Sometimes back I received L-Arginine supplement as a PR which is a unique, semi essential amino acid. At first I was sceptical, since it is mainly associated with body building and is taken by body builders and athletes. But then I did some research and found out that L-Arginine is beneficial for women as well.

To start with, L-Arginine is not just associated with body building, but overall fitness. And even though I’m not a hardcore fitness freak, I am a health freak, I eat healthy and I used to work out minimally. However, ever since I started losing weight excessively I stopped working out around 6 months ago. Recently I’d been thinking to resume working out but because of change in habits I had been disappointing myself every day. That was until I received the L-Arginine as a PR, and it was a strong enough excuse to actually start working out.

L-Arginine is known for supplying energy to all cells in the body, thus increasing endurance while working out. It burns body fat, resulting in a well-toned and lean body. Because of its contribution towards muscle growth, it is primarily associated with body building, but it also helps maintaining a healthy immune system, triggers the body to make protein, heals wounds & burns and can also be beneficial for anybody who’s trying to conceive.

I have been taking the L-Arginine for a few days now, in a low dose since I’m a beginner, and this has been a great excuse for myself to start exercising once again. You know the fatigue and muscle pain you have to endure during the first few days after starting to work out? That’s been under control this time. It’s too early to notice any difference but I’m just glad to finally resume working out.


L Arginine is an essential amino acid that helps promote healthy circulation. This means more oxygen reaches your muscles, brain, heart, lungs, and other organs. More blood flow means more muscle gains.

Besides blood flow and muscle, Arginine also supports energy levels, which makes it perfect for weightlifters, runners, and everyday active people. It also helps maintain good blood sugar levels and provides support for a healthy immune system.

Performance and Vascularity: The blood reaches the right areas and supports libido.

Most Reliable: With no preservatives, chemicals, or sugars you get pure L Arginine. Our product undergoes strict testing and is manufactured at GMP certified facilities.

Directions: As a Dietary supplement take 2500 mg with water or juice, or as directed by physician               

Will I recommend you?

Yes, to anyone who indulges in intense workout.

Where to buy?



Rs 875 for 250gm

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