Male fertility is very common among couples. This is due to the changing lifestyle and other habits which affects the fertility health of a normal man. Something like an adulterated food which cannot be found easily will cause permanent damage to the fertility health. Female fertility issues are highly related to the body condition and are rarely affected by externalities. But male are very prone to externalities. Semen analysis is done for males when pregnancy becomes an issue between couples. The analysis helps to investigate further which helps in calculating surrogate measure for male fecundity. The Sperm function helps to determine if the sperm has the capacity to reach the fertilized egg that will further result in birth. The biologic capacity to perform the tasks is been tested in semen analysis. A variety of tests are available to evaluate different aspects of these functions. A good doctor at a fertility hospital in India will recommend to go through this test and analyse various factors during this test. There are various factors considered by the clinician which helps him to learn accurately about the test measures. He will learn what the indications are for the assays, and how to interpret the results to direct further testing or patient management.
Sperm Shape Evaluation: The shape will help determine if the sperm is healthy or not. The fertility will be affected if more than 50% of the sperm are abnormally shaped. A normal result for sperm shape is that more than 50% of sperm are normally shaped. The abnormalities will be identified in terms of head, midsection or tail. Any immature sperm could also be one of the factors that affect its efficiency to fertilize an egg. PH: Another factor that is been tested is the pH value of the semen. A normal semen pH value ranging between 7.2 to 8.2 and it tends to increase with time after ejaculation. Any result less than 7.0 indicates that the specimen is contaminated or the man’s ejaculatory ducts are blocked. Changes can be due to inflammation of the prostate or seminal vesicles. Anything higher than 8.0 indicates that the donor has infection. Colour and appearance should be whitish to gray and opalescent. Any red-brown tint in the semen could indicate the presence of blood whereas a yellow tint could indicate jaundice or be a medication side effect. Sperm Count A normal male body should have a sperm count ranging between 20 million to over 200 million. This result is also known as sperm density. Anything below this number makes it difficult to conceive. The normal volume of ejaculate after 2-7 days of sexual abstinence is about 2-6ml.

If you are someone who is facing fertility then recommend you visit a fertility center in India to find your underlying consequences. This will also give you some mind space to concentrate on other things which is important to you. Most of the couples feel dejected during this phase, but it is very important to overcome these as a couple. Do not lose hope!

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