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The year 2018 has been so far the most laid back year for me. I remember when we first decided to get married. We were both co-dependent when it came to our works and we thought it would be best to get married so we can get each other’s help 24*7. Turned out, the new life turned 2 workaholics into 2 lazy people. I posted a life update last month and blamed it all only time balancing issues and our degrading health.

2018 was supposed to be one of the most exciting years of my life and I actually planned to travel every month after the wedding. It ended up being the less travelled year of my life; just 2 trips, to the same location. To be honest, the year started out great, we got married on January, I resumed working on February, had one of the best trips of our lives in March, continued to work on April and then it all started falling apart from May. I stopped working and every time I opened my laptop to work, I would end up slouching back and browsing Netflix or Amazon Prime. I did everything to focus better, talked to other bloggers for inspiration, tried candles and essential oils but no matter what I did, the majority of my days were being spent under the blanket. A few months later my husband pointed out that the humid apartment that we are living in has such a lazy vide that he can barely work once he enters the apartment. I knew he was right and I was glad that he pointed it out by himself before I did, because trust me, if the apartment didn’t really have a lazy vibe, he would never mention it.

Still we couldn’t blame it all on the apartment right? So I kept struggling to work and when nothing worked, I decided to take another trip and start working once back. That trick didn’t work either. So by the last few months we were both bed ridden, with detoriating health as well as mental health, living in a gloomy apartment.

My last update was posted a day or two before my husband’s test results came in, but our doctor was on a vacation so he’s treatment didn’t start. He finally visited the doctor yesterday and turned out he’s main problem is the lack of Vitamin D. So yes, now I can really blame the gloomy apartment where the sun doesn’t shine.  He’s food habit also has a major role playing when it comes to his health as he now has a high level of Uric Acid just like the rest of his family.

My health on the other hand is a lot better now that I’m following a super strict diet but I’m not completely recovered and it will take a lot more time. Our health and overall not being able to work has made a deep impact on both of our mental health as our work is what keeps us going. So for the New, bright and shiny year, I don’t have much new resolutions, but to get some old habits back and to get our lives back on track.

So here’s everything I have in mind for 2019.

It’s one of the most important thing to me right now. The wires inside my brain are currently all messed up. The one thing that I’m desperately trying to do is to start working and blog more frequently. But whenever I’m seriously thinking about writing I’m getting anxiety figuring out where to start. So many reviews are pending and so many projects are piled up that even making a list of pending projects gives me major anxiety. I really need to de-clutter my brain to start afresh and for that I really need help.

One more reason that I need therapy is because we both need a couple therapy (apart from the solo session regarding my work). Everybody has their differences, and in our case, my husband really needs to know from an unbiased person that whatever’s unusual to him and his family doesn’t necessarily have to be out of ordinary. He (and his entire family) has this tendency of judging any habit, or any way of life that he’s not accustomed to and he needs to know that just because I do it and he doesn’t, doesn’t mean it’s weird.

The couple therapy is really necessary in our case. I for one have previously taken therapy sessions, but as for him, he has taken none. I think everybody needs to visit a therapist at least once in their life, and given to his current mental health, he really needs help.

  • Be more active as a blogger:

The second most important thing to sort out this year is to get my work life back on track. My life used to revolve around my blog and I really liked that. It’s time to right down the pending articles, click the stashed products, be active on Instagram, attend events and be very consistent.

  • Stay Healthy:

I have always been a health freak but the change in my food habit really messed up my game. I’ve started to cook my own meals since last month and I’ll continue to do so. I remember those good ol’ days when I used to Google “Super Foods For Skin” and used to cook my meals accordingly, yes those days are about to be back in my life.

  • Exercise and improve my core strength:

I’m not an exercise person but I used to do minimal exercise throughout 2016 and 2017. It wasn’t much, just some squats, some situps and plank. I completely stopped exercising as my apartment doesn’t have enough space to lay down a yoga mat, but there are exercises (like squats) that doesn’t need a yoga mat   and I need to figure them out until we move into a better apartment.

