Short trips and weekend trips are the best ways to satisfy your wanderlust soul when you are unable to plan a long vacation. Since my husband has a full-time job unlike me, we are unable to travel as much as I wish to, and thus I’ve created a list of destination perfect for short trips. Most of the destinations have already been visited by both of us, with our respective families, but we are yet to travel together to these amazing destinations that aren’t very far away from Kolkata.

    1. Darjeeling: It’s a destination I’ve been craving to revisit for years. I just couldn’t have enough of the hills, the orange gardens and the delicious dumplings. Given to the fact that it takes just an overnight train to reach Darjeeling, it’s really convenient to plan a 3-4 day trip to Darjeeling and Mirik. Hotels and home stays are really cheap out there and even some of the garden owners host home stays at a very cheap rate.
    2. Puri: I’ve earlier written a post about how I wish to revisit Puri, especially because I learnt about Raghurajpur, a heritage craft village just a month after we visited Puri. It’s a village some 25 minutes from Puri and what’s special about the village is that every resident in the village is a Patachitra Artist. An ideal Puri vacation can take up to 3 to 4 days and there’s an abundance of hotels in Puri right beside the sea beach. You can spend most of your vacation enjoying the beach and save one day for Raghurajpur visit.
    3. Digha: This is probably the shortest trips from Kolkata that I’ve taken. Digha also happens to be the place where both my husband and I went to our bachelor trips. While I took a 3 hr train to Digha, he and his colleagues took an overnight bus according to their convenience. Both of us travelled during different times of the year but stayed in the same hotel. We are keen on repeating the trip together.
  1. Bakhali & Henry’s Island: Another short trip from Kolkata, takes more or less the same time as it takes to reach Digha but the journey can be a little hectic since there’s no reservation system like the train to Digha. But once you reach your destination, the journey will seem worth it. Bakhali and Henry’s Islands are the places where we got our pre-wedding photo shoot and video shoot done. I also had the best crab curry at a hotel at Bakhali. What might have made me feel the journey to Bakhali a bit hectic is probably because we didn’t even stay for 24 hrs while we were there. It was the month before our wedding and we only managed enough time to reach the hotel, get dressed, go out, shoot, and come back. But I guess if we plan a 2-3 day trip to Bakhali, it’s so going to be worth it.
  2. Santiniketan: The home to Rabindranath Tagore is a popular weekend destination among Bengalies. It takes around 2-3 hrs to reach Bolpur from Kolkata and it’s a shame that we haven’t already visited Bolpur yet.
  3. Sundarbans: When I used to travel with my parents, we used to ignore the nearest destinations and would just make big trips. It’s only during the recent years that we covered some of the nearest destinations; however, Sundarbans was in my plate since my childhood. During the pleasant time of the year, my parents would plan long vacations, and any other time I suggested making a short trip to Sundarbans, it was either too rainy or too sunny to visit the Sundarbans. It’s one of those places where I want to travel in a group.

These are the 6 short trips I have in my mind for 2018. I originally had plans to travel every month, but since I got stuck because of my husband’s job, I thought why not utilize the weekends? So get ready for some amazing pictures on my Instagram and some detailed travelogue on my blog, because I already have my bags packed!

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    1. Yes, I learnt about the village after visiting Puri, I have been craving to go back ever since…

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