In a world where e-commerce is booming rapidly, it is awfully hard for people to decide which one of the e-commerce store is the best. In India, there used to be a few sites that seemed to be the most trusted and the most famous e-marketplace but that was before Amazon India was launched. Amazon, a brand for itself, is the world’s most popular e-commerce store. But why? How did it reach that stature? What kind of services do Amazon offers that attracts the consumers more? And whenever a new Amazon sale is announced every other e-commerce store follows their trend? Why? In the year 1994, Jeff Bezos, CEO & Founder of Amazon, Inc., launched Cadabra, Inc. and later changed its name to Amazon, Inc. in 1995. In the initial stages, Amazon was just an online bookstore but, as the time passed, it started to venture in various fields: first in the video, mp3 and audiobooks (downloading as well as streaming), and later in apparel, furniture, food, toys, jewellery -the list goes on and on. But now, after being 23 years in the business, Amazon has expanded itself all over the world and dominates in every field you can think of, and with its Amazon Prime, it is setting yet another benchmark in the e-commerce world. Indians who used to shop online at other websites, soon started buying products from Amazon using Amazon coupons rather than any other online store. Amazon began by delivering products, even at a price as low as Rs. 50, for free and that too in a short period of time. They had a simplified user interface and offered a wide range of products than any other e-marketplace. At the present time, since 2012, Amazon has perfectly laid its foundation and have strengthened its roots in the Indian sub-continent. It dominates a majority of the market and is doing its best in keeping their customer satisfied. Amazon introduced the prime membership -at just Rs. 499/- a year- due to which every single one of the prime customer will be benefitted more than any other customer. The benefits of prime membership are: free one-day delivery, no minimum delivery amount, prior access to every new Amazon sale, access to prime video, and everything that Amazon can possibly give its customer to make them feel special. Furthermore, there is an official Amazon application which can be used to enjoy shopping on Amazon even more. Through the application, the customers can access various Amazon offers by participating in several quizzes and games -which are live most of the time- and win exciting prizes. These prizes can either be a new iPhone 8 or Amazon Pay Balance making Amazon even a more customer centric e-commerce site.

Guest Post By Lalita Koshyari

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