You can use the best collagen moisturizer for a youthful skin but in order to take proper care for your skin you must first of all determine your skin type. How should you do it? Well, there are several tips and tricks that help people find out their skin type and then opt for the most flattering skincare routine according to it. Let’s discover whether you have dry, oily, normal, and sensitive or combination skin type to treat it properly and in the best way. It will also help you realize your skin’s unique weakness and strength.

Meet a Dermatologist

So, the first and easiest way to determine your skin type is visiting and consulting with a dermatologist. This is the specialist who ideally knows what skin type his/her patient has and therefore gives the most necessary advice.  Besides asking about your skin type you can also ask for some help when it comes to your skincare routine. Skin doctors or dermatologist recommend using natural DIY masks and products to treat the skin and they are in most cases against the usage of chemical products. So, you will surely like the way your dermatologist advises to deal with your skin type. Those with acne, sensitive, combination or problematic skin types must be more careful in the choice of the skincare tips.

Blotting Paper Test

The second common way to find out the type of your skin is the blotting paper test. What is it? So, this test involves the use of blotting paper, which you can find at your favorite cosmetic shop. Wash your face the night before and go to bed without applying any skincare product on your face (be it hard or not that much). Simply pass this paper over your clean face in the morning like you try to take something away from it, and if you notice some unpleasant oil on it then your skin is oily and you need to use a special cleansing technique to get rid of too much oil from your face. Focus on the key areas such as forehead, under eye, cheeks, jaw area and T-zone. If some part of your face is oily and some part is dry then you have a combination type of skin. Normal skin types are supposed to have more or less amounts of oil on all areas. Those with dry and sensitive skin will notice close to nothing oil on the paper.

Visual Examination

And our top 3rd helpful technique is the visual examination. Just stand in front of the sun rays and look at the mirror. Do you feel as if your face shines in all its parts? It may also feel damp. So, you have oily skin. If you see that shine only on some areas of the skin then you have combination skin. In case your skin looks the same way in the morning and in the evening with some dry patches then you have dry skin. If you notice some redness along with the dryness then your skin is sensitive and you must use special moisturizers to make it softer and smoother. People with problematic skin may also notice acne, which requires a special care. Normal skin comes up with the same look during the whole day.

Guest Post by Lisa Haiden

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