brightening Mask Sheet.


I’ve been travelling the last week and I left my Vichy Face wash at my friend’s place where I crashed the first night. The rest of the week I had to do with my sister’s face wash which doesn’t really behave well on my skin. So when I applied the mask, my skin was a bit dull and I really wanted a new skin on my face. Not possible, so I had to repair what I was left with. Typically I love putting lemon juice and tomato juice on my face because of their brightening and de-tanning properties. Back in those ‘live by myself’ days I used to use a besan pack on my face mixed with tomato and lemon juice at least twice a week. My skin tans like crazy and the combo works like magic. However, I haven’t done it in a while and my skin has been looking really dark since the past few months. The Lemon Mask obviously seemed to be the best choice. Needless to say, I had a high expectation from this particular mask. You see, the worst thing you can put on your skin is a whitening product, the average thing you can put on your skin is a lightening product, and the BEST thing you can put on your skin is a brightening products. Of course the Koreans know about skin better than us, and thus I expect almost every Kbeauty products to deliver even the slightest of brightening effect. Actually that’s the only thing I expect besides hydration. So when a mask that contains lemon and screams brightening, your expectations will reach sky high.


Let’s just skip the application part just this one, there’s nothing new, I apply all my sheet masks in the same manner, and have been writing the same procedure repeatedly. Let’s just talk about what it did to my skin. Obviously my skin wasn’t at its best when I tried it out; it was dark, and dull and a little bit irritated. So I left the mask on for about half an hour and removed it to reveal a clear and bright skin. Now about the brightening claim, it did deliver to its claim, but nothing extra-ordinary. Let’s say, on a scale from 1-10, my skin was a 5, and the mask made it 6, while I was expecting at least 7-8. Then again, my expectations were too high and my skin was a bit dull and dark so it had a lot of work to do. I am assuming, it would have worked much better if my skin wasn’t acting up lately, but sadly it was.


Now, about the pictures. While coming back home, I encountered a 4 yr old in the train who’ll put even my nieces to shame. She posed for a few pictures and took my phone to check them out and deleted my whole gallery because her pictures weren’t good enough. I would have found it too adorable if my gallery wasn’t too precious. So all I am left with to share is the ones that I took while doing the haul post and the sheet mask selfie which I just remembered that I had transferred to my laptop.

Purederm Grape Yogurt Pack Review

I’m not a huge fan of creamy packs, neither am I fond of yogurts. So when I received the Purederm Grape Yogurt Pack with my Skin18 package, I saved it for the last.


The texture and consistency of the pack is exactly like yogurt with some tiny purple granules to remind you of the existence of the grapes.


I have a combination skin, and even though it started getting a little dry at the beginning of the fall (exactly when I applied the pack), I was clearly not impressed with what the pack did to my skin. I mean I followed the instruction, massaged it on my skin and kept it on for 10-15 minutes and there was not a slight difference in my skin except for the pimples that appeared on my face. Clearly the pack is not meant for combination or oily skin. I suppose it will work great on dry skin, but it did me wrong the both times that I tried it. There’s still some left in the packet, enough for a third usage, but no thanks!

As for the claim to provide you with soft and smooth skin, I really couldn’t tell much difference as my skin was already soft and smooth as I follow the 10 step Korean Skincare routine every morning and evening. :p

NOTE: As I mentioned that the pack is clearly not meant for oily or combination skin, I guess my review doesn’t even count as I have a combination skin and I have never used a creamy wash off pack as I know my skin does not need one. So, dry skin beauties, you guys can go ahead and try it, I am sure it will provide you with the intense moisturization that your skin needs.


  • $.95 for a pack that lasts 3 usages is pretty cheap
  • Might provide intense moisturization to dry skin beauties
  • Contains Collagen


  • Claims to be suitable for all skin types, yet broke me out
  • None of the claims were noticeable
  • Contains pareben


Just a couple of days ago I posted my Kbeauty haul and now I’ve officially started reviewing them one by one. Because of all the experiments and tortures that my skin goes through, it’s safe to say that my skin is not at its best right now. I’ve got a few tiny bumps on my face which is bothering me a lot as I rarely get pimples. So I decided to start by purifying my skin with my favourite variety of sheet mask, that’s the rice one.


Product Claims

Nourish your skin with the I’m Real Rice Mask Sheet! This 3-layer pulp sheet is filled with a latex-based essence that is infused with natural oils to provide maximum elasticity and brightening effects for your skin. No parabens, talc, benzophenone, or triethanolamine included.


I’ve earlier used a rice mask from Etude House while I was suffering from a bad breakout and it worked wonderfully. This time it’s a Tonymoly one, and while my skin is not as horrible as the time it was while I tried the Etude House one, it still was pretty bad and again I am amazed to see how rice works on irritated skin. Japanese Geishas’ have been using rice water to clean their skin from the ancient days, and if you have ever wondered what their secret to get such porcelain skins is, there I just answered part of your curiosity.

