A few months back when I achieved “Glass Skin” right before my wedding, sheet masks played a very crucial role. As soon as I started using 1 sheetmask every day, I noticed the difference; first I achieved the ‘honey skin’ and then the ‘glass skin’.  So it’s safe to say that I tested MANY sheetmasks throughout the month before my wedding, and now it’s high time I start reviewing them one by one.

Starting with the Oozoo Face Injection Illumination Mask; I used it the day before my Christian wedding (on the day of my court wedding). It was a PR sample from Daisy Skin Fix and I was saving it for right before the big day.


OOZOO Face Injection Mask – Illumination. A mask that contains natural ingredients including Saccharomyces, Ectoine and Beta-Glucan which works efficiently together to brighten up the skin tone. Concentrated serum comes in a separate syringe, which is injected into the Mask for better effectiveness.

Size: 1 Single Use Mask sheet and a serum syringe

How to Use: 

Step 1: Push the end of the syringe slightly to bring pressure.

Step 2: Lightly shake the syringe well to mix the serum.

Step 3: Inject the serum into the mask then apply the mask sheet onto the face. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes then remove.



What’s special about the sheet mask is its packaging. Korean beauty industry is known for their unique, intriguing, gimmicky, fancy and sometimes weird inventions, and this time I wasn’t actually sure which category this sheet mask fall in, intriguing? Or maybe gimmicky? The sheet mask comes with an attached syringe filled with serum that you are supposed to inject in to the sheet mask through the hole. To be very honest, I did not understand the purpose of the syringe, does freshly injected serum make any difference? Or the only purpose is to make the packaging unique?

My Experience:

So I pulled out the syringe, opened the hole on the sheetmask packaging, injected it with the serum, let the sheet absorb it, and put it on my cleaned and toned face. The sheet was thick and the fitting was perfect, I loved it. After 25 minutes, I removed it to reveal a gorgeous, hydrated and plumped skin. I mean I already had the glass skin effect, but the hydration I received from the mask was noticeable. At this point my skin was already brightened due to sheet masking every day, and I didn’t notice an even brighter skin tone, but what I did notice is that my skin was plumped and bright throughout the following days.

Overall, I liked the effect of this sheet mask. If you’ve seen my insta lives, I posted my skincare routine everyday and the after effects, and I remember flaunting a glowing skin that evening. I’ll suggest this sheet mask to anyone who’s willing to try new and unique stuffs. I might purchase the other masks from the range for the sake of testing and reviewing, but I personally won’t repurchase these masks more than once because of the horrifying amount of plastic waste.


  • Hydrates
  • Plumps up the skin
  • A treat for anyone who loves to try something new


  • The amount of plastic waste is just sad.

Where to buy:

Currently on sale at Daisy Skin Fix  for Rs 180

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