Some of you guys might know that I have cut down on plastic usage since January 2018 and ever since then I have been trying to find out ways to reduce my plastic waste.  It was also the month that I switched to using menstrual cups. Technically, I started using it the next month as my period date fell during my wedding week and I had to take medications to postpone my period and thus I didn’t have my periods on January. Unfortunately I got my periods while on my honeymoon (I know, sucks big time!) and thanks to the pills I took the month prior, my periods lasted almost my entire honeymoon. But you guys saw my pictures, swimming and hiking and trekking right? Yes, that’s what I’m going to be taking about today.

You see, I switched to menstrual cup for environmental issues, but it turned out to be the best decision ever, it changed my life! For starter, like I mentioned, I took pills to delay my period during my wedding so the next couple of cycles were a mess. I started spotting while I was at the airport rushing for my connecting flight. Spotting and superlight flows used to be made of nightmares for me. Using a pad during light flow would often result in rashes on my thighs, so yes the very first time I used a menstrual cup was while travelling. It was tricky, but I had already seen multiple videos to guide me through the process. This was also the first time that I had taken pills to delay my period so I was unaware as to what to expect on my next cycles. Apparently I had spotting for 3 days before my period actually started. I cannot even imagine what my trip would have been like if I didn’t have my menstrual cup with me. Because I was travelling, I would still be forced to wear pads 24*7 to avoid embarrassment and the lack of flow would have resulted in irritated thighs. But it was pretty convenient and fortunate that I used my period cup for the very first time the month I needed it the most: I didn’t have to go through the discomfort of wearing a super dry pad even though my period hadn’t start, and I didn’t have to go through embarrassing moments in case light spotting suddenly turned to heavy spotting: I stayed in a tent and a tree house, I swam, I went on a hike, I gave my husband a tiger scare ( I have a video 😀 ) while on a self guided forest walk and ran silly for our lives. What could have been the worst trip of my life ended up being one of the best trips of my life.

And I never looked back! Wherever I went, I packed my period cup with me. Once I came to visit my parents without packing my period cup and then I realized that I was supposed to have my periods while still staying with them. I still have packs of pads in the cupboard and I could have used them just for one month. But the idea of using a pad again was horrifying and I ordered another cup at my parent’s place. That’s how dependent I’ve become on my cup. I have also converted multiple friends to using period cup and they keep thanking me for changing their lives.

Since I get super heavy flow on my first day, if I’m going somewhere on my first day without having proper loo access and I know that I will be out for 5+hrs, I backup with a panty liner or with a small pad, the kind that you use on your last days. But from 2nd day onwards I have never needed a backup no matter how long I have been out.

Period cups usually come in two sized- post (vaginal) birth and pre birth and thus it’s very easy to choose the right one for you. Also since they are 100% silicone, there’s  0% chance of bacterial growth, ruling out any risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome unlike tampons.

Just thinking about all the pads that I have saved from going to the landfill makes me feel so good about myself and I’ll go on and encourage as many people as I can to try period cups out. It’s also pretty cheap, given to the fact that 1 period cup can last up to 10 years.

Where to get one for yourself:

There are a number of menstrual cups available online. Out of all that are available, the Everteen ones are the most affordable. You can get one for yourself from: Everteen


Rs  435-455

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