Saem Healing Tea Garden Green Tea Cleansing Water Review

Hello everyone! I am Anwesha and this is my first post for . I have become a Kbeauty convert and worshipper after I came across our dear Clara’s posts about Kbeauty. Truth be told I had really bad skin condition when I first discovered this blog – dry, patchy, hyper pigmented and yes, severely tanned skin. In short the worst phase possible. So, I thought what’s the harm in trying a few Korean products, especially when everybody is raving about them?  And so, I gathered courage( it took guts to convince mom I tell you!) and ordered my first ever international package from .

The product that I will be reviewing today is a skin-changing (if not life-changing ) thing for me. I had always wondered about a cleansing agent that would not leave my skin dry or with a oily residue – something as uncomplicated as possible. Cleansing water  a.k.a micellar water is just the product which I was looking for. I had used and loved  another cleansing water by the renowned  French brand Yves Rocher before ordering the Saem Healing Tea Garden one. The only issue with the Yves Rocher one was the sticky residue it left behind after cleansing. During winter months that’s a plus point but during summer it’s just too sticky to ignore.

Anyway, I bought the Saem Cleansing water in Green Tea variant. The bottle is a big 300ml one which has sturdy packaging.  Nothing cute or fancy, just really travel friendly basic stuff. As the name suggests, the product’s consistency is just like water. It has a faint herbal smell. I think it is the smell of the large amount of Green Tea extract that has been added to the product.  I use the product every day twice or thrice as per my requirement. It does not irritate or dry out my skin. It does its job of cleansing to perfection. One thing that I would like to mention, I do not use this cleansing water as a makeup remover.  Internet is filled with articles primarily describing micellar waters as makeup removers. I don’t buy that, sorry! However, I do use this cleansing water to cleanse the last remaining makeup particles or traces of eyeliners after I cleanse my face with a foam cleanser (something which my skin does not like). It removes every single undesirable thing from your skin and leaves it clean and moisturized. No stretchy feeling or rough cleansing.  In fact it does not sting my eyes.


Purified water, propylene glycol, not blood -7 Caprylic / Capric triglyceride, blood -7 not glyceryl cocoate, can tea (100ppm), baeknyeoncho extract. orange peel extract. lavender extract, jasmine extract, rosemary leaf extract, sciadopitys root extract, district party ex-tract, Portulaca Oleracea extract, sodium citrate, citric acid, disodium this dithiophene this, Butylene glycol, phenoxyethanol, echil hexyl glycerin, 1,2-hexane diol, caprylic rilgeul glycol, Trojan polron

My Experience:

I have felt a noticeable change in the texture of my skin as I continued using it every day. My skin is considerably better and does not turn into Sahara desert within 4-5hours of applying moisturizer. It makes my skin soft and smooth without leaving any tacky residue like the Yves Rocher one.  It does not cause acne or aggravate the existing ones. “How?” you may ask my acne prone sisters. My big sis has a persistent acne problem that makes her skin intolerant to almost anything. She only uses prescription stuff like Sebamed, Saslic etc. This cleansing water did not cause any reaction to her acne. She also uses and likes it. For older and mature skin like that of my mom, it is good as well.  A family skincare product you may say. It is a savior for lazy girls like me who do not want to leave the comfort of their bed. Sometimes I am like cleansing my face while half asleep in bed, surrounded by my books. Just cleanse and slap on some serum or moisturizer and go to sleep.  Uncomplicated bliss!


  • Gentle but effective
  • Economical and long lasting
  • Improves skin texture gradually
  • Does not irritate or cause acne
  • Has a moisturizing effect and loads of Green Tea and other herbal extracts
  • Travel friendly and sturdy packaging


  • None except availability

 Price: 9.89$

Will I repurchase/recommend?



Rating: 4.8/5

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Anwesha Biswas, 24 years old bibliophile obsessed with skincare, perfumes and dogs


Getting Over A Heartbreak

Heartbreaks, we have all had them, we have all survived them (or not). What makes them even worse is the fact that you don’t just have heart breaks when you part ways with your partner, you can have them when you break up with your best friend, or that special friend with whom you had a non-existent relationship. It’s the lump in your throat that you feel when you suddenly stop talking to someone you used to talk every single day. It’s the pain you feel when you realize that the name that used to be on top of your chat list has been going down and just down. You cannot do anything about it, except for jumping at every message beep hoping it’s them. We have all been there, some of us recovered faster; some of us took too much time. The time it takes for you to recover not always depends on how strong you are, or how deeply you loved that person, because even the strongest person breaks down and we judge their strength based on if they are showing their tears to us or not.

They say when you face a heartbreak, get busy, as busy as possible, as busy as to not think of that pain, as busy that you don’t even have the time to expect a call or text from them. But truth to be told, you cannot pretend forever that the lump in your throat does not exist. You might take your mind off the pain for a while, but as soon as your head hits the pillow it’s all going to come back. Even if you manage to doze off, you’re going to wake up in the middle of the night and try to figure out if you just dreamt it all, if it was just a nightmare that the person you love so dearly has walked out of your life. And the truth will hit you so hard that you’ll feel like you cannot breathe. If you are lucky, you might be able to doze off again, only to wake up in the morning, may be earlier than you usually wake up and stare at your phone hoping there’s a text when deep down you know, there’s not, there’s never going to be. Sleepless nights and sleepy days, and the more you stress yourself with work, the more you are bound to break down because a part of your brain cannot forget the pain and you are constantly pushing it towards the edge so that you can get busy forgetting the pain. But for how long? How long can you pretend that you are the strongest person who’s not allowed to break down? How long can you push away your thoughts? How long are you going to hold those tears in? How long? Sooner or later you’ll find yourself laying flat in your tears because you have pretended for too long, pretended that it doesn’t hurt.

And then there are worse things we do. Sometimes, in order to forget the person who broke our heart, we try to replace them immediately; clinging to the first person we meet after the heartbreak, to the person who tries to bring smile to our face during our difficult times. As healthy as it is to talk to friends and have shoulders to cry on, rebounding in a new relationship is the worst thing we can do sometimes.  We don’t realize that we are using the new person in our life as a distraction from the pain, as a small band aid to a much severe injury. In most cases it does not work out either, because you haven’t allowed yourself the time and space to figure out what’s going on, figure out what you actually want, figure out who you truly are.

So are we not supposed to move on? Yes we do, but we are also allowed to break down, to let out those tears that we have been holding in, to cry it all out until you feel numb. Cry until there are no more tears screaming to come out of your eyes, cry until your pillow cover is wet, cry yourself to sleep. Yes, you are allowed to skip the work, and that meal, you are allowed to mess your life up until you feel there’s nothing left to mess up. Feel human, feel that pain until you are tired of it, until you reach that point where you look back and only see the pain instead of the golden memories that you were crying over. Only then will you realize that those memories are not worth that pain. Only then you’ll look into the mirror and see the strongest person you’ve ever known. You’ll see you, with your raw, naked emotion and you’ll realize that the pain has become a lot more tolerable, it doesn’t hurt as bad as it was hurting just a few days back. The sadness will still be there but you’ll eventually stop waking up in the middle of the night with anxiety. The breakdowns will stop, you’ll still be thinking about them but you’ll have less urge to text them begging them to come back. You’ll feel sad, yet refreshed. You’ll start taking care of yourself, you’ll catch up on everything you have missed out on for the last couple of weeks, you’ll be eating your favourite food and having meals right on time. Yes the sadness will still linger, but not for too long. Soon you’ll realize that you deserve so much better, better than the melancholy feeling and the lump in your throat. You’ll have a better understanding of life and what you want. And that’s when you’ll know that you have completely moved on.

ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen Cream Review

Etude House Moistfull Collagen range has taken the K-beauty market by storm. You can only hear amazing things about this range, especially from Korean women. The range contains Small Super Collagen water particles (hydrolyzed collagen) that can be absorbed into skin and keep it hydrated, healthy and plump.

What it is

Small Super Collagen water particles in the Moistfull cream always keep your skin hydrated and leave your skin feeling like jelly.
– 120 hours of Super Collagen™ water effect with proven experimental data
– Improvement on skin layers with outstanding hydrating level seen within 5 days
– Skin gloss lasts 12 hours after application
* Tested by IC Korea with 23 persons of 20~25’s

How to apply

  1. Apply appropriate amount of the cream onto face and smoothly massage from centre to outer.
    2. Gently dab away the left over content of moisture to let skin absorb them perfectly.


Hydrolyzed Collagen, Butylene Glycol, Cyclopentasiloxane, Glycerin, Cyclohexasiloxane, Glyceryl Polymethacrylate, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Adansonia Digitata Fruit Extract, Adansonia Digitata Seed Oil, Betaine, Kaolin, Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, Pca Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Glyceryl Stearate, Sodium Polyacrylate, Stearic Acid, Silica, Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/Vp Copolymer, Poloxamer 407, Polyglyceryl-3 Methylglucose Distearate, Phytantriol, Ppg-5-Laureth-5, Hydrogenated Polydecene, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Alcohol, Water, Disodium Edta, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance

My Experience:

You guys might know that I stock up on sample products before I travel, so I did some sample haul from Cosmetic-Love before my Bangalore trip and the Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream was one of them. I got two tiny tubs that lasted me the whole trip. For my night time regimen I stayed loyal to my Taiyu Silk Cream but for my day time regimen I opted for the Etude House Moistfull Collagen cream even though am pretty sure that it’s hydrating enough to be used as a night cream (in a moderate temp).

The cream is extremely lightweight, a bit jelly like and spreads evenly. It takes a few second to be absorbed completely, but once absorbed there’s no sticky or greasy residue. It makes the skin plump and bouncy and you can literally notice a healthy skin within a week of application. The hydration lasts throughout the day, and if you are aware how terrible the summer is at Bangalore you’ll know what my skin has survived during those weeks. I don’t think it would have done the job for a night cream if used during those days because the heat there was so terrible that it can even dehydrate the skin of beauties with extremely oily skin, and then there I was, struggling with my combination, sensitive skin. I honestly doubt any of my regular creams would have helped my skin as much as this one did, and it really surprises me to think that this super lightweight cream can give such hydration boost.

Since collagen plays an important part in anti-aging treatment, and I am 27+ and haven’t incorporated any anti-aging product in my routine yet, I guess staying loyal to this product is the best I can do.

Will I purchase it again?

The whole range, in full sizes.

Will I recommend it?

Yes. Someone recently asked me how to survive Bangalore Summer this year and I must say, this is one product you might wanna try out(a full post on how to survive summer skin coming up).

Where to buy:

Cosmetic-Love , Sokoglam


$20 for 75ml


  • Hydrates
  • Makes skin plum and bouncy
  • Evens up skin tone
  • Contains anti-aging benefits
  • Super cute packaging that will melt your heart
  • Non-greasy, does not feel thick or heavy on the skin.
  • Does not contain paraben
  • A little goes a long way


  • Contains alcohol




Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack Review

Hey guys, today I will be reviewing a Sheet Mask that I have had an eye on for some time. I have heard ravings about the goodness of snail extract and even though I was grossed out a little, I still tried out my first snail poo product sometimes back and unfortunately my experience was not as amazing as my expectations were. Luckily my experience with Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask was a lot better. I might disappoint some of you saying that I didn’t take a sheet mask selfie because I looked too ghastly wearing the mask but I hope I can make it up to you guys with the review.


[Benton] Snail Bee High Content MaskPack 20g 1 Sheet

Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack is for all types of skin including sensitive and troubled skin types.

This high content mask pack contains Bee Venom, EGF and various botanical based natural ingredients to help improve your rough and damaged skin from various stress and pollution.

In addition to the troubled skin care, cooling, moisturizing, soothing effect, and skin-lifting improvement, this all-in-one multi-care cosmetic has functional ingredients such as Arbutin and Adenosine which help you to achieve clear and more even skin tone complexion.

[How to Use]

Prepare your skin with skin toner after washing your face.

Open the packaging and place the mask gently over the face make sure it adheres to the face.

After 20~30 minutes remove the mask, then pat the leftover ingredients gently into the skin.

My Experience:

You guys might know that I have come back from my Bangalore trip with a terrible, terrible skin and you guys are probably not hearing it for the last time because my skin hasn’t recovered yet. Firstly, because may be the damage is a bit severe, and secondly because I haven’t treated my skin like I usually do after I coming back from any trip. It’s been over two weeks and the tan is still there and so are the weird bumps on my cheeks.

So I used this Snail Bee Sheet Mask a few days after returning when the bumps were at their worst. When I applied it, I was certain that one sheet mask cannot possibly recover this terrible of a damage, but I had expectations that it will at least control. Out of all the sheet masks I have ever used, this one had to be the softest. And this is not the only point where it stood out from the crowd of sheet masks I have ever used. Unlike the regular sheet masks, the main ingredient wasn’t water; it was Camellia Sinesis Leaf Water- green tea. If you think that is impressive enough, wait till I tell you that the eye holes weren’t hollow, there were cut out patches, like you can lift them up on your eyes and relax with the eye patches on, or lift them down and watch your favourite series on Netflix. I wish I didn’t look that ghastly with the mask on so that I could have shown you guys how it works. The fitting wasn’t very good (why I looked ghastly) but it wasn’t that terrible either.

I removed the mask after 30 minutes and my skin was super hydrated and the bumps were visibly minimized. Like something told me that had I got a few more of these masks my skin would have completely recovered by a couple of weeks. Sadly I ordered just one and Cosmetic-Love takes a little time to ship.  So even though it didn’t completely heal my skin, it really did some damage control and I am impressed.




  • Does what it claims
  • Contains Snail Extract that’s much raved for their anti-aging benefits and their soothing power
  • Contains Bee Venom that’s known as nature’s botox
  • Affordable
  • Paraben free
  • Works on sensitive skin
  • Has got eye patches



Will I re-purchase and recommend it?




Where to buy:

Cosmetic  Love

Captivating Works Done to Pitch the Beauty of Chennai Silk Sarees

Being one of the most popular and fascinating kind of Indian traditional drapes, Chennai silk sarees are ultimate fave among Indian women, especially during important festivals and wedding ceremonies. These royal sarees are known for their blend of bright shades and intricate detailed work. Have you ever tried to focus on these alluring prints and work crafted over these finest forms of silk? Let’s do it now. These beautiful types of work are responsible for their heavy pricing and magnificent appeal. Known to be the most enthralling and glistening Indian women wears, silk sarees will never let you down and will look gorgeous on every woman regardless of their age and body shape. You will find young women and fashion lovers getting crazy over these classic ethnic staples. So if you are a fashion enthusiast, you would probably love to explore these enchanting clothes and garments. Get yourself in!!!

