Human bodies have amazing hidden abilities, known by very few people, and these abilities are fully explained by physiology, psychology, and neurobiology. We have collected several examples of body life hacks and brain tricks which can be used in many situations. Don’t worry, these tricks don’t make harm, but we warn you about dangers and risks that may be caused by neglecting your health.

How to trick a sleep?

1.Exhale intensively. There is a breathing exercise in yoga called kapalabhati. You must breathe in as usual and make an intensive and loud exhale. To become a bit energized, repeat this exercise 10 times. Similar body life hacks warm up your body and cheer you up.

  1. Drink coffee and… have a nap. If you want to feel like you had a good sleep but you don’t have enough time, drink a cup of strong coffee and then nap for 15 minutes. You will get a doubled energy boost because caffeine starts working in 20 minutes, and while you’re sleeping for a few minutes a phase of deep sleep doesn’t start. Instead, it is just a micro-sleep that energizes you.
  2. Take a mini-exercise. One of the most popular human body hacks to cheer up is exercising. Everyone knows that sport raises the level of serotonin that positively influences your mood. Any physical exercise that lasts for 20-30 minutes helps boosts blood circulation and improve the flow of oxygen to the cells. Therefore, it gives extra energy to the body. What really helps is a short walking on a fresh air. Even a 15-minutes stroll gives you more energy and strength for working: confirmed by girls from

How to trick an appetite?

  1. Drink more. Consume more drinks, and not only water. You may fill your stomach with green or black tea (hot drinks are even better if you don’t want to overeat), water with lemon or juice. It will give you an extra hour to distract your organism from hunger and cook a healthy dinner or snack. Surely, the beverages shouldn’t include soft drinks and alcohol.
  2. Eat slowly. A list of body hacks and tricks would not be completed without this fascinating fact. Give your organism at least 20 minutes for eating. The rhythm of life has become too fast for the latest years, but our bodies haven’t got used to new habits. If you eat fast, your brain thinks you didn’t eat enough and will send signals of hunger to your stomach.
  3. Smell flavors. Aromatherapy positively influences not only the nervous system. It also helps in cases when the body rebels and demands food simply not because we are hungry. In this case, you should smell some pleasant scent, for instance, the flavor of the citrus peels. Due to the fact that the centers of smell and hunger are next to each other, smell suppress the feeling of hunger because our brain switches between these two centers.

How to trick a body?

  1. Calm your heart. A rapid heart rate can be the result of stress or a pre-stress condition. Fortunately, we can influence our bodies ourselves. For example, to slow down your heart rate, it is enough to take some breathing exercises. The respiratory phase is closely related to the heart rate. When breathing in, the vagus nerve is depressed and the heart rhythm accelerates. When breathing out, the nerve is stimulated which leads to the rhythm’s slowdown. In order to calm down, it is recommended to blow on something. This one of the most useful body life hacks everyone should know.
  2. Get rid of a pain in the left abdomen. Many of us feel pain on left side of abdomen even if we follow all rules of exercising and eating. The truth is, when we exhale stepping on the right foot, the pressure on the liver increases significantly which causes pain. When you feel this symptom, try to exhale while keeping the weight of on the left leg. The liver won’t put pressure on diaphragm so the pain will slowly fade away.

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