I have two empty canvases, one at my hometown and another back at the city. As some of you might know, I’ve just spent the last of my spinster year back at my parent’s place with lots of open space and fresh air. I’ve always loved living in tiny bedrooms because it gave me a weird feeling of privacy and fulfillment. Both the bedrooms I’ve had at my parent’s place where tiny, exactly the way I love. The bedroom that I’ve had while growing up only contained a bed, a study table and a cupboard while the one I shifted to a few years back only had enough space for a semi-double bed and a corner rack. My mirror, cupboard and products occupied one other room and my work table and product photography table occupied another. In short, I’ve had been occupying 3 rooms by myself and none of the rooms had a good lighting.

So my mum did what I didn’t even think of myself, she built me a new ‘blog perfect’ room. By ‘blog perfect’ I mean white walls, LOTS of windows and a huge room where I can sleep, write, photograph, vlog and also store my products. Yes, you’ve read it right, I’ve been planning to start my vlog and I don’t know what I was waiting for, but this is it! I have everything I need to start my vlog. I have a very good camera, a huge room with enough lighting, and all that’s left for me to do is to create an amazing setup and get the perfect mirror. I’m actually planning on having a number of mirrors in my room- a vanity mirror, a hand mirror and most importantly, a wall mirror. The dresser that I’ve had in my 2nd occupied room is old school and just won’t look good with the setup I have in my mind and the wall mirror is actually what I need for my vlog. When it comes to local furniture shops at my hometown I’m very skeptical about them and I’ve always relied on online shoppingespecially when I’m at my hometown. It is very important for me, the mirror, in front of it is where I spent a lot of my time: indulging in my extensive Korean skincare routine, testing new products, trying to figure out which product worked on my skin and which did not and determining which product is going to get a good review and which product is going to get a bad one. It’s also the place where I decide on the article of the day. The place in front of my mirror is important for me, it’s where I see a strong, independent women. So I’m really particular about choosing the perfect mirror for me, my blog and my upcoming vlog.

Coming to my second canvas, I’ve rented an apartment near my fiance’s place and we’ll be moving in together after the wedding. Even though we were supposed to look for a place that has enough light, at the end of the day we went with the apartment his parents chose for us. It’s pretty and perfect for a family of two, but when it comes to photography, the paints are terribly dark. No amount of lights has been able to make it look like a well lit place and my fiancé and I are struggling with ideas how to light up the room. Currently we are short of ideas but we got our furniture’s with lights on them, our bed has an LED light for itself, and I’ve got an amazing vanity (that I’ll show you guys after the wedding) and he promised to light it up for me. I’ll also get multiple wall mirrors to hang them near the lights and will also get a couple of hand mirrors so I can vlog just about anywhere in the room depending where the light is. Again I’ll be relying on online shopping as we’ve already got our main furnitures and I’m not planning on leaving my ‘blog perfect’ den even for a day before the wedding, so I’ll just ship them at his parent’s place.

So that’s about it, that’s the plan I have so far for both my new rooms. It’s a pity that I wouldn’t be able to stay much longer at my new ‘blog perfect’ room. The construction completed just a month and a half before the wedding and I have no idea how much longer before the setup is complete. Maybe you guys can catch glimpses when I blog or vlog about my bridal trousseau which I’m really looking forward to. Hopefully that’ll be soon. Till then bye…


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