Here are the four most found and attractive types of work done over these luxurious sarees that can bring you into the limelight at every occasion. Unroll the fashion fad!!!

Border Work

Most women pick border work Kanjeevaram sarees for their clean and breathtaking appeal. These sarees are embellished with broad embroidered borders and intricate detailed work which are perfect to adorn during Indian weddings and other festivals. Buy them to enhance your ethnic closet and style statement in a snap.

Zari Work

These expensive silk sarees are most favoured pick of royal blooded women who are always up for flaunting their incredible elegance and charming appeal. These sarees are crafted with intricate zari work all over the fabric and looks stunning on every woman. Pair these lush drapes with traditional gold on kundan jewellery to get the desired appearance.

Booti Work

If you want to go out of the box and unveil your phenomenal ethnicity, try the dazzling booti work sarees which are known to have small bootis all over the fabric and can be worn at any occasion or ceremony. Check these gorgeous sarees online and take your pick to make the most of the season.

Fabricated Latkan

The additional factor which can take your complete look to another level is fabricated latkan attached at the bottom of the pallu. The style is the perfect way to reinvent your ethnic avatar and fashion statement instantly.

Guest Post By Manisha

Author Bio:

I am Manisha, writer by profession and similar by passion. Being associated with IndiaRush as a creative writer and fashion blogger, I completely enjoy myself. Everything about lifestyle, humour and fashion lures me and keeps me unwavering to my work. Get in touch with me for more works like this.

The Face Shop Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam Lemon Review

Hey guys, I haven’t been writing for a while as there’s been a medical emergency in our family and things aren’t going very great. However, since writing helps me take my mind of things for a while and I somehow managed to get some decent sleep this afternoon, I decided to review a foaming cleanser that I’ve been using for a while.

I’ve said this earlier that I am not a huge fan of The Face Shop products and it’s basically the only K-Beauty brand that hasn’t impressed me. But during that much raved TFS launch at Nykaa I got myself a few products (even though I wasn’t very impressed when I shipped some of their products from South Korea long before the launch) and I’ll be reviewing The Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam Lemon today.


Water, Myristic Acid, Stearc Acid, Glycerin, Potassium Hydroxide, Butylene Glycol, Lauramide Dea, Ceteth-20, Citrus Medica Limonium (Lemon) Fruit Extract (1%), Juniperus Communis Fruit Extract, Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract, Aspalathus Linearis Extract, Lilium Candidum Flower Extract, Aesculus Hippocastanum (Horse Chestnut) Bark Extract, Borago Officinalis Extract, Saponaria Officinalis Leaf/Root Extract, Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Leaf Extract, Centaurea Cyanus Flower Extract, Echinacea Purpurea Extract, Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract, Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Fruit Extract, Salix Nigra (Willow) Bark Extract, Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit Extract, Glycol Distearate, Peg-40 Stearate, Peg-8, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Propylene Glycol, Disodium Edta, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Fragrance (Parfum), Yellow 5 (Cl 19140)

My CosDNA analysis came up almost clean except for some red flags- a whooping 3 acne red flag for Myristic acid, 2 for Stearic acid, 1 for Butylene Glycol.


Rs 300 for 170 ml.

Quick Overview:

A mild type of cleansing foam with peach extract , this formula by Faceshop leaves your skin super fresh and clean! This formula penetrates deep into your pores to remove impurities & buildup that can cause clogged pores & ugly blackheads. Enriched with pure Lemon and nine kinds of herb extracts, this lovely foam provides moisture and nutrition that leaves skin soft, clear elastic and youthful. Perfect for all skin types, this beauty essential is an absolute must have!

My Experience:

The reason I chose this particular cleanser from the whole range is that I’m always on the lookout for products that can brighten the skin tone, and since this one contained lemon, I had high hopes.

My first thought upon unboxing the package was that it’s a huge tube for just 300 bucks. However, I wasn’t ecstatic to get a huge tube for that steal of a price; instead, I kept thinking what can I expect from a cleanser that comes for just 300 bucks. My skeptical mind didn’t take too long to be proven right. Right when I used the foaming cleanser for the first time, I felt like the pH level is too high. The citrusy smell felt pleasant, but the massive amount of foam it created reminded me of the Skinfood Egg White Pore Cleanser that has a pH level as high as 10.5. The aftermath of using the cleanser was almost the similar to the Skinfood one, my skin felt dry as a desert.  I continued using the cleanser for 3 weeks because that’s how long I use a skincare product before reviewing and I saw no brightening effect or noticeable change in my skin.

All the while I kept looking for a pH strip to check the pH level but since I couldn’t get my hands on any, I tried Googling the pH level and turns out that the Spearmint and Acerola Cleansers from the same range has a pH level as high as 9 while the average pH level for a cleanser should be 4-5.5. I was genuinely annoyed, I already have one high pH cleanser sitting idle in my cabinet and a second one was the last thing I needed.


  • Budget friendly


  • Probably has a high pH level
  • Strips skin of the moisture
  • Contains Paraben
  • No noticeable change in skin

 Will I repurchase it?


Will I recommend it?


Where to buy:




Couponsji Review – Online Couponing Site

Back when I was working as a Data Analyst there grew a trend in our office, searching for the best deals for online shopping. It all started when a guy joined our office and told us how he gets the best deal on everything; I mean literally everything, from mobile recharges to gifts for his girl friend. He used to provide us with coupons for everything we used to order and we became habituated paying less for everything. After he resigned, it kindda became a hobby for us to search for deals for things we didn’t even need to buy. Some eventually grew bored, some continued. I being probably the laziest in the office, never even bothered to look for a deal. Instead I kept a close look on who’s getting the best deals on what. I knew who to ask for getaway deals, who to ask for buffet deals, who to ask for recharge deals and who to ask for fashion deals. And guess what? They always had the coupons handy, whether they need it, or they don’t, they just happened to have the coupons with them all the time.

After I resigned I don’t remember hunting for deal even once, but my online shopping craze continued and even got worse ever since I came home to stay with my parents for a year. Who can you blame? I don’t easily get impressed with the shopping malls my hometown has to offer! I have been 100% dependent on online shopping ever since I came home. So sometimes back I remembered the coupon craze from my office days and I surfed a little and came across this site called CouponsJI. The site has got all the coupons you can think of, collaborated in one place. You can either look for coupons by directly clicking on the brand name, or you can search by category. Searching for the best deals has never been easier.

What is Couponsji- Online Couponing Site?

E-commerce site Couponsji offers discounts, coupons, and deals on the already discounted products that can help you save even more. Couponsji is a coupons & deals website that has products under different categories and brands at very reasonable price. Furthermore, this online shopping store gets you all the brands tempting offers, coupons, deals and discounts at one single place. This feature of Couponsji- Online Couponing Site is surely hard-to-ignore and best for frequent shoppers.

Some of my favourite deals:

Ajio Coupons :It’s a site focused on men, women and kids’ fashion. You can get some amazing deals using couponsji website.

Myntra Fashion Coupons: Myntra happens to be my boy friend’s favourite shopping site and since I have no power to control his shopping frenzy, I try controlling the bill by looking for the best deals using couponsji website.

