The moment we have an official announcement, the army consisting our mothers, aunties, cousins and friends gear up for the wedding. From bindis to bangles and jadau jewellery to jutis, the shopping list is such that you are seen making trips to the market frequently. If you are the bride, things are equally crazy. You are part of every minor and major decision from selecting the menu to choosing flowers for the venue decoration. Now that we have just begun the New Year, the wedding season is all the more exciting considering we have a double celebration. To all the girls who are going to be brides in 2018, we have special something for you. Considering your wedding is an auspicious occasion which marks a new beginning with your partner, the ‘mangalsutra’ and the ‘sindoor’ are the ones that ‘seal the deal’ on that day. The centre of attraction on your wedding day (apart from the bride and the groom), is the mangalsutra and it is best if you choose it ahead of time. The market is flooded with mangalsutra trends and there is quite a chance that you might miss out on the latest collection. Before you rush to the market to see what the trends are about, we have made a catalogue of the latest gold mangalsutra designs with prices to watch out for in 2018.


  • A mix of gold and diamonds, this one sets a simple and delicate tone. The alternate pattern of clustered diamonds and gold flowers makes for a mangalsutra, which can be worn every day.

Price: Rs.22, 847     

  • Krusha Diamond Mangalsutra is every bride’s dream. The paisley pattern made in clustered diamonds looks mesmerising. Make sure you don’t miss out on this one as diamond mangalsutra designs are the talk of the town this wedding season.

Price: Rs.42, 209


  • A modern mangalsutra design, this one comes with a ‘twist’. The ribbon-like design and the black beads passing in between the loop makes it one of the most-sought mangalsutra pattern.

Price: Rs 47,958


  • If you love swirls and drops, this is your go-to mangalsutra design. The gold and diamonds are the focus of the season when it comes to latest designer mangalsutra patterns. The two curved rectangles are joined with a diamond and a black beads string, giving it a semi-modern finish.

Price: R.23,252


  • When a gold mangalsutra gets a touch of diamonds, it makes for a gorgeous sight. The paisley and the small diamond studs are to die for. Make your wedding memorable with Nysha Diamond Mangalsutra.

Price: 20,169


  • Gemstone mangalsutra designs will never go out of fashion. The green of emerald and gold not only looks auspicious but also makes for an alluring design. The sun-like pattern on gold rings tugs our heartstrings, doesn’t it?

Price: Rs.31, 018


  • If you want to match your mangalsutra with your earrings, it is always recommended that you go for a set rather than buying the jewellery individually. The Pavitra Mangalsutra Set is made keeping in mind that today’s brides love a mix of contemporary and traditional designs. The highlight of the set is the tassel design made of pure black beads and a small diamond drop at the end of it.

Price: Rs. 101, 105


  • All the positive energy and the force of the universe seem to be engulfed at the core of the mangalsutra. The inverted paisleys give an impression of sun rays with a designed disc at the centre. Buy this gold mangalsutra online for your wedding day.

Price: Rs. 28,853


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