Your hair stylist is an often underappreciated type of superhero. Hair stylists put in years of work to perfect their craft. They strive to make you satisfied with how you look, and they are creative, honest, and adaptable. They can make you look and feel great for a special day, keep your hair regularly well-groomed, and soften the damage of an at-home coloring attempt gone wrong.

They face the unique circumstances and requests of old and returning customers. Sometimes, salons will go the extra step of integrating software for salons, such as with Gloss Genius. These allow the salons to really remember your unique preferences and make it easier for you to schedule appointments.

All this is to say that hair salons and their superhero stylists are working hard to get you the perfect cut, color, and style. Here are 4 things you should know that will make your hair transformation experience easier on yourself and your hardworking stylist.

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  • Come with an Idea of What You Want

Stylists have seen and completed hundreds of haircuts, colorings, and styles. They can undoubtedly use their past experiences to advise you on your final look, but it should ultimately be up to you. You know your individual preferences better than anyone else, so don’t rely solely on the stylist’s opinion of what would suit you best.

Be specific in communicating what you want. Use objective statements, like the specific number of inches you want off or how you want your hair to be cut in an asymmetrical style. Reference pictures, either ones you bring in or ones that are available at the salon. You can also specify what you absolutely hope to avoid, like if you don’t want to be adventurous by getting bangs or getting too many inches cut off.

Come in prepared with ideas of what you want and don’t want. It will help your stylist give you a look you are happy with!

  • Have Realistic Expectations

Each unique hair type has its advantages and downfalls. The hair that you have and the hair in the picture you are referencing may have different thicknesses, color undertones, and levels of bounce. Even if it is cut in the manner, your hair may look differently than it does on a celebrity, due to factors like different hair types and styling techniques.

Don’t be dissatisfied with your stylist because of factors they can’t control. Take pride in how the haircut you requested looks on you and enhances your facial features.

  • Wash Your Hair

It is a common misconception that unwashed hair is easier for your stylist to work with. It is best to come to the salon with clean, brushed hair. Your stylist will appreciate the cleanliness of your hair, and it makes it easier to style. If you want to achieve the beloved day-old hair look, your stylist can use products to do so.

  • Keep Etiquette in Mind

 Don’t show up late for a scheduled appointment. It will mess with the rest of the hair stylist’s day. Ensure that you set aside all the time that is needed to give you a look you are satisfied with.

You can bring your children with you, but make sure to bring something, like a book or an iPad, that will keep them entertained and discipline them when necessary. Don’t allow your children to run around and distract your stylist when they are in the middle of giving you your dream haircut.

While most stylists would never intentionally give you an unflattering haircut, it is best to show your appreciation to the person who has the fate of your hair in their hands!

The next time you go to the salon, keep these 4 tips in mind to create a salon experience free of stress and anxieties for everyone involved!

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