So back to the Sheet Mask review. The sheet was soaked in a very decent amount of milky white serum, with some leftover in the packet.  I doubled cleansed my face, prepped with a toner and applied the sheet mask leaving it for 25 minutes. The mask fit my face wonderfully. Maybe, it’s the best fitting sheet mask I’ve ever used. My bad I didn’t take a ghost selfie, but there are still 10 masks with the same fitting sitting on my shelf, so you might see one in the next post.

The initial effect after taking it off was just what you’ll expect from a very good sheet mask, intensely moisturized and hydrated skin. The following morning I woke up with a CLEAR and BRIGHT skin, exactly what I expect a sheet mask to do. I am very happy with the result and am eager to find out how the rests work out; my money is on the red wine one.


  • Reasonable price
  • Amazing fitting
  • Does everything it claims
  • No parabens






Where To Buy Korean Skincare Products in India + Some Tips & Tricks

As promised, I’m here today with some tips and tricks and brand suggestions to keep in mind while shopping for Korean Skin Care products.


First things first-

Where to get them? (Based on personal experience)

Soko Glam:

I became obsessed with Korean Skincare almost two years ago.  Soko Glam happens to be the website where I got my first Kbeauty products from- Tonymoly Oil Cleanser (still Obsessed), Skinfood Green Tea Bubble Cleanser (Best thing that ever happened to my skin) and Goodal Phytowash (Exfoliation dream). Soko Glam is a very trustworthy website. Charlotte Cho visits Seoul and picks up the products herself and tries it on her own skin before adding it to the website. The back draws however is that they don’t have any minimum free shipping rate to India. For those residing in the U.S or Canada, this site’s the best for you guys. (Thank Me Later)


My second purchase was a pack of 10 sheetmasks from Innisfree that I ordered from Amazon and I have no idea if the merchant was authentic. The masks did work brilliantly on my skin though. I gave away two masks to my colleagues and they loved them so much that they asked me to order a few for them while ordering my next lot.


This time it was a pack of 10 Etude House Masks. They worked great as well. But then I read a lot of consumer complaints that the StrawberryNet products are not authentic and have reacted badly on a lot of peoples’ skin. So I didn’t repeat order from this site even though I got lucky with my order.

Innisfree Delhi Store:

I legit left my job on December 2015 and flew to New Delhi to visit the Innisfree Store in January and I did a huge haul. Delhi beauties, I envy you (because of the recent Face Shop launch as well)!


It’s a legit site as well. But they offer free shipping above 66$ or something which will mess up with the custom.  They have free shipping on some particular products and I still keep checking if there’s any new product in the Free Shipping list that I wanna try. No personal experience yet.


I am pretty sure I don’t need to talk much about this website. They are well known for their blogger friendly programmed. They have sent me two packages for review purpose and I loved them all. However, Free Shipping is above 60$.

Cosmetic Love:

Here comes the most awaited part. The magic website with free shipping, Tada! No shipping charge, no custom duty. Just try to keep your orders low to avoid custom. You’ll get a tracking ID by paying an $2.5. Their website says that it will take about 2 weeks for the order to show up, but my first two orders came 1 month late. But then again, my first order came along with a package from Greece shipped a couple of months ago, so I guess both went for a little custom tour. My third order didn’t show up, so when I mailed them about it, they were kind enough to reorder my products again with a free tracking ID.  And after I received it, I placed my fourth order. I am sticking with this website.

Referral Link: – 15% Off with my Referral link.

Daisy Skin Fix

It’s an Indian E-commerce site where you can get a multiple Korean Skincare brands, and guess what? They have free shipping on all order.


By the Grace of God, Innisfree and The Face Shop has recently launched in Nykaa…


They have a wide collection of Korean Skincare products and ships for free if the order is above $35

A little tips and tricks-

  • Already gave one, while ordering from Cosmetic Love, try keeping your order low.
  • They offer an abundant amount of samples and trial sized pack. So you’d like to order some samples first, they comes very chip, plus they extremely travel friendly. If you are ordering a lot of different types of samples, try one product at a time so you can figure out the culprit if something goes wrong (I haven’t had any bad experience with any Korean Products so far and my skin is super-sensitive, so chances are very low).
  • You’ll get free samples if there are any full sized products in the order and yes sheet masks count. The higher the full sized product prize amount, the more samples you’ll receive.

My Favourite Brands: (Only The Bests)

  • Tonymoly
  • Mishha
  • Etude House
  • Innisfree
  • Goodal
  • Foodaholic

Favourite Products Used So Far : (Only the bests)

Products I Would Suggest Not To Try-

So that’s all. Hope you enjoyed this post and please do not hesitate if you have any more queries, I would love to post a sequel if needed.

