As any good fashion expert would say, accessories can make or break the outfit. In case of both men and women accessories have a special role to play in creating the right look. This is the case especially for women. Accessories such as belts, scarves, sunglasses, ties, jewelry, and handbags can impact the overall image of a woman by adding color and substance to the one’s outfit. Personal style is directly proportional to how well you style your accessories with your outfits. Accessories are just as important as apparels if you wish to take your personality up a notch. They can help you appear attractive and stand out from the crowd. Here are some guidelines to explore options while accessorizing.

For Women

Women have many accessories that can help them define their personality and look more fashionable.

  • As compared to men’s belts, women’s belts come in various colors, shapes, and styles, and different materials such as leather, or metallic. Some outfits include a belt that may be either the same color as the outfit or a different color. Regardless of the style, a belt should not be gaudy or make noise. When worn with a dress, a sleek belt will do wonders for your figure and make you look stylish.
  • The choice of eyewear can also help you get noticed. You may be tempted to choose expressive or particularly trendy fashion eyewear, but it is best to choose something that suits your face.
  • A handbag is also a necessary accessory that gives a stylish touch to your look. A classic black or brown leather handbag goes well with anything. The best part of this colored handbag is that it doesn’t get dirty very easily and it pairs well with all colors of your outfit, be it pastel or dark.
  • You can accentuate your look with the help of jewelry that matches your face. First determine the shape of your face – round, square, oval, heart, or triangle. Once you have figured that, choose the right jewelry that highlights the most beautiful features of your face. You can liven up your look with the help of a chunky necklace or bracelet, or keep it minimal with the classic hoop earrings.


For Men

When it comes to men, the most notable accessory is a tie. One can enhance the same suit or coat, which can be made elegant and classic with a solid, patterned, or striped tie, or given a noticeable flair with bright-patterned or geometric designed tie.

  • In a professional setting, silk ties are preferable. They should be neither too wide nor too narrow because they can make the most boring outfit look trendy. As a symbol of authority, the “power tie” is fairly bright and bold. Yellow and reds are the most common colors associated with this image. Ties should be tightly knotted and extended just below the belt buckle. A sloppy, loose, or uneven tie will detract you from creating a good personality.
  • Pocket scarves can add flair to even the most conservative suit. A classic suit with a bright pocket scarf will leave the same impression as a more trendy suit. If your goal is to hit a more conservative note, incorporate a plain white or dark solid-color scarf that matches with the accents of the tie.
  • Men’s belts can be either black or brown, free from any adornments. For a more casual look, go for woven fabric belts. The width of buckles should correspond closely to the width of the belt and should be plain metallic colors, such as brass, gold, or silver.
  • If you wish to elevate your look with an accessory, go for a hat or cap. A Panama hat or a baseball cap is ideal for daytime as well as dinners. With the right choice of hat/cap, your personality will shine through, and you can score brownie points.
  • A high-quality timepiece is something that screams class and is effortlessly noticeable. Wearing a watch isn’t quite common for many youngsters now, but it elevates one’s personality to a great extent. You can choose from innumerable luxury, fashion, and casual options available today.


The guidelines as mentioned above can help you create a long lasting impression on people and up your style game instantly. But, make sure not to overdo your accessories and keep it minimal.



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