A lot of people wants to be creative. It is obvious because you need creative ideas in your profession or you use your creative thinking during some interesting projects. Simple everyday life demands creativity from you. When you are creative, your days are different, full of amazing events and unusual activities. Creativity helps you to be happy, attractive, and extraordinary. Creative things decorate our flats, highlight our look or put a smile on people. Creativity is highly significant. It makes our life brighter, better, and more challenging.

The only problem is how to be creative. It is not about laying on Loom and Leaf Mattress and waiting for something exciting and inspiring. You need to do something. Not everyone knows how to make something creative. However, everybody can be creative if he or she has a desire.

You can find these all points useful for you on your way to creativity.

Find creativity in yourself.

Think of an activity, during which you feel like a creative person. This can be everything: cooking, embroidery, painting, playing a musical instrument or gardening. The main thing is to realize what creative approach you have.

Get rid of old things.

Do deep cleaning at home. Tidy your rooms and put away unnecessary and old stuff. Give your old clothes to others, send your needless toys and books to children’s home, and throw away your lumber. Do not regret anything, because old things take your energy and do not give an opportunity to fill your home with fresh and creative ideas.

Pay your attention to details.

Little things are important. Despite their triviality, they are components of something bigger and more interesting. Everything in the world consists of different small details. Watch nature and its habitats. Observe people, their pace, manners. Gaze paintings in a museum to the finest details. Such trivial things help to be more creative.

Do sport.

Maybe it sounds strange,but sport helps in achieving creativity. Self-improvement will inspire you new horizons, restart your mind, and present you an energy boost for an embodiment of new ideas. Choose any sport: swimming, yoga, jogging, dance, Zumba. All sports are perfect.

Travel a lot.

Do not buy tickets to a hotel with a swimming pool and a big bed with a comfortable Loom and Leaf Mattress for one week. It is boring and not about creativity. Your task is to spend less money, but receive more impressions. Discover new places, communicate with local people, taste unusual food. New culture, cities, and traditions will give you a host of positive emotions. Travel both alone and with your company. Travel is always self-knowledge and creative thoughts. Even a little trip to a neighboring city can inspire you and open for you new opportunities.

Keep your eyes on the ball.

Creative people always look for something new and exclusive. They read books and articles, are aware of the latest world news, listen to new music, visit theatres, see odd films, and take part in popular events. Doing all these things, you can discover one more world for you with another people and different rules. Just feel a craving for amazing adventures.

Find your hobby.

Remember all your dreams and desires. What you always wanted to do for your soul, not for money. Remember your addictions in your childhood. Now it is high time to realize your dreams and bring talent to life. As soon as you find out your abilities and skills, develop them.

Collect ideas.

It is better to surround yourself with favorite things, kind people and a friendly atmosphere. In such a way, new ideas appear in your life. Try to write interesting phrases, scissor out beautiful pictures, and highlight main statements in books and magazines. Remember that ideas are all around. You just need to notice them and use.

Wonder like little kids.

Children have an essential ability to be astonished at everything even if they are little usual things. Adults should learn this ability because they are consumed with work, money, success, many problems. Thus, they forget the main thing that life is short not to wonder trivial things. Try to notice miracles around and enjoy them.

 Body language.

It is hard to be creative with laptops, screens, and phones. You need to move, do something with your hands, and have walked. Involve your body in the creative process: paint, dance, write and live to its fullest. Then before you could say, creativity will find you.

Make your life different.

Discover new experience that you have never had in your life before. It is a perfect way to sit up and wake up. Choose another way from your work to home, eat out in a different café, take part in new events. In this case, you will be inspired and happy to have new feelings.

Spend time with creative people.

Communicate with various people who are connected with creativity. They can be your colleagues, friends or family members. They for sure will provide you with new views and activities. It has been said that birds of feather flock together.

Tune out.

In contemporary life it is vital. Different gadgets distract you from the world, think and decide instead of you. So, they are not good sources for new ideas. Tune out for some time, relax on Loom and Leaf Mattress, and imagine something. Switch off all possible gadgets and devote this priceless time to yourself.

Think positively.

Do not be sad and try to find something pleasant and good everywhere: in people, books, and things. Think that you are already creative and have a host of concepts. A visualization is a good tool for it.

The world consists of complete creativity. It gives us everything for being creative, inspired, and amazed. Open this world for yourself or better create your own one. Invite your children to this world and spend more time with them. These are kids who will teach you to wonder and create something interesting and funny.



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  1. Meri friend ya favorite family member sath rehta hai tab main jyada creative rehti hu, abhi to sara din akele hi rehti hu to kuch na kuch karty huey khud ko busy rakhti hu, even ghar ka decor change karna, online shopping, self pampering ya stiching bhi 😊

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