And once again, I am not being benefited from this post. The whole post is best on personal experience and my love for Korean cosmetics.


Korean Skincare Haul

Korean Skincare products are no doubt the best in the world. They are cheap, they use amazing, potential and most importantly, natural ingredients, and they will very rarely break you out. However, one of the most underrated aspects of K-beauty is that they are very generous with samples. I’ve read in a lot of articles that if you walk down the streets of Seoul, there will be people standing in front of the stores handing samples, and also your shopping bag will be filled with samples if you purchase something from any store. Oh! How I wish to move to Seoul! And what better way can there be by trying out samples before purchasing the full product? That’s right I figured out an amazing way to get my hands on K-beauty samples by sitting at home, by paying for them of course. So there’s going to be a chain of posts in this particular topic. For a starter, I would like to mention that I’m not being paid to write these articles. They are completely out of my love for K-beauty products, and for you guys who have admired my K-beauty craze and have got in touch with me telling me that my posts influenced you to try out K-beauty, and most importantly take better care of your skin.

So the first post here is going to be a sheet mask and sample haul I recently did. It’s my third purchase from a website that I personally adore and the next post will be regarding where to buy Kbeauty products from(and that mystery site), brands that are my personal favourites, coupon codes and a lot of tips and tricks to follow while shopping K beauty products. The rests are going to be reviews of the haul that I did.

So here’s everything I purchased.


A set of TonyMoly I’m Real Masksheets


  • Avocado
  • Tea Tree
  • Red Wine (So excited to try this one out)
  • Broccoli
  • Pomegranate
  • Aloe
  • Makgeolli
  • Tomato
  • Seaweeds
  • Lemon
  • Rice (My favourite when it comes to sheet masks, any brand)

Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Cream and Eyecream Sample Set of 5 (already used up two and loving them)


TonyMoly Panda’s Dream Magic Cream Sample


TonyMoly Tomato Magic Massage Pack (They always include gift samples)


Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum (A leftover gift sample from a previous purchase that I’ve saved in case of emergency lol)


That’s all. I’ve already ordered my fourth lot and eagerly waiting for them to arrive. So while I pamper my skin with these babies do let me know in the comment section if you want to read more about my K-beauty shopping guide. I love reading them!

Luke Hyaluron Essence Mask Review

Winter is almost here and my skin has already started tugging a little. I guess my love for sheet masks is no secret, as well as the fact that I use them at least twice a week and sometimes more. Winter skincare requires a little more effort and that’s why I sometimes Sheet Mask as often as every day or alternative days during winter. So the temperature suddenly dropped and my skin dried out all of a sudden, coincidentally at the time I ran out of all my serums. I felt my regular moisturizers that I had been using isn’t enough and I knew that to get my skin winter ready in just an hour it required not just any sheet mask but a sheet mask that claims intensive moisturizing. That’s when this sheet mask came out.


Luke is not a new brand to me as I have used so many of their strips and sheet masks and loved them all. This particular sheet mask however, had a different instruction than any other sheet masks. Usually you are supposed to double cleanse, tone and then apply the sheet mask following up with your regular serum, moisturizer and eye treatment. This sheet mask however, instructed to apply the regular products first and use it as a last step. I followed as instructed, removing the mask after about 40 minutes when it was totally dried up.


What amazed me the most about this mask is that it fit perfectly, and there are just a few brands out there that fit my face perfectly. I didn’t need to tear the eye holes, it didn’t wrinkle up near the nose area, and most importantly the mask didn’t go above my hairline (I hate when they do). So the fitting was perfect. And then I removed it after 40 minutes and the essence had already been absorbed into my skin, I didn’t even have to pat it. Sometimes my skin feels a little sticky after sheet masking until I apply a night cream, but in this case it didn’t, and I would have hated it if it did as I had already applied my night cream prior to it.

My problem was solved. It’s been three days, I haven’t yet sheet masked again, and my skin isn’t feeling dry yet. Guess my skin is already winter ready. Apart from intense moisturizing, I haven’t noticed any other effects (namely brightening). But since it contains Hyaluron which claims to contain anti-aging benefits, I would suggest anyone post 25 to use this sheet mask once in a while as I prefer taking precautions before the damage is done.

Ingredient Analysis:


My CosDNA analysis came up really clean. With only Butylene Glycol raised a flag, 1 out of 5 as an acne trigger, but I personally don’t have any problems with Butylene Glycol.


  • Does what it claims
  • Fit perfectly
  • Didn’t irritate my super sensitive skin





Where to Buy?