Limeroad Coupons: My favourite site to get hand bags, backpacks, sling bags, shoes and most importantly home decor products. I just love their collection.

So when you are shopping online next time, you too can save some bucks by using couponsji website, am sure it will be worth it.




Restaurant Review- The Himalayan, Korean Restaurant, Bangalore

Hey guys, as promised I am here with The Himalayan Korean Restaurant review that I visited while on my Bangalore trip. Now you guys must be aware of my all things Korean and Japanese obsession, well basically I have always been fascinated by Japan and my Korean Obsession grew after I got into Korean Skincare. You might have read this before that along with their extensive skincare routine and amazing skincare products, Korean food and good genes have their fare bit of share in giving the Korean men and women that porcelain like skin. And in case you already haven’t figured out, that’s one reason I became obsessed with Korean food along with Korean skincare and since I have already visited the only place in Kolkata (in my knowledge) that offers Korean food, I planned to visit all the Korean Restaurants in Bangalore during my trip. However, things didn’t turn out as planned and the friend I hung out with most of the times wasn’t as foodie adventurous as I am and kept dragging me to the food places that’s already tried and tested by herself. Somehow I managed to get 1 day to myself and while she went to work I turned on my GPS and headed to the closest Korean Restaurant I could found.

It didn’t take me too much effort to find the place, and once I reached there I really like the cosy ambience. There weren’t many customers (it was a week day around 3 p.m) and I wondered why. While going through the menu I really wished my boy friend was there because whenever we go food tasting I end up ordering a lot of stuffs, take just a few bites of everything and pass the plates or bowls towards him. No, he doesn’t eat too much, but certainly eats more than me. Well, I am the kind of person who loves to taste everything but in a very, very little quantity. Anyway since I hate wasting food I ordered just one dish- Dub Bap that comes with a lot of side dishes.

The food was served as quickly as Biriyani is served in Biriyani places and the staffs were just the nicest I’ve ever come across. Now I am not a Korean Cuisine expert, just have tried a few Korean Food places and this one has to be the best I’ve been to so far. The main dish was rice with chicken curry

and the side dishes were- Kimchi (fermented cabbage that’s excellent for your skin) 

, Radish Kimchi (fermented radish that’s excellent for your skin too)

, Fried Bananas, Baby Potatoes and Fried Zucchini I guess.

The baby potatoes were just the best, I can eat them every day without getting bored. The Kimchi and radish Kimchi were as hot (just like kimchi usually tastes) and overwhelmingly good. Not a huge fan of zucchini but zucchini lovers might like it, and the fried bananas tasted just like fried bananas tastes. The main dish was mind-blowingly good; I could have had it by itself without even the side dishes. I love how most of the Korean dishes are topped with roasted sesame seeds, it just takes the flavours to a whole new level.

The side dishes were served first, and then the main dish was served a few minutes later along with a spinach soup. They said that they serve different soups everyday and that day it was spinach which I was not very fond of. I really wished it was Kimchi Jiagae day as I love Kimchi soup even better than Kimchi itself. Anyway the whole portion was a little overwhelming for me, it would have been perfect for people with regular appetite or even better appetite but it was a bit tough for me to finish the whole thing along with the side dishes. But still I shamefully kept wishing my boy friend was there so I could have ordered Bibimbap and may be even Gimbap. Anyway I somehow ‘almost’ finished the whole thing, paid my bill and left thinking that if it was in Kolkata I would be mentally taking notes what to order the next time I visit.

Cost: Rs.420 with Tax

Zomato link to the restaurant:

Dear Klairs Rich Moist Facial Soap Review

Hey guys, am back with yet another K-beauty review and this time it’s the Dear Klairs Rich Moist Facial Soap which was sent to me as a PR package.

What the product claims:

The Rich Moist Facial Soap is a light pink facial soap that contains calamine powder to provide excellent soothing for sensitive skin.

Argan oil and Yermar mate, which contains over 5 times more polyphenol than tea tree, effectively moisturizes and delivers antioxidants to the skin.


Calamine, Yermar mate, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Almond oil

My experience:

The Rich Moist Facial Soap comes wrapped in an eco-friendly brown paper and as the product claims, is a pink facial soap. I’ve rarely used facial soaps as I stick with foaming cleansers but I was surprised to see how easily and amazingly it lathers up. If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know that I’ve came back from Bangalore with a terrible skin. Both my cheeks are filled with weird tiny bumps and I’ve been avoiding applying anything even mildly harsh on my skin. Since the Rich Moist Facial Soap claims to work excellent on sensitive skin I’ve been religiously using it twice daily and the bumps seems to minimizing ever since I started using this facial soap. It’s really gentle on my super sensitive skin and I feel like it deep cleanses my skin as my toner soaked cotton pad didn’t pull out any residue and I went back to spraying my toner directly on my face instead of applying it with a cotton pad.

Apart from this, the facial soap didn’t perform extra-ordinary skincare task, didn’t help me with de-tanning or skin brightening and it didn’t claim to. It’s a gentle facial cleansing bar that soothes the skin while deeply cleansing it and I am pretty sure it will be worth a try for sensitive skin beauties.

Will I purchase it?


Price: Rs. 720 Rs. 620 for 120mg


  • Deep cleanses
  • Perfect for sensitive skin
  • Probably will last long
  • Eco-friendly


Nothing. (Might look pricey but I have a feeling it will last too long)



Where to buy:

Daisy Skin Fix

*Product sent for review purpose but the opinions are completely honest.


Fab Bag April 2017 Review

Hey guys, I received the much awaited April Fab Bag ‘Spring Fling’ today and I am blown away. The bag is just perfect considering the spring theme, a cute, sturdy, floral pouch that you would want to keep in your handbag throughout the summer.

I have been looking for a perfect compact powder for awhile, something that contains physical SPF and paraben free and Sugar Cosmetics hard my wish and created one, and Fab Bag heard my wish too, and included one in my April Bag.

So here’s everything that I received this month:

  • SUGAR As Nude As It Gets SPF 15 Compact: 02 Cappuccino (Rs.699/-) FULL SIZE

The compact comes in three shades and I chose the middle one. I haven’t used it on my skin so I can’t really say if it will match my skin tone but so far I’m in love. It contains Titanium Dioxide (physical sunscreen) something that I’ve been on the lookout for awhile. When I go out in the sun I usually layer my skin with at least SPF- 1) a day cream containing at least SPF 15 2) A Sunblock or cushion compact containing SPF 50 3) A compact powder containing SPF 15 and this one is just perfect for the 3rd step.

  • Hedonista Fresh Face Scrub (Rs.1045/- for 105 gm) SAMPLE

I LOVE Hedonista products, I have used their Chocolate Face Soufflé and I was hooked. I have got really high expectations from this one.

  • Sand for Soapoholics Monkey Bar Bathing Soap (Rs 325/- for 100gms) SAMPLE

I am a shower gel person but lately I’ve grown a thing for handmade soaps. And this one seems so yummy that I just can’t wait to use it when I shower next.

  • Ayorma Radiance Glow Deep Exfoliator (Rs. 499/- for 100 gm) SAMPLE

This is my 3rd Ayorma Sample that I received with Fab Bag and I wasn’t very impressed with the previous ones. I will still give it one try hoping it’s better than the other ones.

