Mitta is a stoner comedy web series that is available to watch on ZEE5. I just watched it yesterday and I cannot be any happier. I mean, they nailed it with the way the entire series was made. Mitta surely surpasses expectations as the first ever stoner comedy web series made in India.

I was very psyched about the show right since the trailer was released. I loved the new concept, and the stakes were pretty high from there on, no puns intended. So, as soon as it hit ZEE5, my friends and I watched the show jointly, I mean together. I have to admit though, the show was great, and so was the acting and editing, especially the editing part. You can feel how high the characters are through the camera and editing work.

The web series is full of scenes that were funny and will keep you laughing throughout the series. The only complaint that I have about this series, I’m being nitpicking here, is that it only has 8 episodes, but I’ll wait for the second season to come in. On that note, here are some of the funniest moments that I loved from Mitta.

The first scene: I don’t smoke weed, trust me!, but I have seen a couple of guys who do, and I could relate them to the first scene. The scene starts off with Lallu and Sathu, the two leads, having a conversation after getting high. This is probably the best scene to be ever written in the history of mankind. We all know that weed gets you, for it’s all intents and purposes, high but how high? No one knows, that is until you watch the very first scene. They start off talking about Captain America and Iron Man and moves to Tamil cinema and then ends up at Captain America and Iron man again. I know reading this may not sound that funny, but you got to watch it to get the feel.

The Journey to Kodaikanal: The number of humorous moments in this scene is soo much that I just can’t stick with one. Each and every scene has been made with sheer highness. Be it the one where they are trying to lose the cops or when their car catches fire, and Lokesh from Aditya TV comes and punches Sathu in the face, everything was just epic. Though the entire journey was made in episodes, they will make you laugh your guts out.

The Climax: Right from the start to the very climax of Mitta was full of humour that can only be taken by those who have a high standard for comedy. I’ll confine myself from spitting any spoilers on this one as it might spoil your watch. There is this one scene where Lallu and Sathu unknowingly consume LSD and wander in the party saying stuff that will light up your entire day. The colours and smoke effect used in the climax will pass on the energy to the audience in no time. There are some many great stoner scenes in the climax that makes this entire show a must-watch.  

Indian web series has one thing that even Indian cinema does not have that is the liberty to say things without sugar coating it. The prime example of this would be Mitta. The things that are said in Mitta cannot be said in any other way and at any other place. You must have to go and watch this web series on ZEE5 to understand why I have this unmatchable liking for it. What did you think about this show? Let me know in the comment section below.

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