Inoface Modelling Cup Pack (Shining) Review

Modelling Packs or Rubber Masks are Korea’s newest skincare trend and obviously I wasn’t going to be left out. Luckily, the Shining Pack from Inoface was included in the package that I received from Skin18.


See product information here:



My Experience:

Even if it’s often claimed that the modelling cups are for 1 time usage, I think mine will last for about 7 usages. So I took out a generous amount, mixed it with water and stirred well using the stirrer until I got a smooth paste. The application wasn’t tough, but I let the pack on for too long that instead of rubber, it looked more like plaster. Removing it was such a pain that I had to wash it off with water and my skin was itching a bit. I wasn’t nearly impressed when I had a mildly irritated skin the next day, but I knew what I did there. The next time I left it on for 15-20 minutes and removed it before the rubber turned into plastic. This time I was impressed. The whole thing came out just like a sheet mask does, only leaving a few traces. My face was whitened but that didn’t last long. I finished it off with my regular serum and night cream.

As for the follow up days, the firmness in my skin was still noticeable, even though there was no moisturizing benefit. I have recently hit 27 and was worried about aging signs, but the elasticity it provided to my skin, I decided to test it on my mother. Even though there were no dramatic changes on her already aged skin, her skin looked much firmer than it usually is.

Overall, I pretty much liked the modelling cup. Even though it didn’t provide any extra hydration or moisture, I still think that using these rubber masks once in a while can prevent aging signs. And plus point goes to the amazing packaging. I’m gonna store the tub when the product is finished and use it as my face pack mixing cup, and the stirrer doubles as a spatula too.


  • Travel friendly
  • Easily applicable
  • Provides Elasticity
  • Upcyclable packaging
  • Reasonable prize


  • Didn’t provide extra moisture

Rating: 4/5

Cracare Anti-Aging Collagen Lifting 3 Steps Mask Review

I turned 27 last month and I am aware of the fact that it’s high time I should invest in some anti-aging products. I would rather prevent aging signs than to spend fortune to get rid of them when it’s too late. If you know me, you might have already guessed that I am probably looking for a good Korean Anti-aging product. Recently I received a generous box from Skin18 and there happened to be an anti-aging product in it, a 3 step sheet mask to be precise.


Luckily, there’s no aging signs on my face yet (touch wood) except for my stubborn eye bags that has permanently been there since my 12th board exam. When it comes to anti-aging treatments, you can’t just expect overnight miracles, thus I had no idea what to expect from this particular sheet mask.


The instructions were clearly written on the back of the sheet mask and accordingly I applied the step one ampule on my eyes and lips area, followed it up with step 2: sheet mask, keeping it on for 30 minutes and finishing up with the step 3 night cream. Step 1 and step 3 lasted for another few usages and I kindda liked how they smell (hard to explain). The sheet mask almost fit perfectly except for some wrinkles around the nose area which didn’t bother me much.

A sheet mask’s primary job is to provide immense hydration, which it did too well, along with a noticeable firmness. But as I said, you can’t just expect anti-aging skincare overnight, I guess you would have to use this sheet mask once a week if you already have visible aging signs and you want it to work.

Overall, the sheet mask is brilliant. I love multi step skincare products and this is the kind of sheet mask I would be using once a week once I hit 30. I personally would have liked it better if there was a minimum age mentioned as most of the anti-aging products are 30+ or in some cases 45+.

Get yours from here :

Beauty Friends II Essence Mask Sheet Potato Review

It’s been so long I have reviewed any Korean Skincare products. In fact I have run out of some of my K-beauty products and haven’t been able to re-order them because of my super hectic schedule that has been going on for the past few months. (I must mention here that I follow the Korean 10 step regimen twice a day and almost all my daily products are Korean). So I was ecstatic when Skin18 sent me a cute box filled with a generous amount of products to review.

Rewinding a little bit here, you guys might know that my grandmother expired on July and I couldn’t work for the time span between her stroke and the memorial. After the memorial when I started working, I found myself in front of the huge pile of sponsored products which I was yet to test. Some of them worked amazing on my super sensitive skin, some did not, and some even gave me stubborn pimples. On top of that I had a really bad appetite for the couple of months which started showing on my skin. And the worst of all, I had run out of all my sheet masks, and I had this habit of sheet masking twice a week. So now you can really imagine my ecstasy on receiving the box right when I was living a nightmare. Potatoes are known to repair damaged skin and lighten dark spot; I have heard that throughout my teenage years, no wonder the potato mask from Beauty Friends was the first item I pulled out of the box to try.


The packaging is simple, the amount of essence is exactly the amount required. I hate it when some sheet masks contain excess serum which keeps dripping when you try to put it on. The consistency of the essence was neither too runny, nor too thick. The fitting however, wasn’t that perfect. I do not have an oval shaped face, but the mask was bigger in length and shorter in width. That means it went up my hair line, but didn’t even reach my ears. The nose cutting was too short for me, and the cheek area was wrinkled up. Overall, the sheetmask selfie looked too ugly to upload in this post.


