This year, the theme for international women’s day was press for progress. This is exactly what we are about to read here but in a different content. Healthcare facility has been made available to everyone, anywhere and anytime. India is growing into the best country for healthcare with more number of doctors than any developing country. We can now perform complex heart surgeries to head transplant. Our healthcare industry has multiplied its growth over the last decade. But does a country which has so much pride in itself provides the best healthcare for women? There is no real answer to this question as each of us would have different experiences.

Recently, Pune topped the chart of the best-governed city in India. So let us look at Pune. Any best hospital for delivery in Pune is focused on the best healthcare infra with state-of-the-art facilities and expertise in handling complex pregnancies. Here are some takeaways from our research to pick the best ones:

  • Proximity is an important parameter. Choose a maternity hospital that will just need few minutes of your travel time. This will avoid emergency rushing and also comfortable post-delivery visits.
  • Reputation of the hospital is an important parameter. You will feel safe and secure when you know you are in the best place
  • Experts: The place should have the best gynecologists and obstetricians in Punewho will be able to give the best treatment
  • Transparency: From billing to medicine, transparency is something that would make the world fair and square.
  • Cleanliness: Most hospitals will look well maintained from outside but inside, the toilet stinks will give us illness instead of curing us.
  • Friendly staffs: Well-mannered and friendly staffs always make us feel like home

So the above factors are the basic needs that a good maternity hospital will be able to provide us. There are increasing cases of high-risk pregnancies in today’s world due to the complexities of occurring during the third trimester. Most pregnant women used to work and it is just a year back government has made maternity leaves paid and a compulsory provision and which is also followed by most of the corporate. With all these announcements we can confidently say that we are heading towards a safer and secured world for women. Making sex education mandatory for all at the school level, providing free sanitary napkins, more women police stations, and women helplines are some of the things which we can look forward in 2018. The Padman movie created a buzz around the women sanitation issue and how periods have been kept under the dark for decades. The after effect was free sanitary napkins in theatres which is not really a social reform but marketing tactics. Whatever the news is, if people are in their right minds to look at the right message, there will be change. Hence press for change will really happen only if an individual effort transforms into a mass movement. Until then, we will strive to create a better health system for women.



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