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Hair thickening fibers, such as the ones from, are very useful. When applied correctly, they make thinning hair look much thicker. With that said, there are plenty of myths surrounding them. There are two main types of these fibers, ones made of keratin, and others made of cotton. No matter the type of hair thickening fiber, let’s clear up some of those myths.

They’ll Keep Your Hair from Growing

This isn’t true at all. Neither keratin fibers, nor cotton ones, will prevent your hair from growing. When these fibers are applied correctly, they are attached to your hair, not your scalp. Even if they were on the scalp, both types of fibers are too large to block your hair follicles. This is definitely a myth.

They Contain a Number of Potentially Harmful Chemicals

The truth here depends on the type of fibers in questions. Keratin hair fibers do actually contain a number of potentially harmful chemicals. One of these chemicals is ammonium chloride. Although this chemical won’t harm everyone who uses these fibers, it can cause side effects in people who are very sensitive to the substance. A good rule of thumb is to check the ingredients and ask plenty of questions before you apply the hair fibers.

The other type of fibers, the cotton ones from, are safe to use. They don’t contain any harmful chemicals. Instead, their ingredients are very natural. This makes them a great alternative.

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Hair Thickening Fibers Will Turn Green

Believe it or not, tests had shown that keratin fibers will turn water green when they placed in a glass of it. Blond shades of these fibers can turn green in the sun as well. This is due to a chemical reaction between water and sunlight and the materials in the fibers. There’s a good solution here – the cotton hair fibers. These didn’t affect the water at all and certainly didn’t turn green when exposed to sunlight. It’s safe to say that they are much more colorfast.

Hair Fibers Cause Irritation and Itchiness

As long as you aren’t sensitive to the chemicals in the keratin hair fibers, they won’t cause any scalp irritation or itchiness. Instead, you won’t feel them on your head at all. However, if you do have some chemical sensitivity, then you might experience these symptoms when wearing keratin hair fibers. The alternative, the cotton hair fibers, don’t cause this reaction. They won’t cause itchiness or irritation, mostly because they are much more natural in composition.

Hair Fibers Will Stain My Pillowcase

Once again, this one is only partially true. Keratin hair fibers can stain your pillowcases, especially if you sweat a lot at night. Remember that when these are exposed to water, they tend to turn green. They’re slightly less colorfast. The other kind of these fibers, those made from cotton, don’t have this problem. They remain the same color and won’t stain your pillowcases.

As you can see, there’s a clear winner here – the cotton hair thickening fibers.

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