Coming to the main part, how it worked on my skin. I loved it. I kept it on my face for about 35 minutes and it was almost dry by that time. I finished it off with my night cream and could feel the healthy hydration and my plumped up skin. The following morning I woke up with a nourished, hydrated and brightened skin, something I expect to see every morning after sheet masking. On top of that, my acne scars have visibly lightened. I won’t lie, I started testing an anti-blemish face wash since that very night, but then again, considering the fact that a single usage did it, it’s highly likely that it’s the sheet mask that did it (or both). It’s been two days and the brightening effect and the nourishment is still noticeable.

Over all, I really loved it. It’s the kind of sheet mask that I would use every once a week. It has done everything a sheet mask is supposed to do: hydrate, nourish, heal, brighten and on top of all, it reduced my pimple spots (ah! The potato pulps!).


  • Does everything that it claims
  • Hydrates and nourishes
  • Lightens dark spot
  • Brightens the skin
  • Cheap


  • Fitting




September Beautifully You Box- Anniversary Special Giveaway

Hey guys, hope you are all doing fine. I am really sorry that I missed the monthly giveaway last month. If you have been following my posts, you will know that my grandma expired on the month of July, and the memorial was 40 days later. The past month was a bit rough, so much so that I haven’t even been able to send out the prize for my July winner, so sorry Ankita Agarwal, I finally managed to pack and sew your box and it will be sent out tomorrow. In fact, I even missed celebrating my blog’s 1st Anniversary on August, let alone organizing a special giveaway, and I also spent a silent birthday this 16th. So I guess it’s high time I resume my monthly giveaway.

Here’s everything I managed to get together.


  • Lass Natural Sunscreen- Full Sized
  • Ma Earth Botanical Balancing Cream- Sample Size
  • Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Lotion- Trial Sized
  • Tonymoly Panda’s Dream White Magic Cream – Sample Sized

That’s right, two Korean beauty products again…

Here’s what you have to do to be eligible to enter the giveaway.

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And you are on board… Good luck <3

P.S: Open to Indian residents only

Skinfood Egg White Pore Foam Review

After reading the many ravings about the Egg White Cleansing Foam from Skinfood I decided to give it a go. After all, Skinfood happens to be one of my favourite Korean Skincare Brands and I really liked their Tea Tree Bubble Cleansing Foam. When I received my order, I was jumping in joy, thinking about how all my other cleansers will be cornered for some time now.


A gentle foaming cleanser suitable for sensitive skin. This new product from Skinfood contains pore-purifying, amino acid-rich egg whites with deep cleansing properties. The Egg White Foam Cleanse is mild enough for daily use and will not strip away any beneficial natural oils.


How To Use:

Start with a wet face and neck. Massage a small dab of product all over while avoiding the eyes. Rinse off warm water. Follow with toner and usual skincare regimen.


My Experience:

I’ve never tested my Korean Skincare products on my sister except for the TonyMoly Cleansing Oil as she has an acne prone skin and whatever she applies on her face that is not prescribed by her dermatologist, gives her a bad breakout. However, after her amazing experience with the cleansing oil, she decided to give this cleansing foam a try. So we applied the foam together during our night time regimen. She has an excessively oily skin while I have a combination, sensitive skin. The first thing both of us noticed even before we had washed off the foam is that our skin was feeling too dry. I felt like my skin will be stretching out so I ran for my toners and my serums and my cream as if I’m running for my life. Our skin did feel clean though. However, with every new cleanser I try testing it once without using an oil cleanser to check if it removes minimal makeup, and this cleanser failed the test. I wasn’t happy with this one, I still am not, but I feel like I need to use any skincare product for at least 28 before reviewing it because that’s how long our skin cells take to turn over.

My sister however, didn’t know what to expect and is just glad that it didn’t break her out. She has an oily skin as I mentioned earlier, so it didn’t bother her much that the cleanser dried up her skin and she’s pretty much pleased.

But then I read reviews from other K-beauty bloggers to find out if it’s just me who thinks that this foam is just a little too drying. I was left in shock when I read their reviews. Turns out that the pH level of this foam is as high as 10.5 and it can completely strip your acid mantle. I was like how on earth can a cleanser’s pH level be that high and still be so popular?! Who uses cleansers with pH level that high?

Also the ingredient list consists of a lot of ingredients that are known to be irritants and the Albumen Extract which is supposed to be the star ingredient of the product come 10th. Yes it didn’t irritate my super-sensitive skin, but I am not repurchasing it again. No amount of Albumen Extract can make me repurchase it again. And dry skin beauties, just stay away from this cleanser.