So that’s it, that’s everything I received with my Fab Bag this month. The Compact Powder itself makes the bag worth it and if you are looking forward to get one for yourself, ordering this month’s Fab Bag is the smartest way to get it. The bag’s overall worth is somewhat around Rs1300 and since only 1 product is full-sized, I would have love a fifth sample.

You can get your April Fab Bag here:

Vanesa Pour Home French Fusion Room Freshener Review

Hey guys, today’s review will be a bit different from my usual posts; I will be reviewing a room freshener for a change. You guys might be aware how much I love lighting scented candles to uplift my mood, using a room freshener with an amazing fragrance is one more thing that works for me. There’s something about fragrances that takes your mind to a better place.

I received the Vanesa Pour Home French Fushion Room Freshener in my P.A box and I have been loving it so far.  The floral fragrance is perfect for this spring/summer time and uplifts my mood in an instant. The fragrance lingers for around half an hour or a little more but the freshness lingers for a few more hours.

About Vanesa Care:

Vanesa Care is a leading aerosol manufacturing company. It has recently launched POUR HOME room fragrance range known as ‘French Flora’.  It also has another variant ‘French Fusion’.  These room fresheners are crafted with International aroma for your home freshness.

Price: Rs125 for 130gm

Where to Buy:


 Will I recommend it?




  • Budget friendly
  • Easily available
  • Pleasant floral fragrance



Astaberry Papaya Sunscreen Creme SPF 18 Review

Hey guys, hope you all are doing well. I am back with yet another sunscreen review because you know summer?

So I received Astaberry  Papaya Sunscreen Cream SPF 18 as a PR sample and as soon as I went through the ingredient list I knew that it contains both Chemical Suncreen (in the form of Benzophenon) as well as physical sunscreen ( in the form of Titanium Dioxide). Now if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that I’ve a super sensitive skin that reacts terribly to chemical sunscreens. However, I still decided to do a patch test and the skin on my elbow started stinging bad in just a matter of time. So the sunscreens went straight to my mom whose skin survives almost everything.

I really think that SPF 18 isn’t enough for Indian Skin especially if you tend to spend long hours in the sun, it can be a good option for people who usually stays indoors during the daytime. My mother if you ask me stays out in the sun for 2-3 days a week and stays in the rest of the days. She’s also got some stubborn blemishes that become worse if exposed to sun a little too much.

The sunscreen comes in a yellow coloured tube with a flip cap and is travel-friendly. The consistency of the sunscreen is runny, just like a typical chemical sunscreen and blends really well. Even though it behaves really well on my mom’s skin, I have a feeling that it might turn a little greasy on oily skin. If you already didn’t know, chemical sunscreens sometimes double as a primer, and this one’s one of those chemical sunscreens. It doubles as a moisturizer too in case you don’t have a very dry skin. About the dark spot removal claim, I’m not very sure because my mom’s blemishes are really very stubborn.


90 rupees for 100 ml

Where to buy:

Official Website, Flipkart, Paytm


  • Pocket friendly
  • Travel friendly
  • Blends really well
  • Can be a very good option for people that don’t have a sensitive skin.
  • Paraben free


  • Not suitable for sensitive skin
  • SPF 18 is not enough for people that stays long hours under the sun(but they have options to choose from the Astaberry Sunscreen range).



NOTE: Press samples received for review purpose but the opinions are completely honest.

MISSHA Real Solution Tencel Sheet Mask Vitamin Complex Review

Hey guys, since I am back home from my trip I realized that it’s high time I get back with my K-Beauty reviews. I’ve already mentioned that the weather in Bangalore was ripping my skin of hydration and the entire whole trip took a toll on my skin. No matter what I was applying on my skin it was going to being dehydrated in a few hours. However, I did not let my irresponsible schedule tamper with my skincare routine. I applied de-tanning face masks at least thrice throughout the trip, used sheet masks too many times and kept spraying my face with a mist whenever I could.

One of the sheet masks that I used over there was Missha Tencel Sheet Mask Vitamin Complex which is meant to provide natural gloss to dull and dry skin. Since my skin was tanned along with being dry, I used a Tomato Wash Off Mask from Tonymoly before applying the sheet mask. The fitting was okay and it took about 20 minutes to dry up. There was some leftover serum inside the packet that I used on my arms under my body butter.

Since I used it during my morning routine, the hydration lasted until evening. My face was somewhat brightened, even though not too much thanks to the tanning but overall my face looked far better than it was looking before applying the sheet mask, as if my skin just got it’s life back.

I’m pretty sure it will work way better if used in moderate temperature.

Where to buy:

Cosmetic Love




Bangalore Travelogue…

Hey guys, hope you all are doing well. If you are following me on Instagram you’ll know that I had been staying in Bangalore for a few days and I came home the day before yesterday. It feels so good to be home, sitting in the comfort of my own bedroom and reminiscing the previous week. If you have read the first half of my Bangalore trip you’ll know that I really did not enjoy the first half of my trip. I wrote the post all the while hoping the next half to be be a little more eventful, and am really glad to say that it was indeed. Right when I finished off my first post I got a call from my friend to get ready to reach the location she’s going to send. I saved the draft, got ready in about 5 minutes and went out. A little about my friend- she never gives details, if there’s a plan she’ll just say there’s a plan, no details will be provided no matter how much asked. So I reached the location she sent only to find out that she didn’t have any plans. She was standing there with her flatmate waiting for me to come and decide where we are going.  After a long duration of discussion we all agreed that we are going for a long drive, to where? Another long duration of discussion. At last we started without making our minds hoping to find our way to wherever we are going. After about an hour long drive we found ourselves on Mysore Road. While my friends suddenly jumped to the conclusion that we are going to Mysore, me being the ‘plan destroyer’ declared that am not going anywhere without a proper plan. So we headed to ‘Rasta Cafe’ a popular Dhaba residing at Mysore Road. The Dhaba was as pleasant as the drive itself.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to click any decent picture, firstly because I was carrying my boyfriend’s camera instead of mine which I was finding a little tough to operate and secondly it was almost midnight and I couldn’t adjust the ISO on my boy friend’s camera. We were exhausted as well and didn’t even have the patience to keep trying to get a decent picture. We ordered two Pizzas- A Hawaiwan Pizza and Rasta Cafe Special Pizza. We were so hungry and exhausted that I don’t even remember how they tasted. They didn’t taste bad actually, only the Hawaiwan Pizza didn’t contain anything else than Pineapple and Cheese (and of course the crust and pizza sauce) and I was just disappointed because I love my Hawaiwan Pizza with a lot more toppings along with Pineapples.

The next day I stayed in throughout the day time, published the drafted post and by the time I finished working on it, it was already evening. I don’t exactly remember what I did that evening, probably dined out and slept it off.

The following morning I decided to be a little more active. When I planned to visit Bangalore I actually planned to try out all the Korean Restaurants over there but I have been hanging out with my friends who didn’t take much interest in that particular cuisine so I decided to go on that expedition alone. I switched on my GPS and went to a Korean Restaurant called The Himalayan. Before heading to the restaurant I went to Sephora to exchange my Hightlight Contour Duo and then took a prepaid auto to the restaurant. The ambiance of the restaurant and the service was equally good. There weren’t many customers may be because very few people wants to explore Korean Cuisine (maybe I’m wrong) but when I tasted the food I could think of no other reason as of why the place was less crowded. Anyway since I was alone I ordered just one dish called Dub Bap which comes along with a lot of side dishes (restaurant review coming soon). I don’t know how others might feel about the dish but being a Korean Cuisine lover I enjoyed the dish heartily. The whole time I kept wishing my boy friend was there, we could have ordered a couple of more dishes because I have the tendency of ordering a lot of dishes and then pushing the plates and bowls toward him once I’m done tasting them (he’s not exactly a person who stuffs his stomach with too much food but certainly eats more than me).


