Everybody enjoys holidays. They bring happiness, presents, and a good time with family. Especially all both adults and children look forward to meeting New Year. New Year is a fest of champagne, fragrant tangerines, and fireworks. A joyful mess on the New Year Eve is always pleasant. The working day is over, decorated shops are selling last gifts, streets are full of bright lights, and people are preparing the last things for meeting New Year. New Year is a beginning of something new, lovely, and kind. People forget old offenses and begin a new life with love and friendship.

New Year is an international holiday. However, every country has its own New Year customs and traditions. So, if you are going to celebrate New Year somewhere in Europe, do not be in a hurry. First, learn how other countries organize their celebration. Maybe, you will change your mind, get an India e-visa, and will be a part of Indian New Year.

There are 10 countries with the most unusual New Year traditions.

Italy. In Italy, New Year starts on 6th January. Italian people think that it is necessary to begin a new year from getting rid of old things. So, at New Year night you need to throw away unneeded stuff out of the window. According to superstitions, new things will come to free places. Nuts, lentil, and grapes are must-have on a festive table. They are symbols of longevity, health, and prosperity. If to believe in the legend, at New Year night, a kind fairy Befana flies on a magic broom. She opens doors with a gold key and fills stockings with presents

Sweden. Here, New Year is a holiday of light. Before this fest, children choose a queen of light Lucia. They dress her in a white dress and make a crown with candles. Lucia brings amazing gifts for children and tasty treats for animals. All streets in this period are brightly illuminated.

England. In England, it is admitted to make performances from different old English fairy tales for kids. In this country, there also appeared a tradition of greeting postcards exchange. The first postcard was printed in London in 1843. Before sleep, children put a plate on a table. It is for gifts from Santa Clause. In their shoes, they leave hay for a donkey. People in love should kiss under the striking of a clock. They need to have this kiss under the mistletoe, a magic tree. It means that then a couple will be together forever. Are you willing to be with your other half for the whole life? Then buy a ticket to England, find a mistletoe tree, and kiss your beloved. On a New Year day, a turkey with potatoes, pudding, and fruit are served in England.

Cuba. Children New Year holiday is a fest of Kings in this country. There are three kings, to whom children write letters. Kids tell them about their dreams and desires and then kings bring gifts to them. On the New Year Eve, Cubans fill with water all dishes. At midnight, they start to pour out it. In such a way, they wish pure and easy like waterway to each other. During the striking of a clock, citizens of Cuba eat 12 grapes that mean kindness, agreement, and love for all 12 months.

India. New Year in India is a holiday of lights. In different parts of this country, New Year is celebrated in different seasons. At the beginning of summer, it is a holiday of Lory. Children gather dry branches, straw, and old clothes in advance. In the evening, they make a fire, sing, and dance around this fire. In autumn, people celebrate a holiday of fire Diwali. All citizens put thousands of lamps on roofs and windowsills. Then at the festival night, all these lamps are switched on. As well, girls put little boats with candles on the water of rivers. In general, New Year in India is celebrated 8 times a year. If your soul ask a New Year holiday and now it is the only summer. Apply for an India e-visa without problems and go to a country of lights.



Japan. Japanese New Year is met in new clothes. People consider that this fact will bring them fortune and health. The most popular gift in this country is a rake. Every Japanese thinks that a rake is must-have because it is a symbol of raking up happiness at New Year. Food on the table is also symbolic: long spaghetti is longevity, rice is prosperity, carp means power, and beans are healthy.

Chili. They have here a mystical New Year. They celebrate it in a cemetery. This tradition appeared in 1995 when one multi-child family decided to honor the memory of their dead relative. It was on the Eve of New Year. Some other family approved this tradition, and now many citizens take candles and flowers and celebrate New Year with their dead relatives.

France. New Year in this country is a real triumph. All French people go outside in fancy dresses and have fun together. A favorite entertainment on this holiday is a lottery. All participants have a chance to win a turkey or a chicken.

Greece. 1st of January in Greece is not only New Year but also Memorial Day of St. Basil, a patron of the poor. The main dish of this holiday is a pie with patterns from dough, berries, and nuts. Inside has put a coin. Who receives a piece of pie with this coin, will be the happiest person in New Year.

China. Chinese New Year is a holiday of spring and is celebrated in February. Every Year is devoted to one of 12 animals. Red is an important color of the New Year and should be present in clothes, decorations, food. They prefer noise in this period. So, streets are full of fireworks, crackers, and petards. These things help Chinese people scare friends and attract fortune. All citizens tidy up their homes to free space for happiness. Everybody hurries up for a holiday dinner, even if this person works or study in another city.

New Year is an extremely atmospheric holiday and has exciting moments in every country. So, being in another country on New Year Day, be ready to get amazed, have surprises, and learn strange traditions.

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