Today, we see that people around us are constantly looking for products that are branded because they feel that the quality of a branded product is much reliable and sustainable than a non-branded one. This theory is often seen in every product demanded by buyers. May it be clothes or accessories or cosmetics, it is usually the brand that attract buyers. In the same way, now a days, the want for a branded perfume has come into picture with the price of these perfumes being higher than ever. With this in mind Souq understands the dilemma of purchasing a branded perfume which has the best fragrance and is also available at a lower price. Therefore, Souq has come up with offer of up to 70% off on perfumes and grab more using Souq coupon KSA

Why Souq for Perfumes?

Souq has perfumes for both men and women which are of favourite brands like Montwood, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Aris, Carolina Herrera, Guerlain, Chanel, Burberry, Paco Rabanne and Bvlgari. These are brands preferred by most customers because of its quality and sustainability. These perfumes are available in bottles of different sizes like 75ml, 100ml, 118ml, 125ml, 150ml and more. Customers can pick up their perfume bottle depending up on the usage of the same. The average price of perfumes available on Souq are around 42.00 AED, 72.00 AED, 55.00 AED, 131 AED and so on.

The most important factor when it comes to purchasing a perfume is its fragrance. Souq has perfumes with variety of fragrances from strong to sweet. Moreover, these fragrances are long lasting and there won’t be a need for one to carry their perfume along because these fragrances can stay for hours. Although the bottle looks tiny, you should know that just one mist is enough to get a strong smelling fragrance and thus, a single bottle can go on for months.

These perfumes come in a very classy and fancy looking bottles .The packaging of these perfumes are in thick glass bottles and therefore, there is no fear of cracking, leakage or breakage. The bottles and its cover are detachable and therefore can be refilled once it is over. The bottles, being tiny in size can easily be carried in a purse or a bag if needed. Gifting these perfume can be the best decision ever because its quality and quantity is totally irresistible and it comes at the most affordable price.

It becomes difficult for one to purchase perfumes because trying to figure out its originality is a task. Perfumes at cheap prices usually turn out to be fake or have faulty in-built elements. A faulty perfume can be harsh on the skin and its fragrance is short lasting. This is the sole reason buyers trust Souq for their purchases because of its originality and quality, as Souq never lets down its customers.

Souq and its benefits

Souq also comes as a trustworthy platform for buyers because of the additional services it provides. There is 100% authenticity on all perfumes available on Souq. If there is any fault in the product or its packaging, you can call for an exchange through Souq’s return and exchange policy. Note that if the product is used, it cannot be returned because this policy is only applicable on non-used product. Moreover, in case of return, Souq’s volunteers go to the buyer’s doorstep to collect the package. All the prices are inclusive of VAT and free home delivery is available only if the total cart price is above 100 AED.

Therefore, why wait? Because you are not getting a better chance to grab your best fragrance at the most affordable price.


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