When I was completely full and there was no way I could stuff my mouth with another spoonful of rice, I paid the bill and left. I went out in the city a few times but hadn’t really explored so I tried walking back as much as I could. When I was back to Forum Mall a couple of my friends texted (the culprits that ditched me) and I took a seat in front of the mall and kept chatting with them until my battery almost drained. Right when my phone had about 11% charge left and I realized I didn’t bring my powerbank, I sprung and took an auto because I wasn’t sure if I could get back home without the help of GPS.

My friend came back from her office an hour later and then we headed to a pub, sat for an hour like we had nothing to do with our lives and came back home with takeaway.

The next day was probably one of the most remarkable days from my Bangalore stay. A college friend who moved to Bangalore came back from her trip and we made plans to hangout. We met at the Garuda Mall, hand lunch at Beijing Bites, talked about work and life and stuff until the sun was a little compassionate on us. We went street shopping to Commercial Street and whatever caught my eyes I was like “Is this available in Kolkata? If it is, then there’s no way am going to create a fourth luggage containing all the things I shop”. There were so many ‘Health & Glow’ shops and I peaked inside to see that the brands available in the shop are all available online. So I didn’t waste my time going inside but it’s only the day I came home that I came to know that there are sheet masks available in the shops. I don’t think that those are the Korean ones but you guys know how much I love comparing different sheet masks to the Korean ones. I am probably going to ask my friend or my sister to bring me some when they come home. Anyway I picked up a cotton top and my friend picked up a shrug and a top from a local shop and then we parted our ways. I came to pick up my bags from my friend’s place and took a cab to my sister’s place. I was going to spend the weekend with her.

I didn’t have many activities at my sister’s place but her institute is so darn gorgeous. There’s nothing more I like than being surrounded by trees. We just slept in and strolled through her institute and clicked pictures throughout the Saturday. We went to dinner along with her fiancé at a Chinese restaurant and again my boyfriend’s camera betrayed me. There’s something about his camera that messes with me in low lights.


Sunday was even lazier than Saturday. We cooked, ate and slept and when it was almost time for me to leave, we dressed up and headed to an Ice Cream parlour called Polar Bear. I might freak out a lot of people by saying this, but I don’t really enjoy ice creams very much. However, I heard great things about the parlour from my sister and her fiancé and I thought that the place deserves some pictures in my blog. Again the camera betrayed me, luckily the ice creams didn’t. The Pizza Ice Cream tasted amazing and the Tiramasu was good as well even though I was expecting something like the Japanese Matcha Tiramasu. Next we went to a famous sweet shop called Kanti Sweets to get some sweets for my family and relatives. Around 6 or 7 my friend’s flatmate picked me up from my sister’s and we went home only to decide what we are doing that night. We made an innocent plan to get some dinner at a nearby Tibetan Restaurant called Peace. However as soon as we were done dining, my friend said ‘let’s go for a quick drive and then go home’. The quick drive lasted hours and when we reached Salem, Tamil Nadu the two of them started deciding if we are going to Kannyakumari or Madurai. Me being classic me broke in the conversation to declare that the only turn we are taking is an U turn. And we reached home exactly at 4 a.m. At that point I shocked my friend and her flatmate by going through my extensive night time skincare regimen that I never compromise with.

The next day was my last day at Bangalore and no matter how much I wanted to sleep in, my friend woke me up for breakfast. I packed my bags and lay idle till 3 in the afternoon without even getting up for lunch. At 3 I made plans with the college friend again and sprang up like a Ninja, got dressed in 5 minutes and left for Brigade Road. We went to have some Waffles at Waffle Stories that she’s been raving about for some time and when I tasted the Mixed Berry Waffle I knew why. We strolled the streets for some time gossiping and then we headed towards Forum Mall. Upon reaching Forum mall we headed straight to the food court to have some chicken drumsticks from Beijing Bites.  Next we went to Sephora (fourth time for me during my 11 day trip). My phone battery died around 8.30 p.m before I could book a cab so I took an auto home. Originally the friend I was staying with had plans for dining out with me but since we were both exhausted we ordered online and called it a day. The next morning I had my flight back home at 10 am and I came back like a zombie because I didn’t get any sleep the previous night.



Oshea Herbals UV Shield Sunblock Gel SPF 20 Review

I’ve earlier talked about the difference between a sunblock A.K.A physical sunscreen and a chemical sunscreen. Physical Sunscreens are usually hard to blend and leaves a white trace but suits even the most sensitive skin, on the other hand, chemical sunscreens doesn’t suit everyone but if it does, it blends really well and can even act like a primer.

Sunblocks usually contains Titaniam Dioxide or Zinc Oxide or even both so when I received Oshea Herbals UVShield Sunscreen Gel SPF 20 I went through the ingredient list and found phenylbenzimidazole sulfonic acid which is a chemical sun screen agent. Usually chemical sunscreens react terribly on my skin so I am very careful about sunscreens. I did a patch test and my skin wasn’t irritated. I still wasn’t convinced so I did another patch test and my skin still wasn’t irritated. Finally I got the courage to apply it on my both arms and the skin on my arms was just fine. So on fourth day I applied the sunblock gel on my face and have been using it ever since.

What The Product Claims:

An oil free uvscreen gel made with ext. of porphyra umbilicalis a natural U.V. protection factor, vertiver, aloevera, carrot, cucumber & chamomile is ideal for specially in hot and humid weather. It not only protect you from all forms of sun damage like tanning, sun spots and premature ageing but also lightens skin by regulating its skin darkening pigments.

My Experience:

I am that kind of person who would never go out in the sun without applying a sunblock containing SPF 50 because my skin gets tanned like nuts. Usually I opt for cushion compacts for the best protection and since those cannot be applied on arms and other exposed areas I use a different sunblock on my body with a lower SPF. On days I stay indoors I opt for lower SPF sunblocks as well. So when I found out that the Oshea Sunscreen Gel SPF 20 suits my super sensitive skin I thought that I finally found my Holy Grail SunBlock for my body and my indoor days.

The sunblock gel is super lightweight unlike regular sunblocks and settles down on the skin within a few minutes. No greasiness like a sunscreen or white traces like a sunblock. I liked the effect so much that I took it with me to my Bangalore trip intending to use it on my body but then ended up using it on my face as well. Since it contains SPF 20 I tried re-applying it every 2 hrs if I went out in the sun because the heat was overwhelming. I thought SPF 20 wasn’t enough to protect my skin from the scorching heat because if you know me you’ll know that I wear layers of sunblocks: A day cream containing SPF- Sunblock with at least SPF 50 – Compact Powder with SPF. However the day cream and compacts I packed with me didn’t contain SPF (my bad) and I was worried actually about the amount of tanning my skin will receive. Luckily for me the tan wasn’t that bad, maybe it was my patience of re-applying it every 2 hrs or may be the sunblock is just as good, I am in love.