Trying to improve my core strength is something new that I want to try this year. I’ve always had problems sitting straight for long hours and recently I Googled and found out it’s a very common issue and is caused by weak core. There are exercises and habits that can increase your core strength and I really need to increase my core strength because the longer hours that I can sit straight, the more active I will be.

  • Look for a better home:

Honestly, this should be on the top of my list. The impact that the apartment has on our mental health is massive. I’m currently at my parent’s place and the thought of going back to that gloomy room tomorrow is depressing enough. We just don’t find any inspiration or any energy and anyone living in that apartment can go into major depression. We’ve already been looking for an apartment but no luck yet. We’ve come to a point in our lives that we believe that nothing will work until we change our apartment, and the main criteria that my husband is looking for in the next apartment is that it should be airy and sunny.

  • Travel more:

Travelling is very important to me, especially when it comes to mental health. Apart from our wedding, the most amazing times we had in 2018 were spent during our trips. If my husband didn’t have a full-time job, I would travel as often as every month. However, he does have a full-time job that he loves and I’ll have to plan my trips according to his holidays and leaves.

  • Become a morning person:

That’s one thing I never was, and that’s one point that has never been in my list of resolutions. But this year I’m trying to be healthy and active. And I’ve noticed that my husband had a better health when I was getting up with him and was making us hearty breakfasts. However, since he’s snores keeps me awake all night I used to fall asleep after he left for work. Now I’m not sure if I’ve ever talked about this in my blog, but I suffer from terrible sleep paralysis whenever I sleep during the day. So eventually I stopped getting up to make breakfast (to avoid sleeping again during the day) after he refused to see an E.N.T or a sleep technician. He’s snores only become lighter in the morning around 6-7 so that’s when I sleep and it becomes really hard to get up at 8.30 to make breakfast. By the time he goes to his parent’s place before leaving for work it’s more than hour after him waking up and his parents don’t really believe in breakfast so he grabs whatever he can. We’ve both noticed the change in both of our healths after I stopped making breakfast (and started getting up straight for lunch), so that’s another thing I should start doing. He has promised to see a Sleep Technician once he’s chest pain is under control. So I’m looking forward to an year when he would stop snoring and we could both get sound sleep at night, get up in the morning, have hearty breakfast and be healthy, happy and active the rest of the day.

So as you can see, my New Year Resolution is mainly to get my back my life and my lifestyle that I had before 2018. It wasn’t a bad year in general, after all I did tie the knot with the love of my life on 2018, but it was lazy and messy, and I don’t like lazy, it really affects my mental health. I’m a person who can easily slouch back into depression, but my blog is what keeps my depression at bay so being unable to work has made a deep impact on my mental health and 2019 is all about getting over it and starting afresh.

6 thoughts on “New Year, Old Me…”

  1. This is really so detailed and has been written with so much of thought put into it
    This has inspired me to list out things I would like to change
    I really wish you change that apartment and let us know on IG/FB as soon as you shift into your new one – so much gloominess is not worth it

    1. I have checked out an apartment right in front of our current one. The rooms are smaller than this one but so much brighter. We have decided to take it anyway 😀

  2. you look so great
    so happy you posted this
    am happy that apartment search will be on high priority now
    therapy is so important – really wish your hubby’s side sees that different does not mean ‘bad’ whether it be eating habits,etc

    1. Exactly. We both are feeling a lot better since we started taking our meds and following diets. Changing the apartment and visiting a sleep technician is next on line…

  3. Aapki is journey ko maine aapki post k thru sab dekha hai, shaadi k pehle family me health issues fir aapki health, fir shaadi, aapki khushiyon se bhari life n aapke tours bhi 👍👍
    Aap plz jitni jaldi ho ghar change kar hi lijiye, snoring k liye to kuch nahi bol sakti kyunki main bhi yehi face karti hu 😀😀
    Pray karungi ki aapki life me sabhi khushiyan aur sukh aaye 🤗🤗😍😍

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