Buying a birthday gift for the special lady in your life can be a tad stressful. There are plenty of options, from perfume to plane tickets, but how do you choose a present that suits your girlfriend’s, fiancee’s or wife’s personal taste and mood du jour. While some of us are great at gift giving, most struggle when it comes to picking the right present.

Choosing a birthday gift is filled with several questions related to preference, current trends, preference for current trends, real age, emotional age, general feelings toward birthdays, milestone importance, and so much more.

It can be an emotional obstacle course you need to hop, skip and jump hoops through at the mall, but remember, all is not lost. Here are a few foolproof gifting ideas to get you in the green this birthday.

  1. Message In A Bottle

When it doubt, go for sweet and sentimental – which, by the way, is surprisingly easy on the pocket. Buy a nice glass jar and fill it with short notes pointing out the things you adore about your love. From simple ‘I Love You’ to more intimate recollections of the memories you have made together, this gift will be a constant reminder letting her know how much she means to you.

  1. Home Movie

A perfect milestone birthday gift, get her closest pals and family to record short video clips with this birthday messages for her. From childhood friends to close work colleagues, there’s no limit to the distances you can cover thanks to the internet. Conclude with your special birthday tribute telling her just how special she is to you. This is also a great gift if you are in a long distance relationship and aren’t able to make the trip over for the big day.

  1. Spa Day
Spa Relax Massage Spa Massage Salon Health

If you sense the need for some rest and relaxation, book your sweetheart a luxurious day at the spa. From facials to massages, aromatherapy to baths, here’s a present that’s perfect for busy student, career women and mom alike. Anyone with an iota of stress and little downtime will appreciate the pampering.

  1. Birthstone Jewellery

Mark her special day with a personalised jewel featuring her very one zodiac birthstone. Zodiac birthstones make for beautiful and meaningful gifts with deep symbolisms and apparent mythical powers to influence its wearer’s life in a positive way.

  1. Favourite Things Hamper

You don’t have to limit yourself to one blow-out gift. Plenty of thoughtful ones that are practical and attuned to her tastes will well suffice. A bar of her favourite chocolate, a lotion or bath gel from her favourite cosmetics brand, scented candles, a bottle of wine and a nice hat or scarf are just some small things that can go into a a-grade birthday hamper.

  1. Pajamas

Get night wear that’s cute and practical, and most of all super comfy. Night suits are great quirky gifts with tons of options in styles with prints, messaging and popular characters that your significant other might enjoy. Choose an outfit according to your gal’s preference – a sexy negligee, a comfy nightie or a cosy pyjama set.

  1. Patchwork Blanket

A good quality, expensive blanket will remind her of you every time she snuggles it at bed time. A traditional patchwork quilt is cute and homely and the perfect companion on a cold night in – besides you, of course.

  1. Promise Ring

If you’ve been dating for a while, a promise ring is a great way to show your love and commitment. A simple band of diamonds is a beautiful accessory that goes with any outfit. Read all about Promise Rings.

  1. Flowers (and a vaze!)

Take the traditional venture one step further by purchasing a nice vaze to put these, and upcoming flower purchases, in. Tell her it’s a guarantee that she’ll be receiving the pretty petals regularly henceforth. Choose a vaze to suit her decor style – traditional crystal, kitchy and colourful or arty and asymmetrical.

  1. Diamonds are forever

A delicate pendant with a single diamond is an elegant gift that your special someone will treasure for years to come. Perfect for an everyday outfit as well as dressed up for an evening out, choose a carat weight that fits your budget – even tiny diamonds lend a sparkly flair to the decollage. Before you buy, read this guide on buying diamonds for what you need to know.  

Easy to put together and ranging in price points and categories, all these options make for fabulous gifts that we’re pretty sure most women would accept with open arms. So make your well-intentioned purchase well received this year and choose a sweet and special present from our list above.  

Author Bio:

I’m Surbhi, a writer based in Hyderabad, India, with interests and writing experience spanning across industries. Writing, for me, is a stressbuster and means to express myself. Over the past decade, I have written for established publications such as ElephantJournal, yoganonymous and BeautyandgroomingTips. Although I write on a variety of subjects, fashion writing is one of my favourites and, since graduating from university, I have explored and directed my efforts mainly towards this genre. Being a fashion enthusiast, I just love discovering new brands and designers, and keeping up with the latest trends.

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  2. Very nice ideas 👍👍 love patchwork blankets so much n I stitched some for my darling daughter too now plan to stich new one for her as she is just getting married ,so something from my side , deep from my heart n soul for her future 😍😍

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