However though, if you are someone who stays out in the sun for long hours I would recommend getting a sunblock gel from Oshea with a higher SPF. If you are someone like me who usually stays indoors (unless I’m travelling) you should really, really give it a try.

Price: Rs.180 for 120ml

Where to buy:

Official Website, Amazon , Snapdeal, Flipkart, E-Bay


  • Cheap
  • Travel friendly
  • Doesn’t make skin oily or greasy
  • Absorbs amazingly
  • Suits my super sensitive skin
  • Lightweight


  • Contains paraben

Rating :


*Press Samples received for review purpose but the opinions are completely honest.



Follow Me To Bangalore

If you guys are following me in Instagram, you’ll know that am currently staying in Bangalore. This trip is unlike any of my usual trips and there are many reasons why. Firstly because it’s my first solo trip and secondly because it’s my first laid back trip. Usually when we travel we have compact schedules and we visit as many places as we can in a day. However I’ve always dreamt of a trip where I can get enough sleep and spent enough time at places that I like. Finally it happened, but it’s just too laid back that am already bored.

When I first planned this trip I actually planned to stay around a month but due to certain circumstances the trip shortened to 11 days including the day I landed. A couple of friends (from my two different friend circles) planned to join me sometimes during my trip and stay for a week or so, needless to say they both bailed. The reason I planned such a long trip in the first place was to stay for a while, meet up some bloggers from here and get to know how different the blogosphere in Bangalore is from Kolkata. I thought I would get to know like minded people during this prolonged trip. However the travel span shortened to 11 days and I am sitting with my laptop on my 7th idle day because now am hopeless that this trip is going to be anywhere near fruitful.

I landed in Bangalore on 24th morning and so far all I’ve done is catch-up with old friends and meet their friends. The day I landed I went to the Forum Mall, Koramangala and went to Sephora. I thought ‘What an amazing start!’.  However the store was newly opened and it wasn’t much stocked up. I got a Sephora Sheet Mask, a Sephora Eye Mask and a Sephora Highlight and Contour duo, which by the way I chose the wrong shade that I noticed upon coming home. Most of the evening was spent teaching my friend how to operate a DSLR so that I can get some decent pictures to upload on my blog. Later we had dinner from the food court and called it a day.

The next day I went to visit my sister who moved to Bangalore last month. I stayed with her until the afternoon and then when I came back, the friend I am staying with said that we are visiting some of her friends (whom I too am friends with and visit every time I come to Bangalore). We had an amazing time and before we knew it was past midnight. They invited me for lunch at a different friend’s house the following day because apparently I didn’t have any plans yet and my friend had work the next day.

As you can already guess that the ‘lunch at the friend’s house day’ was as idle as it can be. They urged me to stay until dinner but I had too much of spicy food since I landed and I was craving some simple veg-food. Also I had to catch up with my readers so I bid goodbye around 5 ‘o’ clock and spent the rest of the day with my laptop.

It’s probably time I talk about the weather over here. I had no idea Bangalore was so freaking hot. The weather is too dry that even my thickest moisturizers are drying up on my skin minutes within applying and I’ll probably run out of my facial mist right during this trip. No amount of serum layering is helping; even my super moisturizing sheet masks aren’t providing enough moisturization throughout the day. So if you are visiting Bangalore anytime soon, load your skincare kits with super heavy moisturizers and sunblocks. Needless to say, the scorching heat is one of the reasons am not going out during the day too much. The fourth day my friend took a leave and even though I had high hopes that we are going to hangout throughout the day I couldn’t get her to leave the room before 5.30 in the evening. We went back to Sephora to exchange my Highlight Contour Duo but they were out of stock and asked me to visit a couple of days later. Next we went to Garuda Mall and did a little shopping. I got a Little White Dress that’s super cute and probably will be up on my blog in a month or two. Next we came back to Koramangala where I’m staying as of now and had dinner at a place called ‘Truffles’. I had a chicken steak and my friend had some Mexican Platter and the food was super amazing. When we were coming home after dinner, the previously mentioned friends called to visit their place. It was already past 10 and we were sleepy but it was a friend’s birthday so we gave them another visit.

The next day (yesterday) there were a bit of activities. I went to the Snow City with a few friends, even though that cannot be called activities because it’s basically just staying in the snow for an hour, but at least I went out in the city. We had a fun time and later at the evening when my friend came back from work we along with one of her colleagues went strolling the streets, had dinner and came back home.


So that was all my leisurely activities in a fast moving city. I spend the day at home today, cooked my own lunch because I have been eating out on a regular basis and hoping that the rest of my stay will be a little more eventful…

NOTE: Right when I finished writing this, my friend called and we went to a long drive to an amazing place. But that will be up on my next blog post… J

NOTE II: Since all my pictures are clicked by amateurs that I taught to operate a DSLR, most of them are either out of focus or blurry.


The Saem Pure Natural Mask Sheet- Snail Brightening Review

Hey guys, you might have noticed that am not writing much these days. I’m currently on a trip to Bangalore having somewhat a great time. I’m crashing with a friend (and sometimes with my sister and a college buddy) and needless to say that am trying hard to get her into K-beauty and she’s already in love.

So today I’ll be reviewing The Saem Snail Brightening Mask which is the first product with Snail Slime that I used as well the first Sheet Mask that my friend ever used. Unfortunately it wasn’t that great.

Product Description:

Formulated with snail extract which provides intensive moisture. 4 kinds of white flower complex gives clear and birhgt skin care.

None of paraben, artificial color, benzophenone, sulphate


My Experience:

When I first used this mask I was a little grossed out. Surprisingly the smell was pleasant. There was a little dripping of essence and a lot essence left inside the packet so people who love using the extra essence on their arms and neck will be happy. The fitting is pretty good, the eye holes are a little weird but I love how there are less wrinkles.

The mask dries out faster than any other sheet mask I’ve ever used and when I remove it, there’s no immense hydration noticeable on the skin. It looks somewhat like a regular essence has been applied rather than that dewy, hydrated look achieved after sheet masking. A faint brightening effect can be noticed the following morning but not noticeable enough to impress me.

Overall, I’m not very much in love. I have heard great things about products containing snail slime and my first experience was disappointing. (I used another essence and cream later and I’m in love). Considering that different products work differently on different skin, I used one on my friend but sure enough the effects were the same.

Where to buy:

Daisy Net, Cosmetic-Love


K-Beauty Mini Sample And Sheet Mask Haul

Hey guys, hope you all are doing well. I’ve done a mini sample and sheet mask haul from as it’s time for me to travel again. It’s going to be my first solo tour as well as my spinster trip and as you guy know how I love packing sample-size and travel-size products while travelling, I ordered a few things I didn’t have in tiny sizes.


Starting with sheet masks, because why not? I know I already have enough in my stash to pack one for each day during my trip but I don’t need any excuse to stock up on them.

  • Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack: I had been eying this product for a long time. I first ordered this last September but didn’t receive it. When I mailed them for re-order it was OOS (and I got a refund). So finally I got my hands on this and I have such high hopes.
  • Missha Real Tencel Sheet Mask: Missha happens to be a beloved brand of mine. However I never tried any sheet mask from them. I hope it’s as good as their essences.
  • Etude House Moistful Cream Collagen: 10ml x 2PCS- Again one of my most favourite K-Beauty brands. Etude House products reminds me of dollhouses. I have heard wonderful things about the Moistful range and I couldn’t help but apply it on my face even before I set out for my trip. I love it already. I’m going to purchase the full-size version soon.
  • Missha Chogongjin Eye Cream – Another Missha product. I’m touring for 11 days and I got a 10 set sample of which I already used one. I sample will last you only two usages so I don’t have to worry about the messiness.
  • Tonymoly Tomato Magic Massage Pack- It was freebie sample that I received with one previous order as well. Even though I would have loved to try out new products as samples but I am fine with these ones as well. They came to my rescue when I got severely tanned in Andaman despite of re-applying sunscreen every 3 hours. I tanned at least 2-3 shades darker and whenever I applied this pack I de-tanned to some extent, not too much but enough to recognize myself in the mirror.

So that’s everything I purchased this time, I’m so looking forward to my trip as well as am anxious because I haven’t travelled alone ever before. This time I’m taking my boyfriend’s camera because his viewfinder rotates and probably I’ll have to click my own pictures this time (except for the times I’m meeting up with my sister and my friends that resides over there).  Also can’t wait to review the products I purchased. Till then… Bye… XOXO


Satthwa Premium Hair Oil for Hair Fall Control & Hair Growth Review

Hey guys, if you’ve been reading my blog for some time now, you’ll know that I don’t spend half as much effort on my hair as I spend on my skin. My hair vanity basically consists of a Shampoo and a conditioner. Last year when I came home to spend the last of my spinster year with my parents I started losing hair like crazy. Nothing worked. Along came monsoon which is a known culprit for hair fall so I waited for my hair fall to pass thinking it’s just the weather. Then my grandma who used to live with us expired after suffering from a stroke so we had irregular routines for over 2 months and hair fall wasn’t even an issue anyone would focus on that situation. When it was all over and I had the time to look at the massive amount of hair stuck around my fingers every time I touched my head and my hair covered pillow, I lost my mind. I started using oils and solutions that were prescribed to my sister when she was suffering from hair fall. May be I wasn’t trying hard. One day our maid joked about the amount of hair she removes from my room every day and said that with this amount of hair fall, it will take me just a few months to go bald.

I was hysterical. I lost so much hair that I’m currently left with what would be one portion of two braids. After my maid cracked that joked I decided not to leave any stone unturned except for visiting a doctor (I hate visiting doctors). I started taking vitamin tablets, and capsule oil treatments, tried keeping my hair in braid which I hate to do and which actually gives me headache and switched shampoos. I have no ideas which one actually worked but my hair fall decreased within a week and I was like, ‘why didn’t our maid crack the joke any earlier’?

So while I was suffering from less hair fall I came across this Premium Hair Oil Brand called Satthwa that’s totally chemical free and contains 9 different oils. When I received the oil I had just started enjoying less hair fall and I did not want to take any risk. So at first I applied the hair on my mother who has been suffering from hair fall very recently. I know what you are thinking but literally everything suits her skin and hair so whenever am sceptical about any product I try it on her first which is basically useless because not everything that suits her will suit me and I cannot say vice versa. The very next day there weren’t any hair fall from her end. I can differentiate her hair from mine (even though I inherited her fine, flat, straight hair) and there wasn’t a lose strand that belonged to her. I know it’s too fast for a hair oil to start working but just trust me on this. The next night, I applied it on my hair before going to bed. The following day I skipped the conditioner and my hair was just as soft and smooth, and I had zero hair fall. It’s also worth noting that it didn’t take much effort to wash off the oil from the scalp and hair. Since then I’ve been applying the oil on my hair and mum’s hair every twice a week and there’s no hair stand scattered on our floor, literally none. Our maid is probably too happy. I have been using the oil for over a month now, may be around 2 months already and if am not wrong, I can notice some baby hairs on my hairline. I mean seriously, I’ve lost so much hair over the last year I have no idea what am gonna do if those hairs don’t grow back, and with this oil am really hopeful.

For 599rs for 100 ml it might look too costly but going through the list of oil blends it actually seems reasonable. Besides it’s possibly doing the same thing that my sister’s 6k worth hair treatment did. As for the hair growth claim, my natural hair growth is usually too fast so all I can say is that I started using this oil a week after trimming my hair and my hair has already reached the level it was before trimming. I do have some grey hairs and it won’t possibly turn them black, and one month is too short a time to notice if it has stopped my hairs going grey.

Where to buy:

Official Website




  • Works like miracle to prevent hair fall
  • Blend of 9 different premium oils
  • Makes hair soft and smooth



Overall, it’s a magic oil and THE answer to hair fall problem. I would recommend it to anybody who’s suffering from hair fall or to anybody who wants healthy hair.




New K-Beauty Site In India- Daisy Skin Fix Haul & First Impression

Hey guys, it’s with great excitement that I am going to announce something really huge (at least to me). There’s an online K-beauty store in India where you can get a massive collection of Korean Skincare Brands, brands you didn’t know were available in India. So rejoice Indian K-beauty addicts, you can now get your hands on a number of K-beauty brands now. You have to no more rely on Innisfree and The Face Shop or ship internationally, you can get them all hassle free right in India.

But first thing first, this is not a sponsored post but the products I received were kind of freebie. You might have noticed by now that this article is a bit different from my usual ones, the reason is my pure ecstasy over the fact that I can now get my hands on a huge collection of K-beauty products without having to ship internationally, this has been my dream for over the past few years. And the best part? They have free shipping on all orders.

How I discovered their site:

So I got a mail from their founder a few weeks back, introducing me to their site- I went through the site, some of the products I craved for were OOS but I ordered a few sheet masks. For now they are only accepting bank deposit and bank transfer so you have to pay after you have placed your order. Right after I placed the order, I received a personal text from the founder that I don’t need to pay for my order, and within a few days I received my order along with two samples.

If you have been reading my blog regularly, you’ll know that my first online haul from any site is always small, so I settled with just a few sheet masks all the while eyeing their products from Missha, Tonymoly, Skinfood, Secret Key, The Saem and so on.

Skinfood, Tonymoly and Missha are probably my most favourite K-beauty brands. Other brands available at their site are-

COSRX, The FaceShop, Innisfree, Skinfood,Tonymoly, Missha, The Saem, Sulwhasoo, Mizon, Zymogen, Ciracle, Secret Key, Laneige, Son & Park, Nature Republic, Dear Clairs and many more.

After I received my order I had a talk with their founder. Turns out their business is at the baby step right now and only two of the co-owners are doing the entire work- one from Korea and one from India. However, they are looking forward to hire stuffs, adding more payment methods, making the site even more user friendly, getting better deals and including more brands as well as opening a physical store. So I hope it’s just a matter of time that they will overcome the only two issues I found a little bothersome- the payment method, and taking a while to restock OOS products

First Impression:

I have tried out The Saem The Snail Brightening Sheet Mask just today. When I first got introduced to K-beauty, I thought that I will never put Snail Poo on my face. And here I am writing the article with a face full of snail slime. Since I have used it just an hour ago, I can’t tell much except for the fact that I loved the fitting. The eye holes made my face look a bit weird but so far it’s the best fitting mask I’ve ever used.

Is there any product from their site you would like me to review?