Water, Myristic Acid, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Lauric Acid, Cocamidopropyl, Betaine, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Albumen Extract, Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate, Trehalose Sodium PCA, Betaine, Sorbitol, Glycine,  Alanine, Proline, Serine, Threonine, Arginine, Lysine, Glutamic Acid, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Disodium EDTA, Xanthan Gum, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil, Serenoa Serrulata Fruit Extract, Beta-Sitosterol, Tocopherol, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Glycine, Soja (Soybean) Seed Extract, Butylene Glycol, Enanti Chorantha Bark Extract, Oleanolic Acid, Alcohol, Hydrogynated Lecithin, Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate, Dimethicone, Propylene Glycol, Parfum


  • Didn’t irritate either my super sensitive skin or my sister’s acne prone skin
  • Reasonable price
  • Washes off easily


  • That pH level! *Eye roll

Will I purchase it again?


Will I recommend it?


July 2016 Fab Bag Review

After my major disappointment with last month’s Fab Bag, they seemed to have made it up this month. I was pretty impressed when they asked which shade I would prefer from the Sugar Cosmetics It’s A Pout Time Range. It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Sugar Cosmetics lipsticks and knowing that I’m getting one with my Fab Bag was a delight. So I chose the shade Mad Magenta and before I realized that it’s already July the bag was resting on my table.

Only last month I said that I found my cosmetic pouch. However, this month’s bag gave the last one a tough competition. I might be travelling tomorrow and I am still not sure which one to carry with me.



See what I’m talking about?

So here’s everything that was inside the bag…


Sugar Cosmetics, Mad Magenta:


Still not over adoring this shade yet…

Neemli Naturals Bengal Gram exfoliator:


Johara Instant Radiance face scrub:


Mmmmm….. not a huge fab of apricot scrubs…

Pep Moisture Velvet Shampoo:


Pretty excited to use this one…


Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack Jeju Volcano Review

Innisfree has these tiny capsule recipe packs that are basically smaller versions of some of their full-sized products. For example, the Capsule Recipe Pack Jeju Volcano is the mini version of the Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask. I’ve got 3 Capsule Recipe Pack, the Jeju Volcano and two Sleep Packs. I’ll start with the Volcano Recipe Pack.


Price: Rs. 150 for 10 ml.

Shelf Life: 30 months

Product Claims:

The clay mask pack with Jeju volcanic ashes to absorb sebum to purify pores.


  1. Smooth over your face that can feel dry after cleansing. Rinse off with warm water after 10-15 minutes. Massaging will relieve your facial muscles for more comfortable looks. Choose the right one for your skin condition.
  2. Insert the cap of capsule into the container and pull for air tightness to use for 2-3 applications.



My Experiece:

If I had any idea that these recipe packs are just the mini versions, I would have bought all of them as it is a great way of finding out what suits best for you. If only other brands had stolen this brilliant idea from Innisfree we wouldn’t need to spend fortune on new products and then get disappointed later.

Coming back to my experience… Even though I don’t have large pores, I have read a lot about volcanic masks and was really eager to try them out. The consistency and texture is similar to any other clay mask and spreads evenly on the skin which can be a pleasant experience for OCD patients 😀

I used the mask after double cleansing and exfoliating my face, and kept it on for like 20 minutes and then washed it off. Like any other clay mask, it took a little effort to wash off the mask, and my skin was left squeaky clean. Okay I’ve already double cleansed and exfoliated my face, my skin was already squeaky clean, I mean my toner soaked cotton pad NEVER finds any residue, but I could feel that even my epidermis layer felt clean as well. I was really happy with the result and trust me it takes a lot to make me happy when it comes to masks as I am huge on masks.

It says that the mask can be used twice or thrice, but in my case, it lasted for more than 4 usages. There’s just one problem, it’s really hard to store it after the first usage and the consistency starts getting thicker after opening the lid. It is suggested to use the mask twice a week so it can take up to 2-3 weeks to finish the recipe pack, and if you keep it open for a month, it’s going to get stiff. There’s one more problem that I would like to point out, since I travel a lot, I always store tiny products for unplanned tours and all, so yeah this is mask is really travel unfriendly if you can’t use the whole mask at once. Some people may find the tiny container unhygienic but I think it’s pretty cute.

If you guys have used it, or planning to use it, I would love to know how it works on beauties with large pores (don’t take offence, I’m just curious).



  • Controls sebum
  • Pocket friendly
  • Cute packaging


  • Storing it can be an issue.

Will I purchase it again?

I’ll purchase the full-sized jar next time.



