So I got my early Christmas present from Santa that flew in from North Pole. I am a late waker and I woke up with the delivery of Euphorbia Box, one of the most affordable subscription boxes out there. If I’m not wrong, Euphorbia Box launched their first subscription box a few months back and I haven’t been able to get my hands of them, because you know I’ve been having a real tight schedule lately. I’m really glad to have received the December box as a PR so I can now count it as my first Christmas present this year.

Everything that was inside the box:

  • M{Caffine} Shea Caffeine Cold Cream With Vitamin E (Rs. 349)
  • ML Matte Look Lipstick- Poppy Red (Rs. 300)
  • Bath Sutra Strawberry Lip Polish (Rs. 250)
  • A Pair of Boho Earrings (Rs. 199)
  • Bella Feminine Wash

M{Caffine} Shea Caffeine Cold Cream With Vitamin E

I’ve earlier tried a neem facewash fom M{Caffine} and I loved it. I’ve such high hopes on this product, especially since it contains Vitamin E.

ML Matte Look Lipstick- Rosy Red:

This is such a pretty, Christmassy colour. I’m so in love with it. This is probably the perfect shade for my bridesmaids and I’m actually planning on getting a few more of these boxes just to get a few more of this lipstick for my bridesmaids. I might even put this in their favour bags and give them an early thank you bag.

Bath Sutra Strawberry Lip Polish:

I feel like it’s really important to exfoliate your lips during winter. The less dead skin, the less chapped lips.

A Pair of Boho Earrings:

I’m not much into jewellery but very recently I’ve been thinking of getting some jewelleries and try and pair them with outfits. I really suck at it!

Bella Feminine Wash:

This one’s a complimentary product.

Overall, I’m in complete love with the box. For just Rs248, you get 1108 worth of products, how cool is that! This also makes for a super affordable Christmas gift for a beauty junkie.

Where to buy:

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