Modern women who are struggling with opioid addiction are turning into using Suboxone to help with fight the habit. The pill has received approval from U.S Food and Drug Administration to be an effective medication for people to use. Pregnant women, however, should refrain from Suboxone because it poses serious risks to your unborn child. Even though a doctor may prescribe buprenorphine while expectant, combining both buprenorphine and naloxone is dangerous to your child.

Using Suboxone while pregnant may make your baby be born with neonatal abstinence syndrome. According to a survey carried out, the number of children born with this syndrome has tripled between 2009 and 2010. This shows that more pregnant mothers are still using Suboxone even when they know their baby is at risk. Reverse the situation by going to Suboxone rehab that can help you protect the wellness of your unborn child. Hope the following discussion enlightens you on how dangerous is to your baby so that you can find alternative ways to fight your drug problem at this delicate stage.

How dangerous is Suboxone on a fetus?


The chemicals contained in opiates pass through the placenta and reach the fetus. Such children are born with defects such as constant seizures, diarrhea, restlessness and high fever. Doctors recommend that in case you are already dependent on opioids, you should not withdraw immediately from it because the withdrawal may affect your baby. When you consume Suboxone as a treatment for opioid abuse, you are likely to give birth to a child who is dependent on the substance.

Underweight baby

You may also give birth to an underweight baby that needs at least two weeks of incubation. The more they stay in a hospital, the higher the bills. Statistics show that mothers who bear a child with neonatal abstinence syndrome are required to pay five times the expenses higher than the standard rates. This causes depression in case you are experiencing financial constraints.

Hormonal changes

The two elements found in Suboxone namely Buprenorphine and Naloxone also affect your baby in different ways. Both parties may suffer from hormonal changes which can cause irritability. This is not healthy for any pregnant mother because it increases anxiety. Buprenorphine may make the first few hours after birth unbearable for your baby due to the symptoms of the Suboxone.

Some of the defects that your baby may develop as you use Suboxone include:


This affects the pressure in your baby’s head causing excessive cerebrospinal fluid to build up in the head. Such babies are born with heads that are larger than usual. The fluid cushions the brain exerting too much strain on the brain. The defect also causes constant headaches and memory problems in an infant. It may also affect the healthy body balance of a child.




Suboxone may affect the optic nerve of a baby causing severe damage such as a baby being born blind. It creates more production of fluids exerting excess pressure in the eye. A child may experience pain in his neck and headaches thus suffering the loss of vision due to high Suboxone content in their system.

Congenital heart conditions

Your baby is at risk of developing heart problems such as forming a hole in the heart or having a deformed heart. The structure of the heart of a baby born from Suboxone may be different from a healthy child. A hypoplastic left-hand syndrome is also common among such children. This defect prevents the left side of your baby’s heart from pumping enough oxygenated blood.

Spina bifida

Taking too much Suboxone while pregnant may affect the spinal cord of your child. Most children become physically disabled because their spine does not develop fully.


This is a severe condition that makes babies develop a hole in their abdomen. It leads to cases such as a baby born with intestines sticking out from the belly button. This defect calls for complicated surgeries that may leave the family with agony.



Early diagnosis of the effects of substance while pregnant prevents the complications discussed above.  Suboxone treatment would help a doctor monitor the progress of your baby before they are born and take the required precautions to keep both of you safe. Do not withdraw immediately from Suboxone without your doctor’s guidance because you could suffer stress which may affect your child.

In case your baby is born with neonatal abstinence syndrome, your doctor recommends that you come with measures to soothe them. You could gently rock your baby as you protect them from areas exposed to light and excess noise. They may also require lots of calories to treat Suboxone withdrawal symptoms. Your doctor also prescribes medication similar to the mother’s such as phenobarbital to regulate their blood pressure and heart rate.

Prenatal care

Ensure that you attend prenatal clinics to receive more education regarding your baby. Maintain close contact with medical staff who can help you minimize medical complications on your child.

Parenting sessions

Such sessions are used to help you know how to be a better parent as you abstain from drugs for the sake of your child. They also teach you on how to manage different housing situations so that you can raise your child in a friendly environment that is free from drug abuse. Parenting sessions are crucial for every mother because they educate new mothers on finance management. Suboxone addicts can avoid spending money buying the drug and use it instead to take care of their baby’s needs.


Enroll in Suboxone clinics that offer a free analysis of infectious diseases that may be caused by sharing needles while injecting the drug.  Such tests help you know your status so that you can prevent contagious diseases from reaching your baby. Such clinics also conduct drug tests to monitor your progress while safely withdrawing from the drug.

Final thoughts

From the above, it is clear that taking Suboxone while pregnant is dangerous for your baby’s health.  Even though buprenorphine may help you relieve the pain from opioid addiction, combining this with naloxone may cause damage to the organs of your developing child. Consult your doctor on the proper medication to use as you abstain from Suboxone to help you raise a healthy child.

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