Where to buy:

MaskerAide Pre-Party Prep Facial Sheet Mask Review

Hey guys, hope you all are doing well. I haven’t reviewed any product lately because there’s so much tension stirring at my family right now which you might be aware of if you read my Facebook post. I haven’t slept in the last three days (and nights) and you can only imagine how my skin is showing that off. To make it all the more worse, I am running out of all my favourite skincare products and since I couldn’t manage to do any shopping in the last few weeks I had to use products which are stocked up because I don’t like them as much. Long story short, I got an hour long power nap today, and after I woke up I ordered few things over the internet and am waiting for them to show up at my gate and rescue my skin. I made a feeble attempt to recover my skin by using the MaskerAide Pre Party Prep Hydrating Sheet Mask last night, too bad I wasn’t going to any party after taking it off and also I had already used the Masker Aide All Nighter Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask on a day when I got more than enough sleep. Yeah, I mess things up like this all the time.


Product Description:
You may be ready for a night of partying and celebration, but is your face? Make sure you stand out from the crowd and start prepping your skin now!  Create a perfect canvas for foundation application with Pre-Party prep’s silky, lightweight blend of natural Argan Oil, Orange Peel Oil, Super Fruit Extracts, Rice Extract and Honey to energize, hydrate, brighten and prime your skin for a flawless and velvety-smooth finish.


Directions For Use:
1. To prepare face for your at home facial, start by cleansing and toning your skin.
2. Tear open packet. Gently unfold mask and place on face. Adjust over eyes, nose and mouth for a perfect fit. Rub any excess serum into neck and chest.
3. Relax for 10-20 minutes. Remove mask and discard. Gently pat moisture into skin or give a quick rinse and lightly pat dry.
4. Use once per week. Can be used daily.

INR 460 for a single sheet.


Ingredients:water,butyleneglycol,Niacinamide,Sorbitol,Alcohol,Betaine,Octyldodeceth25, Phenoxyethanol,Arginine, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate,Sodium Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer,Caprylhydroxamic Acid,Ethylhexylglycerin,Xanthum Gum,Sodium Polacrylate,Ascorbyl Glucoside,Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (orange)peel oil,Argania Spinosa Kernel oil,Houttuynia Cordata Extract,Solanum Lycopersicum(tomato)fruit extract,Portulacca Oleracea Extract,Magnifera Indica(Mango)fruit extract,Honey extract, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (orange)fruit extract,Oryza Sativa (Rice)Bran Extract,Opuntia Ficus-Indica Extract,Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice.


My Experience:

The packaging of the mask is as quirky as the all nighter mask; only it comes in the colour pink (my favourite). The fitting and the texture is similar to the all nighter mask as well. The sheet is thicker than any usual sheet mask and soaked in a clear serum.  As usual, I threw the mask into the refrigerator an hour before applying it. There was enough serum left on the packet after taking the mask out that can be applied on the neck and the hands but I hate the messiness.

The mask did have a soothing and refreshing feeling, but not as much as the all nighter one. Or maybe I was too stressed to even enjoy the masks 30 minutes stay on my face. The mask claims to act as a primer which could have been proven only if I applied makeup after taking it off, which I clearly didn’t. However, it did brighten up my skin and made it soft and supple.


  • Does what it claims
  • Paraben Free
  • Attractive packaging


  • Expensive

Will I purchase it again?

If I get an option, I would pick the All Nighter Mask over this one, if not, I won’t mind using it a few more times.

All About Korean Skincare

I am going to talk about skincare today, something that has been overlooked by Indian women for years (I’m not talking about the ancient days here, they did just fine). How many of us have grown up watching our mothers apply routine anti-aging products before completely ruining their skin or have themselves started using them as soon as they turned 25? How many of us prefer using a spot corrector instead of a concealer? Not many I guess.

