Travelers today are more demanding that ever before. They want luxury and style. They’re not content with the ordinary and the mundane. They want an experience they can’t find anywhere else. Travelers also want to enjoy the sites they see in tremendous comfort. This is one of many reasons why many people opt for luxury travel by train. Train travel offers many benefits. Train travel lets the traveler see the world at eye level while still sitting and relaxing. Travel by train is often a good way to get to places that can be hard to get to by car or on foot. If you are thinking about luxury train travel, here are a few tips before you go.

Pick a Route

The first thing to do is pick a route. The good news? Travelers can pick more train routes than ever before. Train travel is now more popular that it has been. Many countries have chosen to revive routes for the modern traveler. A traveler can opt for a single trip through a large nation such as Canada, the United States or Australia. This is a great way to see a country in depth. A traveler can also opt for a train route that brings them to many different places during the course of a single journey.

Pack Well

Before leaving, it’s a great idea to give careful consideration to what to pack. One of the best things about luxury train travel is that compartments are often fairly large. They frequently have ample storage space. A traveler can expect to find multiple compartments to hold all of their basic items. Many luxury train cars also have additional spaces such as a viewing area designated solely for luxury travelers. This is another place to store items. Keep in mind that many trains also provide travelers with toiletries and luxury linens. While a favorite pillowcase is a good idea, the traveler need not pack an entire comforter.

Book in Advance

Some of the most luxurious routes are also some of the most popular. Popular destinations and train routes may be booked months in advance. The savvy traveler will find out if the train cabin they want is available at least three months before they leave. Contact companies directly. They may reserve a certain number of seats and cabins for luxury travelers who have connections such as a certain type of credit card or membership in a certain international organization.

The Little Extras

One of the great joys of luxury train travel is the opportunity to enjoy all those little extras that make train travel such as wonderful way to get anywhere. Travelers on lines such as the Orient Express can expect private baths just for their own use as well as glorious interiors featuring Art Deco style, Venetian glass, soft, upscale furnishings and private staff ready to help with anything from handling baggage to sending off a letter to friends from yet another glorious destination.

Side Trips

While the train is the main attraction, travelers should take advantage of the many side trips that luxury trains frequently offer. A trip may bring the adventurer across several countries and some of the world’s magnificent cities. The train may be stationed in a given location for several days. This allows each guest the opportunity to explore marvelous destinations during the duration of the trip. The Maharajas’ Express, for example, takes travelers to cities such as Jaipur and Varanasi and to the Taj Mahal. Many side trips include elephant polo matches and rituals by locals along the Ganges river. Travelers can arrange such side trips in advance or get help from staffers as they travel to make an impromptu trip.

Prepare to be Dazzled

Anyone planning on luxury train travel travel today should be prepared to be dazzled. Today’s modern trains are convenient and comfortable. Travelers can expect enough room to spread out in queen sized beds. They can also expect luxuries such as chef’s menu full of local ingredients and dishes that show off the taste of each place they encounter. Many trains also offer a full wine list as well as large windows that show off the local natural scenery to vivid perfection. The traveler can rest in comfort as the local landscape slowly unfolds right in front of their eyes.

The Vacation of a Lifetime

Perhaps most of all, travel by train is the chance to explore the world. A train makes it easy to get right into the heart of Paris, Rome or New York City. No need to spend hours rushing to a hotel room or worrying about luggage. Instead, the traveler can bring all they need with them as they enjoy luxurious accommodations and first class service. The luxury train traveler has the chance creep atop mountains, see African wildlife, watch the Italian countryside or simply relax for days on end surrounded by the world. Luxury train travel today truly is one of the best ways to take a fantastic and utterly memorable vacation.

Guest Post By Kelsey Davis

Kelsey is the editor at LuxAuthority and is trying to balance both her budget and her credit card balance. She likes to live lavish and treat herself when the opportunity allows it. She loves the newest tech, old cars and the smell of rich mahogany and leather bound books as well!

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