There are very few Indian women who spends as much time on removing the makeup as much as they spent putting it on. We’ll hide all the flaws using make-up but rarely will try to get rid of them once and for all. It’s like completely depriving our skin of the essential care and when the skin is ruined, we start spending fortune on treatment products.
May be it’s time we learn something from the women with the porcelain skin. I’ve read somewhere that Korean mother’s teach their daughters (and even their son) how to take care of their skin before even they reach adolescence. That explains why you won’t come across a single Korean woman who doesn’t have a flawless skin.  Of course the food they consume also has a part in it. They consume a lot of fermented food (like the delicious Kimchi which is basically fermented cabbage) that are somewhat responsible for their flawless skin. Even the Japanese people eat a lot of fermented food (like Nato, fermented soybean) and don’t they have flawless skin too? Even though we can’t (or may we can) eat Kimchi with lunch and Nato for breakfast every single day, we can always indulge in an extensive skincare routine whether or not influenced by the Korean 10 step skincare routine.
When I first came to know about the Korean Skincare routine about a year ago, I was in my mid-20s and my skin was in ruins. I barely used a moisturizer, not even after exfoliating, deprived my skin of sunscreen and used a harsh face wash which could ‘do it all’. My skincare products included a harsh face wash and a scrubber with large granules. When a colleague noticed the damage, I purchased night creams, serums, eye cream and other stuffs and started taking care of my skin. The damage was too severe that the products made no difference even after months of applying. That’s when I came across the Korean Skincare routine. I didn’t have much of the products, so I followed 5 steps with the products I already have and sure enough I noticed a huge difference the following morning. My skin was even and somewhat glowing. I started doing more research, purchased more products and modified the routine according to my needs. Within weeks my skin was so glowing that my colleagues and friends started asking me what did I do? That’s when I wrote my first article on my first blog about the skincare I was indulging in. The article got a huge response and after my colleagues and friends became Korean skincare converts too, I launched this blog to document my K-beauty Journey.
Korean skincare is all about layering. And if you want to follow the steps using Indian or International products, make sure that the products you are using doesn’t contain parabens or SLS. The more all-natural products you use, the better.
The first step itself contains 2 steps.
Oil Cleansing– It’s like using oil against oil. The oil helps break down the built up sebum, dirt and makeup and with a little effort it all comes off. They say your skin needs to be treated like a flower and not like the dirty utensils in your kitchen. So the key is to be gentle. I am currently using Tonymoly oil cleanser.



Bubble Cleanser– It’s the second step of cleansing; making sure that your skin is squeaky clean by now. Two of my favourite bubble cleansers are SkinFood Green Tea Bubble Cleanser and Innisfree Green Barley Bubble Cleanser.


• Exfoliate: The gentler version of scrubbing. Making sure that the granules are tiny, exfoliate twice a month. This step is the key to get a healthy skin. If you don’t exfoliate your skin, the built up dead cells will prevent your skin from absorbing all the goodness of the products you are applying. Also keep in mind that over exfoliating will only result in melanin production and therefore darker skin. I am currently using Goodal Phytowash Bubble Peeling.


Face Packs: The K-skincare can vary from 10-17 steps according to your needs. So you can always include steps which you think is good for your skin. In my case I randomly use many face packs but my favourite ones are any kind of Charcoal masks when my skin needs detoxification and Aloe masks when my skin is irritated.

Toner: You can use your regular toner, just making sure it doesn’t contain alcohol because a toner containing alcohol will only make your skin drier.

My favourite one is Kama Ayurveda Distilled Rose Water.
Sheet Mask: This is my favourite step. Just put on a Sheet Mask and chill for 20 minutes and wake up the next day with a super hydrated plumped up skin. I use sheet masks once or twice a week. I have so many favourites that I can’t really name just one or two. There’s the rice sheet mask from Etude House, the green tea, aloe vera and manuka honey from Innisfree and there’s a lot more to choose from.

Essence: The lighter version of serum yet a powerful one. Essences are very rarely available unless you live in Korea. I have tried the Missha Time Revolution Essence sample and the single application left me spellbound. The following morning was the best my skin has ever looked. However, that was the only time I used an essence but will surely get my hands on the full size soon.
Serum: This one’s a no brainer. The Korean women however apply multiple serums, making a serum cocktail, here’s one for anti-aging, here’s one for brightening, and here goes the spot correction. Of the many serums I have used, my favourites are the Neutrogena Fine Fairness serum and Innisfree Canola Honey Serum.


Moisturiser/Night cream/Sleep Mask: During the day time I use a moisturiser and during the P.M skincare I use a night cream, replacing with a sleep pack twice a week. My favourite moisturiser is Natural Bath & Body Whipped Cream, Favourite Night Creams are Kama Ayurveda Rejuvinating night cream and Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Night Cream and my Favourite Sleep packs are the tiny capsule recipe packs from Innisfree.

Sunscreen/Cushion Compact:  Cushion compacts are a huge fuss right now, thanks to K-beauty. Only if you use them once you’ll know what the fuss is all about. They flawlessly cover any imperfections giving your skin the dewy look that’s much raved about. I am currently using the Water Glow Cushion Compact from Innisfree and I occasionally replace it by a sunscreen from Chambor Geneva or the Eau Thermale Avene suncreen.

Eye Cream: Another no brainer. I am using Neutrogena Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream.
Mists: In order to maintain the dewiness achieved by the extensive skincare routine, women in Korea use mist periodically whether they are in office or in public transport. And no, it doesn’t ruin your make-up. The one that I have been using is from Innisfree and it’s been working pretty good on my skin.

So that’s about it. It might look extensive and time consuming, but once you start experimenting with this routine you will soon find yourself hooked and will start to modify according to your needs. Often times I use only 5 steps during the night and sometimes it gets down to 4 steps during the morning as I rarely use the oil cleanser during my A.M skincare. Even if you are too lazy to try it out, you can take it from the laziest person on the country that it’s really worth a shot.